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Sinus Pain from Radiesse in Tear Troughs?? I Really Need Some Peace of Mind :(

Hi There , I would really appreciate some advice...

Hi There , I would really appreciate some advice or any help.

I had 1 cc of radiesse under my eyes 14 days ago. Immediately after the injections my right tear trough got very bruised, swollen and numb, while my left eye responded quite nicely.

Well, after about 10 days the bruising and swelling under my right eye has dissipated but the numbness remains (but only on the right side) . It begins at the injection site, just lateral to my nose, and radiated down to my top lip, cheek and to my hair line.

I went back to my Doctor yesterday and he said, I more then likely had nerve irritation and that it would go away on its own.

I woke up today with just slight numbness but now with an awareness of the radiesse under my skin and constant dull pressure/ache in my sinus' thats been increasing all day. The feeling is elusive and I cant tell exactly where its originating. It feels like a headache deep in my sinuses (directly behind my nose) someplace. :(. It also feels like If I could just blow my nose hard enough, I might get some relief. Only when I blow my nose, nothing happens and theres no relief.

This is not a sinus infection, Im not stuffed up, and Im not sick. Could a 'nerve irritation' be causing this???

Im traveling out the country in 4 days for a month and I have a feeling this pressure might get pretty intense on such a long flight.:(

I look totally healthy. My face isn't throbbing, its not warm to the to the touch and its not red or swollen. If there was something very wrong, wouldn't I be bruised or have external signs?? Im really upset and scared.

Although the procedure was pretty gross, It wasn't the bad once the lidocaine kicked in. The worse part was feeling the radiesse needle touching my cheek bone. Ewww, Still gives me the willys. I wish I would have found this site before I had it done. I would NOT get these shots again.

Updated on Nov 28, 2009
Although my tear throughs do look better, I cannot recommend Radiesse in this area. I wish I would have seen this site before I had the procedure done. I had no clue radiesse was so terrible for under the eyes. :(

Can anyone relate ,or explain whats happening? Please. Please, please. Thank you.
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I had Radiesse injected in my tear troughs to correct hollow eyes. The bruising lasted a week and I had to drink tons of water, take lots of vitamin C, and apply Arnica gel to it all day long for it to go away in that amount of time. The result looked nice for a week or 2 and then it was gone. It didn't last even a month. But the sinus pain was bad the whole time. I had a constant headache. I will never use Radiesse under my eyes again. I am getting Restylane on October 28th. Hopefully it will be a better experience and result.
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I have had numbness for nine weeks. I too have had the sinus pressure. Hopefully you are having better luck. I am not and it truly has been a nightmare. I had a ct scan and the product is close to the nerve but they seem to think the carrier was what affected me.
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Did the sinus pain ever go away?
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