Mother of 4 Children, Turning 50, Getting a TT and Lipo

4 Weeks to a TT..... I am scared, nervous and...

4 Weeks to a TT..... I am scared, nervous and continue to question whether or not I should go through with this... I had my first child at barely 17, 2nd at 19, 3rd at 21, last at 23...
and a total hysterectomy at age 27...
I have noticed a changing tummy over the last couple yrs.... The biggest.... Looking like I'm pregnant : /
I don't have a lot of loose skin just more like a pouch that seems to grow through out day along with some love handles.....I am an active woman who loves spending time outdoors.... And being by the water in a bathing suit.....
I honestly didn't realize how bad it looks until I took pictures..... You can see in the photos where the scar tissue from my hysterectomy has attached its self leaving what seems to be a nice place for everything to hang over it........
I have a very supporting husband who says I don't need it but also says if it will make me feel better I should do it for me and that he owes me that much ???? I'm a very lucky woman to have him by my side supporting me.....
My pre op is August 27th..... Surgery scheduled for Sept 8th
Thank you !!! YES it is GREAT to have such AWESOME support from loved ones : )
I just had my TT on July 18, 3 weeks post op today! You are not going to regret it. I am 56 and it has been a little harder than I was expecting. I didn't bounce back as I thought I would but, I am looking amazing and just can't wait for the final outcome. I just wish I had done this years ago! Good Luck and enjoy the results!
Thank you so much….. Reading all of the success stories from women in my age range is very helpful in calming my nerves.

Height and Weight

I didn't put my height and weight in my first review…. 5'6 and 138 / 140 depends on the day…
Im still REALLY nervous but I'm also getting really excited after reading so many positive reviews : )

Postponed to February

Oh my GOSH……. I can't believe I got inside my own head : (
I thought I wanted to read about everything the good and the bad, well after researching about everything that COULD go wrong I scared myself and cancelled my surgery….. Is this normal ? LOL
I was so excited waited for 4 months for my surgery date only to get so nervous I cancelled….. I guess maybe I just wasn't ready : / I have rescheduled, its 4 months away and I'm still on the fence…...
Hey again.....I am now 7 weeks post op and I am thrilled that I did it! I look and feel amazing in my clothes. Do it only for yourself and don't let any negative people or pics sway you. I did a lot of research, talked to many of my friends (that had tummy tucks) and I never heard anyone tell me they regretted having it done. The good out-weighs the bad by far! My husband is in awe of my new body! You are going to wish you had it done years ago! Good Luck with your decision!
Mine was last week. If this is something you really want, don't let fear stand between you and it. Otherwise, you'll never do it. You are like me...not a lot of fat or skin, just the diastasis recti. Have a good support system in place and go for it. It's not been as bad as I thought and not near as bad as two other surgeries I've had. Be strong! You will be so glad!
I almost did the same thing. Yes, you can easily talk yourself out of it. :). Just look at it this way - better to live with a short time of pain (and I mean really short, if any at all!) than a lifetime of regret. Hugs to you - I know it's hard. :-)
Dr. Thomas

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