Chin Implant Gave Me a Crooked Smile

I had an chin implant and face lift 6 weeks ago. I...

I had an chin implant and face lift 6 weeks ago. I had a receding chin and didn't like it. Now I have a problem.

My smile is crooked, and the Dr. said that it happens sometimes and may take the muscle 2 weeks maybe 2 months to "wake up." No nerve damage, but I'm worried it may not wake up and I will have a crooked smile.

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I really don't think my smile will be normal...

I really don't think my smile will be normal again, It's been 7 weeks, and it's still one sided.  It feels normal, but how can a muscle wake up, does that mean it's paralyzed?  What can I do the "wake it up?"  Can it be fixed if it doesn't improve?


'Be happy' by all means, but please let us know if you fully recovered a symmetrical smile and normal lower lip movement or not. Seems to me there's a LOT of people who end up with crooked smiles and nerve injuries from chin implant surgery. How many of these cases are temporary versus permanent? I think everyone would like to know.
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Update, I went to see the Doctor today and I still have an crooked smile. It has improved some, but the doctor said sometimes the muscle is bruised and sometimes it takes 2 weeks, 2 months, or longer for the muscle to heal and the nerve branches regrow and form new branches in or to the bruised muscle. So, I'm confident that the muscle will strenghten and be "normal." So those of you who are 10 days post-op or longer, be patient and let your face heal. That's what I'm going to do. It takes time to heal. Everybody is different and we all heal at different rates. The face depending on which side heals at different rates too. Don't worry, be happy.:)
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Hello, I highly recommend acupuncture for your condition. It is extremely effective in "re-awakening" nerve branches and activating muscles. In CA, you should not have a problem finding a qualified acupuncturist to help you. I am a doctor of Oriental Medicine in Boulder, and have had patients with similar complaints after botox injections into the jaw's muscles... Sometimes one side of the face remains or becomes more active than the other, then pulls the jaw crooked. I have seen great results personally with just a few treatments. Good luck in finding a great OM doctor! Hold on to hope too, your case is far from bleak.

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I just had chin implant and I am now 5 days post op. I chin is still swollen and my lower left droops. It is severe. Please tell me that it gets better?
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After 18 months my smile is now normal. The muscle...

After 18 months my smile is now normal. The muscle that controls the left corner of my mouth finally did wake up. No problems now. Everyone who has surgery, we all must learn to be patient and let the face heal. Takes time, and you have to wait, and wait, and wait.


Thanks so much for this! I had a chin implant plus fat transfer to the jaw line six weeks ago due to a small receding chin. I really love the way it looks until I smile. I used to have a big wide smile and now my lower lip won't go below the top of my lower teeth. The outer edges twitch when I try and it looks awkward. I hope it heals in time. Can I ask about your pictures? You have a great smile! Is the second picture of you after you healed and did it go back to full movement? Thank you so much for your insight and help.
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Those are not my pics. I don't know who's they are. Yes, I do have full movement but it just the numbness that never went away. I hope a speedy recovery for you! :)
I'm the one that had the crooked smile after surgery and those are my pics. I was really concerned, but remember it takes time for everyone to heal. Some heal quicky, some, like me take longer (18 months). I remember how tight one side of my face felt, it relaxed in time. Be patient.
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