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See ya later big nose :) - Chicago, IL

RealSelf has helped me make my decision about...

RealSelf has helped me make my decision about booking my rhinoplasty so I thought I would share my process through rhinoplasty as well. My nose has bugged me ever since I was 11 years old. I'm constantly self-conscious of it and dislike most of my pictures. I have a hump, bulbous tip, and too much projection. My friends and family tell me I don't need the surgery but if I don't get it I'll always wonder. I finally got my surgery booked a while back for over spring break! This is the only time that will work for me since I'm a college student and start my internship right when summer begins. My open rhinoplasty is booked for March 9th! I'm really excited but very nervous. I keep psyching myself out, most likely due to watching videos of open rhinoplasty (it's not pretty). Something I've been waiting for years for will finally be here in only 7 short days! I'll keep you updated once I have the surgery. :)

I had my surgery Friday morning and it went very...

I had my surgery Friday morning and it went very well. Dr. Shah and his staff were phenomenal.
So far the pain hasn't been bad too bad. Friday I was in no pain and the drive back home was fine thank goodness. Yesterday it got a little worse and it was hard to talk so I slept most of the day. Right now it just feels like I have a cold and a headache.
My bruising isn't too bad just my left eye is a little blue. I have been putting frozen peas on it constantly as well as using arnica montana and bromelain supplements in hopes to help reduce the swelling and bruising (not sure if it is).
I have been living off of smoothies, applesauce, and mashed potatoes. I will probably take a luke warm/cold bath today just to feel clean and to not increase the swelling with a hot bath.
I'm really excited to see my nose without the cast even though I'm sure it will be extremely swollen. I get it off Thursday :) I let Dr. Shah decide what type of nose would look best with my face since he is the expert and I was unsure what type of nose I really wanted. The computerized after images looked natural and like my nose but smaller and refined. Only four days!!!

Recovery Summary Day of Surgery- Woke up from...

Recovery Summary

Day of Surgery- Woke up from surgery with a little pain but the nurse kindly fed me applesauce with vicodin to make that go away and added nausea medicine to my IV because of my long drive home. This day was very easy/enjoyable thanks to the drugs I was either sleeping or singing in the car with my ice packs on. All I ate was naked smoothies with a straw and applesauce because my mouth was numb and I drooled a bit. Going out in public (gas stations for the bathroom) is a fun experience people stare but try not to look you in the eye because you look so ridiculous bruised, cast, and a feminine look alike product taped across your face.

Day 1- This day was worse but more miserable than painful. I felt like I had a bad cold with a throbbing head. Pain medicine and frozen peas were my comfort. I added cooked spinach, quinoa (good protein), and mashed potatoes to my diet. I constantly was drinking water with a straw all recovery week because my mouth got really dry.

Day 2- This was the worst day for me for discomfort. I just lounged around and slept mostly while following the same regimen as day 1.

Day 3- Started to feel a lot better on day 3! Getting up and walking around makes you feel less miserable than just laying around so I added that to my routine. I could actually function such as studying and making myself meals etc. I stopped taking my pain meds and switched to Tylenol.

Day 4- Back to kind of my normal self and can start to somewhat breath through my nose (my left nostril mainly). I didn’t have to take any pain meds or Tylenol this day. I even cleaned and made chocolate peanut butter cupcakes for fun today!

Day 5-Day 6- Just keep getting better and can’t wait to be able to workout and get back to my normal daily routine in a couple of weeks.

My swelling and bruising weren’t bad at all. I got one little bruise under my left eye and not too much swelling besides my nose. This is probably due to Dr. Shah using precision and care during the surgery. I also took supplements of vitamin C, Arnica Montana (pills, and gel form), and Bromelain while icing religiously. I followed a pretty healthy diet before and during the recovery including lots of vegetables and fruits. “They” say that pineapple helps swelling so I added a lot of that to my recovery smoothies.

My necessary items
-Q-tips, gauze, medical tape
-Saline (lots of it to clean out the crust in my nose)
-Deep Clean Neutrogena cleansing wipes- great to clean my face when I didn’t want to move
-Straws (My mouth and teeth hurt/felt numb so straws saved me)
-Peas in gloves/plastic baggies- I used peas in gloves then switched to plastic ziplock baggies after 2 days because I liked that better. (I iced 3.5 days)
-Vaseline (Constantly rubbing on my lips to stop dryness).
-Pillows, blankets and a recliner to make a nest for the healing process.

***Google says you’re not suppose to wash your hair for a week after rhinoplasty but I’m a grease ball so I did wash my hair carefully in a shallow bath and didn’t even get water close to my cast. Being clean does make you feel SOO much better.
***Don’t watch comedies during recovery it hurts so BAD when you laugh! I even got mad at my Dad for making me laugh too much.

I can't believe it has already been over a month...

I can't believe it has already been over a month since I had my rhinoplasty! Things are healing very well. The tip is still swollen, but I couldn't be happier. I love my new nose and am a lot more confident. I get a lot more compliments as well since the procedure surprisingly. It already looks 1 billion times better, it's crazy to think it will continue to improve! :)

So it's been a few months and everything is still...

