After One Week, Zero Results

I always had firm jowls and a slight double chin...

I always had firm jowls and a slight double chin that I felt made my neck look shorter. I decided to have the jowls and under chin lipo-sculpted, and had the surgery 8 days ago. Immediately after the surgery (smart lipo) I did not have any bruising and very minimal swelling. Which is great, but I don't see any changes! I just took a photo to compare with my pre-ops and I LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME!!!even my sister has told me there is no difference whatsoever.

I have minimal pain now and the scar is almost unnoticeable. I am so very upset at having thrown away all this money :( How could this be possible? the assistant told me when they finished the surgery that they had taken our almost 50 units of fat, you'd think that would make a difference. Has anyone experienced something like this?

Hi -- Just wondering how you're doing now? Have you seen better results?

Eric said it best. I can see at your photos there wasn't going to be a lot of improvement as you look pretty good from the get go. The final results of lipo aren't really known till the 7 month mark. It takes awhile for the skin to shrink, swelling to go down, the skin to reattach itself to the muscle and for your body to reabsorb any dead fat. Please keep us updated.

Try to be patient. It takes months to see the full result because the fat that was removed is initially replaced by swelling as the body heals, and it will take time for any fat cells that were killed but not removed during the surgery to be absorbed.

It's been 9 weeks since I got double chin lipo and the swelling is only now going down for me. So at least you're lucky that you had an easier recovery process!


12 weeks later (see new photo). As I suspected,...

12 weeks later (see new photo). As I suspected, the area where I felt the most numbness is where I had the most change (right side). The doctor said he could go back but to give it more time because the swelling. I looks better, I must say, but nothing dramatic. Oh well. I have an appointment soon and I'll decide if I have to have surgery again. my left side is basically the same as pre-surgery, and the back of the neck is the same.

I do see from your photos that what you might want to consider is having your neck muscle tightened.

Your plastic surgeon probably doesn't perform this procedure but plenty do, it's considered basic.

Lipo can only do so much. Part of your muscle is in the way. You can read my first review on Realself and see before and after pictures to understand what I'm talking about.
I hate to point out the obvious... but you had an amazing neck line to began with. You're not going to see much difference when you don't have much to change. I would kill for your neckline.
I just uploaded recent photos and updated review. Hopefully it will show up soon. The photo is about 12 weeks later.

It's been 8 months now, and the "spongyness" that...

It's been 8 months now, and the "spongyness" that I felt on my neck has gone away. I don't have a 90 degree angle on my neck as I wanted because the structure of my neck will simply not let that happen, but when I clench my jaw I no longer have the slight bulldog-like jowls I used to have. Also, I've lost about 5 pounds and every one that has not seen me in a while asks if I've lost weight, that I look great/younger (an I don't think 5 pounds would make a noticeable difference, so it has to be the lack of fat under the neck).

So overall the procedure was worth it. I am considering a chin implant to see if it would help with my neckline.

I forgot to mention that the residual swelling...

I forgot to mention that the residual swelling went down at the same time that I recuperated most of the feeling sensation on my jaw (it's about 90% back to normal).
One of the original doctors had consulted had actually mentioned that "I may have to go in and tighten the muscle" and I thought that was really exagerated... I thought this was for older patients only (and I didn't want to end up looking like Joann Rivers!). I'm seriously considering this now, maybe with a chin implant.

I also would have gotten a more defined neckline with a neck lift than just lipo. I didn't read Robert T's review until after I had already scheduled my chin lipo and I wanted to see what results I could accomplish with lipo alone.

I'll probably get a necklift when I turn 40 (9 more years) and the neck bands are starting to show.  For now, I just need to lose 5 pounds.

Please read the Chin Implant reviews carefully before deciding on it since it has a low worth it score and a lot of scary side effects -- permanent nerve damage, trouble smiling, asymmetric alignment.  Yikes!  Your chin is much better than most people who get a chin implant, so you probably won't think it is worth it.

Thanks. This is true, it turns out the muscle structure on my neck is just this way. But overall my neck looks better without fat, see my review update.

After about 1 year I had a revision with another...

After about 1 year I had a revision with another doctor, and it turned out MUCH better. I am giving this a "was worth it" reting based on the 2nd revision.
You look great
Can you post photos of the revision? Also, did you get the chin implant?
WOW, sorry it took so long 4 u. Must have been frustrating. I am considering getting this done which will be my first cosmetic procedure but refuse to age gracefully, male or not. I will be 49 April but most think am 28 so want to keep that going lol
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