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tt-with lipo of the flanks 2-24-12

I am 28 eight years old. I have 3 children ages 9,...

I am 28 eight years old. I have 3 children ages 9, 5 and 3. I had my first baby at 19 and gained about fifty something pounds. I have a small body frame with narrow hips so the the only way my tummy expanded was out. i really want a tummy tuck. Its been my dream ever since my first son was born. i just want my body back. I anm scared to death of having the procedure. My pain tolerence is not very high. i just keep thinking am i going to be able to handle the pain afterward. Is the pain bearable? Best of luck to everyone! I know how you guys feel:)

Hey everyone thankyou for all the advice. i really feel better about going through with it. Memphis226 i hope you have a fast and speedy recovery! keep us posted:)
Hey ! Don't be scared you can do it!!! I was told that it is similar to a c-section. I had never had one so I siked myself out not to expect pain. I had my TT done on 2/4/11 and I was more uncomfortable than in pain. My tolerance for pain is probably medium to high. The most painful part for me was getting my stitches removed today. (sounds crazy I know). I hope you don't let the fear of pain stop you it's REALLY worth it and I'm only a week post op and wouldn't change a thing. The only thing that threw me off was the inability to do even the smallest thing for myself like get out the bed. So make sure you have help afterwards. Good luck !!

Hi Mish and welcome to RealSelf!

I won't lie...this is a painful recovery but it is all temporary and with the proper pain meds it is totally manageable.  You had three children so you can definitely do this:)

Just keep reading up on the site and stay in touch with all of the women.  They will help you through and you will end up with the flat tummy you have wanted for so long. 

It is all totally worth everything you go through so full speed ahead.

I hope you are able to join us for the webinar on February 15th.   It will be both educational and fun. 

I look forward to reading your posts as you go through your process.  Please feel free to ask any questions that come to mind.

I have my date set for Jan 10, 2012. I am so...

I have my date set for Jan 10, 2012. I am so excited. My mom is going to stay with me for about a week. Do you think I will be able to take care of my children by myself after a week. My husband works during the day but will be home in the evening. Their ages are 9,5,and 4. I know I will be very nervous once the big day gets closer, but right now I am super excited.

My date was changed and now my new date is...

My date was changed and now my new date is february 24. I am so excited but nervous at the same time. Just so scared about the pain.
Is there anyone else around that you could schedule to help you out with the kids when your hubby goes back to work? A week is a pretty short amount of time to try to be recovered enough to take care of those little ones! I'm 11 days po with a 3 and 5 year old and can't imagine having to be in full time care of them at this point! Can you call in the troops and enlist a grandma? :)
Yes the cost is a little over 7000.00. She gave me a written quote of everything it covered. It even included to stay in the hospital over night. I think its a pretty good price.
Thanks for the info! This is something I really want to do I just hate thinking how expensive it is. Did they tell you what it was going to cost with a range? I actually had a nose job in 2009 and it cost a lot more than what was mentioned it would cost. I get nervous after that had happened.

One week from tomorrow I will be getting my tt. I...

One week from tomorrow I will be getting my tt. I am so excited. Not as nervous as i thought i would be,but I'm sure that will all change once we get closer. Hope everyone is doing great!
Hi kimmers! Im getting excited,but so many thoughts r going through my head. Like what if I don't wake up, why am I putting myself on this long road to recovery. I even thought of backing out, but I know I have to do this for myself.

How are you doing???   I bet you are getting super excited now!!


I made it!! I had my tt with muscle repair and...

I made it!! I had my tt with muscle repair and lipo of the flanks yesterday. I feel pretty good got up to go to the bathroom by my self. I def would recommend the pain pump. It really helps a lot. I just have a lot of soreness and some burning. I also feel itchy all over. Did any of you get itchy? Can't wait till more time goes by. Happy healing:)_
Keep updating!!! I am really figuring this all out based on your story. ;-). So excited for you!!! Keep us informed.
Congratulations. It's all downhill from here. 2 weeks from now, you'll be so glad you did this, lol!
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