New pics, post op 6 days *2 weeks post op and was able to run today! *19 days post op pics *Mondor's disease? *VS sized!

Hi! I'm in the Cincinnati/ Northern KY area and...

Hi! I'm in the Cincinnati/ Northern KY area and have been considering BA for awhile. After much thought I decided to go for it! I was unsure of when to have surgery but winter made the most sense. I'm getting married in May and it will be great to fill out my dress and have the new additions for the honeymoon and swimsuits!

I was concerned about recovery time and possibly complications I might run into while trying to plan the wedding but after being on the site and talking with my future SIL about her experience with BA I felt comfortable with having 5-6 months until the wedding to recover.

I'm going to the same surgeon as her and just got scheduled for Nov. 26th! I'm excited and nervous! Originally I was down for Dec. 18th but since this came open I thought the sooner the better! I'm trying to decide between Allergan Natrelle Style 15's of 286cc or 265cc. I'm 5 ft 7 in and 115lb, currently a 34A in most of my bras but some are 34AA or even a few that are 34B. So I'm just not sure where these will put me at. I'm leaning more towards the 265cc.

I'm an avid runner and triathlete and don't want to be too large with running and training for races but obviously I want to make a significant change and difference. This site has been very helpful! 13 days and counting!!

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I had the date wrong in my initial post, it's Nov....

I had the date wrong in my initial post, it's Nov. 28th :)


I am having my surgery in Tennessee. Sounds like we're all pretty close in size here! I'm 5.5 130 and wanting 325 cc.
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Wow that's great! Please keep us posted.......I am just start my journey and today was my first consult with Dr. Hochstein in Miami ......I am going for that same natural look, too. He told me 300cc would do me well for a small C.... I would love to see what your turns out to look like.... I was think for me may be 250cc I am 5'7 137lbs.....
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Thanks November Rose! I appreciate it :) How did your consult go? I read your story and am sorry to hear about your hubby :( I sure hope he comes around. Would it help him to know how many women actually have done the procedure?? I was actually amazed on this site at how many have done this!! It definitely helped me feel in good company and maybe it would help him to know how many actually do this as well?? Thankfully, my fiance approves and wants me to do what makes me happy. Given, his sister having it done helps a ton as well and I'm going to the same Dr. as her. I haven't, however, told my dad just b/c I know he wouldn't approve. I'm a grown woman at 32 yrs old but I still know how he'd react. He's opinionated, old school views, grew up and lives in the country and hasn't really been exposed to this. So, I'm waiting until after to tell him or let him notice and see if he asks. Hopefully, he won't even notice ;) Good luck and I hope that he comes around and becomes more understanding! Will keep you all posted after tomorrow!

Yesterday was my breast surgery day! It went...

Yesterday was my breast surgery day! It went really well. My fiance and I got to the surgery center at 8:30, they took me back about 15 minutes later. I had to pee in a cup, take some muscle relaxers and pain meds I think and then the nurse hooked up the IV into my hand. It all went well. I made sure the day before to drink a ton of water and gatorade and was up until about midnight to drink as much as I could before I was cut off ;) I think this really helped and made me not dehydrated. I didn't sleep much so I was ready for the drugs and anesthesia! The Anesthesiologist came in and explained things to me and asked if I had any questions. I then waited a bit and they got my fiance and his sister to sit back with me, which helped just talking to them to keep my mind off of it. At 9:55 the Dr. came in and drew on my breasts. Then they rolled me back to the OR and there were about 6 people in there getting me setup. They put the anesthesia mask on me and next thing I knew I was in the recovery room where I started and it was 11:00. The nurse gave me sierra mist to drink and graham crackers which were great and went down fine, thankfully. My fiance and his sister came in and sat with me for a bit and I was ready to go home at 12:00. The drive home was fine (about 20 minutes) and I drank gatorade that I had put in the car ahead of time. I also had crackers but didn't want any. Once home I plopped down in our recliner in the basement and let my mom and friends know I was ok. Our dog was a little confused b/c I couldn't get down low to pet her and I felt pretty bad about that. I was pretty sleepy and tried to watch tv but fell asleep for a few hours. The pain yesterday wasn't bad at all with all the drugs they gave me and the anesthesia at the surgery center. I ate pop tarts at some point while at home and then had a good appetite for dinner and had spaghetti. Thankfully, I haven't felt sick to my stomach at all and haven't taken any nausea pills. I slept in our bed just propped up high. I didn't sleep very well and the pain got bad at about 3am. I took another pain pill and muscle spasm relaxer/anxiety pill (diazepam). That helped quite a bit. It was very tough to get out of bed but knew I needed to move around and go to the bathroom. My fiance has to be out of town for work until Fri eve so his Mom came by this morning and brought me breakfast and his sister is taking me to my post op appt this afternoon. I have a girlfriend coming to stay the night tonight with me to make sure I'm ok. It's gone well so far except for a lot of pressure and pain up there, but from what I've read that's normal. I'm very happy with the results so far but it's kind of hard to tell in the bra I have on in pics. The Dr. went with 286cc silicone moderate profile (allergan natrelle, style 15). I think that this will put me at a low C or high B which I will be happy with :) I posted pics as well. Will keep you all posted on my recovery the next few days/weeks. Thanks and good luck to those having surgery soon!


