I am new to Real Self, and am so thankful to have...

I am new to Real Self, and am so thankful to have stumbled in here. :)

I finally did it. After two weeks of hours upon hours of research, obsessing constantly about boobs, along with literally dreaming about them, I made the call. I am beyond excited to start this next step of my BA journey.

I am 5'10", 165lbs, 36 years old. I have two kids, ages 10 & 6, and have been married almost 15 years. I have an athletic build and enjoy working out 3-4x per week. I have been unhappy with the deflated-ness of my boobs since I stopped breastfeeding my second child. I never thought I would want plastic surgery. I wasn't against it for others, but just really never thought I would want it personally. Isn't it amazing how a few years can change things?? LOL. I am a 38B/C but my problem is BRAS DO NOT FIT ME. I wear either sports bras or shelf bras/camis. I have a long torso and low boobs to begin with, and now they look like ski slopes. They are wide on the bottom and deflated on top.

My hubby was not on board with a BA when I first brought it up two years ago. He is in the medical field and knows what all can go wrong. And he loves me how I am - which I am grateful for. However, the desire to enhance didn't go away. I brought up again a few weeks ago, how I sure would love to "upgrade" and he said, you know what, go for it. I am a SAHM and am always doing for him and the kids, this is for me. He didn't have to tell me twice. LOL. I started furiously researching and have lived, breathed, and slept boobs since. Thankfully I have a wonderful BFF that is all for this for me and super positive (whereas my hubby is still a touch ambivalent). Hubs is concerned about how this will "change my life forever". He thinks everyone will know - and that I will be viewed differently, that I won't be able to sleep on my stomach (I don't anyway) and that they will look and feel fake, etc, etc. I definitely want a natural, modest augmentation and with all my research can dispel his concerns. But not sure he will believe it until he sees it.

Anyway, I am so glad I found this site and will update after my consult next week!


Welcome! Glad you found my review today. We really do sound a lot alike in our thoughts! Wishing you an exciting journey! :-)
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Congrats on your decision, I'm very excited for you! I wish I knew how to follow/subscribe :) I am brand new to this as well and can't wait , but want to make sure all is well with what my expectations are. That's really neat you are in ohio too:)
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Stats/BA Plans and an update

I have been anxiously awaiting my review to publish. I took some more pictures today I wanted to share. And I wanted to update that hubs and I were able to fit some time in today to discuss BA -- possible surgery dates, share my research, assure him I am not trying to be 19 again and that I am comfortable with my body and would just love to have more confidence with my boobs, etc. He was the most supportive today than he has been. He knows what a research freak I am about even the most simple things, so he knows for sure I am doing my homework on something this important!!

I don't even know yet what surgery dates my PS will have available, but I am hoping that #1 I love him, and #2 he can schedule me for week of Nov 4 or week of Dec 2. My hubby already has those two weeks off and if those don't work I will have to wait until January. He has to pick his vacations a week at a time and he picks them all mid-October for the following year. That date is quickly approaching for his group to pick vacation weeks, so I am extra glad my consult is next Wednesday in case those two weeks don't work out.

I have a great feeling with this practice - the only other one I wanted to go to was in Knoxville which is about a 4 hour drive from me. My hubby was willing to drive there, but with @6-8 visits in a year, that adds up quickly in cost with gas, hotel, food not to mention the logistical nightmare of his work schedule and our two little kids. We do not have family close and there is only my BFF that I trust to help with the kids. I was willing to work with the logistics, but my other major concern was if something goes haywire post-op I will be 4 hrs away from my PS.

My BFF is going with me to my consult next week, and I plan to take lots of pics of the sizers for myself as well as hubby and of course on here.

Oh, and I wanted to post my stats. Saw someone else do that (PinkLotus) and thought it was brilliant! Even though I mentioned it already, I thought it handy to have it all together.

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165 lbs
Age: 36 years old
Bra Size: 36/38B (or size med in shelf cami, and I barely fill the shelf)

Bra Cup Size: C/D
CC Amount: Not Sure
Implant Type: Silicone
Implant Profile: Mod/Mod Plus
Implant Placement: Sub-Glandular (over the muscle)
Incision: Infra-Mammary (in breast crease)


I'm curious about the the benefits of over the muscle placement as most surgeons place breast implants beneath the muscle for three basic reasons: 1. By placing the implant beneath the muscle, the muscle camouflages the implant to some extent so your breast looks more natural and less circular. 2. The second reason is that it is easier for a radiologist to read a mammogram when it is below the muscle. 3. The third reason is that it reduces the complication rate for capsular contracture.
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Country life I'm so excited for you!! I'm glad your husband is coming around. By now I have looked at hundreds of before and after pictures and I just want to say you have beautiful breasts! They are symmetrical and you are going to have incredible results. When you start out with pretty breasts the results are usually fantastic! I know your "afters"will look like "wish boobs" My advice is not to get hung up on cc's because 450cc can give one woman (with the same stats) a C cup and another a G cup. Breast and chest measurements can be so different for two women same height and weight. Take pictures to your PS of size and shape you like along with pictures of what you don't like. Your PS will have best advice on how many cc to get the look and cup size you want. Hopefully, he or she will have 3d imaging and lots of sizer to try on. I have seen so many women pick how many cc's and then be unhappy because they are too big or too small. Are you going behind the muscle? silicone? Sorry if I sound like a Mom giving advice! Lol I can't wait to follow your journey.
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Thank you so much for your sweet words and advice. I am definitely open to suggestions. I have several "wish boob" pics printed, but didn't think to print any "nightmare boobs". Haha. I will definitely do that. I do not like the high round fake look (on me). I do not know if he has 3D imaging. I definitely want silicone. And at this point I want above the muscle - I see you posted another comment about that so I'll respond up one to that. lol

Wish Boobs

Ok, here are some of my favorite wish boobs. I have printed these to take to my consult with PS next Wednesday. Newmeaug13 suggested to print out pics that I DON'T like as well, which is a great idea. I just have to make sure he doesn't get the two confused, hahaha. Maybe I put a big circle with a line through it on the ones I don't like! lol

Comments, suggestions, favorite one for my body style? Thanks ladies!


I'm not sure how many under vs over my PS does. Their website B&A pics did not specify. I am anxious to see what his opinion of it is. From my research, I have enough breast tissue for over, and with silicone I think it'd be just as natural looking. I'm not a body builder, but I do workout several times a week including weight lifting and I'm a little freaked about the distortion thing when muscle flexed. lol. That may not even be that big of a deal, but it does concern me. Capsular contracture is only 1% higher risk in over vs under (which still sucks if you're that 1% of of course). From my PS website, I found this info about mammography: Implants placed above the muscle block about 25% of the breast tissue during mammography, whereas implants placed below the muscle block 10-15%. So mammography can visualize about 75% of breast tissue when the implants are placed above the muscle, and it can visualize about 85-90% of breast tissue when the implants are placed below the muscle. I've had a baseline MRI this past January - no history in family but I had an area that would become tender with my cycle off and on for a year, so my GYN ordered one. It was clean. That is definitely something to think more about, and to discuss with the hubs about. I think I will do a post about the pros/cons of under vs over......thanks so much for passing along info and I will definitely keep everyone posted on what my PS thinks.

Under vs Over Placement

I found the following info helpful regarding under vs over, from the other PS that I am considering (except he's a 4 hr drive away, one way). I am definitely going into my consult next week with an open mind, my PS may have very specific reasons for suggesting "under" for my body type, and I will for sure take all of that into consideration. I am trying to not get hung up on "having" to have something a certain way, as I am still learning and haven't even had my consult yet! :)

Under the Muscle (sub-muscular) Placement

-the implant is less visible and looks more natural
-it's harder to feel the implant and therefore feels more natural
-there is less rippling if you decide on saline implants
-there is possible better breast imaging with mammography

-it is more uncomfortable and involves a longer recovery
-there is animation distortion when the chest muscles are flexed
-there is a possible increased risk of "bottoming out"

Their recommendation: Choose the sub-muscular (under the muscle) placement if you have saline implants, a small amount of natural breast tissue, or a strong family history of breast cancer.

Over the Muscle (sub-glandular) Placement

-there could be a more natural-looking shape of the breast, particularly with silicone
-the recovery is less painful with a shorter recovery time
-there is no distortion when the chest muscles are flexed
-there may be a more natural sensation for the patient

-the implants are more visible and palpable, especially with saline implants
-there is a greater chance of rippling when using saline implants

Their recommendation: Choose the sub-glandular (over the muscle) placement if you want silicone implants, have a large amount of natural tissue (especially with saline implants), or if you require a breast lift along with implants.


Nice wish boob pictures!!
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I think the distortion factor is something to think about and it seems most doctors do not address unless you bring the subject up. It sounds like you will be well prepared and armed with a lot of info before your surgery. My first BA was under the muscle and I went with PS advice to replace the same. Interesting debate and if I would have had a choice I would have considered over. On the other hand, after having experienced capsular contraction I worry I will get it again. I will never have another mammogram and I will never do heavy weight lifting again due worry about displacement. At 60 these girls need to last as long as possible! Lol
Thank you for your info, support and sharing your personal experience. I just feel like over is best for me, but I will wait to see what PS says and keep an open mind. :)

I can upload pics from my iPhone?! Yes, please.

Totally just figured out I can upload pics from my iPhone w/out downloading to computer then uploading to website. lol. I was thinking what a hassle that has been. I want to take a lot of "before" pics in different clothing to compare later. And I don't necessarily want those photos hanging out on my phone. lol. Also I feel silly typing out (BEFORE) after all these pics but I know it's a smart idea, although I hope it'll be obvious after. Haha

Hopefully this works!


Like your wish picks. They will look great on you! Can't wait to see updates on your progress for your BA. I'm new to this site also so when you commented on my review I was super excited.
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Looking good, country girlie! =) You already have, like, PERFECT boobies now! Your post operation is going to be jaw-dropping. Thanks for researching and posting about implant placement. Love all of your wish pics. That is a totally reasonable look for your size and frame.
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Leaning Towards Under

Spoke with my hubby this morning about the pros and cons of under vs over. He thinks under would provide a more natural appearance and feel. He was making a vegetable beef stew and the medical guy that he is, he showed me with the big chuck roast how the PS will not tear the muscle, but will separate the fascia of the two muscle flanks, to create the pocket. Of course I had read this, but seeing it right in front of me (albeit with a chuck roast) really helped me visualize the procedure. He demonstrated how when the implant is in between the two muscles, when you push against the top muscle the implant is cushioned in there and there's no way to feel the implant itself, it is just pushing (augmenting) the muscle to then push the fatty breast tissue out. I keep thinking how with mammography the visualization is much better with under placement, and even though breast cancer is not in my family, knowing the mammogram has less interference does give me more peace of mind.

This may seem really peculiar to read, but I am feeling better about an under placement and will of course ask my PS what his recommendation would be with my body type, and the reasons behind it.

Also, I don't think I have read one review on Real Self that did an over placement. If you have had your implants placed over the muscle, or know someone who has and could share that experience, I would really appreciate it! Thanks!


Hey sugar! I was laughing with your post about your chat with the hubby. I'm glad he could demonstrate for you. I think under the muscle is a great way to go.
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I shared your fear of individualism ... I did under muscle BUT - I did Saline and Trans Ax (arm pit) which is not much written about on RealSelf. I trusted my PS and staff. I could never know if it was the best decision ... but it's the one I made with professional support. My sister had Silicone "overs" and she did the nipple incision, I will ask her for her feedback if you like!
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That'd be great, thank you!


I had a nightmare last night about my BA! I dreamt that I went over the muscle and the next morning after I woke up (in my dream) I could feel the implant and it was all wrinkly and square. And you could see in the mirror that it was squared and all rippled. LOL. When I woke up for real I rolled over from my back to my side and thought oh I can't sleep on my side I'll mess my BA up! Oh yeah I haven't had it done yet. Whew. lol


What made you go with over muscle?
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Omg the story with the chuck roast is great! Hopefully soon you'll be experiencing a dream come true instead of nightmares :)
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Those dreams will get ya! :-D
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More Before Pics (LOTS!!)

I hope I don't drive y'all nuts with all my before pics. However I will be glad to have them for comparison. And it's amazing how looking at myself naked I think, not too bad boobies. But as soon as I put them in clothes and see them in these pictures, I'm like HOLY MOLY I am so flat and saggy!! Wah! Definitely stiffens my resolve to go thru with a BA!

