Chin Implant Brow Lift, Lower Eyelid Bleph, Mid Face / Neck Lift, and Neck Lipo - 15 Days Post Surgery.

For clarification, I didn't spend $16,000 just on...

For clarification, I didn't spend $16,000 just on chin implant. I also had brow lift, lower eyelid bleph, mid face and neck lift, and neck lipo. I am fairly satisfied overall so far, but trying to be patient with the effects of the chin implant.

I am only 52 and my neck was entirely sagging, although I am not overweight. That was my main reason for consulting with a plastic surgeon. He is board certified, very reputable, and is about to retire soon, so I went ahead with more than I initially planned.

15 days post-op, I am having the same concerns that many on this board have....I have lost my normal, brilliant teethy smile, and my talking/eating is not completely normal because my lower lip does not co-operate. I am hoping I am not one who gives a number to the statistics of those who have this problem permanently. However, like I said, I am trying to be patient and not panic. My ps, whom I trust, says he has never had this condition remain permanent in any of his patients, so I am crossing my fingers and praying.

My next greatest concern is the enormously deep crease that has been created with the chin implant. (So deep that I have to intentionally pull it down to clean that area). I will have to admit, as my ps called my attention to, that I did have somewhat of a crease before surgery (but not so much that I had trouble washing my face in that area :-) If it doesn't significantly change, I am wondering whether I should consider filler in that line and think I will actually have to do that annually for the rest of my life?? (The women in my family have a history of living to 90 years old). Or should I consider having the implant removed completely or replaced with a smaller or do they make one that would be more "tilted down" rather than go straight out at almost a right angle?

I was not that concerned with my receding chin until the ps advised me that was part of the "problem" I was concerned about (which I do understand). I realize that my profile may be somewhat improved with the implant, but it just seems too round, and maybe too large, but the way it "sticks out" is what bothers me (makes the crease). I also think that I liked my front view just as well before the surgery as after (as far as the chin is concerned).

Just for the record, the "before" photos were taken by me of myself, which are never as good as taken by someone else (I don't think I looked "quite" that haggardly :-) ; and the "after" photos were taken at about 10 days post surgery with tons of makeup on to cover bruising; but this is the best I can do to compare apples to apples.

Any thoughts or advice?

I think you look really nice. Your profile is more balanced with the chin implant. You probably still have a little swelling?? They say you have to wait a full year to see the results when you get a nose job. The crease doesn't look more noticable to me. I really think the chin was a nice addition. I think it even gives your front view a more balanced look. What do you mean about your chin not cooperating? Do you talk funny? Is it hard to close to bite? I'm having this done next week and I was really hoping I'd be able to talk and eat normal after 2 weeks. Have you been practicing? :)
Thank you so much for your comments. You are very kind to take the time. You asked what I mean about my chin not cooperating....I really meant my lower lip not cooperating. My smile is not the same as before, my lower lip completely covers my bottom teeth when I smile or talk. Laughing is very awkward. I was really disturbed about this in the beginning and although I am not completely sure how it's all going to work out, I am more patient in waiting now. My surgeon said this happens in about 20-30% of his cases of chin implants and that he's never had one in which this problem remained permanent. At first I thought it was something that there is no way I could live with, but at this point I am becoming more relaxed with the way it is. And I can say that it has probably improved some. My "talking" and "eating" seemed pretty normal by 2 weeks; but the smiling and laughing is not. Are you having neck lipo and any face lifting done? I think part of my problems are just that I had so many procedures done at once. Are you in real need of an implant? I am not sure that I would recommend it unless you "really" feel the need for it. If your chin is really receded, then I would probably recommend it. I think mine will all work out in the end. If it doesn't it will be hard to accept the difference in my smile and laugh, but I may be able to get used to it where it doesn't bother me so much. Best of luck and let me know how things go for you. Oh and I just noticed you asked if I'd been practicing :-) My doc told me there's not any exercises I can do to speed along any possible improvement with my lower lip situation :-) If your chin implant is not real large and you're not having neck lipo done, I would think you should be fine after 2 weeks. Even if you are though, I think statistics are in your favor to do well...seems like most people do fine. Also, please use a board certified experienced plastic surgeon...I did and I certainly would never go to one who isn't. Ok...sorry I rambled. Thanks again and best of luck to you.

At 23 days post-op, I am finally starting to feel...

At 23 days post-op, I am finally starting to feel like I am not looking at a stranger in the mirror. Swelling continues to go down and the pain level and anxieties have decreased considerably. My lower lip still does not want to smile and laugh as before, but I am getting more used to the way it is. The implant does not look so large to me now, and I'm not as concerned about the crease under my lip. Like others I've seen post on these boards, I would advise that if you are in the very first part of your recovery period to ignore the bad reports on here, give yourself some time, and most likely things will work out fine.  I am going to post different pictures than I had before and updated new ones taken today.

The after looks much more balanced and softens your face. Very nice result.
Incredible improvement! It takes 10 yrs. or more off your face giving you a nicely defined jaw line. I got a button chin implant with my 2nd rhinoplasty in 1987 and now am considering replacing it with a new chin implant that refines my jawline better due to middle age neck sagginess. After 23 yrs. I still have some numbness in my lower lip, but no longer drool my liquid sips. For this reason & my concern for the added pain of removing the old one and potentially additional nerve damage, I've been somewhat ambivalent, but your "after" photos are inspiring. You'll get used to it and I don't think you need the filler for the crease. Your surgeon did quite a nice job on the naso-labial folds too! Enjoy
I feel good that I could inspire you. Thanks for your compliments, your information, and your advice. I wish you the best if you follow through with more surgeries. Please keep us informed as to your progress.

As an update, at 4 weeks post-op, I am removing my...

As an update, at 4 weeks post-op, I am removing my photos from this post; will possibly add photos at a later date and possibly on a new post. For your information, for anyone considering surgery, I look pretty good at this time and some issues have improved somewhat. However, this has been a very emotional ordeal for myself and somewhat for my husband too. After 35 years of marriage, it has been difficult for him to have me not looking like myself. And it is difficult for me as well, when I look in the mirror. As he says "It's not that anything looks bad; it looks fine;  it's just hard to get used to." If there were a way to have just had the neck lipo and then possibly the macs face lift to lift and remove the excess skin from the neck and jowls, that might have been just enough for me to say the whole experience was a positive one, because I definitely needed that...everything else could have waited for many years, possibly forever, as for how I feel about it right now. I am not really depressed and I don't think that Ihave life-altering complications (hopefully my lower lip will become more normal again) , but I will have to think this whole thing through for a while before I would recommend someone just jumping out there and having surgery just because they don't look "perfect". You will not end up looking "perfect" after surgery anyway.

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I would recommend my plastic surgeon, but he is retiring.

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