looking great!
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2 days post op and feeling better this morning...

2 days post op and feeling better this morning than yesterday! I didn't feel as stiff and it wasn't as hard to get out of bed last night. I had post op appt yesterday afternoon and Dr. said all looks good. He snipped the stitches and said that they will dissolve eventually. He also gave me the go ahead to shower which I'll do this eve once my fiance is back. I was able to sleep laying down flat and he said I could on my side but I didn't have the energy to sleep that way. Sleeping on my back felt pretty good. I'm still taking pain meds, muscle relaxers and antibiotics. Hoping to work some from my desk today and continue to feel good! I'll post better pics this weekend :) Thanks for all the encouragement!


That's awesome! I hope i recovery as quickly.
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Enjoy your new look...congrats!
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Thanks Adiaphoria!

I started noticing a light rash yesterday (2 days...

I started noticing a light rash yesterday (2 days after surgery) on the upper portion of my breasts. It's light and my fiance even thought it was goose bumps, but I knew it wasn't b/c I wasn't cold. It's still here today, day 3 after surgery and is even on my belly a little. It doesn't itch too much but is light and noticeable. Has anyone experienced this?? I showered yesterday with the normal soap/bath wash that I always use and didn't really wash too much around the breasts as I didn't want to aggravate them. I also had used rubbing alcohol prior to showering to get some of the markings off as the Dr. said it was ok to do this. Any suggestions?! Just hoping it is nothing serious....infection or adverse effect of the actual implants. Thanks!!!


I would ask your PS before taking ANY meds that your PS hasn't prescribed post-op. I think certain medicines can affect your healing process and can cause bleeding. I was not allowed to take any aspirin 2 weeks before and after surgery, as well as a long list of other meds that could interfere with the healing process.
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Thank you all! It hasn't gotten worse or better over the weekend and doesn't itch. I'll call Dr. tomorrow just to make sure. Thanks for the advice!
If the benedryl doesn't help then definitely call your PS. It sounds like it's a small reaction to something you are taking... if I had to guess either a pain med or antibiotic.
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Feeling better each day! Still have a slight rash...

Feeling better each day! Still have a slight rash but it hasn't gotten worse and after talking to PA am guessing it might be from antibiotic. I go in again for follow-up on Thurs and will make sure all is ok then. Very pleased with the results and not taking anymore pain meds. I'm ready to get back out running and to the gym but will be a week or two more at least. I posted a few more pics. Good luck to those having surgery soon!


Cinkj, your photos are amazing :-) Hey that looks like a really comfy bra. The grey one. What brand? Hey btw, you've been amazingly helpful and just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart all that you posted and that advice you sent me! It has really helped this experience be a good one!
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Having my pre-op tomorrow. Hope my recovery will go as smoothly as yours has!
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Good luck!! Best advice I read was to drink a lot of water and/or Gatorade the few days prior & as late as you can before you aren't able to eat/drink. I think this might have really helped me the day of :) it will go great I'm sure!

Today was the day that my PS gave me the ok to...

Today was the day that my PS gave me the ok to run! I was getting bored on the stationary bike the last few days (however, good to sweat a little)! Since it was a cold AM I decided to go to the gym on the treadmill to test it out there. It was great! I was able to run about 3.5 miles and for about 30 minutes. I took a break every mile. After the first one, my left boob started to hurt a little, I walked and it went away and never returned! I used two bras, one was a "barely there" brand that doesn't have much support but I thought I'd wear this under as it could protect my incisions a bit and wasn't super tight underneath. The other I wore over top was a nike sports bra that I had that still fits, but snug :) They seemed to do the job! I did a few situps on the ball afterwards and was very happy with the workout. I plan to increase slowly over the next few weeks. All is well, no rash, not much pain, other than a few sporadic times when they will hurt (I'm guessing it is the nerves b/c it happens even while just sitting and not doing much), incisions seem to be healing, going to start massaging cocoa butter (vitamin E) on them twice daily to help with scaring, PS said I can do any working out, even upper body lifting (but I'm going to go slow with this and might even wait a week or two). I just wanted to update so that other runners, athletes, etc could see it is possible and not much down time! Yay! Good luck to those out there having surgery soon and those who are recovering!