And I forgot to mention in previous post, also in my nightmare my mother was there in her shiny lavender bikini top she used to always wear around the house in the summertime. We lived in the Deep South and didn't have a/c. She would've been in her mid-40s. My boobs look almost exactly like hers (for real not in my dream) -- poor deflated balloons.


You will love you that you took all those Hittite!
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Wtf!? Hittite!! That was supposed to be "photos". Haha...
That just made me bust out laughing. Hittite. lol

Another Wish Boobs Pic

Found this on another review. Love them!


Countrylife07, Dr. Vennemeyer is my ps. I had my surgery June 20th. I can tell you that the whole staff as well as Dr. V are so so nice and really concern for what your desired outcome. I told him that I didn't want my boobs to be the first thing notice before I enter the room, Lol. And they are not, I can still wear all the same size shirts as before only now I have a nice feminine shape.You can read my review to give you more about the staff and my BA/BL. I went with silicone 450cc, under the muscle. And am so glad I did. They are soft and natural at 3.5 months po. ;)
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Wow, that was a "teachable moment" between you & your hubs in the kitchen. I like it! & I hear you on the BA dreams/nightmares. Just after my BA I dreamt they were falling out... Drains & all (though I never had drains). & I think it's great to post lots of "before" pics for later comparison. I wish I had! 
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Me too! (Laughing) Very Biblical!

Rice Sizers...hmmmm

Made rice sizers in 300cc and 360cc. Felt really strange in my bra. I only made one of each so pics are from side. I need to make a twin haha but running out if time this afternoon. What do y'all think? I think the 360 looks huge! lol


Thank you for sharing your story! I was laughing about the BA nightmare..I had that as well!
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On the sizers, it helped me to look in the full length mirror to see the proportion to rest of my body. Because initially I thought I wanted smaller when looking only at the chest, but looking full length (and wearing for several days in diff outfits) I decided the slightly larger was so much more in proportion. So, I suggest trying that.
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Oh, what a great idea! I was only looking in bathroom mirror. Thank you!

Consult Was Wonderful!

Everything I was expecting plus more. Fabulous staff, fantastic doctor, and loved trying sizers. Only thing left is booking surgery for hopefully Nov 1, a Friday, and my BFF take me then have hubby home for TEN DAYS to help me! Here's some pics with size I am pretty sure. I was a bit freaked with the cc amount but know I'm very wide and low with lots of room to fill up. It's 592cc. Yikes. I may still try more but after several sizes that one was best for me. The diameter is perfect. My breasts are 15cm. Holy moly. It's Allergan Silicone Mod Plus.

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Another Sizer Pic

Forgot a pic.


I personally thought it was so hard to go by the sizers. I had so much sagging breast tissue, so it was hard to push up my breasts back in place and have a sizer on top. Lol. It was just a mess. But my doc knew I only wanted to be a full C so the sizing would be somewhere between 200-250. And I ended up with 225 and 250. Trust your doc, make it clear what you want and he'll give it to you :)
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Thank you. :) I definitely know what you mean. It's a great tool to help, but it doesn't show you naked lol. Even though I have lost volume on top, I'm bottom heavy and thankfully don't have ptosis (sagging). My boobs were just made low on my torso, by about an inch I think he said, where my inframammary fold is compared to "average". Thankful to not need a lift, and continuing to accept this is how I am and what I have to work with. :)
Wow!!! I've never seen that size look so natural on someone. Great fit!
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Correction on Sizers, and booked it!

Went back to PS today to re-try sizers. Above pics are 575cc and my bra wasn't as snug as I did today which made a difference. Today I loved the 533 -- my PS still recommends the 575, although he says 533 will give good result but I'm losing a couple tbs of fill. Here's some pics of 533, keep in mind we tightened my bra the way I should've yesterday.

Also it's officially on the books for Nov 1 and pre-op on Oct 22. Soooooo beyond excited!!


Sizing is so tricky! I went back and forth quite a bit before my big day and I also looked at real self profiles none stop. I was totally boob obsessed!! I ended up going bigger right before my surgery and I am so happy I did. Regarding under the muscle, I had surgery Wednesday and was back to work Monday with some pain but Tuesday was a much better day! I didn't find the recovery time all that bad.
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I am pretty sure I should go with his recommendation! Thanks! And I'm glad you're doing so well. :)
Yay! That's so exciting!  Glad you are feeling great about your choice :D <3
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Sizer Difference, and Ordered Surgical/Post-Op Bra

Here is a pic of the 42cc difference I made myself for a visual, to decide between the 575 and 533. Hubs saw it and said, go with the doc recommendation. That is not a big difference. I'm sure I will try on the sizes against my pre-op just for the visual and chance to wear them again. I missed them when it was time to say goodbye.

I also ordered my surgical/post-op bras today. I am not excited about apparently having to wear those for 6 weeks. My BFF said suck it up, it'll be worth it. lol. that's what friends are for. Love her.

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Couple Before Pics

Couple of pics I took in the morning, before I tried on sizers again. You can really see the difference of before and after. Sorry the lighting is terrible.

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BA Stats

I forgot to include earlier, I will be going with under the muscle placement. PS definitively made it clear that is my best option. My breast tissue is thin. I am 100% comfortable with that decision. Also, I am not a candidate for a lift which was fabulous news to me. My breasts are made low on my torso, but that's just how I'm made.

So I'll be getting silicone (Allergan), mod plus, under the muscle, 575cc. Counting down the days!


That's a pretty cool bra with the strap built in. I might have preferred something like that over the squishy exercises I have to do.
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I am hoping its comfortable. Check out that website. They have a whole line of post-op compression garments.

The More I Look

The more I look at the photos of me with the silicone sizers in, the more natural it seems. At first, any sizer looked massive. Now I am getting used to seeing them and can appreciate how nice they look. I can only imagine the shock it will be, however, when I have the real things to get used to! LOL!


When you have the real things to get used to -- it will feel GREAT! Good luck keeping the smile off your face. You'll also catch yourself checkin' em out in the bathroom several times a day...
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Can't wait :)
NOVEMBER 1ST! So excited for ya mama, you are going to look SMOKIN!
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Let The Emotional Roller Coaster Begin

I paid in full today. Gulp. I'm not having second thoughts, but hubby was a real downer afterward. Being all serious saying he's worried my back will hurt with the extra weight, it'll forever feel different doing *ahem* things in the bedroom, and the real kicker? That I have never been "flashy" -- I immediately jumped all over that. I said getting my boobs fixed, for me, is NOT being flashy! He back-pedaled real quick and said well I mean high-maintenance and you just seem to be changing.

(Side note: He doesn't seem do well with me changing anything about myself, really, because I remember this convo several years ago when I stopped wearing oversized baggy tshirts and started wearing cute fitted (not tight) tops. I don't know if it's an insecure thing or what. And there have been a few other instances similar.)

I had teasingly asked if he thought he'd like my new boobs - guess I shouldn't have asked 2 minutes before I needed to leave to pick kids up. Ugh. So he unloaded the same crap again plus added in that he's "not sure if he'll like the new ones." That he likes my mommy boobs just how they are.

Have I mentioned I'm not doing this for him?! It was just a real letdown after being so pumped after talking to my PS office for 15 min regarding scripts, paying, pre-op, and day of surgery stuff.


I'm soooo thankful to have the support on here and the positive attitude and support of my BFF. I guess I should focus on being thankful he loves me how I am. Because it'd feel awful if he was pushing me to do this or making me feel like I wasn't good enough the way I am. I just wish he would be excited and pumped up with me.


Are you getting excited? I had originally thought over instead of under as well until I saw photos of what happens over time... Imagine grapefruits and gym socks :P
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That's NOT a pretty mental picture. lol. And YES I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED! No nerves (yet) just feels like time is crawwwwwling by. lol
Hey you :), hope all is getting better with hubby as I'm sure it will. It seems like they start getting stressed out of worrying ab you, the pain you'll be in, the expense, the work load for household chores, kids etc. and yes, I totally agree that it has to do with their insecurities of not being good enough for you. My hubby is such a worrier, I kind like it tho, since it's better than being indifferent. Only time will tell with me since, I'm so far out, if my sweetie will start the "cold feet, mini breakdown" that seems imminent of a BA. It's funny, whenever I have my period so does my hubby(emotionally) it seems as tough as they try to be, they experience (on a minor scale) what we do. Keep your chin up sweetie, it will be worth it:)
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Hubby Coming Around

Hubs and I had a great discussion yesterday about my BA and he was very supportive and reassuring and saying how much he wants me to be happy. We talked about some of the gory details (he's medical) and recovery expectations. And some of my fears and concerns. Now time just feels like it is crawling by LOL. Can't wait for Nov 1! And pre-op is Tuesday!


Hi! Congrats on your upcoming BA! Great to hear that your hubby is coming around. I think sometimes they feel like they can't win. If they agree with our BA will we think they wanted us to change, if they don't agree they aren't supportive. It's a tough position for the men in our lives :) I can promise you though when your new boobs arrive he will love them! :)
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Thanks October! I think he will too. And I definitely agree the men in our lives are kinda stuck. :)
Hey hun super excited for you it will change your life but only for the better! And tell your hubbie if your anything like me you will want him even more LOL my hubbie went through the motions 'loved me the way I was', excited and suportive, nervous and grumpy lol and then 'oh its all good' lol men are worse than women LOL good luck babe will keep an eye out for updates xoxox
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Got My Surgery Time!

Just spent about 20 min on phone with the NP at PS office. She was great. Went over my prescriptions, answered questions, talked about what to expect day of surgery, and most importantly found out my surgery time! First of the day! Yay! Arrival time is 8a which means I need to leave home @615a. Hubby will have to put the kids on the bus @645a. They are normally driven to school and we leave at 730a. But hubs normally leaves for work at 630a, so he'll be a bit later and off his routine, but he scheduled extra time in so he won't be "late". Pre-op tomorrow! Soooo excited!


You will both end up loving them. My man wouldn't get too excited prior as he wanted it to be my decision. We both love them, I have 535 cc, silicone, under and they are naturelle 410 I never had to massage, they are placed where they stay, I am 2 months on Wednesday and they feel just like they have always belonged to me and just like my breast, true story. It was very painful to me the first week, I had to take my pain meds 2 Percocet, every 4 to 5 hours. On day 7 back to work, only 1 pain pill that night, every day is better and many girls I read about didn't have the pain I did. Good luck and no worries you will be very happy. Every time I dress for us to go out, I am so happy and confident.
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Thanks for commenting, Aug28! I hate you were in a lot of pain, but it definitely sounds like it was worth it. I am trying to mentally prepare for the recovery as best I can. I'm so glad to hear positive stories like yours!
Best of luck on your pre operation tomorrow, girlfriend! So glad the hubs came around & is being more supportive of this.♡
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Pre-Op Done!

It went fine! I had a few jitters signing consents. He took me "before" photos. Answered whatever last minute questions I had (like no, I really can't wear deodorant) and I got my scripts. OMG even WITH insurance are you ready for this ---- $370!!!! My insurance wouldn't cover the Celebrex ($119) or the Emend (anti-nausea that lasts 3 days I take morning off, $145 for one pill), or the Lyrica (used in conjunction with Celebrex for post-op one week, $73). My antibiotic, diflucan for yeast infection (I requested), zofran for nausea and Percocet were all covered. Yikes!!

On the countdown!!!! It's really happening! :)


Just 1 more week to go....woohoo!
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Happy dance!
If you have to refill the Celebrex on there website is like an insurance card that makes it not more than $15. It actually worked also. My insurance didn't cover mine as well.
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A Week To Go, and Bra Trouble

A week from right now I'll be on my way to the surgery center. Why is it that on one hand time seems to be crawling by, and on the other hand I feel like I have so much to do? Reminds me of prepping for vacation.

I'm starting to get butterflies when I think about it now, it's so close. I'm refusing to second guess myself or let doubts creep in. When that tries to happen, I immediately say no to those thoughts and remind myself of the reasons WHY I am doing this and the confidence I have in my PS and his team.

Yesterday I spent some time here at home trying on multiple bras, and also more nightgowns. This is round 2 of this. My PS wants the post-op bra to be from marenagroup.com - the one with the support strap built in. That's a fantastic idea. However, even with the shoulder straps on the loosest setting, it was cutting into my shoulders and up into my armpits. Sooo, I ordered the next size up. It felt great on my shoulders, but had too much extra room in the bust and the band size was way too big, even on the tightest setting it was gapping badly. Hmm. This is part of the struggle I have always had with having a long torso and my boobs being made so low on my torso.

Then I had a (hopefully brilliant) idea. Bra strap extenders for the shoulders of the first one I tried!!! I have ordered them from amazon and they should be here by mid-week. I am praying that works, because if not I am not quite sure what I will do.

