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So, now that I've finally gained the courage...

So, now that I've finally gained the courage to post my before pics, I would love to tell my story. I've been on RealSelf for quite some time now, and I must say how refreshing it is to read these reviews!!! So now it's time to share my story.

I'm 26, no kids, and 'big boned'. I was VERY chubby in high school, and for whatever reason, I lost about 60 pounds a couple years after, leaving with me with a sexy curvy shape. I love my build and my body, but my 'double gut' as I call it has to go!!! I told myself I would wait until I got married and had kids, and then I would get a TT. Too bad life doesn't work the way you want it to!!! Got married 2 years ago, but now we're on the rocks, and I realized that tomorrow isn't promised to anyone and it was time to do something I wanted!!! With that being said, I got braces to fix my smile in March, and I'm getting my TT on June 15th!!! I was worried about if I decide to have children in the future, but at this point, I'll cross that bridge WHEN or IF I get to it!!!! I was feeling selfish at first, but if I don't make me happy, who will???

I went for my pre-op June 2nd, and I'm just about ready to go...besides running little errands and tying up loose ends. I would go back and forth with myself, trying to say I didn't need it. I didn't realize how much I needed and wanted this until the nurse took my 'before' photos!!! I felt like a pig at an exhibition! Really! But that's all going to change in exactly a WEEK!!!!

I dont know what happened to my previous comment but.... Cant wait to see your results! We have surgery the same day, and our tummys are very similar. I havent came across many that look like us. Best wishes, keep us updated!

Hi Girl,

Thank you for sharing your story here on RealSelf!  Love it that you feel so comfortable with all of the ladies on here. 

Well you are not selfish and do not look like a pig and an exhibition.   But I do know what you mean about the camera thing.  I wanted to die when I first got a look at my before pictures....Grrrr

You are curvaceous like the rest of us and look good to me.  You are going to love having a new tummy!  Wow only one more week to go and you will have the new you.  I am excited to see your after pictures. 

I look forward to reading your posts and following your recovery.



5 DAYS TO GO!!!! I have been freaking out all...

5 DAYS TO GO!!!!
I have been freaking out all week and can't stop OBSESSING about my TT!!! I've made arrangements for my dog, and just found out that I'm coming on period!!! (I'm the opposite of most women, stress brings on my period) This is really crappy because I don't really get them...maybe once a year, and now the time that I need it not to come, it comes!!! Ahhh! My Dr called me yesterday and said that she's cleared me for surgery, but I'm a tad bit anemic...that kind of worried me a bit, but she said I would be ok, and would bounce back nice. I just don't want any worries!!!
Good luck tomorrow!

I will be thinking about you and sending good thoughts your way tomorrow.

Hey Fellow 15th-er. I am excited for you. Sorry to hear you've been through a lot relationship wise and your right, tomorrow may not come and if this is something you want for you, then thats GREAT. I understand the guilt thing. I was the same way but I think we woman often put everyone else first and this is a GREAT thing we are doing to better our quality of life. My thighs are bigger than my hips I swear so I'll have a lot of exercising to do after to help with that but I'm excited for the outcome. You go girl!! All the BEST to you!!

Super excited, and super READY for today!!! Got...

Super excited, and super READY for today!!! Got the house clean, errands ran, bills paid, prescriptions filled, pineapples cut, etc etc etc!!! To all my tummy twins out there--newbelle, St.Louis8937, SarahBug, Shellybee, lesabq, DOlly24, c-buslady, and ashleyyy....GOOD LUCK and I hope that we can share our experiences together!!!!
Good luck! My tt is sept. 1. I can't wait. Let me know how you are doing.
hello how are you doing ? i am scheduled to have my tummy tuck on july 19 i am nerveous ,but i know i am in gods hands,i am very greatful for your message ,i to must prepare like you.can you keep me updated on your progress & how you are feeling over all may god bless you in a speedy recovery
Whoo hoo today is our day! I had mine this am and so far feeling great hopefully it stays that way lol. Good luck can't wait to hear how your doing.

I must say, the pain is sooooo bearable!!!! All my...

I must say, the pain is sooooo bearable!!!! All my worries were about the pain. I thought i would be in agony because most ppl on here said they had something stronger, but i have te set my alarm to take my pill, because im relatively comfortable. I cant believe that all the anxiouness is over. My husband had been the best. The only complaints i have is my lipo sites keep oozing, but theyve slowed down now, and my bed is a little higher than usual, so its a little difficult. Other than that, im GREAT!!! this site and you guys helped me out soooo much! Ok, time for my nap...ill try to upload pics later....oh, and since i dont have any kids, im naked. I just found clothes to be a hassle, and the drains to be a nusiance. So dont be shocked when u see my pics! Taking a strike from clothing! Youll see everything better

Just added more pre-op and post-op pics...sorry...

