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I spent over a year on this site watching the...

I spent over a year on this site watching the progress of people's procedures. I have wanted to get things done but it has always seemed to be something that "might happen in the future". Can't really believe this is going to happen...
I have done a lot of research and believe I am well informed. I have spoken to over a dozen offices specifically about fat grafting for breast augmentation.
I am 55, tall and slim to medium build. I had three children that I breast fed. I have always been flat chested.
This is a big step for me.
Today I had a consultation with Dr Gerald Schneider, and his assitant Dario from Cielo Cosmetic Surgery . They could not have been more open, honest or informative. Their approach seemed so personalized. I really had the impression that it was important to them that they could deliver exactly what I wanted.
The facility was beautiful, clean and up to date.
I booked the procedure for September 22nd.
I showed Dr. Schneider pictures that I had downloaded from the internet of patients that had had the proceedure who looked similar to me before, and had a similar look after, that would be satisfying to me.
I really don't want large breasts. I would like mine to be larger than they are and mostly want them to blend seamlessly with the pectoral muscles - not slope - empty - to a point.
One thing that is unique about this surgery office is that their website posts the prices for each part of a procedure. If you have been looking online - you will know this is almost unheard of. Each cost is specifically layed out as in, fat removal, fat grafting, PRP (you can research this), etc.
One thing I would like to address here is the idea that spending money on cosmetic surgery is vain and/or unnecessary and any guilt anyone feels along those lines.
As a wife/mother/professional I have spent decades giving to my home, my spouse, my children and my job. It was an actual "process" for me to learn that it was ok for me to "receive".
I will post as the procedure progresses.

6 hours after procedure

I love this place. I love the doctor and the people who work here. I am very happy with the results.
It is funny because most people would start with what I intend to end up with but it is all a matter of perspective. Though I can see from the pictures that my breasts look awesome now...they are foreign and cumbersome to me. So though I may get a little attached to them as they are - I welcome the reduction that is inevitable from the swelling going down and the average loss of 50% injected.
I got 250cc in one breast and 300cc in the other. I started out with one a little larger than the other.
In the pictures it looks like there is a funny indent on the cleavage side of the right breast but it isn't even slightly there - that is a marker mark. The breasts are perfectly formed.
My thighs where the fat was harvested from are lumpy. They have never been smooth but they are lumpier than they were. It would be nice if they smoothed out.
I did not take the pills that were available because they said someone would have to drive you home if you took them and I didn't want anyone to know I had this procedure done. I would be judged and it would not be looked upon favorably.
It is tuff - I will admit that. I would recommend you take the pills. I came home and took two naprocine and am feeling fine as long as I don't really push using my arms to lift or anything like that. Otherwise - pretty normal.
I added fat grafting to my face kind of at the last hour - and it turned out unbelievable. I feel like I am from that movie The Witches of Eastwick. It took a solid 5 years off my face and took about 15 minutes though the fat had already been extracted when I did my breasts.
Here are my breast pictures and I will post progress as it occurs. Good luck to all on here.

Two days later breast still the same - thighs look almost 100 percent healed -

I was concerned because I seem to have a kind of freeze on one side of my smile but the doctor called today and said there will be changes everyday so we wait a week. As the day progressed it got about 25% better so I wonder if as the swelling goes down it will dissapate.
No doubt about it you have to be tough to wait out this swelling business.
I am putting neosporin on the wounds. I normally heal quite well from wounds. I don't think there will be a sign of them in a few months but I will post.

just the thigh from harvest site

won't let me add this photo to the post after I left the page to go look for the picture but here it is....healing well - really don't see any swelling today except whole body seems to be retaining a bit of water weight that I don't usually carry.