I did also order the Under Armour zip front (Protege) that a few ladies on here have gotten, but it isn't a stage 1 like my PS wants, it's more for when I need a break from post-op bra or when going out and don't want strap. I have it in both D and DD and am not cutting tags off until I know what will work, if either.

I also have a Fruit of the Loom one from Walmart that clasps in front, but again it isn't quite the same as this surgical post-op one, it fits great now with no extra fabric in front.

I tried the zip front ones from marenagroup.com and didn't really care for them at all.

I also have a few soft stretchy ones from Coobie that are awesome, but again not Stage 1.

I still have my order from Tonserio coming, a zip front and the bandeaux. Again, not Stage 1 but more for a week or so out.

And I did order a strap by itself so I would have one separate (not just built in) to use with other bras.

You see why I hate bra shopping??? LOL

I will post this and then post some pics later. I'm on my iPad and the pics are on my phone. Gotta get the children to school!


I wore that horrible surgical bra for the first month. I was given an extra after about a week, as they originally put me in a 34b right after surgery. Wayyyyy to tight:) No wonder I was in pain. I wore soft Champion sports bras from Target the most (once I could lift my arms above my head without pain), as well as the Under Armour sports bra you mentioned (for running) because my doc said it had to zip in front for it to be acceptable. Best to you on your upcoming surgery.
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I saw those ones from target on another review. They look really comfy!!
Good Luck! I love your review. I too am a research freak and have looked at soooo many pictures trying to find before pics that look like me and see what the after results are so I am not unrealistic about what to expect. I am 4 weeks till surgery and have also decided on silicone, under the muscle but can't decide on size - have gone from 350 to 400 to 450 back to 400 but have now decided to wait till my pre-op and take my doctor recommendation on size based on my "favorite boobs" pics I show him. I hope you and your hubby are happy with your results. Can't wait to read how it went :)
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Pictures (Cami, Post-Op Bra, Strap)

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Just Realized...

the way I have my strap is like the incorrect way I saw on youtube. Hmm. It is built-in and I will have to mess with it to see how much higher I can get it and see what the PS says day of surgery about it.


Just days away sister!!!!
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You are almost there!
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go under at a 450,,,,
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Less Than a Week + My List

It seems like once I hit that one week mark, I started looking at things differently. Any one else do this? Like at church yesterday, I thought, this is the last time I will be at church with these boobs, next time I come to church I will have my new boobs. Stuff like that. Now it's Monday, and I have had butterflies since I woke up. Four more days. That's it. I am pretty prepared, yet I also have a lot on my to-do list for today thru Thursday.

~personalizing my medication chart and make copies for each day
~stock my post-op tote
~clean the house
~catch up on account work
~move recliner to bedroom and set up that area
~wash pillowcases, blankets
~stock up at grocery & Walmart
~put together treat bags for halloween parties
~nails filled and pedi
~wash post-op bra a second time
~pack bag for surgery day

That's all I can think of for now! Hope everyone has had a lovely day. :)


Wishing you a great day tomorrow!! Think positive, and will be following your story, after all were day apart.
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Thanks 1030! I am 24 hrs from heading to the surgery center. It's getting really real! LOL. Hope you have a good post-op day today. :)
Getting really excited for you! How is the to-do list coming along?
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Halloween! And In 24 Hours...

I will be driving out of my driveway and to the surgery center! Getting real! I've got account (computer) work and paperwork to do here at home. Finish med chart and make copies. Make up recliner with sheets, blankets and pillows. Pack my bag. And get stuff set aside to pack vehicle in morning or later tonight.

Kids have been warned trick-or-treat may not happen tonight because of string storms headed our way. At least they have Halloween parties at school to look forward to, and my son has a party tomorrow night. Our church also is doing a trunk-or-treat this Sunday.

Today will truly be my "day of lasts"! Plan to make it count. :)

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*strong storms


Best of luck on this awesome day for you!!!!!!!!!
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Good luck today! We'll be anxiously awaiting your update when you're feeling well enough. Happy healing!

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I am thinking of you!
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Made It Through!

Will post story later. Just wanted to let you ladies know I'm alive and already in love with my upgrades! haha. I've attached a pic. I'm very swollen and have battled nausea & dizziness all day long. Took me longer in recovery too because of those two issues. Even with all the anti-nausea meds. We think it's just me not tolerating the general anesthesia or having a sensitive reaction to one of the oral meds I took.

Oh, and I was hallucinating earlier. Little freaky!!! lol


That was definitely true! :)
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This was put in wrong spot. lol
Oh shame. I also had a rough time waking up. Was extremely nauseous and dizzy too. I hope you feel better soon. Big hugs ti you. Your boobies are already Amazing!!!!! Xxx
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First Night Down

It's 6am Saturday. The recliner setup hubby and I put together in the bedroom is working perfectly. I went to sleep @1030 and woke at 2a in pain, about a 7/10. Took two Percocet instead of just one. Back to sleep fairly quickly and slept decent until 6a. That was about 25 minutes ago. I freed the girls from the restrictive bra. They needed a break from being confined all night sleeping!!! Caught up on all my sweet comments (you guys seriously ROCK!) and wanted to post some more pics hubby took last night. I will update story later from computer instead of my phone. :)


Congratulations, you really look great.  I take it hubby is totally on board now, since it looks like he was all over the photo shoot participation :)
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Hahaha that made me smile. Yes hubs is loving them. Even tho he seems scared to touch them even when I told him to. lol
Well that's just as well, they should probably rest for a few days :) Don't want to get carried away.  

Ice Packs Are My Friend

20 minutes.....


They look like you had them your whole life!!! Amazing!!!
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Congrats - your POD1 pics look fantastic!!! :) Enjoy the ice (I know I loved my frozen peas and corn!!) and make sure to get plenty of rest! Hope the nausea is gone..
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So so glad to hear you came through fine. Sorry about the nausea. But at least that's only for a short time. You look amazing!!! Perfect size for your frame. I'm glad your hubby is enjoying being your photographer;) This is a journey that involves both of you. For my hubby and myself this is the best 30th anniversary gift we could've gave to each other;) Happy Healing and prayers for a quick recovery.
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Day of Surgery Story

Woke up at 5a. Showered, got hair done, finished packing bag, and dressed by 6a. My BFF arrived at 6:15a to leave her car here at my house. Hubby woke the kids up at 6a to get them ready for school (normally they get up at 6:45a and we leave the house at 7:30a and I drive them to school). BFF and I back out of garage @6:25a and head toward Cincinnati. I texted hubs when we got to the surgery center, which was @7:50a. He let me know that he got the kids on the bus fine, and was at work.

BFF and I take the elevator and nervously wait in the waiting room for the nurse to come get me. We didn't have to wait but a few minutes, and during that time I gave my phone and wallet and keys to BFF to hold. Nurse double checked that she had the right phone number to give updates. As my BFF received updates, she would then text hubby to keep him updated. Remember, he had to work that day and was hoping to be done with cases (he works in the OR at the hospital) by around lunchtime.

My nurse's name was Leah. She was super sweet and very competent and in control, which made me feel very comfortable. I gave my urine sample, which I was nervous about having enough pee for since I was NPO and had peed at home!! Thankfully no issues there and I had plenty for a sample. LOL. Then onto the pre-op room. Leah asked me some questions, took my BP, assured me I wasn't pregnant (haha not worried as hubby has had a vasectomy). I had changed into the gown and left my panties and socks on. She also put some compression thingies on my lower legs that pumped up and squeezed and released at set intervals, and put booties over my socks on my feet.

Dr Vennemeyer came in, I asked him if he was ready to work his magic and he said yep, he had a great night's sleep and a healthy breakfast and was ready to go. :) He marked me up, verified my implants (the boxes were in the room) and said he'd see me soon.

After this, the anesthetist, Chris, came into the pre-op room. He went through all of his questions for me, and started my IV. It barely hurt which I was so thankful for. It was finally time to walk through the connecting door to the surgical suite. I was very calm, not nervous at all, just ready to get things going and very excited!

Another nurse had been in the surgical suite prepping the room. She had the Bair Hugger on the bed so it was really nice and warm. I slipped onto the bed, they got me all cozy with blankets, and I told Chris to just put me out when we were chatting, that I didn't want to count down. And that's exactly what he did. We were talking about a winter trip to the beach somewhere to debut the new girls and then the next thing I knew, they were trying to wake me up in recovery.

I did not do well in recovery. :( I had a hard time waking up and following directions. Leah pulled my gown away at one point (before the bra) and said to look! I looked down and I remember saying how beautiful they looked and I was soooo happy.
However, as soon as they sat me up, I felt horribly dizzy and nauseated. I kept saying "I just want to lie down, why can't I just lie down?" I felt like I was going to throw up constantly, they had that little kidney shaped vomit pail for me and I just was so upset that I was feeling so ill, after all the precautions we had taken! I remember Leah saying time and time again, take slow deep breaths. They tried having me smell different scents to supposedly help with the nausea - no dice! They even tried an alcohol pad which I got really annoyed with and pushed away.

I remember Dr Vennemeyer and Leah putting me into my bra. I remember Leah putting my yoga pants on and putting on my long pj top that was button down I had brought. They eventually got me into a wheelchair and wheeled me to the bathroom which was crazy. I made it onto the toilet, then Leah left me to pee and I just leaned against the wall trying to not throw up and trying to push pee out. It felt like I was in there 10 minutes but it was probably 2. She came back and helped me into the wheelchair and wheeled me to my BFF. I kept trying to slide down in the wheelchair to be able to lean my head back, and they would have to stop and sit me back up.

We had to take an elevator ride that I don't remember. I remember going outside and it was SO BRIGHT and Leah was trying to cover my face for me. My BFF pulled my Expedition around, and it took them both to get me in. I was all reclined and my BFF was so awesome, she tucked pillows around me including one between me and the seatbelt. Leah squeezed my hand and I told her thank you for taking good care of me, at least I think I said that but I was still REALLY out of it.

We started the drive home, and I remember my BFF asking me was I OK, did I need my blanket (no), did I need to vomit (no), did I want another pillow (no), did I want the window down or the a/c on? I said I want fresh air and rolled the window down. It seemed as long as I was laying down like that and the air blowing on me I did not feel sick. She told me later that I was beet red when she saw me and she knew the recovery room I had been in was hot, and I do not do well with hot! She told me that when she went to get Expedition she cranked the a/c all the way so the car and leather seats would be cold for me. She is such a doll!!

I barely remember the drive home. At one point I remember waking up and saying something to her, she told me later I said something about my fake boobs looked so real or something like that. LOL. I remember waking up as she slowed to make a turn in our town, and seeing my hubby in his truck flash his lights at us - the turn is right by the hospital and would you believe he was leaving and happened upon us and followed us home the entire rest of the way (about 15 minutes). I remember stopping at our gate (our driveway is gated) and hubs being at the garage to help me inside.

OH MY GOODNESS I had typed out several more paragraphs and it just erased them before I even posted?! GRRR!!!!

I can't type that all out again. Ugh that is frustrating. Basically I am doing great today, more pain with incisions, have nipple sensation, and need to poop. LOL

And I typed how appreciative I was of all you wonderful ladies here on RealSelf. I know I wouldn't have been as prepared on all fronts if not for here. Much love! xoxo

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Post Op Day 1 Pics

Here are the pics from today. Hubs offered to take them earlier, before I had my first post-op shower (which was heaven!). He has been so wonderful - very supportive and sweet - and said tonight when I showed him pics of my before boobs that he can't even remember those boobs! I said I just had them yesterday! LOL! He loves my new boobs as much as I do, he says they look fantastic but also reassured me he loved my before mommy boobs too. I said I know, but these are better and make me feel fantastic!!! They already feel like they are mine, just swollen, alot like when I had my babies and my milk came in.


Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfect 1 day out.
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I want your boobs!
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Cleavage Shot & Post-Op Day 2 Update

They like to climb high of course. I'm alternating use of my surg post-op bra with the stretchy support coobie bra, and using the strap off and on. Reason? The post-op bra is cutting into my incisions! Specifically my left is painful today. Burning feeling and does not like things touching it. When I'm lying down I can have the strap on, but when I stand the strap pushes my boobs down which irritates the incision. Whew. Lots of back and forth today. Worn out from it. Am very gassy and bloated and beyond ready to poop. Have been taking Colace since Friday and took miralax yesterday and again today. Drinking, drinking, drinking too. Water and vitamin water. Managing with Tylenol so far today.