Just added more pre-op and post-op pics...sorry for the nudity!!! I wanted you too see everything!!!! I'm feeling pretty good, so I'll try to update as soon as I can...
You look Amazing! You have given me the courage to upload my pics, I was gonna wait until most of the swelling went down, but I am only 3 weeks post-op.

Best of luck to you!
Thanks!!! Im gonna have a look at them once i take my 45th bathroom break of the
Lol I'm waiting to get approved, I just joined the site! Thetrafter, I'll upload. Thx for responding.
Reply op day 3...ugh. Had my first post op... op day 3...ugh. Had my first post op appt and while the nurse was very nice, my PS seemed a little distant and shy...he spent about 5 minutes with me...whatever. I saw my tummy for the first time, and boy is it swollen! These drains hurt sooooo bad I cant get comfortable. Im praying they come out when i go back Wed! Incision doesnt hurt, im just ready to get these drains out! it almost burns. Also, i have a horrible small itch in my throat...i think a cough will get it out, BUT I REFUSE TO COUGH!!! any suggestions???

Up at 2:47 am because i went to sleep because i...

Up at 2:47 am because i went to sleep because i was sooo aggravated....i woke up and literally taped my drains to my thighs. I got tired of the BURNING HURTING sensation everytime i moved. I also changed my own dressing along my incision line. Sry, woulda took pics but my phone was in the bedroom!!! My spirits are a whole lot higher now, and im back on track. Nothing like a 6 hour depression to ruin your day!!! Goqnna try to go back asleep now...back is KILLING ME!!!

Post op day 4 Really been tired today, and my...

Post op day 4 Really been tired today, and my hubby taped my drains down again today. I hate these drains!!! But hopefully theyll be gone by Wednesday!!! Fluid is getting low. I literally want to tape them down to my entire thigh all the way down to my knees. I think my 'cords' are too long...starting to get a bit of an appetite, but my throat is still very dry! No bm yet...starting to get worried...ttyl

Hang in there!  This will all ease up soon.  I love your spunk:)


Post op day 5....Im starting to get my appetite...

Post op day 5....Im starting to get my appetite back!!!! I had breakfast and lunch, and by 6p, i was starving for dinner. A GREAT improvement from pineapples and crackers!!!! Had my first bm today!!! I was so scared, but i was fine, and felt a whole less bloated afterwards. I tried to be a champion today and not take pain meds, and started organizing my file cabinet. Big mistake!!! Im now back in bed, and know that i overdid it. Soooo hoping for these drains to go far away!!!! Crossing my fingers for Wed when i go see my ps!!!!
Hi there, I finally uploaded, WOW, that took alot! Hope all is well & the restroom breaks are on my end as well.
hi,cyootie pye,what makes you go to the bathroom so much? do the lipo sites hurt worse then the tt cut? also how are your drains doing ,which part of the surgery makes you more uncomfortable?
Hi Feasha, ive been going to the bathroom a lot less now, but i had a HORRIBLY dry throat and i think it was due to the tube they stick down your throat during surgery. I had 'crack' that i just couldnt clear. I figured clearing mybthroat would do it, but it didn. I drunk gallons (literally) of water the first three days, which left me going to the potty every hour, sometimes twice an hour.

The tt cut doesnt hurt much at all. When the gauze rubs against it, its this weird numb kinda super itchy feeling, but not pain. The lipo sites hurted the first 4 days, and now the pain isnstill there, but very tolerable. Vicodin takes care of those sites very well. I personally think they only hurt so much because the binder is sooooo tight!!!!

I hate the drains!!!! Yesterday morning my hubby 'rigged' them with cotton squares and tape to make them stay in place. The first couple of days they were wiggling around andncausing SEVERE PAIN. I hate them! I dint feel like my ps secured them good enough. Just imagine an iv needle being loose in ur arm, so evertime u move it wiggles around a little. UGH!!!! Hopefully theyll be gone soon. I cant stand to see them get emptied either.

Between this binder and the drains, the worse part is the drains. I feel myself getting better each day, but i know this binder and i have a 6 week relationship together, so ive just stopped complaining about it. Worse part for me is def the drains. Hope this helps!!!

Post op day 6--Loving the recliner that I...

