1 year update....34DDDD/G Down to a B+/C Hopefully - Cincinnati, OH

Finally I speak! I have been reading for some time...

Finally I speak! I have been reading for some time and I can definitely say that I have been encouraged by all of your stories. And yes like all of you I started developing around 12. My first bra was a B cup and now at 28 years old, 5' 5'' and 140 lbs I am a .... 34G (the long sagging type). For a long time I never knew anyone with breasts like me and I thought I was the only one in the world with breasts that never ever passed the pencil test.

I thought about breast reduction for years and through reading this blog it became tangible and not just a dream. I have had two consultations with two great PS and I'm now weighing my options. Insurance won't cover and I'm paying out of pocket (bummer)...photos will come soon :)

Welcome! I'm so happy you've decided to jump in the pool. You've officially kicked it off and are on your way. So happy to have you here. Please do keep us posted on your progress. Are you aware all the docs on RealSelf are board certified? You should be able to read other reviews from other members once you narrow it down.



Just wondering the reason your insurance turned you down? That is a bummer!
It was an exclusion in my policy
If it makes you feel better do it! Congratulations on your decision to speak/write to us!

3rd consultation

So I'm going to have a 3rd consultation on Tuesday and I'm super excited. I really want to have this surgery this month because school gets hectic in September. Any specific questions I should be asking? My first two were okay but my heart is telling me that there is better out there. Either that or reading all your stories has made me very picky. I think about it
all day everyday and I can't sleep at night. I'm so anxious and I don't even have a date yet. Is that weird?

Hey LZCincy- here's a list from Kimmers our community manager on the 13 things she'd wished she'd known before getting a breast reduction. I'm still looking for a list of questions to ask. If anybody on LZ's blog has some good questions, I've started a forum on Questions to Ask when having a Breast Reduction where we can start gathering from the community. Totally normal to be excited even without a date set...you're about to make a life changing decision. And...keep looking until you are completely certain the doctor is right for you.

Tamjoy, try Fredericks of Hollywood. They have pretty bras and will definitely have your size.
I have worn Lillyette Minimizer bras for YEARS! They are the best. My reduction is later today, and I can't wait! I hope you get your reduction soon. :)

Found my guy

I finally settled on a PS. I have my physical on Aug. 12 and my pre-op is scheduled for Aug. 15th.
The paper work from a different surgeon (one whom I thought I would use) also suggested that I started taking Standard Process Chlorophyll Complex and A-F Betafood, 2 weeks beforre surgery. Anyone took these? I was not told to stop birth control (pill) either, but I noticed many of you were.
wish I had discovered them earlier

10 more sleeps

I love that you specified that you size was the long and saggy kind. Mine are the same. Nobody ever believes me when I tell them my size because from the front I don't look that big... yeah, because I have to pool my breasts into my bra! It'll be a good day when you finally don't have to make that distinction.
I wasn't told to stop birth control either :)

One more week

I am one week away and didn't feel so good today. Woke up with some serious bloody stool this morning ( I had it once before in April). Lots of blood, I thought I had my period. Anyway, I had my scheduled physical with my GP and she looked at my anus and found that I had an anal fissure (tear). Surprised much! because I had no pain or strain and my stool was soft. Anyway she cleared me for surgery and said I should cut back on these supplements (way too much vitamin A for one day) and take miralax.

Feeling better now, ate and relaxed . I can't wait for next week. Already ordered my surgical bra and some cute sports bras for the weeks after.
Glad you're feeling better! One week to go!!!!! Woo-hoo! Good for you!

Bra Size Calculator

Found a really cool bra size calculator. Thought I'd share: http://www.85b.org/bra_calc.php

My 7 day pre-op measurements are: Above- 31, Below: 28 and Bust: 38
This gave me a bra size of 32F. I guess I need to update my title.
Played around with the calculator - but something tells me I was measuring wrong, lol. It gave me a 36C size! Oh if only....:D
Glad ur cleared. This is the best thing will ever do for urself..aftr my breast reduction i headed into weight training. Life has never EVER been better. Have fun with the new boobies
Thank you!

One more sleep

Tomorrow is the big day. See you on the other side.
Hope you had success. Update us when you can.
Hope all is well, LZ! Take good care of yourself.
Thinking of you. Let us know how it went xx

I made it

On the other side. Haven't seen them yet but they look tiny in a bra. Thanks for all the support. Will post pics soon
Yay for us! I can't wait to see mine under the bra!
Yea! Good for you!
Hey you!! So glad to hear you are on the other side! Rest up and take the next few days real easy :)

more photos

Just a few
I love your boobies. They suit you so well.
You look wonderful!!! I can't wait to get my BR!!
Your before and after are amazing, what a nice job done wow

update- 2 days post op

Finally got to see the girls. I'm elated and excited. Still in some pain when the meds wear out. But I'm feeling good overall. I threw up this morning and the evening after surgery but was told it's a side effect of Percocet.

