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IPL for Sun/age Spots - Chino, CA

I had IPL 7 days ago and am amazing at the results...

I had IPL 7 days ago and am amazing at the results. This was my first session, I will have a total of 4. It is slightly painful and my spots became very dark before coming off. I decided to do the IPL to remove sun spots and improve the overall look of my skin.

Bella Sol Skin & Body Med Center, Nina Gaetano BS, PA-C

Nina spends as much time as you need to answer any questions or concerns. She doesnt try and sell you anything you dont need.

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Hi ladies . i just try new products it gives the same results for photo facial without no pain at all and the cost is amazing 270$ for more info pls e-mail me abby-ih@hotmail.com
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You look amazing! I can't believe it only took one treatment to see such dramatic changes! I have a few dark/ sun spots on my face and I was told that it would take at least 2-3 treatments, spaced a month apart to see anything. I'm very optimistic now :)
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How long after the first treatment is done that the dark freckles disappear?
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Jenna - I have had 2 treatments and the coffee ground appearance lasted about 1 week with each treatment. The darkness though is not the same for every spot, some of the spots are real dark and some not much darker than a light age spot, and can be covered with a make-up concealer. However, I would not plan a treatment if you have a special engagement, etc. within the week because for some of the really dark coffee ground looking spots you will really need to apply the concealer heavier. For me the spots were all gone in less than 7 days.
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Thanks for the reply- I had about a 2 week window where I could do it but didn't want to chance it and the darker spots didn't fade away!
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I am new to this procedure. I just had my first eMatrix procedure done yesterday and I must say it HURT! And not to mention I look worse now then I did when I went in the place. I have what they call the "pregnancy mask" all over my face. My skin is very noticablly discolored and I have a pretty bad scar across my cheek. I was told that I would have to do 3 eMatrix treatments then a series of 3 or 4 photofacial treatments. My question is; Does the photofacial treatment help with tightening the skin and reducing the appearence of scars? I am 31 yrs. old so I don't really have wrinkles but I would like to tighten my skin and even out the texture. Does the potofacial procedure do this as welll as take away the discoloration? BTW queenbro your skin looks amazing after just one treatment!!
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I have just had an IPL session yesterday, and I was terrified with all the horror stories I read. Was even thinking of backing out when I seen those awful burns pics that are online. I plucked up the courage and went anyways, driving my doctor crazy with questions about burns and face fat! I wasn't as relaxed as I should have been and every time the light went on i almost jumped off of the bed. It was more a shock everytime than painful. I was so worried about the after effects, but when I looked i nthe mirror I could immediately see the difference. My face was cleaner and clearer and just looked lovely. There was a little redness, because I do have very fair skin. But nothing worse than it was before to be honest. The next day even my boyfriend commented on how good it was looking- and he never notices anything!! I;m getting those coffee bean marks on my face today ( second day) and even they are not that bad! I'm having 4 sessions and my next one is in 2 weeks -i can not wait! im addicted to Ipl already :)
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Hi and thank you so much to share your experience. I just bought a coupon for 1 sesion and I am very nervous because I was reading other reviews and they said that after the sesions your face will look very pale with no natural color and a lot of blemishes came out very often. I have my appointment this April 24 and I am leaving on vacation on May 3rd. Do you think my face will look bad during my vacation time? I am very concerned. Please let me know your thoughts.
Kind regards Pao
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i had a 3 section photo phacial, i did see results my skin looked lot smoother adn lot clear.. and as they say beauty cost. my phace peeled off it it lasted like a week fist two days my face was red then i notices bronw spot then the other two days my face was pilling off but then the results were amaizing..

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Mary, glad to know you had great results as well!
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Thank you so much for including the before & after picture - that is a big difference!! I'm so glad you saw such good results. I'll be looking forward to hearing how things are looking & feeling as you do your other treatments. Please keep us posted!!

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Megan, Thank you! I am shocked at the results after only one session! I will definitely keep the site updated with any new treatments. :)
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