Post op day 6--Loving the recliner that I rented!!! I should have gotten this day 1!!! Now that my drains are gonna come out tomorrow (I'm claiming that alreay) my back is starting to KILL me! I don't know if it's the tightness from the binder or the lipo sites, but my back HURTS!!!!
Hey belly twin! U look great! Glad to hear your doing so well. I've been good too. Haven't been here much because im at my moms. Can't wait to get These burning tubes out! Ttys
thank you so much for answering my questions,i thank i will have myhusband fix drains so they wont move after my surgeryi am really lookin forward to the surgery and a speedy recovery . ive maid a promise to my self to take better care of my body and never draw my belt to tight again.cause thats what made my belly seperate into 2 ...really really ugly but you seem to be recovering pretty good thank god for your husband for him being there for you tell himkeep up the good work lol. may be when i figure out how to post my picture i will let you know how my tt comes alone on july 19 cant wait .....take it easy now...

Okay, so went for my week visit, and now I'm...

Okay, so went for my week visit, and now I'm pissed!!! Only got one drain out, but it was the drain that was bothering me, so I still was happy. Got the gauze and stitches out my belly button. Again, happy. The nurse tied my binder up SO TIGHT afterwards, that 30 minutes later on my way home, my thighs went numb and the bottom of my stomach hurt sooooo much because it was soooo swollen and tight. I had to go home and rearrange the binder and get myself together and take a vicodin to not be in excruciating pain. The pain was worse than post op! I was doing so well, and now I feel that nurse pushes my recovery back a couple days. I had no significant swelling, but now, she's entered me into swell hell. I had to undo my binder for about 10 minutes last night so that I could freakin breath. Today feels a little bit better, but I've definitely back tracked. The second drain comes out tomorrow. :(

Day 9---first off I want to apologize for all my...

Day 9---first off I want to apologize for all my previous post op entries were all done on my iPad, and typing a lot isn't always the best on that gadget...Got the second drain out today!!! I don't know, but I felt such a burden lifted off more being careful not to get them hooked on anything. Back still killing me, and I'm still hunched over. Took an hour break from my binder today. I was told the binder's main job is to get rid of the swelling. Most of my swelling isn't that bad, so I just took it off to breathe for awhile. I won't see my PS for another 5 weeks now!!! I feel so co-dependent...I'm supposed to go back to work on Monday, but we'll see about that...NOW, I feel I'm on the road to recovery. Tata for now...I'll post day 10 pics tomorrow...
you are almost done ,wow, i wish i was at your stage my tt sem so far away. your post are very helpful to me,as for some guide lines to make recovery alot easer .hang in there your light is almost at the end of the tunnel. so what do you think we must do not to return back to what we lost on our waist line ?

Took my first shower today...tiring, but...

Took my first shower today...tiring, but awesome!!! Ive been sticking to the sun dresses. Left the house today, and forgot to put on my binder....sheesh. Without these drains, i feel like i can take over the world! My back still hurts, but today inrealized it hurts in a place where i bruised it a couple of months i dont know if thats why its hurting. No regrets ladies, no regrets. Swell bell has come upon me, but honestly, if my tummy was the size that it is now, i would still be satisfied. Sooooo glad the double gut is gone. Sometimes i look down there to make sure that this dream is a reality!!!!!!

Just added day 11 pics...

Just added day 11 pics...

Would you believe I went back to work today??? I...

Would you believe I went back to work today??? I was debating it, and got tired of sitting in the house all day. I actually feel a whole lot better being around people now!!! I have a pretty stressless job, so it's no biggie. I went without the binder today, and my back feels a thousand times better. I know and understand that the binder makes the swelling disappear, but my swelling isn't out of control today, so I went without it. I even love my figure WITH the swelling! I'm finding the pinepples really do help with the swelling! I ran out 2 days ago, and I can already see and feel the difference. Besides walking hunched over and like a turtle, I feel GREAT (considering)!!!! I'm so glad I made this choice, and I have you RealSelf-ers to sing my praises to!!!!
Hey , Thanks for the pinapple advice!! Got some and been eating them like crazy, making smoothies with If nothing else they give me lots of vitamin C right? How you feeling? Hope your doing GREAT! Your looking awesome! :-)
Did you say pineapples help with swelling? Like juice or the real thing? Why is that? can you tell me about it? I'm REALLY swollen and I am not eating salty things, staying away from caffine, wearing my binder all the time, trying everything but even first thing in the morning I'm swollen. I look bigger now than before my TT in some ways because of it. I go get my stitches out wed, so I will ask about this then to my PS. I'd love to hear about the pineapples though....:-)
YYYYEEEESSSS pineapples!!! Fresh though, not canned, or the ones that come processed in the cup. It has something called Bromelain (hope I spelled that right) in there. Google it!!! I love pineapples, so it hasn't been that hard snacking on them constantly. I haven't had any for 2 days now, and now I feel myself feeling a little bloated at night. I've also started a low sodium diet, just to stay away from as much swelling as possible. The binder also (for me) is what was causing all my pain and swelling. I went to work today without it and didn't realize until I got to work how much better my tummy felt...I'm gonna put it back on when it dries onight, but if I feel too uncomfrtable in the morning, I'm switching to my corset on my spanx. Keep me posted!!!
Reply day 24 post op...I must say I have been... day 24 post op...I must say I have been taken through the ringer. While I am definitely the most unique post-op tummy tucker, I'm not pleased about it. A week ago, I had a sharp pain in the top of my stomach and ended up going to the ER. Turns out I had pancreitis, and had to have my gallbladder removed. Absolutely nothing to do with the tummy tuck, but I had to go under ANOTHER surgery on my stomach. Long story short and 5 days in the hospital I am at home recovering from two surgeries. This one was open as well, and not I have a HUGE surgery scar on my stomach that I'm pissed about. Grateful I'm healthy and alive, but just very down that now I'll probably be 'down' for about another month in recovery. I had little to no problems, but now My swelling is crazy, and I'm not able to wear the binder anymore. I'll see if I can gain the courage to post any more pics, but these staples are grossing me out. Ta-ta...