Your cleavage shot is a winner! Sorry to hear about the digestion issues. I took chewable Gas-x tablets with food the first couple days. A lotta ladies on here recommend tea, Miralax, etc for being backed up. I'm just gonna make a suggestion, Fleet gylcerine suppository. 5 minutes until relief in most cases. Back to more pleasant things, your boobs are beautiful! Really happy you are doing well :)
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Thanks for sharing... you look great! sorry your hubby wasn't supportive at first, that must have been hard. Glad to hear he's come around! Did you have any wait for them to drop? congrats!
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You look great!! I was so scared of the post surgery bloat so my hubbie made homemade chicken soup and also a kale and lentil soup. Everything was super healthy so I had no issues at all. I never got bloated thankfully. I remember being bloated after my csection with my twins and that was not fun! Happy healing!!
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Post-Op Day 2 Pics

I'm definitely bloated but here's tonight's pics. Left boob is boxier than righty and I've definitely got spongebob squareboob going on. lol. Hubs says they're beautiful just how they are. Awwww. He's been great with the house and kids this weekend. I'm so thankful he's home this upcoming week.


Looking HOT, so glad you are on the other side of it now, how are you feeling?
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Babe ypu look amazing! I read your surgery story and wanted to tell you I'm sorry you didn't do so hot just out of surgery. I know that wasn't easy. But you made it! And damn girl do you look hot! Your breasts already look so perfect that I could use them as wish pics! Sending hugs and love your way. Happy healing to you, pretty lady!
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I needed to hear that!! Thanks! Cuz right now I feel like I'll never poop again. Been kinda blah today but still love my boobs. :)

A Before & After


You look awesome. Love the side by side picture. How are you feeling? Has the swelling gone down?
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Wow! You look great! How are you feeling now? It seems as though you have really dropped down a lot already! Awesome!
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Feeling tight and swollen! But I love them. Also still need to poop! LOL

Post-Op Day 3

I'm a little more swollen today. I can't even fit in the post-op surgical bra. It is way too tight across my breasts not to mention cutting into my incisions. Thank God I have the support bra from Coobie. It is my saving grace as it doesn't cut into my incisions and it gives support yet is stretchy and not pre-formed like the Under Armour Protégée bra.

I also can't use my strap above my breasts, since it pushes my breasts down and irritates the incisions, especially the left.

I am ready for Wednesday, which is my first post-op appointment and I hope he removes the steri-strips and checks out my incisions. I figure more steri-strips will go on, but at least they'll be changed and make sure my incisions are healing ok.

Also today I am feeling some flicks and pains and bubbles in my left breast. It is so weird to feel an itch and go to scratch it, yet it is in the numb area so even rubbing it doesn't make it go away.

The only pain I have now is incision pain which started post-op day 2 and is like a burning feeling.

The swelling/tightness in my actual breasts was pretty intense the first night, as some of the numbing medicine wore off and Percocet wore off. When I woke up that first night it was very uncomfortable and painful, thankfully the Percocet kicked in quickly. Even today when my breasts swell and tighten it isn't painful to me, just uncomfortable and definitely is like engorged breasts while breastfeeding. That description is perfect.

I have been on Celebrex and Lyrica since day of surgery. My PS wants me on that a week, but at least 3 days for the Lyrica. I took my morning dose of Lyrica today, but I am not taking it tonight. It is for nerve pain. I am sure it has helped, but I don't like the side effects. I fee some slight numbing on different parts of my body. It's weird. I also think it might be affecting having a bowel movement. Thankfully I haven't dealt with dizziness from it which I was nervous about. I will stay on the Celebrex for at least a week if not two weeks.

I have been able to manage pain and discomfort with Tylenol since yesterday.

I have not had a BM since Thursday morning!!! I have taken miralax, still softener twice a day, and had the senna tea twice today. I am praying for a good BM by tomorrow or I am going to have to take more drastic measures (suppository, enema?). I do not want a bowel blockage!!

I am still sleeping in the recliner. Last night was the first night I wasn't as comfortable in it, probably because that was my first night without Percocet, lol! I tried to lay down flat today on my bed to stretch my back out. Immediately my boobs let me know they weren't ok with that!

I am doing my best to balance resting with walking around the house and doing some of my normal routine things. I am already tired of the couch. Maybe tomorrow I will get out and walk around outside on the farm, and maybe even go with hubs to pick up kids.

No photo shoot today, maybe tomorrow. I'm very very very happy with them, and have told hubs several times how much I love them and a big thank you to him. :)


So sorry to hear ab the numbness and no bm! Egh, I'm am not looking forward to that, I heard another woman on here say to to start taking laxatives two days before your surgery, you think that would help? Also, sorry to hear ab the post surgical bra, did you call the office? Keep your chin up all will be better, especially after you go:) hugs:)
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You are very, very, very happy...looking at your pictures I can see why! Love reading the updates, keep them coming!
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Left Incision + Constipation

I figured out it's the layers of steri-strips pulling my skin as my breast has swelled causing the pain/irritation. I have peeled away/cut off the offending pieces of tape and it feels better so far. I am beyond ready for my check-up tomorrow. Oh, it is my 5 dpo checkup not 1 week that I said earlier.

Hubs is stopping at Kroger to pick up a different type of laxative for me to try today. This is getting ridiculous. To those who haven't had surgery yet -- start taking a combo stool softener/stimulant (laxative) at 1 dpo. I feel really crappy today and no wonder, I am full of crap. Haha, bad joke. Ugh seriously.


I agree with eca40....I did a cup of Smooth Move my 2 dpo and had a BM that evening...I haven't had any issues. U should really try it. Good luck sweetie....
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Thx - the tea I tried wasn't smooth move but was senna based. 
Have you tried smooth move? I've noticed for me I do one cup then another one with the same tea bag that normally does the trick. One cup doesn't help me but two does. I haven't tried it since the surgery. I probably will today through. Good luck :)
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Belly Issues

My belly is making the craziest tumbling and gurgling sounds - ugh - reminds me of Dumb & Dumber when Lloyd gives Harry the TurboLax "for fast, effective relief". I have at least gone poop some but more is having to work its way through. Thank God I am home all day today with easy access to a bathroom. Good grief.

On another note - my tape/steri-strips were so bothersome on that left incision I ended up peeling the rest of the way off (with hub supervising). It looks great so he says. We'll see what Dr V says tomorrow and if more tape/strips are put on.

Oh, and I'm back in the surg bra today, using a soft washcloth to cushion the front where the under bust band is cutting funny. Whether that's from my bloating or whatever. It feels much more constrictive than my Coobie but I'm sticking it out for at least half the day, as long as I'm not in actual pain from it. I'll see what PS says tomorrow about my bra issues.


Wow, with overs there was no pain, so no need for pain meds and all the complications that go with it with pooping and bloating. Yet another reason to go with overs? I'm sorry you are hurting but it will pass AND they look gorgeous!!! I did sleep with bolster pillows for a week or so, but no real discomfort in the mornings with them.
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A lot of people can't go with overs. I couldn't. I had enough breast tissue but it would have wound up looking like grapefruits in a gym sock on me.
Wasn't an option for me, either. This will pass!

So Much For That

Well the surg bra lasted a handful of hours before it started hurting my incisions and just the entire front part of where the band touches my skin, even with a washcloth trying to cushion! I am about to throw that thing in the trash - ugh! I am struggling tonight so much I actually just took TWO Percocet! Since I've pooped all day I figured why not!? This too shall pass, this too shall pass........


So sorry your having a bad day!! You are right these bras are awful.
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Day 7 was my turning point to feeling better. Hang in there. You're going to make it thru all of the crap :) You haven't lost your sense of humor, just gained a set of beautiful boobs. Will keep checking in on your progress
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Thanks HawaiiGirl. I appreciate the support! xoxo

Post-Op Couldn't Have Gone Better!

He's very pleased with their settling, I can ditch the uncomfy surg bra, no strap needed, can wear my Coobie bras or anything supportive except underwire (until 6 weeks). My hubs got to meet Dr V for the first time, I got my warranty info and implants cards, received scar cream samples and coupon, don't have to go back til Dec 11. Was shown some massaging techniques to help with numbness and implant exercises to do once a day forever. Seriously. I found out he have my extra internal stitching (yay!) and that I'm still a touch swollen (woke up today nothing like yesterday thankfully) and that my upper pole will soften and project more naturally as time goes on.

Hubs took me to lunch, my favorite (sushi) then back home. I'm exhausted. I'm supposed to be napping right now. (Shhhh!!!)

This was my first day out, and the girls felt strange all covered up in layers of clothes. I felt a bit self-conscious although no one knew me (PS is an hour out of town). I'll probably try small group tonight (like church home groups) and I know I'll feel weird, lol. Not sure what I'll wear.

My belly has been good today, had a normal BM this morning yay, so hopefully on the upside although I am still just so tired. My get up and go got up and went as my hubs says.

Thank you so much for all the love, support & encouragement from you wonderful ladies here. It means SO MUCH. xoxo

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PS "gave" me internal stitching to my chest wall. Not sure why autocorrect changed that to "have".


So happy for a great follow-up and day out with the hubby.  Woohoo to ditching the bra!  So happy for your progress, CountryLife.
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Today has been better! Hope you're doing ok!!!
I just placed an order with them and am also going to try their bandeau and cami. I also have the sport bra and scoop neck bra but haven't tried them since BA. 

Couple 5dpo Pics

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Wow you look great! I can't believe you are holding your arms above your head like that on PO day 1 ( I couldn't fully do it until about day 7)!!! I wish my recovery was as easy as yours is going! ;) Congratulations!! :) :)
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You look great! So happy for you :) xoxo
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So happy for you that the bm got better for you!
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Not All Roses

Emotionally and Physically!!!!

Physically: Still dealing with "nerve" pain beneath each breast, about an inch below incision and the width of each breast, along my ribs. I have thought this was incision pain, and then rib bruising, but apparently it is nerve pain. It is a burning pain that can be as high as 8/10 pain scale and is present 90% of the day. If it weren't for this pain I'd be over the moon. Tylenol or Percocet maybe take the edge off. Maybe I should've stayed on the Lyrica instead of stopping it at day 3. This is what my post-op bra band was bothering. The Coobie Support Bra is the least irritating against it.

Today is my first day off Celebrex. I can tell a difference. :( I have had some intense pulling pain under my breasts near incision with turning a certain way or picking something up. It is searing. Especially the left side. My PS said that's from the internal stitches to my chest wall when I mentioned it at my post-op, but of course on Wednesday it wasn't that painful just noticed it. I didn't want to refill the Celebrex because #1 I'm ready to be off meds and #2 my insurance didn't cover it. We'll see how the next couple of days go.

I also still have that cramp feeling deep in my left breast against my ribcage. I dealt with this before my BA, whether it's pleurisy or my chiropractor says a rib being touch out of place and needing adjusting. Of course an adjustment is out of the question right now.

I'm tired of sleeping in my recliner although it's actually pretty comfy. I tried sleeping in bed Friday night and my back started hurting. I have a bulging disc in low back and believe it or not sleeping in the recliner with a pillow against my low back and pillows on each side I have had zero back pain in the morning, where usually every morning my low back is weak and sore feeling. I think I'm just tired of my routine being off, and I've got to just get over that! Oh and I can't sleep on my side yet because of incision pain when I try.

My boobs feel like water balloons. They are still incredibly firm and are strange under clothes. I've tried to keep a low profile which has been challenging when going out because I've not made my BA public. Part of me envies those of you ladies who are out there with your BA and confident in it! My BFF is like that, but she understands that I am not that way and prefer to keep it on the down low. But I'm about to the point of saying Screw It! and be out there in my new BA glory! LOL

Emotionally: I'm very down emotionally. My hubby has been an ass since Friday night when he wanted sex and I didn't feel like it. Not only was I exhausted and uncomfortable from BA, but I'm in my PMDD mode which I struggle with on a monthly basis. We've had sex twice since my BA, the first time I was actually interested and into it (was still on all meds haha) that was Monday; Tuesday came and with it was the belly issues and exhaustion which has continued the rest of week. Second time was a quickie for him. So it's not like he hasn't had sex, but it was all about how I wasn't "willing to be intimate" and on and on - issues we deal with on a regular basis because he totally doesn't get how women have CYCLES and he is the type of person who thinks people can control their moods, etc. He can be very selfish, childish and insecure. We've been married almost 15 years and for the past 2-3 years this has been a major issue in our marriage. He isn't willing to go to counseling (thinks they're all quacks) and I've practically begged him to read marriage books.

