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Im in my 3rd week of recovery from a tt. the first...

im in my 3rd week of recovery from a tt. the first week was very painful . my incision is very neat and clean. i suggest to every1 who plans to have a tt to eat oatmeal to keep from from being constipated
have nut trail mix snacks handy for protein and its fulfilling have protein shakes at hand, this helped with digesting my food and kept my intestines from irritating my muscles drink lots of water and take vitamins if you can get a vegetable tray to snack on thats helpful and easy access for quick snack. I also bought 100% juice smoothie drinks high in antioxidants, protain and vitamins. eat fresh pineapples for swelling. having these things handy will cut back on burning your care taker out.

i made sure to buy a bedside tray from target to keep my snacks and medicine at arms reach. my doctor prescribed vicodin, i took 2 tablets instead of one for the first 3 days and it helped. 1 tablet doesnt cut the pain. the pain is very similar to having contractions at its strongest except that the pain doesnt go away it just stays and its no relief . i wemt back to work after the 9th day of surgery . i keep my feet elevated and do little walking. i currently working on keeping the swelling down . i was told drinking applecider vinegar with water will help reduce it. i plan to try it over the weekend.

Hi. I am scheduled for a tummy tuck with the same Dr. On June 18th and am Super happy to have come across your story. Keep us posted on your progress.
Hi, I'm scheduled for this same doctor on June 17th...glad to hear that your incision is very neat!!! Are you able to give me some advise or an update on how you're feeling?


Thank you for the post and all of the good ideas on the diet.  It is very important to eat healthy during recovery and it sounds like you have that covered. 

It also sounds like you are coming along really well in such a short time.   That is good you are able to elevate your feel and stay put during work.  It will help in keeping the swelling down.  You went back to work pretty quickly.  How did you feel the first week back?

Since swelling seems to be a big problem for most I will be anxious to hear how the apple cider vinegar works.  If this works I am sure many on the site will give it a try. 

I look forward to reading your updates as you continue to heal.  Will you be posting before and after pics?
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staff very friendly and he s straight to the point. my incision is very neat and i cant wait to see the final result. price is fair.

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