4 days out

My girls are so awesome. Haven't had any pain killers for the day and i didn't throw up. Hip hip hooray!. I do have some bruising under my right arm and no feeling in my left nipple :( But I am confident I will regain all sensation and I will be able to breast feed. God is awesome. Posting a pic.

Day 5 post op

Total love right now. Wearing a regular sports bra right now.

second follow up and Zingers

So I had my second post-op follow-up this morning and doc told me I can resume normal activity including exercise, starting this weekend. What? Okay

I feel the zingers all through my left boob ( the more numb one). It feels weird and I grab on to it each time I feel it. But, I do have more sensation since they started.

I've been off the pain meds and only take 2 Tylenol once a day. I must say I love this feeling.

Oh an no more constipation. Thank goodness.

1 week out..

I'm heading back to school/work today. I feel good. Hopefully the day ends well.

Surgery Details and 2 weeks post op

So today marks 14 days since my surgery and I just realized that I never gave the details of my surgery.
My surgery was scheduled for August 20th at 12:15 pm. I arrived at the hospital just before 10:00 am and I was immediately checked in and prepped for surgery. A pregnancy test was the first thing they did, then my weight and vitals. I was then bought to the pre-op area to undress and my family was brought in to wait with me. The pre-op nurse was very nice and told me that my surgery might be early since my PS was 30 min ahead on his previous surgery. Then I met with the anesthesiologist and his nurse. My PS then came in around 11:30 and and drew on my breasts free hand (he didn't use any tape measure like he did during my consultation). He did catch me taking a selfie when he walked in and made a joke of it.
My family was asked to leave before noon and the anesthesiologist came back around noon. He told be that he was about to give me a sedative through my IV and I saw him take it out of his shirt pocket, inject it into my IV and place the empty syringe back into his pocket.
Then I saw the pre-op nurse talking to me and telling me "you're in recovery, it's all done". I was like "WHAT?" I thought they were still trying to sedate me. It all felt like 2 seconds had gone by. I now have a vague memory of being told that they are moving me to the operating bed, and seeing that I was being strapped and people in scrubs standing around me.

I immediately felt the tightness in my chest and I told the nurse my pain level was a 4. My family came in and they just kept asking me questions. All I could tell them is shut up. I could not stand the talking. My hubby would not listen and kept talking, so i eventually gave him the finger (lol). They later told me it scared them so much seeing me in so much pain. He said I looked like I was dying so he was trying to keep me awake (bless his heart). I was discharged at 4 pm and was home by 5 pm. I drunk some chocolate milk took a percocet and went straight to bed. I threw up later that night, ate a sandwich and some dry cereal, took another percocet and saw the next day.

I feel a lot better. The Zingers are excruciating and wake me up at night. They're not painful, but feel like a mini seizure in my breasts. Some are longer than others. I have more feeling in my left breast now but not at the nipple. The left nipple is responsive to stimulation, but I just can't feel it. It also has more scabs around the areola. My right looks bigger than the left and I still have bruising under the right arm. Overall, I guess I'm healing well and I'm allowing the scabs to fall off and not peeling them.

Hope this helps someone. Pics in separate post

2 weeks photos

3rd Follow up

Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since my surgery and I had my 3rd follow up today. Doc says everything looks good and cleared me to do any and everything. I do think he's a bit unorthodox but I love him soo much. Anyway the girls look fine. My righty seems to be healing faster than my lefty but they should even out he says.
Amazing results! And ur healing so well. Results like urs make d thought of scars less scary
Thank you. Its been a blessing
Thank you for the bra size calculator

3 week update

4 weeks

Can't believe its been 4 weeks. Girls are healing fine. I have these zingers at the strangest times. Left nipple still numb but responds to stimuli. Started scar therapy last week. And they feel sore at the end of the day. Like an over worked muscle.
wow. they really look beautiful! I hope mine will be as nice as yours too =)
I'm sure they will be. Welcome
Perfect is all I can say

5 weeks

It's been a little over 5 weeks. I feel great. Back to normal I think mostly. Last week I yanked out 3 internal stitches around my areola that did not absorb and I think hindered healing. Now lefty is progressing nicely. I can see the slight drop and fluff I guess. I don't think I like the new shape though :(. But ce la vie. Less zingers, better sleep and workouts. Still no feeling in left nipple
You scars are healing amazingly!! Did you take vitamin C before hand? or are you putting any special ointments on them?
You look so amazing!!! I think the shape looks fantastic!!! I cannot believe how little scarring you have :)) good for you! I LOVE the pic with the dress you had on previously! I think I'm going to try on all my dresses now and take pics, then do it again after the surgery! :))
But your results are beautiful! They really look great. I know they are different, but they look really good.