Anyway I digress. Sorry for going all off tangent but I guess my point is that having surgery and dealing with recovery is stressful (obviously) and despite my best hopes it brought out and intensified our other struggles. Y'all may remember my BFF having the dream that my hubby was being an ass and she kicked him out and moved in to take care of me?? Yeah, that. Part of me wishes I had checked into a hotel and had her and a paid nurse take care of me and let my hubby deal with the home stuff without me here. By Tuesday he was chomping at the bit to be doing something while I was crashed on the couch feeling like crap. He bitched about having to go back and forth to get kids to and from activities yet when I said well I take them to dinner or library etc he didn't want to do that either. He also has said multiple times how I should be doing fine by now (even at post op day 3) and shouldn't need meds or by a week out I should be totally normal. And yet had the balls to say "well I've done everything for you this past week and you just give me leftovers". Yeah.

He's just completely insensitive and as I've mentioned before doesn't do well when I'm not operating at 100%. Thank God he goes back to work tomorrow. I can't say I'm surprised as I worried about him handling everything and me being out of it.

I am just incredibly sad and worn down mentally today, I've cried off and on all morning and even typing this am tearing up. Those of you who have wonderfully supportive, sensitive and emotionally understanding significant others --- please give them some extra love and hugs today and appreciate them and know how blessed you are!!! There are times I think mine is coming around and I know he loves me and wants to give me the world - but there are definite issues we struggle mightily with that keeps me on my knees praying!!!!

My goodness this has been long-winded and if you made it through thanks for reading and "listening" to me. I know things will look up I'm just having a hard time right now. I am so grateful I've had such great results and know things in my life could be horribly worse. And I'm so thankful to have this community of wonderful women from all walks of life and from all over the world. xoxo


Wow! That is definitely not something you wanna deal with in recovery! I'm sorry you are going through that with your hubby. I can understand it when you tell all the other girls to appreciate when our men are being supportive through this, cuz some girls are going it alone or with people who aren't so supportive. It's hard on the guys too I imagine, watching their wives and girlfriends change before them, worrying if we will be the same, or if new boobs will change us somehow?? I think men show anxiety and fear in the strangest ways! My husband has been making comments related to this, like are you gonna still want me once you are getting all that attention from your new toys? I keep telling him that this change is for me, but it's hard for him to really understand completely. I hope things get better for you, and I appreciate you sharing your journey.
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Thanks wish, my hubby was definitely insecure before the surgery saying the same comments, and saying how i had better wear my ring all the time, etc. Then he goes and acts like an ass LOL. ugh men. 
awww...poor thing. I can totally relate. For me, recovery has been manageable, but I've definitely had my share of meltdown moments where I just wanted to feel "normal" again..so I let myself meltdown and then try to power through and know that these feelings will not last forever. I, too, have dealt with lingering pain issues (including a severe case of pleurisy on my left side) and it takes it's toll. I'm a month out and I'm still not feeling perfect. Left side still giving me plenty of aches and pains..but every day does get better! As time goes on, you will also be more comfortable "showing" them. It takes time. I think we forget about all the changes that take place in a short period of time. Your life has completely changed in 9 days..and you've have surgery, been on medications and had a good amount of trauma done to your chest and your pec muscles! Our digestive systems have been messed up, we've been stressed mentally and emotionally, our hormones have been altered by medications, our bodies are trying to heal and recover and we expect ourselves to still be supermom/wife and walking out of the house looking like boob models! So, I totally feel you. Try and let yourself take it easy and be patient with your recovery. That's what I'm trying to do, at least!
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I took all of these except coral-colored hoodie yesterday, hoodie was today. All with bras and hoodie have before pics already posted.


MEN. Paleeze..2/week right after surgery? They are NEVER happy when it comes to THAT:) Put on a happy face, and think of your perfect boobs.
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Exactly!! I could be willing and ready six times a day and it's still not enough!  Haha!
I'm so sorry you're having to deal with that, CL07.  Men.  They have no idea what we do.  I'm lifting you up in spirits and hope things get better soon.  I know with my man that if physical attention isn't given, he gets really pissy, but they haven't got a clue what it's all about for us.  We have to feel sexy, be in a good frame of mind, and not be dealing with weird cycle issues.  Yes, it's baggage, but it's being a woman and they just need to suck it up once in a while.  So, there's my two cents for ya! :-D  You look fabulous, by the way.  Perfect boobies for you!!
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Better Today & THANK YOU

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all of the support and encouragement. I am better today mentally. Hubs and I have talked some more and he's back at work this week. Much love to you all. xoxo


You look just like wish pics. Sorry about hubby......this too shall pass.
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Oh my goodness! Your boobies are amazing!! I'm so sorry to hear about your hubby. I think the majority of all men are like that. I had a bit of insensitivity yesterday with mine. You aren't alone! You are healing wonderfully and you look amazing!
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You look so good! Can't wait for my surgery, you've made this journey so wonderful:) xoxo
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Hubs is Trying, Nerve Pain, and Shivering

Hubby didn't get home until after 7p last night because he had to work late. However between texting and talking at home we are both feeling much better. He also gave me an awesome massage that I desperately needed, and I reiterated to him that I am sure I will get my mojo back at some point, but he HAS to be patient with me -- !!!!

I slept well but this morning the nerve pain across my "band" area in front under my breasts (good grief I really need a short acronym or something for that!!) is back with a vengeance this morning. I didn't massage that area yesterday and I wonder if that is contributing to it. I am hoping to "desensitize" that area. I will work on that some today, as much as I can stand it.

I am attempting to go to walmart for a few things after I drop the kiddos off at school. We had a light dusting of snow last night, so it will be slow going and I will make sure to bundle up because as others have said, shivering with the new boobies IS NO FUN!!! Especially with sore incision sites! Ouch!

Hope you lovely ladies have a wonderful day. xoxo


Ugh sorry posted by accident. Anyway most of my pain there was from that. Then I wanted to say thanks for sharing about the hubs. Myne has also done some weird things in the bedroom. I wad particularly sad the other day when I wanted to cuddle after sex and I was lying on his chest. He pushed me away and said my boobs were hard and uncomfortable when I lay ontop of him :( ouch. Anyway, I also envy those with perfect supportive husbands. Your boobies are looking great!
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Just wondering, the pain under your band area...could that possibly be brcsuse of monfors cords? I aldo had pain and I think most of it eas
  • Reply
Oh country life … first of all, you can tell your hubby sex is out of the question for SIX WEEKS! not negotiable and get over it! Second, you really look awesome! I hear your frustration right now and I swear the first 2-3 weeks are really tough emotionally. Elective or not, you have just had major surgery and you need to take care of yourself and quite frankly need someone to baby you right now. My hubby knew it was 6 weeks, like it or not, get over it! Your booby mood will improve but promise "us/me" you will take care of yourself first!!!!
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Pics (11 dpo) & Update

Hubs took these pics last night, so 11 dpo. I wanted to show you gals how my right boob kind of has a straight edge to it on the inside cleavage part when I push it in. I remember another reviewer here having a similar issue that resolved around 3 months (she had like a dent). I'm hopeful it will resolve. It's not the end of the world if it doesn't, but I'm definitely not crazy about it. I'm not trying to be picky, just want to show you guys and if anyone has suggestions or similar experiences please comment!

Also, the straight on pic shows the subtle differences that are normal between breasts. Breasts are not identical (therefore I refuse to refer to my new additions as "twins", lol). My crease is a touch higher on one, nipple placement touch different, that's how my body was made! I think it is important to recognize those slight assymetrical differences, and know that they will still be there after a BA.

My boobs are also starting to get a little squishy!! Yay! I noticed it after I got out of the shower last night and they jiggled a little when I was toweling off slightly tilted forward (I still can't bend 90 degrees straight forward).

Oh, and I noticed yesterday that I have full range of motion standing, yet when I lay down flat I absolutely can not put my arms over my head without a pulling PAIN - I can barely stretch them out to the sides even. Weird how I can standing but not laying. I also am not 100% comfy laying completely flat or even with just one pillow. Gravity pulls my breasts toward my neck and that pulls on the incision sites and is very uncomfortable and will quickly turn to pain. However I can lay very reclined, say with a regular pillow then one longways on top of it, down my back and supporting my neck and head. I'm still sleeping in recliner but may be ready to try bed with all my pillows. Did sleep on my right side for a little while in recliner last night w/out incident. In my recliner I am sleeping with a pillow behind low back, and a pillow longways on each side.

I bought some Bio-Oil at WalMart yesterday and oh my I love it! I'm using it and Eucerin original lotion to massage breasts and under breasts (for that darn nerve pain) and will use that on my incision scars starting Friday. PS did give sample and coupon for Kelocite lotion for scars, however he said any moisturizing unscientific lotion is just fine. I got the feeling he carries the samples because patients want something, but he definitely didn't push for that scar cream. He does not recommend silicone scar sheets, and my hubs doesn't want me covering the incision sites at all. Let it breathe is his mantra. I didn't want to use the sheets anyway, the steri-strips got on my nerves by day 4.

Oh, I am totally feeling more like myself mentally this week. Yay for that!! However, I normally have a pretty high energy level and go-go-go all day whether shuttling kids, running errands, doing housework, working outside on farm, etc. I like to stay moving. So it has been a challenge to accept my decreased energy level + needing to rest my boobs when mentally I feel good. For example, I shopped and put away groceries yesterday morning, but then I was worn completely out just showering and had to rest for a few hours. Today, I cleaned (slowly and carefully) two bathrooms and did a little laundry, and my boobs - which I had massaged beforehand and were all soft and happy - became very aggravated at me and I had to park it on the couch and have been here for almost 2 hours.

That's all for now, I'll attach pics, hope they load, then I will caption them. :)

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Try Pics Again


Great pictures! Could the flat edge of your cleavage be because your implant is still high??
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Hmm I didn't think of that! I don't know? Look at my incisions and see what you think. I just posted some pics.


Just saw that autocorrect changed "unscented" lotion to "unscientific". Hahahaha

Also, I did not scrub showers or bathtubs, hubs did that yesterday for me, he always does, I hate to clean them. I just wiped down counters, mirrors, cleaned toilets.


You look great!!!! Massage that breast twice a day that has the straight part at the top!! Massage is key to healing faster. I started massaging my breast after day 4 post op and it helped soften them!! (Take a look at my pics) You look awesome and I LoVE your tan!! :)
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I will do it, thank you! I swear I've never touched my breasts so much in my life. LOL
Looking good and I love your blog!
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Well Lookie What I Found

Would explain the pain and pulling on left breast. Thank you MyBeautifulBoobies, your suggestion about a mondor's cord possibility got me looking. I had to gently pull up on the breast while looking in mirror and there it was. I'll call my PS office.


Your breasts look so beautiful,lucky you. You will love wearing camis and nightgowns again., i am wearing one now and i doN't droop below the seams anymore. Enjoy.
  • Reply
Thank you Laserwoman! I definitely love that in my nightgowns and robes I don't have droopy, sad boobies anymore. :)
Ugh - sorry to hear about the cord! I had 2 under my right and 1 under my left that started just a little over a month postop. No fun! I had one of my coworkers, a lymphedema therapist, work on me. They didn't last all that long, but certainly weren't comfortable while they were there! You're otherwise looking great, though!
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Dang Boobie Blues!!!!

I feel like all my posts lately have been negative!! I hate that! I really do love my new additions and am so happy I did this!!!! I knew there would be ups and downs and I am just trying to let myself feel that and keep on. I tried to stuff down my tears this morning and I felt worse, I finally let myself cry a bit and quit telling myself all the reasons I shouldn't be crying and should be happy.

Note to those on the pre-BA side: LET YOURSELF FEEL YOUR EMOTIONS. Don't try to talk yourself out of them. It's OK to be a little irrational!!

So what is my problem today? I feel like a terrible mother! My 10 year old son is very understanding and is quick to jump in to help if he sees me reaching for something, carrying anything, or if he hears me gasp. LOL. Although he hasn't been that great with listening and doing his regular chores without giving me attitude. Thankfully hubby has intervened on this and helped with an attitude adjustment.

However, my 6 year old daughter is struggling. It is hard for her to not have me be 100%. Over the weekend she actually asked me when my recovery would be over (as I was yet again sitting on my duff doing nothing)!!! It doesn't help that Christmas decorations were dragged upstairs by hubby last week (and we seriously decorate the entire house, all out), and yet only about 10% has been decorated. She is chomping to have the decorations up and done and every day this week as she comes in the house after school and sees the totes still out and nothing up, she is like, Come on, Mommy, let's get decorating! As I collapse on the couch.

