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I got coolsculpting done on my lower abdomen and...

I got coolsculpting done on my lower abdomen and I'm now on day 7 and the pain was so bad that I couldn't sleep through the night. I kept waking up with shooting pains in the area that was treated. I talked to the doctor today and they must be fairly new to coolsculpting because the doctor completely undemined my pain and acted like it was comparable to soreness from an intense workout. Yeah right! I've done Insanity, P90X, and I've run 7 marathons and even been injured in a couple of them and still, this pain is worse and a lot harder to work with. I was prescribed Neurontin and now I'm just waiting to see if it works. I read some reviews from people with the same problem who said that it didn't work for them.

I'll update regularly and post pictures. I really hope this works because otherwise all this pain will be for nothing.

You're a marathon runner and need this treatment?
Yup... I have this horrible bulge that won't go away no matter how hard I try. I got down to 105 lbs and it was still there.. bad genes, I guess :(
Not bad genes. I am German, great genes. And, my abs were impossible. I did 175 ab crunches, low fat diet,and rode bike, etc. I am post menopausel. It just kind of droops at a certain point I guess. ha ha ha.

I'm at 13 pays, post-procedure and the pain has...

I'm at 13 pays, post-procedure and the pain has finally become tolerable. Yesterday was the first day that I didn't need ice and today I'm at work and able to sit comfortably and work. I have noticed a difference but it could just be because the swelling went down. I've also noticed a crease in the skin between the pubic bone and the lower stomach that wasn't there before. I hope this goes away. Has anyone else hand anything similar happen. I've posted a pic of it.

It's been just over 3 weeks and I don't have any...

It's been just over 3 weeks and I don't have any pain at all. It still feels somewhat numb but not as much as before. I took a week 3 picture but it doesn't look much different from week 2 so I didn't post it. Also, I've been eating really crapy and haven't worked out as much as usual but I'm the same weight and my lower stomach is still flatter than usual so it seems like this procedure is working so far. I have started to eat well and work out again. I'll update again when I see change.

Hello, I'm on week 7 of my coolsculpting and I...


I'm on week 7 of my coolsculpting and I definitely see results. I'm posting before and afters. The befores were a week or so after the procedure and the afters are from today. They say it takes up to 3 months so I'm very excited to see what the end results are. Btw - I hadn't been eating well or working out since the procedure but I started to in the last week so just by that alone, I know this is totally due to the procedure, not weight loss.
I had this done and it did not hurt at all afterwards. Just some swelling, but nothing else. In fact, the day of didn't even bother me. Everyone is different. So don't let negative opinions sway you either way. If you want it, go for it!
Thank you for posting. Ive been very curious about this procedure. By the way you can definitely tell the difference. Looks good!
Hi Cri5sy, thank you for sharing your story, and being so good at updating. I want to do this procedure and was looking for real people stories. People's pain treshold varies so I get that it can hurt. However seems like the pain was worth it for you considering the results you are seeing, right? Please keep posting until you reach week 12, thanks!
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