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Well, this is my history: I came to China to study...

Well, this is my history: I came to China to study their language. I made a lot of friends and I got to meet specifically this guy that just had his tattoo done. The quality of the work was incredible. I really wanted to get a cool tattoo from that artist too.

So we went together to his tattoo shop and I talked with him personally ,told him that my idea was to get a dragon tattoo from my bicep area to my back. I already had a shoulder piece that included a blue-black rose and another tattoo on my shoulder area both blended together with water. Well so this artist got his pen and drew on my hand and back. I looked at it and it was really cool so I told him to start.

The second he finished i new i HATED IT! he changed a lot of things as he started tattooing. Laser removal is my only option ! it sucks but is the truth... Has anyone got a complete tattoo removal?
How safe is to remove a tattoo 100% ? Is that possible?

I have never met someone who had 100% removal and my tattoo removal tech only knows 1 person, but that could be that the laser technology in my area isn't as high tech as it could be. I don't think it us unsafe by any means or would harm your body (but that's my personal opinion)

So far everything has gone well. Today I went to a...

So far everything has gone well. Today I went to a Hospital where they offer me tattoo removal with Alexandrite 755nm of Cynosure. I do not how well this Laser will deal with my ink. The nurse told me that it has a big probability of fading, but still is a LONG process. Hopefully can clear some of my ink. Has anyone used alexandrite 755nm Cynosure? how well did your skin reacted to it? And how much fading did you got?

Hey there, have you started your removal, if so how is it going? Can you confirm what laser you are being treated with?

Cynosure 755 in an Elite? The hair removal laser?? I would not proceed with tattoo removal on this laser. You need a q-switched YAG!
Does this tattoo go into a sleeve?

decided to move on , finished the tattoo ,happy with it , peace of mind. end of this story

Hi! I also live en China by the moment. I really wish to remove my dragon tattoo from my arm. Can you tell me where in China they have tattoo remove clinics, please! I leave 2 hours from Shanghai. Thank you!
Hi! I also live in China by the moment. And I want, really want to remove my dragon tattoo in my arm. Can you tell me where do they have tattoo remove clinics in China, please! I live 2 hours from Shanghai. Thank you!
Wow, that turned out sweet :) did you get it finished by the same artist?
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