Holy cow I am so sorry to hear that:(   You have definitely been though enough is such a short time.  I do hope you are feeling better now??  

Try not to focus on the new scar right now.  As soon as the doc tells you to go ahead and start massaging that one as well.  Staples always make it look worse that it really is.  Once those are out the suture line will lay flatter and smooth out.  Too bad they had to go this route...geez. 

Hang in there.

OH my goodness, wow have you ever been through it!! Listen, I'm so sorry for you having to gone through this. I am so pleased your ok. I know that you must be feeling SO down. I'm praying for you. Hang in there and seriously I'm really thinking about you and hope you get well really quickly. One day at a time is hard but small steps help sometimes. Hang in there. SO glad your ok.
thanks for the words of encouragement.i needed that.i am so focus on getting my surgery now that i must wait til aug 30 ..seems so faraway ,but i will be a home body so ireally dont have nothing to keep me occupied.justgo to work and chill with my husband.he told me if i dont stay off ebay ordering things he wont going to help pay for my tt now i had to change my mail and send to my moms ..funny isnt it i be on computer for hours lookin for russ trolls & larger remote control cars or trucks so i can play with my grand sons ..for real i do need to stop after a while i guess i wil be a horreader of trolls & remote control vehickles.. but any how life is are you happy with your results? i didnt no how much belly i had until i reduced my breast .thats when you could really see the 2 bellys.did you go down any pant sizing ? i beensort of dieting ,,not strict, but i went from a 22 -16 now i am stuck cant lose no more ,but im happy with that so im hopeing after tt i can get a 14 .so now i am going to fix me 2 BLT's and call it a nite ,,so you have a wonderful week and take care and make sure you get some excersize in for allyour hard work ..

6 week post-op update: The hardest part now is...

6 week post-op update: The hardest part now is trying to differentiate the symptoms I have between my tt and my gallbladder removal. These gallbladder scars are horrible and depressing. I already have mederma and palmer's bio oil (Kimmers swears by it) and I will be purchasing silicone sheets very soon for the 6 week part. My tt scar is AMAZING! I barely can see it. I don't know if it's because I'm dark skinned and my pubic area is dark so it blends in, or WHAT?! VERY satisfied with how my tummy looks, although it is still very swollen. I'll let these scars heal first, then I'll be posting more pics in a couple of weeks.
Did you get on a payment plan with Dr. Horn?? I Have an appointment with him on sat. so excited want to get my tt asap!! congrats on your new tummy you look great!!
Hey Nora, did you find out if Dr. Horn as a payment plan?
Sorry for the late reply...I went hunting for pre op pics and remembered I used to live on this site! From what I remember it wasn't a payment plan, it was more of a deposit, and then you pay the balance at your pre-op appointment. Hope this helps!
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Dr Horn is a very experienced Dr. I was impartial with the star ratings, because he really isn't a people person. I mean, he did an excellent job, but he's very shy (to me) and that can be taken the wrong way. His staff and nurse are GREAT! Very elegant facility. I just don't like that I've seen him for a total of about 10 minutes from the consultation up until a week after my surgery. Update: I had an unrelated stomach problem, which caused me to have another surgery--my gallbladder being removed. Dr. Horn was the best! I first thought my tt had went wrong, but even after I found it it wasn't, he called me personally to check up on me, and even called my Dr so they could discuss the relation between the two surgeries.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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