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I know I'm still swollen.... But rolls!?

02/26/13- (1 day PO) I was so nervous about the...

02/26/13- (1 day PO) I was so nervous about the surgery! But now it's done! I will definitely post pics before and after unfortunately this Site doesn't allow me to do so with my phone.
When I can I'll go ahead and post from my laptop when I get the bandages off.
One of the requirements for leaving the hospital is that you have to urinate. Needless to say I did so 3 times between going to recovery and leaving the hospital. (Then again on my way home. )
My throat hurt and I was extremely thirsty so I was given ice chips until I was able to drink something. I did have a slight panic attack because it felt like I couldn't breathe, so the anesthesiologist gave me volume to calm me down.
My recovery nurse was new... I could tell. Which wasn't necessarily a bad thing but I actually had to tell him somethings to do.
The first and second time I went to the bathroom it was uncomfortable. I had to tell him to help me up out the recliner. By the third time I did it myself, I was moving around better. On the way back to my little space my Dr. Was bringing in another patient and his reply to me was "You don't even look like you've had surgery. "
Getting in and out of the car was uncomfortable. I noticed that after awhile I moved around good but after sitting for awhile it's uncomfortable when you first get up to walk.
I have on my garmet wrap until Thurs. When I meet with my Dr. to change the bandages so I can't see anything as of yet, but my profile looks great.
In my opinion the feeling is like doing 10 million situps back to back. Not really painful more uncomfortable. Then again I didn't have an epidural with either of my two pregnancies. So my pain tolerance could be high.
I don't feel like I need this vicoden(generic brand.) I have taken two just to see if there's a difference. I think it makes me sleepy but I did take it around 10pm/3am.

Congratulation:) Wishing you a safe and healthy recovery. I Can not wait To be on the flat side I'm having my procedure done in Hinsdale Illinois by Dr.Katsaros In April 2013
Thank you:) wishing you the best!
I felt the same way on day one/two because of being still highly medicated. I would reccomend, if you can, to please stay on full bed rest with light movement for circulation for the first 2-3 weeks. I recovered away from home with a full time nurse for 10 days and upon getting back home (feeling "ready") i got back into my normal routine, husband,dogs etc and a week later was in major pain again AND developed a large swell pool above my incision line which ive had aspirated and NO FLUID can be drawn out. SO, trust all the advice here and REST. Take your meds- i was taking 4 percoset per day!! The other thing is that it has come to my attention recently that a hot water bottle or compress is waaay better for pain and swelling than ice is. try a heating pad or do the cheap thing which is to fill a plastic water bottle with hot water - you can use this as a mini masage tool too! roll it gently on the hard sore spots and the heat is great. FORGET the scar creams, get the strips. ScarFX, biodermis etc they are miracles. take care honey, jojo.

I'M FREE!!! Those drains especially the right one...

I'M FREE!!! Those drains especially the right one was so irritating. It was coming out so my skin was VERY sensitive in that area it felt like fire was being ran across that area. He had to give me a local anesthetic to remove both.
The last 8 days were trying! I thought I had made a mistake. I was so uncomfortable with the swelling. I was more uncomfortable than in pain. The last two days I've felt A LOT better! I still am swollen of course but my shape is looking good.
My scar is about 1/2 -1 in higher than what I wanted but hey it is what it is.
I'm not regular so after 5 days I took an ex lax nothing happend just a little gas. Took one the next day.... still nothing. The following day after dinner I took 2 ex lax.... OMG! Never again. I went 3 times within a couple of hours. I was scared to drink water!
I will post pics today.
So happy for you, I was hoping we saw each other but I didn't make it there until 1:45 walked out the house and the city put a yellow shoe on my car lol. But everything is good, I can't wait to see your pics....
My appt. wasn't until 1:30 I got the about 1:40 so I was probably in the next room lol. Did he leave the tape on your scar?
Are you a short AA and had all black on because if so I did see you when you walker out. He did leave the tape on but I took everything else off days ago when I showered and put one long piece of tape over the others. I'm schedule to come back next Friday so the stitches can be removed. I hope all is well in the flatlands for you.

I noticed yesterday when I sat down after I took...

I noticed yesterday when I sat down after I took off my cg to take a shower that I had loose skin hanging over my scar. I know I'm still a little swollen but this seems like extra skin. Is this normal?
Happy healing girlie and rest as much as you can!
Since you weren't a very big girl to begin with I would think its probably just swelling so give it time before you start panicking....easier said than done...I know. I had some over hang in some of my earlier pics out its now starting to tighten up.
Ok Thanks:)


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