Yes I am glad to have hubs back at work, as he loves his job and NEEDS that structure, but his schedule is quite demanding taking call two nights a week and one weekend a month. Thank God he got to come home yesterday for a couple of hours to do the outside chores, and when he was done with that he handled homework with both children (see next paragraph as to why I really needed him to do that!!!). Especially since he got called back in to work @9p and didn't get to come back home.

So after school yesterday, I am cooking for small group and trying to help my daughter with homework. That was an epic fail as I had at least four things going on at one time PLUS hurting with my cord and I could NOT multi-task like I usually can. I ended up sending her to go play and she asked could she watch TV, yet she was back upstairs within 5 minutes (very strange as she doesn't get very much TV time, she basically needed attention from me). She then made me a drawing (see attached picture) which made me feel terrible because I was being an ogre and she just needed love. I did give her a big hug and told her I was sorry for being short with her and that I am still recovering and it will take a few weeks but eventually I WILL be myself again!!!!

It has just been a stressful week with getting back into the swing of things on my own, yet being limited, and dealing with the aches and pains still.

Oh! Update on the Mondor's cord situation. I texted my PS yesterday evening, and he texted back confirming Mondor's cord, suggested warm compresses and ibuprofen/Tylenol, and reassured me it will go away. I also sent him a pic of the flat edge on my cleavage, and he was not concerned anything bad was happening as I am still settling and changing, BUT he offered me to come in to be seen today or Friday if I wanted. Which I really appreciate because today and tomorrow are his surgery days and I don't know if he typically even sees patients those days. I texted back that unless he thought he needed to see me, I didn't feel like I had to rush in to be seen, and I asked if Aleve was OK to take instead of ibuprofen (yes). He also checked in this morning to see how I am feeling.

Part of my meltdown this morning was I didn't take any Tylenol or Aleve first thing like I usually do, because I wanted to wait until I ate (which I usually do before taking kids to school but didn't today), so by the time I took Aleve it was at least 9a and it's now an hour later and I am finally feeling relief. Whew!

Hope everyone has a good day!! xoxo


Hi countrylife07, I am new to realself and happened to stumble upon your site. You have the same...or should I say had....the similar shape and measurements as I do. I love your results and are thrilled for you. I am still thinking of BA and am so unsure. Thank you for your posts, I feel so encouraged when I see your results, but am still so nervous. Thanks for sharing
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Hang in there with your children. I promise your daughter won't even remember your surgery when she's older. Try not to be too hard on yourself...the kiddos are resilient. I hope you keep that drawing from your daughter forever! We love your honesty...and we're here for you!

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Ugh. Excuse my typos. Damn touch screen phones. Lol :)
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Doing Really Well

Just a quick pop in to say I'm doing well and thanks for all the love and checking in on me!! My energy is mostly back this week and I've been doing my best to get my house decorated with a ton of help from my BFF!!! The days have flown by and by bedtime I am wiped.

I have definitely noticed my breasts settling as of yesterday morning. I will have hubs help me with a photo shoot tomorrow or weekend!!

Mondor's cords suck but as long as I don't press on them hard or over stretch I'm ok. Taking aleve 2x a day. I developed three cords under right breast but still just one under left. Will show with updated pics.

Hubby has been very wonderful since his meltdown and is making sure I take it easy and also reminding me that the healing will take time whenever I have a moment of frustration (which is about once a day, ha). He's made a complete turnaround thankfully. He still loves the new girls and so do I!!!

I'm also feeling more and more like they're a part of me - I didn't wear padded bras before so this is a big change.

No more boobie blues lately. Seems like Monday was the turnaround for me, what was that post op day 17 I think.

I'll post again soon with pics! xoxo


Damn Mondors Cord. I'm so surprised by how many of us had/have them. SO GLAD to hear you're doing well!
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Hey! I am so glad you shared your journey thus far. I am the same size as you, 5'10" 165lbs. I am having my surgery tomorrow, yippee! I am still debating bw 550cc or 600cc. Are you happy with your size? Have they gotten any bigger/smaller yet? Your post has been so helpful.
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Hi! They have changed shape this week. Kind of flattened and settled a bit. Not so out there. lol. They're perfect size for me. Would not go smaller!!!!! Possibly would've went a touch bigger! But I love them. Good luck tomorrow!!!!

3 Week Post-Op Photos


Love all your pics and your beautiful boobies!
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Thank you!!!
You look amazing! Probably one of the best results I've seen. You look so natural :) Thanks for your posts.
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More Swimsuit 3 Week Post-Op Pics


Yiu are looking so good!!
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Looking great!
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Your results look perfect!! Excellent Size and shape for your body. Congrats!! Hope mine turn out just as good. Lol
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Progression Pic


Omg lol!!! I have been answering your comments!!! My review starts with " 3 weeks" so when I get the email with new comment I didn't even look and just replied. Sorry :((((
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Hey babe! You have amazing breasts! Are you pleased with the size! Do they feel like a natural breast or similar enough? You look beautiful as always.
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Pop! Goes the.....

I was rubbing BioOil into my incision scars like I always do after my shower. On the left, close to the mondor's cord (inner part of breast), I felt a bubbling pop feeling, not painful but very very strange. The cord is still there but maybe not as pronounced. So I rubbed on the right breast scar and felt another slight pop in same area. I've read other reviewers saying this was internal stitches popping - oh dear that doesn't sound good at all - but no pain and I'm not texting my PS on a Sunday morning unless it's urgent. I'll text him tomorrow. Please anyone that's dealt with this, I would really appreciate your comments! I went ahead and snapped a pic of each scar, very gently raising the breast out of the way for shadows.


Are you rubbing right along the scar? I have that same "pop" in my TT scar. It's just a painless pop under the scar whenever I rub my bio oil into it. I don't know what it is. I can't say that I like it there, but I'm glad it doesn't hurt.
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Yes it was right on the scars. I'm not too freaked bc so many others have had it (I love this site!) but I am extremely tender today on that left side under. I massaged like crazy so maybe I just overdid it. :/
I had that happen also. When I massaged mine the scars smoothed out some. I told my PS and he said sometimes that happens. Although he didn't say what it was, I think it could be small air bubbles that are between the stitches where the skin is healing together. You're looking great and let us know what your PS says about it.
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24 dpo pics

Here's a couple pics in natural light. Also close ups of scars. Felt a couple more popping sounds while massaging today. Haven't heard back from PS yet. Having lots of tenderness and some pain from left breast mondor's cord. I aggressively massaged it directly and around it last night.


Wish I knew, I had a click that finally resolved on its own. Hope you get an answer soon from the PS. By the way, love your side profile pictures. Full + gorgeous!
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Wow you look amazing!!!!! Ahhhh I am so excited for mine! I'm sorry that you've been having some issues with pain and of course the problems you have been dealing with with your husband, but it will be worth it in the end! You guys will be okay and your surgery will be so worth it, I'm sure! Especially with how great your results look.
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Going great!!
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Heard Back From Doc

The popping was - as suspected - the dissolvable stitches that are weakening to dissolve (as they're supposed to). He said keep up the massaging even through the tenderness. I will, but man my skin feels like a cheese grater attacked it under that left boob crease on down about 3". Whew. Thanks for all the encouraging words and love. xoxo


Seeing your results, I have a touch of boob greed! Love the way yours fall towards the center and how there is not too much space in between. I keep pushing mine together to encourage this to happen :) Great, great size on you.
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Awww now, different body shapes and styles! Thank you for your sweet words :).
Sorry to hear your in pain! :-( hoping your girls are feeling better, glad to hear that the popping is normal and nothing going wrong. You are looking GREAT!!! Hugsx
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Tonserio Bra

I originally hated this bra mostly bc of how it felt on my incisions/cords/nerve pain under my breasts. However, they have terrible customer service and a return was going to be a nightmare. So, $60 later, this is washed and ready to go yet I've kept it shoved in bottom of bra drawer. Today it gets to come out and have a second chance. Washing definitely helped the softness of the fabric. I'll wear it today and see how it goes. Attached a pic.


I'm in the decision making process. Thinking of having a BA. Do you feel like it was worth it thus far? Domyou know how long you could go without sx if you like your size now?
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I definitely think it was worth it. I love my new additions and they make me very happy every day! Even dealing with pain.
What is that second question?

And a B&A to Show My Natural Asymmetry

I had heard that having a BA will emphasize whatever asymmetry was already present. With my mommy boobies being deflated and nipples kind of sunk in, it wasn't as obvious that my right is higher than my left. Of course when PS measured me, he noted the differences in my crease measurements and nipple measurements. And it is definitely noticeable now that I am all filled out. It doesn't bother me, like I have said before they are not twins but sisters, LOL. Just an example and reminder to those on the pre-BA side that any subtle asymmetries will be more noticeable after.


You look fantastic, still. Very natural. I actually think that my BL/BL accentuated my asymmentry, although I am still happy with my result.
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Thanks lawiant! Would love to see pics if you are feeling up to it!
Very subtle asymmentry. In a way, that makes them seem more real, ya know. They look wonderful! Love the stripey bikini.
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4 Weeks Post-Op

Hard to believe it has already been 4 weeks. It's so true how time crawls beforehand, then seems to just blur together after! I will have to get hubs to do a photo shoot this weekend. He's at work today.

~still sleeping in recliner
~can lay on right side for 1-2 hours
~very squishy & soft
~laying on front feels really weird as I can feel the implants
~still have pulling pain on underneath left side when overstretch, turn strange or push hard. I think this is from the mondor's cord on that side
~speaking of mondor's cords, there are several under right breast but they are not large or painful
~still have burning nerve pain under breasts, goes down a few inches all across band, feels like a cheese grater attacked me :/
~numbness still there on both breasts from nipple down to crease and also it goes around under armpit area, but there has been improvement
~displacement exercises done 1x day, push in 10 sec and then up 10 sec (not down, not out)
~massage each breast & nipple 3-5 minutes or more daily, in small circular motions increasing pressure as can tolerate; I have to do this myself on numb places to complete the loop to my brain for nerve regeneration

That's all I can think of right now! xoxo


Congrats on your new additions! You look fantastic already and the recovery will be better soon enough.
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Thanks cpuppa! I feel like this weekend things have shifted toward better. Yay!
Yay for improvements! Slow but gradual, we're getting there. I can't believe how fast time is flying either. Finally some sleep on my side, 5 1/2 weeks. It'll happen!
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Progression Pic

I can see the difference in softening just a touch! Yay!


Omg soooo jealous! Yours are perfect soooo quickly! You must be so pleased with the result! Think if mine had looked like yours so early on I'd have shown them to the whole world by now. . :0D x x
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Thank you so much!! I am super pleased. I am amazed every day by them. Truly very happy. :)

Yes, your droppage does look good. I can really see a difference in just 2 weeks. The 4 week photo shows a much softer looking breast too. Did the Tonserio bra work out when you gave it a second chance last week?

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Pics at 32 dpo

Hubby did a photo shoot for me on Tuesday - please excuse the shininess in my cleavage - I was dealing with a breakout and subsequent rash there from the Bio-Oil and Eucerin collecting, and had to put on hydrocortisone for 3 days to clear it up! I didn't think about it showing up in pictures until he had taken several and then he mentioned it was looking shiny.

I am doing really well. Seems like my pain turned the corner over the weekend and then Monday/Tuesday it took a few steps back. However today it is back to being better. It is the nerve pain I deal with under boobs. It was shooting pain and quite frustrating. I know it must do this to heal, and thankful it only lasted two days. Now it is back to still being tender and cheese-grater-ish but with slight improvement.

I am still sleeping in recliner, although I can lay on my side - even my left side - for short amounts of time. I joke that it is my cocoon-nest. I never imagined I would still be in it this far out, but I sleep well and my back doesn't hurt like it does in the bed.

I still take an Aleve in the morning almost every day, but haven't had to take one at night for about a week or so. I have felt increased soreness/pressure under my breasts, like they are settling down in there - an achy feeling. Seemed like this is if I go braless for a few hours or sleep without one (I slept without a bra for a few nights while dealing with that rash in cleavage) and the next morning they were SORE. Still get "morning boob" but it is way less and goes away quickly.

The straight edge is still there on my inner right breast, but it isn't as noticeable and is changing as my breasts soften. I will be asking my PS about it and specifically WHAT IS CAUSING IT.

I am feeling more and more confident in my clothing and not being as self-conscious of them, I am getting used to them, I didn't wear padded bras before so this is a big change for me! I haven't had boobs this big since nursing my daughter 6 years ago, haha.