5 days and holding

Still seems to be retaining water throughout my whole body...I will ask Dr. when he calls again. The weight in my breasts is holding. I am wearing a sports bra daily to contain them and support them. I am not use to this much weight pulling on my chest. I did heavy duty gym work outs yesterday and today. All is good though am weak still in the pectoral area.
I have a really neat electronic massage devise that I am using on my thighs. It may be helping to contain the swelling, bruising etc., I know it helps mentally.
My face still has a kind of pinched nerve on one side. It may be from the shots of anesthetic or from the shots of fat itself - I am not sure. I exercise the muscle every chance I get in the hopes it will stimulate the nerve.
My smile is coming back. I am getting a peak at what this may look like when it is all healed...
I do daily mediations for healing because I believe our minds shape our reality.
I will repost pictures when there is a I said...still holding...
There are four cuts from the lipo on my thighs. Two of them I now have to put my glasses on to locate. Two got a kind of scab on them that makes them easy to locate. When there is a change in appearance I will post pictures. Pretty much the same situation with the cuts from the insertion of fat on my breasts. Two larger...two smaller that are almost hard to find.

9 days and holding

So far I have not lost any fat in my breasts. I am retaining water - a LOT of it and have re-swollen up in the lipo areas. That is kind of unusual and I haven't seen anyone posting about it.
I haven't posted any new pictures because not much has changed. I will post pictures in another week or two - hopefully the swelling will have gone down.
My face is looking good from the fat transfer to my cheeks. One side still is still more swollen but it is slowly improving.
My outer thighs where the fat was harvested still hurt but I still work out as they don't feel any worse when working out than they do when standing or walking.
La Jolla Plastic Surgeon

The doctor was very personable, informative, freely gave of his time and really seemed to want to make sure that he could provide exactly what I was looking for.

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Your results look amazing, thank you for sharing your story. Happy healing x
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I like your idea of doing daily meditations for healing! There is tons of research showing how healing meditation is by actually changing the brain. You are coming along- keep healing!
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keep on keeping on and thanks for the update!! YAY! sounds like you are doing great. surgery is a hard thing for your body to go through...your body is working hard at healing.
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Thank you so much for sharing the whole experience with pictures and all. It gives me hope. You are lookin' good! I hope it holds. Please continue to keep us up to date on your progress.
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Your results are beautiful. Congrats!!!
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Good luck with your surgery today! I'll be anxiously awaiting an update to your review once you feel up to it. Hoping you have a smooth recovery!
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Dear Its a Good Life, I have been "stalking" this site (as my daughter says) for over a year. I feel like I am in the same place you are at...but breast augmentation is secondary to getting my face taken care of. I see you said you are considering adding facial fat grafting to your procedure on the 22nd. I am looking forward to seeing what the cost is and how it works for you. I think an important part of facial fat grafting is that I have had a "pretty" face my whole life. It looks haggard and tired now but I suppose there are things that could be worse. I will be interested in learning how, if you decide to go through with the procedure, the fat changes your looks or makes you look different instead of just looking like a younger version of yourself. I am looking to get fat graphting to my face really soon so I hope you can post the results as soon as possible. I would be interested in knowing if the doctor and staff are as great durig the procedure as they were during the consultation. Also, how long out are the appointments from when you call to schedule?
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Yes the staff was awesome during the procedure. These people are really warm. I seemed to get an appointment pretty easily so - not a month or anything - probably even a week if you aren't asking for a specific time they already have booked.
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Dear It's a good life, Bravo for you! So many of us woman forget to do things for ourselves, while we spend much time taking care of others. I had implant removal fat transfer to my breasts 1.5 years ago. To this day I say it is the best present I ever gave myself. I was totally flat chested without implants. I am 59 y.o., 5'3', and slender. I asked my doctor to please make my breast a nice B cup to suit my body. He did a beautiful job. My breasts are soft, and the shape is lovely! Good luck to you, take care, and enjoy your new shape!!!
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Hi Green55, I am doing what your did 1.5 years ago. So glad to hear you are happy with the results. I too am very flat chested and would be happy with a 36A after the fat grafting. Also nice to hear that your breasts are soft...have not experienced that for over 25 years.
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Thank you for your encouraging words...I am still in disbelief that I may have healthy looking breasts after all this week away...
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Linnea923 --- I am so happy I could cry. Like you I don't want some unfamiliar apendages hanging off my chest - I just want a little curve and not to look emaciated. Good luck to you - a little increase is a big deal for us naturally small breasted women and I understand the less you inject the greater the percentage of retention.
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Hey ItsAGoodLife, glad you started your journey with us on RealSelf. It's nice to hear that RealSelf has been helpful to you and now it's your turn. I love your comment about actually learning that it's "okay" to do something for yourself. That's so true! Are your ready for your recovery? Will you have some help the first day or so post-op? Keep us posted!
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No help - don't need it....I am a tuff cookie and I really won't need any down time...after you have gone through 72 hour labor and four root canals this is a friggen cakewalk. And yes - I am grateful for realself. It is a good and healthy place for women to commune.
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Oh gee, you've been through a lot! Hang in there my friend!