6 week update

No complaints. Less zingers. They still feel sore if I wear a bra with little support for too long. And still no sensation in left nipple.
But everyone thinks I lost a ton of weight when I really didn't.
Yay! I love the new pics! You totally rock that bikini!!!!! :))
You look amazing!
You are looking really good!!!! Your scars are healing so nicely!! I can't wait till I stop feeling these zingers!

8 weeks

Wow, you look great! I hope my results are as good as yours!
You look fabulous - happy for you!!
Wow, you look great

10 weeks

No change from before except that my scars at my cleave are and bit raised and bigger

10 week continued

Looking awesome!!!!!!
Your scars are almost gone!! It looks very good! Your breasts are looking even better!! I still have zingers too but not constantly.
You look great. I can't wait to be two months post op. I'm about two weeks and wish I was healed

more 10 weeks

They have settled quite a bit. I really wish they didn't. They're shaped a bit differently but it's more obvious in photos than in the mirror. Lefty is the baby but a trooper. She's smaller, has more scarring at the areola and the nipple has no feeling yet. But she does get hard faster than righty. Weird. I still wear my support bra 24 hours a day to avoid excess sagging too soon. No regrets. I never had a real problems. Never saw an open would or oozing after day 1.
I did not want a lift because I scar sooo bad. I have raised scars underneath after explant. after seeing your photos I think I want a lift. I don't have as much breast tissue as you, wish I did, your breast are beautiful, next time I see dr. Columbus i'm gonna compliment him on a superb job.
Awww thanks. He was superb.
I think your breasts look fantastic and the scars are not noticeable to me. Congratulations xxx

12 Weeks..sighhhs deeply

So I think my breasts are growing. This is depressing. I hate the way they look in photos when my hands are down. Right looks wayy bigger than left in photos. I guess they couldn't be perfect. And I think I'm a 34D. I bought 34C and they seem uncomfortable. Anyway I havent had any back pain and still no feeling in left nipple.
It's an optical illusion. You're just adjusting to their size which makes them seem bigger as you're forgetting now what the old ones were like. I know this to be true because, 4 months on, I'm feeling exactly the same. I totally get the *sighs deeply*. This morning I spotted stretch marks on the sides of mine. These look new to me which makes me think they've grown. But it could be that they're just left over from before and I didn't notice because before I was just do pleased with their smallness. I personally think you look the same size pretty consistently since the op....you look amazing. :)
Thanks so much I really appreciate it. I think youre right, but i just cant help it. I remember looking at your photos before I had my surgery and thinking I hope mine looks half as good. I always assumed a reduction can never look good. Until I saw all the beautiful ladies here.
One of the best results and definitely the best healing and scar fading in such a short time that I have seen. Rejoice!!!!

4 months

So it's now 4 months. Everything is going great. At 4 months I still have some zingers and sometimes they're very intense. Usually when I'm not moving. My left nipple is still numb. They have settled a lot. I only notice how low they are in photos and I wish they stayed as perky as day one. I have no regrets though.
Life is great. I don't remember life without them. Or how I lived. I have bought too many bras. I'm a full C. And I can fit into a 34C or D. I have also bought some really cute strapless dresses. That fit so great. 2013 has blessed me and I'm so thankful. Never did I thought that this would be my greatest accomplishment for the year. I feel awesome.
Your results are amazing!
Thank you
:) so happy for you!!! You look great! Post some pics in the dresses!!!! :) Have a wonderful Christmas and new year!!!

1 year update

It's been a couple of months since I updated my profile. Everything is awesome. I have a lot more sensation is my left nipple. And I still have numb spots around both breasts. I have zingers maybe once a month. Otherwise I have no issues. They have sagged quite a bit and I have to remind myself that this is a more natural look. But I've remained a 34C and my wardrobe has expanded tremendously.
Hey there!!! So nice to hear from you!! You look so amazing!! What awesome results you got!!!!! Your scars healed beautifully! I'm so happy for you!! :)) Hoping with my upcoming revision I'll see a C too!!! Thanks for the update!! xoxo
Hi, where did you get that cute white dress or top ? And congrats, by the way. :)
I got it from thrift store n Chicago. It's a long beatiful long dress.
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