The Mondor's cords are improving SLOWLY. The biggest and most painful one under my left breast has gone down 25-50% of what it was - yay - and I am able to massage it and around it with increased pressure WITHOUT it causing pain - this is a HUGE improvement. It is weird to feel it "rolling" when I push hard across it.

Hubby continues to be very supportive, both emotionally and physically. I couldn't stand my house any longer being so filthy so yesterday I cleaned like I normally would, EXCEPT I didn't sweep/vacuum/mop - he did all that for me and insisted on doing so. I didn't wake up any more sore today than normal so I guess I did alright with things!

I have not started back working out. My PS cleared me for cardio (but not jumping) at 4 weeks post-op. I will probably wait until after the new year and then start back in my normal routine (albeit slowly as that will have been a 2 month break).

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Not All Pics Uploaded...


Looking great! I can't believe we are so far out already, you have settled in beautifully
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Hey my "dreams boobies girl" ooohhhh beautiful boobies ever! I'm so happy you are healing so fast. Keep us updated please. Big kiss! ;-)
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Still looking great!
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B&A Collage


Wow! You look wonderful! Mine are much slower progressing, but progressing!
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Thank you! I hope you are doing well!
You are doing so amazing, CL07!! Beautiful photos. Really glad to hear you got a morning snuggle with hubby in bed, too. Three hours is definite progress! You'll be out of the chair in no time.
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5 Weeks Post-Op Update

I was five weeks post as of Friday! Wow. The time just continues to click on by. I am still very conscientious of my new additions. Maybe bc I am still dealing with discomfort?? I am envious of those who forget about their boobs, lol. I tripped over one of my cats Friday night and really jarred my left breast. Within minutes around the incision site and underneath were very achy and sore. All day Saturday even more so. Alternated Tylenol and ibuprofen and was careful to not do too much with left arm. Reminded me of how far I've come as it's been many days since I've had to baby it like that. This morning as soon as I sat up the pressure and achy-ness hit. I have been wearing a bra constantly since I jarred it with the exception of showering of course and a few hrs yesterday evening when I just needed a break. I am glad I see my PS Wednesday for my second follow-up.

Oh, also after I showered yesterday morning, I was drying off and was slightly bent forward at the waist and as I dried my left boob I heard a loud pop sound. Didn't feel anything, everything looked normal, not sure what that was - maybe stitches, but I haven't had any popping stitches in awhile and this was really loud. Very weird. Coupled with the jarring my left boob is extremely tender on the outer part of incision site. Also I have a second large and hard mondor's cord toward the outer part of that incision. Have I mentioned I am ready to see my PS!? lol

Otherwise I'm doing well. I thought about starting back on treadmill or elliptical tomorrow, but now with this issue not sure I want to push it.

I will upload some pics. Hope everyone has a great Sunday! I'm ready for some good football!!! xoxo


You look great. You have great results. Thank you for the update.
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Scar Progression Pic & 5 Weeks PO Pics


Looking amazing!!
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Thank you do much for your review. You look absolutely amazing and i wish i could have your boobies, they are pure perfection to me. And i can not believe how good you looked straight after the op. Your lovely ladies are going on my wish list lol. Im pretty sure i will need some sort of lift but i hope i can get great similar results to yours. Hope your discomfort and soreness gets better for you soon. Take care. xxx
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sorry to hear you are still feeling some discomfort. I think it's probably a good idea to wait for the treadmill until you see ur PS. Better to be safe than sorry. I hope all is well when you see him. The side by sides are great, to see the difference and progression. Stay strong and Good Luck.
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Second Follow-Up Tomorrow (12/11)

I'm looking forward to seeing my PS again! It's been since post-op day 5. I am feeling better with my "jarred boob" issue. And guess what? I just realized my nerve pain on band area is almost completely gone!!!!! I'm also looking forward to shopping and having lunch out with my BFF who is going with me to appt. My PS is about an hour away in "the big city" haha. Hopefully there aren't too many crazy Christmas shoppers out! I'll update tomorrow or Thursday!!


wow your scars do look great! and that's just from the bio oil? do you put it on once a day, every day? Also--do you usually have nice looking scars? I have a tendency to scar really badly, wonder if some of it is genetic? thanks for your help...your breasts look fantastic by the way!!
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Yes bio-oil. I do rub lotion on them just as I'm putting my lotion on all over. For a week or so I put Eucerin on then bio-oil. And yes twice a day, morning and night. And I typically scar terribly so I wasn't sure what to expect with these incisions!
I literally massage firmly across the scars with the bio-oil.

Had a FABULOUS 6 Week Follow-Up!!!!

I'm considering this post my 6 week update, even though tomorrow is my 6 week post-op officially, but my follow-up was yesterday and I don't want to wait another day to update! Ha!

My appointment yesterday was wonderful! You all know I was really ready to see my PS. Well, I swear my PS's jaw dropped when I opened that paper gown and he got a look at his handiwork!! The first words out of his mouth was, "Wow, you look AMAZING!" I started laughing and told him that was exactly the reaction I had hoped for. He said again how awesome they looked, I wish I had a picture of his face. I shed the cumbersome gown thing and he started checking out the scars and said how great they looked, and that they will continue to look even better. I told him I would text him the scar progression collage I had so he could see how far they have come really in just the past couple of weeks.

I then showed him the Mondor's cords, which thankfully I can push on and massage around with minimal discomfort, and he really scrutinized them. He said they will get better and he was just really glad they weren't bothering me anymore (pain-wise). You can't see them unless I pull hard up on the breast, so even if it takes awhile longer for them to go away I am ok mentally with them (not that I have a choice, LOL). I told him how my cheese-grater-nerve-pain is 80% gone and he was relieved for me on that front, too. I mentioned how I get sharp nerve shock flicking pain in the exact same spot on my right boob (in the 6 o'clock position under my nipple) whenever I bend over and move my arm in a certain way (like rubbing lotion on my legs). It really feels like little shocks but I know it is nerve regeneration which he agreed with although he said it sounded really annoying - yep definitely. I showed him where I still have numb patches (under both nipples toward crease and under armpit area on left side) but that there is steady improvement. He reassured me that the aches and pains and twinges should be gone by the 3-4 month mark.

I then went into the jarred boob incident and the ensuing pain and achy-ness, but that it seemed to turn a corner Mon/Tue. It still feels bruised when pushed on the outer part of the breast, against the ribs. He really felt around that area and said everything felt fine, which reassured me - and that the popping sound could have been a small pocket of fluid around the incision (scar tissue) but that he wasn't concerned because everything looked and felt great.

He noticed how they have really softened and gotten squishy, and that he doesn't anticipate any more dropping, but my breast tissue between nipple and crease may stretch out over time. He reiterated and showed me how he stitched extra thick internal stitches through my fascia under the breast against the chest wall to really reinforce the best he could for support. I asked how long those stitches take to dissolve in there and he said a few months, so by the time they do the muscle/tissue should be healed well and hold -- I hope it holds that way for a long time, but if/when things get too settled or droopy then we deal with it. We had a whole discussion about the wearing of a bra 24/7 vs no bra sleeping etc. As with everything, what he said was right on the same wavelength as me. Which is, yes wear a bra but also take a break from a bra when you want - if you want to sleep in one fine, if not fine - it's about balance. He said basically live your life and enjoy your breasts, that's why you got them! Amen!

I asked him if I could wear underwire, exercise, etc and he released me for anything and everything. He literally said, "Do whatever the heck you want! You are ready!" I just love him!!!

I showed him the straight edge, which honestly as I was pushing it in to show him I could barely even tell where it was. He pushed around it and the sternum area and said that is how my muscle is attached to the chest wall, which is what I suspected - that's how I am made and really now that I have thought about it I wouldn't really want it messed with as the LAST thing I would want would be messing with that area and ending up with a uniboob - eeeeek!!! I'm just so glad it has softened up and I have hope for my buddy PinkLotus hers will do the same!!!

My PS said he would like to go ahead and take some after photos, which really surprised me as he normally doesn't take after photos until around 6 months.

We then talked about Botox since Allergan gives free Botox with implants. My BFF is getting a free session, too. We are going back next Wednesday, December 18 for that! I am excited. I will start a separate review for that along with before & after pics.

Overall it was an absolutely fabulous appointment, and I left there feeling on Cloud 9! My hubby has been telling me all along that everything was normal and fine, but it makes a difference hearing your PS say the same things, hahaha. I feel more confidence and even more happy - if that's even possible - with my choice to have a BA. And I KNOW my entire experience wouldn't have been nearly as wonderful without all of the strong, supportive, giving, amazing women here on Real Self!!!!

I have been working on some more photo collages and will post updated pics separately in case of technical difficulties. Much love ladies!!! xoxo

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And Now For 6 Week and B&A Pics!

You can tell the blue coobie comfort bra is my oldest and most used bra by how it has faded and pilled a bit. I was hanging to dry but then started drying in dryer to purposely snug it up a bit. Even with the granny appearance it, along with my several other Comfort Bras, are amazing and I highly recommend!!!!


Glad you had a fabulous apt!
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Oh, on pics.....

The B&A pics I just posted were taken by my BFF after my appointment was done!


Hey Babe, I'm reading all your story again to find your feeling about mondor's cord, and guess what? I'm having the same pain in my left breast Ohh sh****t, I just lift my LB and saw it. I will take pics and send to my PS. How you're dealing with it? Big kiss.
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Aleve or ibuprofen but check with your PS first as you need to be a few weeks out before taking NSAIDs for potential bleeding!! Also don't over reach and over stretch aggravating it. Mine still there but pain better. Just takes time. Hugs babe.
Your breasts look so good!!! I enjoyed reading through, especially your last updates.
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Progression Pic in Tonserio Bra

I'm liking this bra a lot more now that I don't have the unbearable nerve pain under my left breast!! Great support and nice material. I have to wear it on the looser setting now. Even with a slightly different angle you can tell by my freckle how my breasts have settled.


Your breast look absolutely stunning. Im so afraid of the post op feeling. Your doctor did an excellent job. If he wasnt so far away i would use him. The progress looks great, i hope your progression continues to get better and better over time
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I love the shape that bra gives ...how much did that bra cost? Got my coobie bra yesterday and hers the kicker went to try it on and the strap was broken...they left out some stitches:(
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They have great customer service so i would definitely email or call!

Itchy!!!!!!! And Excited For Botox!

Yesterday and especially today the numb patches beneath my arm pits on both sides have been so incredibly itchy!!!! I'm glad this means nerves are reawakening but holy cow it's annoying!! Especially since it's right where my bra is! I have been scratching in public - not so ladylike. Haha.

Tomorrow is my free Botox appointment! Of course my bestie is going with me, and also getting a free appointment, and then afterwards, finally, drum roll please.....real bra shopping! I hope it goes well and doesn't end in utter frustration as it has in the past. I also plan to pick out a special nightie as my 15th anniversary is Saturday!

Hope you all are doing well! Much love! xoxo


Your results are perfect
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Your boobies are looking amaaaaazzinng!!
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What a fun day you're going to have!! I can't wait to see what you find while shopping (that is, if you'll share with us.) :-) Happy Anniversary!
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7 Weeks Post, Bra Shopping, and Botox

I'm doing great at 7 weeks. The nagging cheese-grater nerve pain under my breasts is a mostly distant memory, haha. It is still numb under there, and numb on my breast from nipple down at the 6 o'clock position, as mentioned before. The numbing patches that are under my armpits and slightly back are not as itchy, but still annoying at times. I need to take a pic to show where this area is, as it's hard to describe. The left side is worse than the right.

I can stretch and put weight on my arms without pain.

I can sleep on my left side, there is slight discomfort and soreness on that outer edge still but not pain.

The electric nerve pain in my right breast is still there depending on what movement I do, but I noticed the other day that it is better. It's started doing the nerve pain when I do my displacement exercises on that right side.

I still get morning boob SOMETIMES but not every day. Not sure if it is position, if I have a bra on or not, or what. It seems random.

I have been mostly sleeping in the bed, but a night or two a week I still sleep in my recliner, not because of boob pain but because of low back pain (I have a bad low back, bulging disc). We need a firmer mattress and sleeping in the recliner with the pillow at my low back is actually more comfortable than my bed at this point.

I had my first Botox treatment this past Wednesday! I was more nervous than before my BA. I didn't do a lot of research beforehand because there seems to be much more horror stories out there. I had to remind myself that Dr V is an experienced, artistic plastic surgeon that I trust explicitly.