Thanks for posting the pictures! I can't believe you got so much fat from your're so slender and tall that it doesn't seem like there would be enough fat. Good for you for doing the fat to the face too. At almost 49 years of age, I could use some fat in my face too. 

Take care and looking forward to your next update!
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Has anyone had the experience of having lipo and then having fat come back onto their bodies in places where it was never before? I read that that happened in a study. Apparently your body won't make fat back where you had it removed because it is possible that the lipo action destroys the lattice that the fat adheres to. Instead, your body continues to make fat but does so elsewhere. This is a little known study - probably not very popular with plastic surgeons - but it was written up in the NY Times. I'm just wondering if anyone on this site has had that experience of the fat coming back. In this article they say the fat comes back viscerally if you don't exercise which is much worse for your health than just subcutaneous fat. If I have this surgery it will for sure get me into the gym on a regular basis!! There is no free lunch! :-)
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I had a cousin sometime back had lipo, when she gained it just made other places bigger!
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It is a good life- I am 17 months post op of this procedure. I think you will be very happy with your breasts since you have realistic expectations. My breasts have a wonderful shape. My lipo is not perfect. But, in retrospect, I would have had a little lipo taken from all over instead of so much lipo to 2 areas. I love my breasts though! Good luck, enjoy the time off. I only took pain pills for 1 day but then needed about 11 days to begin feeling good. Everyone is different though.
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Veell- they probably should move your question somewhere else as this comment section is to support this woman unless she does not mind. But, yes, of course, the fat goes to other places. If you gain weight, the fat will not poof into the lands. I gained 5 lbs after surgery and I do not gain any weight in the hips/legs where I had lipo. I gain in the abs & the arms. So, it will be important for me to lose this 5 lbs and maintain my post surgery weight. I am sure that the plastic surgeons know this..but will that help their sales? No, although the study that you are referring to still says that a large % of women still decided to have the lipo even knowing this. For some women, this can work out well. I have a friend who was lipoed in the back. She purposely gained 10 lbs after surgery b/c all of the weight went to her hips and she always wanted hips. She was a complete banana figure and turned into an hourglass from the breast transfer & the gain to the hips. It is an amazing difference. For me unfortunately, having a fat stomach & fat arms with straighter hips is not looking real good, lol! Time to eat less donuts for me!
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Good luck with your procedure! Recovery is difficult the first week, so just make sure you're prepared for it. You are so right about the unnecessary guilt, I was so worried about being. "Judged" I only told two people besides my husband I was having the procedure. After the first several months after surgery I decided to change that, I had a fantastic experience and why not share it, it may help someone else! And I've received mostly positive feedback. Do it for yourself and you will be happy with your results. I went in thinking I will be happy just to get rid of my love handles I had worked so hard at trying to get rid of and whatever else would be a huge bonus. When I was told 50% retention I wasn't sure what that would look like, so it's hard to imagine what your end results will be. I wish you great results and happiness.
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I've considered it too ,just heard good and bad can't decide, keep us posted
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Good luck, keep us posted!
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Been reading the comments below. My PS trained in the us, also mentioned dr Delvechio being one of the best. However, in my experience , multiple fat graft procedures work best. Each time the body seems to retain more. I'm very happy with my results. The lady below seems to have done a lot of research, good for her. So have I, and after 3 stage procedure I can honestly say I'm very happy with the results
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who is your doc? I am willing to travel for the best results. thanks for posting.
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