I am getting the same exact size implant and style as you. :) You look great and I am about the same size as you were before your surgery so thank you so much for posting! If you can please post some more pictures as time progresses... it's nice to have found someone with the same exact implant!
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Hi mariebee! That's great! I'm very happy with the size and glad he went with the 286 vs 265 :) I'll try to get more pics up this week/weekend for ya! I'm a bit smaller than in the most recent pics with grey bra as the swelling is gone. I think you'll be pleased with the size! You're welcome! Feel free to send me a message with any questions!
Awesome! Thanks for the info!
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Feeling good at 2.5 weeks! Added a few new pics,...

Feeling good at 2.5 weeks! Added a few new pics, I think all the swelling is gone and this will be my size! Very happy with the results, my PS has been great and I've been able to start working out and running...with no pain :) Good luck to you all!


What cup size did you settle into being
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I'm not sure yet as I'm still wearing sports bras. I will be able to wear a more normal/underwire bra in a week or 2 (4 weeks after post op). Once I'm able I'll go shopping and get measured :) I'm guessing high B or low C but not sure!
Did your PS go with Rapid Recovery?
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Over the weekend I noticed small lines/cords...

Over the weekend I noticed small lines/cords running vertically under the skin under below my incision area. I was a bit concerned and it was on both sides. I called my PS today and he said it's "Mondor's Disease" but not to worry. Said that it should go away and that some patients will get this after BA. He recommended using a heating pad or warm wash cloth to help break them up and ibuprofren. Has anyone else experienced this? Here's what I read on it:

Mondor's Disease aka "Mondor's Cord"
Mondor's Disease / Mondor Cord occurs occasionally after breast augmentation. It is an inflammation of a superficial vein beneath the breast (technically described as thrombophlebitis of the thoracoepigastric vein). This may present as a tender cord, usually running vertically below the inframammary fold. Treatment usually consists of supportive care including warm, moist compresses and anti-inflammatory medication (aspirin or ibuprofen). Spontaneous resolution usually occurs within a couple of weeks. The condition gets its name from Henri Mondor, a French surgeon (1885-1962).
Mondor’s Cords:
Mondor’s Cords, sometimes called Mondor’s disease, is a benign condition that can occur two to four weeks following breast augmentation. Tender vertical cords develop beneath the breast from the inframammary fold downward. They are veins (thoracoepigastric veins, to be precise) that have become thrombosed (clotted) and inflamed. They are not an infection.

Treatment is supportive with warm (but not hot) soaks directly to the cords with aspirin or ibuprofen as needed. The cords will disappear on their own within a few months. They were named after Henri Mondor (1885–1992), a famous French surgeon who originally described them.

There are pics online as well that basically match what I'm seeing under my breasts. Just wanted to share and see if anyone else experienced this.


Hi! Im thinking of going 265cc's as i have a small frame. What are your stats? i may have missed them somewhere.. :) happy healing.
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I got 255ccs on 14th as I have a small frame also and the bigger size just looked to big when I was having mine in. I think i will be a full b cup now which I a happy with :) I wasn't even an a 32a b4 xx I weigh 8st3lb and am 5, 4 xx hope this helps x
Hi! Congrats :) I'm 32 yrs old, no kids, 5 ft 7 inches and 115lbs. I went with 286cc moderate profile and love it. Good luck with your decision!!

I went to Victoria's Secret this week (exactly 3...

I went to Victoria's Secret this week (exactly 3 weeks post op) and got sized! It was so great to have options and feel like a woman :) I was sized at 34C. I tried 32C on but a bit tight around and I like to have options on the 3 clasps. I also tried on 32 and 34D but the cup seemed a bit too big. It was a light push up bra! I'm ready to go back and buy more but they are super expensive. Just wanted to update you all as I know some had asked what size I ended up being. Happy Holidays!


THANK YOU! I now know what I have!
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Hi cinkj, I had mondors cord that went away around week 6. I just happenef to notice it wasn't there one day. It never did hurt so I never used heat or anything else. Merry Christmas!
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Thanks for the info. Good to know!! It doesn't hurt either so just hoping it will go away like yours did. Merry Christmas!
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