When Dr V came in, he spent at least 20 minutes talking with me and my BFF all about Botox and how he approaches treatment, discussing concerns, etc. I told him I wanted to do my forehead and crow's feet as well as in between brows, so I ended up paying for the extra units, and we talked in detail about maintaining a natural, not frozen, appearance. As always, Dr V was right on the same wavelength as me. I have started a separate review for the Botox, which will hopefully publish by tomorrow. I will go ahead and attach the progression collages I made this morning.

After Botox, my BFF and I had lunch then went BRA SHOPPING!!! I was excited until I walked into the lingerie department at Dillard's. I was immediately overwhelmed. My bestie was amazing as always, and we jumped right in and started pulling different styles and band sizes 36 and 38 and cup sizes C, D, DD, and a couple of DDD. My BFF has huge boobs, so she is a pro at bra shopping.

So I thought I might be a D, so started there with trying on. Nope, all the D bras I busted out of! So here started the DD's. 38DD ended up being the best size for me in several different styles and brands. I actually needed a DDD in two different styles, but the band size was 36 so I am sure it is considered the "sister size" to a 38DD. I wanted this cranberry and black satiny bra but they only carried it up to DD in 36 and a D in 38! I was disappointed and my BFF joked, welcome to my world. She is a 44DDD. I spent an hour and a half trying on bras.

I ended up buying a black demi cup, a nude cotton t-shirt bra, and two front closures - one black, one nude. However, once I got home and tried them on for hubby, the t-shirt bra felt horribly constricting so it is going back (it was the first one I tried in the store and I didn't try it back on after the others). It fits perfectly well, I think it is because the cotton doesn't stretch. I do like how the underwire is further back on the sides. I also think I am taking back the black front closure. I can always buy more later, and I am not convinced I am done softening. I would hate to spend that much money on bras that may not fit in a few months (the front closures were $78 apiece). I also want to try other stores, I have heard such great things about the Bali bras and I know there are more options than what Dillard's carries.

The time spent was productive though; I figured out what cup styles and straps I like and don't like, and that I really need the 38 band because the straps seem a touch longer and with my low-set boobs I need that extra length so the straps don't dig in my shoulders. Once we were all done trying on, it felt comforting to put my Tonserio back on. I think I will still spend most of my time in my Coobie and Tonserio, but I know I need other styles for different tops. I just tend to spend a lot of my time in black yoga pants and workout style tops, haha.

While there I also bought a sexy, clingy, with a bit of lace black nightie and a pair of lace thong panties (I don't wear thongs normally) for my hubby to admire for our anniversary this weekend.

I will attach some pics, we didn't take a photo of the front closure I got and I am not feeling like playing dress-up right now. I have a sick little one AGAIN. My BFF took these pics in the dressing room.


You're boobs are officially my favorite on here now! :) they look perfect!
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Best review ever. You are so helpful and honest and thurough!! I have a feeling I will be following in your foot steps with the pain under your breast and chest area. Everything you described is me to a T. After reading through your story at least I know what to expect and to understand it might take a lot longer to go away. your breasts are just spectacular! Thank you for being such a sourch of information and encouragement!
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Oh my thank you so much fur your sweet comments!!!!! I'm SO GLAD you found my review helpful to you! :)

2 Months Post-Op Update

Hey ladies! I can't believe I haven't updated in almost 2 weeks!

The numb areas I talked about last time are still there. Maybe slight improvement. Sometimes I get really annoyed with them, for example it is getting old rubbing lotion on and hitting those "dead" patches as it just feels soooo weird.

I have noticed under my left breast a bit under incision to the outer area some discomfort here and there. I think it is nerve pain and the weight of my boob when not in a bra presses on something, or it is related to the mondor's cords that are still there, although when I push on them there is no pain. It isn't anything major, and I know from all the internal stitching to my chest wall that it could be 3-4 months before things are fully healed, so I am not worried.

I also had a moment about a week ago that I was slightly freaking out because my right boob just seems SO MUCH BIGGER when I look at them straight on, and in pics. I will post the comparison pic collages I made and you will see what I mean. I was starting to hyperventilate - haha - when I calmed myself down by reminding myself that BOOBS ARE NOT PERFECTLY SYMMETRICAL. There weren't before, they won't be now, or EVER. I know I have preached this before, but I gotta say it again. For myself and for anyone struggling with this.

I looked back on my pre-BA photos as well as my progression pics after surgery and my right breast has consistently looked this way. It was (and still is): rounder on the outer part, the nipple in a significant different position than the left, and the crease is lower.

I have also noticed visually that they are softer looking. Their squishiness feels great, and when I do my displacement exercises each day (I am to only push in for 10 seconds, then up for 10 seconds) that I can really squish it over far. The straight edge I have on the inner part of my right breast is still there when I push my breast over with the exercises. This does not bother me at all and whenever I have hubby do a proper photo shoot I will get a picture of this and show the progression of it.

The pictures I am attaching I took myself last week, right at the 8 week mark. Yesterday (Wednesday) was the official 2 month mark. And tomorrow (Friday) will be 9 weeks. We have just been so busy with the holidays, illness, and hubby's crazy work schedule. Not to mention it is just plain FRIGID here and the thought of stripping down for a photo shoot is not appealing, haha.

We went shopping on New Year's Eve and the hubby was wonderful to keep the kids occupied while I went in Victoria's Secret. I had about an hour before they closed. I was aggravated because I grabbed probably 20 bras all in 38 band size which I know I am, and they were all way too huge. So I go and swap out for 36 band size in several, and that still seemed too big. Talk about vanity sizing as I had to go to a 34 band size in a DDD. It fit properly, but I just wasn't crazy about the feel of the underwire (demi cup) and I ran out of time. My hubby couldn't believe it when I met up with him and the kids with NO SHOPPING BAGS. Haha. It was a bit frustrating but I do at least have the one good underwire bra, for nicer tops. I would still like a nice t-shirt bra for fitted tops, I have placed an order with Zappos and will be trying some more Natori and Le Mysetere bras. From there I will try Nordstrom's and specifically want to try Chantelle bras. At this point I am totally fine in my Coobie Comfort Bras and my front closure Tonserio bra (which I LOVE now!). However as warmer weather arrives I will need more options!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!! xoxo


So beautiful, dear! I love your updates and am seriously so happy for you!! Hope you have better luck with bra shopping next time. My husband gave me two "boobie" tasks for the new year... check out the lump and get sized! I haven't done the sizing yet, but hope to soon!
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Seriously beautiful boobies!
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Thank you for your awesome updates. I can't see any asymmetry in your photos but I think you'll notice more symmetry over time...even up to 6 months post op. I personally love the Natori bra even though it's rather expensive. Keep us posted on the bra shopping!

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1st Workout @9.5 Weeks

Well, I was a little apprehensive about going to the gym today. Oh, and the reason it was today and not Monday was because of "snow/cold days", and there was no school Monday or Tuesday, so today was my kids' first day back to school after Holiday Break.

Anyway, I wasn't sure what sports bra I would wear. So at 6a, all bleary eyed, I tried on the Under Armour Protégée that I had bought right before surgery and that I have only worn a few times because of the cheese-grater-nerve-pain I had under my left boob. It is a 38DD. Well the 38 band is now too loose. So I put on my old faithful Nike Pro Dri-Fit, my absolute favorite pre-BA sports bra, and went with it. I did throw a Coobie Comfort Bra into my bag for after my workout to run errands if the Nike wasn't feeling comfortable. And I'm glad I did! The Nike didn't ride up, but my cleavage was very sweaty, the non-adhesive nippies kept shifting, and even though I didn't feel like I bounced too much (this was a low-impact toning class, with very little cardio) I didn't feel confident and comfortable.

I couldn't wait to peel out of that thing and slip my Comfort Bra on. I think I literally breathed a sigh of relief. Which made me a bit sad because I used to wear that Nike all day and be totally comfortable. But then I look at my boobs and know it is worth it, just have to adjust.

My actual workout was just ok. I did have a bit of achy soreness in that trouble spot under left breast, outer part. I don't do push-ups bc of bad wrists, and there wasn't any weight lifting. I did feel a little weird on the mat though when we went to the floor for abs, we were putting an exercise ball between ankles and lifting up and taking the ball with outstretched arms, then putting legs partway down while arms holding ball went over head. The V movement while holding ball laying down felt funny but not painful, but I still didn't like it.

Typical crunches and side crunches felt fine, except for the fact that I am incredibly weak from not working out for 2.5 months. I swear I couldn't even feel my abs tightening under my layer of "fluff". lol

It was also strange to see myself in the mirror in my normal workout clothes, but with boobs. I didn't feel like anybody was staring, but it was just awkward for me! I know I'll get used to it.

Tomorrow is a yoga/Pilates class I am debating. I wasn't planning to workout tomorrow bc my house is dirty dirty after the holiday break and I planned to clean while hubby is at work and kids are at school.

Friday is a high impact RIPPED class that I have always loved but am nervous about. I don't know what to do about the bra situation. I may try doubling up, maybe two Nikes or a Coobie and a Nike. I'm a little frustrated but I know I'll find a new normal with it.

I still haven't tried on the box of underwire bras from Zappos. Looks like I may be ordering some sport bras to try. Ha. My BFF recommended an underwire or cupped sport bra. Now I wish I had kept the UA Protégée in the 36 band size, but who knew?

On a good news front, I tanned today (ahhhhh) and could lift my arms over my head (to tan my armpits, lol) without any pain or discomfort!! I haven't tanned in a month, and I like to have my arms up for half the time. So yay for that milestone. It was strange how I could lay on a soft surface and put my arms over my head, but not a hard, flat surface.

Hope everyone is staying warm if you live where it's extremely frigid. I was thankful for right at freezing temps today. Much better than negative numbers!! xoxo


Glad the kiddos are back in school....and that you can raise your arms above your head. Big milestone! Take it easy whether your cleaning the house or testing out the yoga/Pilates class. ;)
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Oh girl don't you look so good!! xx I love that you went bra shopping (as did I today!) and that you got botox!! Girl i'm jealous!!! How are the results? Are you happy you did it or do you feel like whatever? My doc said not everyone really responds to it the same. I want Botox on my forehead and i would love lip injections for shits n giggles. I figure I'll wait til summer to have fun with that...
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What an amazing upgrade! You look fantastic.
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10 Weeks Post-Op Pics

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And a Little Update

Hi everyone! It's been a bit crazy getting back into routine with kids back in school, working out and errands, and slowly getting all the Christmas decorations put away.

I did Pilates/yoga last Thursday and it was wonderful. I did RIPPED Friday and it was tough bc of not working out for so long, and bc I doubled up bras and the top bra was too big on band and it kept riding up. And I was a bit sore underneath my breasts later that day.

Saturday I went shopping and bought two Under Armour bras. Another Protégée in a 36DD (the 38DD I have is too big) and another one that has a back closure also in 36DD.

Oh, I also tried on the 6 bras from zappos and none worked. However I reordered some in 38D as the 36 was too tight and the 38DD too big in cups. I also ordered some sports bras from zappos. Those all came in tonight but I haven't tried on yet.

Today I did Piloxing only 30 minutes. Lots of high impact and punching (combo Pilates and kickboxing). I had a little discomfort under breasts again and sore tonight. I had great support with my new bra so don't think it's the bouncing. I think it's the punching and overhead and basically all arm moves. lol. I noticed a bit discomfort with abs last Friday too. I have to admit I am frustrated that I am not able to just get right back into things. I have texted my PS to let him know what's going on and see his thoughts, if the soreness and discomfort are normal or if I need to take it easy. Remember I had the extra internal permanent sutures. I'm waiting to hear back.

Also I'm on my period and very bloated and blah feeling. And, I started having a tickly throat and bit of cough last night. I have had a headache ALL DAY TODAY even with Tylenol.

I've attached a couple pics from trying on bras from zappos the other night. The tan is a Le Mystere. White is Natori. I think.

I'm behind on replying to comments! I will get to them I promise! Thank you ladies for keeping up with me and your supportive and encouraging words!!! xoxo


You look so incredible. I'm envious! The bit of roundness you have at the top was exactly what I wanted! Congrats on your wonderful progress!
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Bikini Progression Pic


Ohhhhhhh wow weeee, you look gorgeous in the bikini. I'm thinking they look bigger now then earlier, do you? Certainly soft and natural looking.... got to be happy :-D
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Absolutely stunning!! Thx for all the pics!!! That's a lot of work to do but my favorite part!! I feel the same way u do about working out. Trying not to push myself too hard and a little frustrated in how weak I compared to before. We will get there!!
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Wow! Looking great - the difference in month 1 and 2 is amazing xxx
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