So it's been a few months and everything is still going good. My nose doesn't feel exactly back to normal yet and is still swollen at the tip but it has definitely been worth it!
Anil Shah

Dr. Shah and his staff were excellent. The end result of my rhinoplasty exceeded my expectations and was a really good price! I definitely would recommend this doctor.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hello! Your nose looks great at 3 months, how is it now?
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Wow thank you so much for the pics, so happy I saw your post! I *had* a very similar nose to yours pre-op...my cast comes off in 4 days so hoping the result will be similar to yours. It's been a great enhancement to your already beautiful looks, glad to hear you're happy.
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Did your insurance cover any of it? If not, was the payment method reasonable?
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hey i was wondering. if you can tell me the adress of where you got your surgery done at? it looks great
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Love how natural your nose looks. So glad you had a good experience, so far Dr. Shah's office has been great with me too.
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Your surgery looks like it came out great! The new profile really suits you and like all the others have said you are very beautiful and with the new look you are even more.
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I think we can all agree on saying it was totally worth it and you look beautiful!
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Thanks it definitely was worth it!
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Thanks for the update! You look so pretty. Great result!
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Thank you JessieMarie :)
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Your nose really does look great and suits your face perfectly. It looks natural and gives your face a more feminine and softer look :) Congrats!!
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Thanks ivetteee!
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wow you look so good!!! you already were gorgeous before but now... your nose really added some balance to your face. it looks incredible :) congrats!
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Thanks Lalalaaa! Yeah my nose no longer is the main focus of my face thank goodness. Your nose already looks amazing too btw and only 2 days after cast removal, that's impressive.
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girl! you went from hot to....like unreal hot!
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ha thanks..idk about that though
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because of you I'm going to see Dr. Shah. My nose and features are so similar to you. I'm actually going use your before and after pictures as reference to what I want my nose to look like. I'm so excited.
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Oh wow, I'm happy that my story has helped you make a decision. He is a great doctor, I'm excited for you as well! Best of luck Vixter!
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Hey girl! So I had my surgery yesterday and I wanted to let you know that I used a lot of your tips since yours seemed to go so smoothly. So far so good! The first day was so much easier than I expected it to be and woke up today with no pain, just stuffiness, and no bruising so far (although I hear that the 2nd and 3rd day are tougher). But thank you SO much for the tips! Your nose looks amazing and I cannot wait to see mine!
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Hey Lilou05! I'm so glad that my story helped! I hope everything heals well for you! I'm going to go check out your story now :)
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was searching across the internet, and I found your post, and it's exactly what I wanted to read! I'm and eighteen year old, female, and all my life I have struggled with trying to deal with an abnormally large nose. I look exactly like my dad, so sadly, I got his nose. I'll include some pictures bellow for you, at the end of this message. My dad's nose is long, wide, and heafty...while it looks pretty nice on his face, it looks AWFUL on mine. I have a very small, delicate face, and this totally throws off the harmoney of it. It sticks out too long...that's really my only complaint, to be honest. It just does not fit my face well. If I had a large nose, and it looked okay, then great...but sadly, that's not the case. I've been debating, and I decided that I want to do it. I want to get a nose job to make myself feel more confident. I often cry at times, and even confronted my mom who would not hear of it. I'm not doing this for others..I want to do this for ME, which I think is for the best. One big, big problem-money. I will be attending college next year and attending summer classes down there, then moving on into the fall. I thought the perfect time to do this would be the end of may, or around the end of may. I would be leaving for Florida on June 17th...would that be enough recovery time? As in, the bruises fading, and swelling going down? There are also some actual problems I am having with my nose, though. All my life, I've had difficulty breathing through my nose, wake up multiple times in the night, gasping because I couldn't breathe. The tip is also in so much pain, and from what I've read, I could 'cartilage overgrowth' If that's the case, I would need to go under the knife anyway. I just don't know how on earth I would fund this? I'm going to be a college student, but I can no longer wait, not even a year. I'm starting off fresh there, knowing no one (Literally, I'm coming out of state) and want to be the person I'm supposed to be, and look like the person I'm supposed to be. So I am asking for advice...how would I got about affording this? I also need to find a good surgeon, but the only thing holding me back is the money. I'm eighteen, so I know my parents will not be happy, but I'm doing this for ME. How should I approuch them (How did you approuch yours?) and how does the paying method work? I've asked my mother if I could cover some of the cost, and they could cover the rest as a 'Birthday, H.S graduation, and christmas gift' for the next four years. If not, I could pay them back after college, and they can charge me interest. They don't see how this is all I can think about...what's the best way to confront them? Also, I'm not sure where you're located, but do you think you could direct me to a site that can show me good surgeons (Not TOO expensive, but will give me great results!) in Chicago, Illinois? (I'm in the subs right outside of the city). Like I said, I don't want to grow from huge nose to tiny...I just want to shorten it and balance it out a bit. Here are some pictures of me (Front and side view) and I want your bluntly honest opinion of my nose-be cruel, be nice, I've heard it all. I just want to make sure I'm not imagining it when I say it doesn't fit my face.

Here is the link to some of the pictures on photobucket...

{Link removed by RealSelf. Please start your story in the rhinoplasty review community and add photos there. Thanks!}

Any help would be great! I'm serious about this, and I'm ready for a change. Only money is stopping me-it's time for me to live the life I want, not being held back by my insecurity.

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Hey girl! I'll write you msg soon! Sorry I haven't yet it's finals week in college gross! But the only surgeon I can give a legitimate recommendation to would be Dr. Shah in Chicago since that is the only experience I've had. I will post back to your other requests in a private message. Again sorry for the delay!
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you look great .. but i think i have seen you somewhere :P just kidding . . today is day number 18th after my surgery and my nose looks bigger . . even i have already big improvment since i had cleft lip revision

but looking at your 2 weeks pic and then 1 month gives me hope that i will get better :)
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Yeah definitely give it time. Everyone heals so different and even though it doesn't seem like a big surgery, it takes the skin and surrounding tissues a long time to get back to normal. Best of luck I'm sure it will get better!
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I'm so happy you've had a good experience so far!! You look great! You're past most of the healing...it's all downhill from here!
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