Tighting, Pulling, hard feeling????? Anyone???

I am a 40 year old women,i am 5'2 and weigh...

I am a 40 year old women,i am 5'2 and weigh 150lbs I have three wonderful children, The boys are twins and one daughter. I am an athletic person i watch what I eat due to fact that I have crohns disease. When I saw the one doctor he was told me "You have an interesting shape" I felt like saying yeah what ever. I do have short muscular legs and thighs, along with a shapely butt , the higher you get I cant get rid of this stomach. The breast will never go back up either. I am doing this one my chest is to heavy for my bone structure and two I want my belly back. Wish me luck!!!!

Okay today is March 5th 2012. I have my Mother...

Okay today is March 5th 2012. I have my Mother flying in from out of town on April 26th 2012. Called my Doctors office to tell them we are on for April 27th. I need to quit smoking,, Quit date will be March 12th. I have been reading everyone posts and I was wondering if I am thinking way to early or should I start know to get everything ready before surgery? What will I need, should I lose more weight before then? What type of clothing will I need. I have read that some people think they are doing great then all of sudden they have swelling for the next 10 weeks. Any thoughts or suggestions please feel free to let me know

Okay I am having a breast lift , brast...

Okay I am having a breast lift , brast augmentation right one will be reduced, a full tummy tuck, Lipo on hips and a little fat that is on the side of boobs. Nervous but excited. My dog won't be happy because he likes to lay on my lap. The reason I choose April 27 was because my daughter made it to nationals for her basketball that is at the end of the month. Confirmation is the first week of April . Plus I won't to be smoke and nicotine free for over a month. I hear about the pain and I know it will be worth it. Any suggestions for a person who has a lowtoerance of pain? Thank you and blessings to all but most all Happy New Body to all of us :0).

Well sitting here today and getting my remicade...

Well sitting here today and getting my remicade treatment for my crohns disease . Next one is scheduled for May 9. Noticed my blod pressure was a little elevated today. I think tat I may need a higher dosage than what I am taking now.

Okay I had my mammogram to today, Getting my...

Okay I had my mammogram to today, Getting my carpets cleaned. Blood pressure is under control

Okay had a small mammogram yesterday and got a...

Okay had a small mammogram yesterday and got a call that they found some calcium build up in my right chest. I am know waiting for the hospital to call me back for further testing this week. I hope and pray everything turns out ok. This was my first mammogram.

Okay currently one breast is a E cup and the other...

Okay currently one breast is a E cup and the other is a DD I think I going to have a D cup I am wondering if any one there is a D cup I am 5'3 weigh 147 Yes Ihave lst weight and still trying before my big day on April 27. Please let me your thoughts Thank you Ladies.

Okay today I got on the scale and I have lost a...

Okay today I got on the scale and I have lost a few pounds and I have posted new pictures. Thank you Zumba. Dr. Talmage Joseph Raine MD has been wonderful. He called me last week when I had my first Mammogram, due to the results. He then called again last Friday to say congrats on my further testing on my Mammogram and asked how I was feeling. Then his office staff called yesterday to let me know that I need to come into in the office on April 10th, You see Chase medical Financing as of April 20th 2012 will no longer allow plastic surgery however as long as I have my paperwork signed by the 27th Chase will have to honor my application. There hole office is on top of everything. They also asked me how I was doing by not smoking. I explained that it was hard but hanging in there. Well Ladies Ta Ta for now. Good Healing to all of you. ;0)

Well it has been a rough week, First my husband...

Well it has been a rough week, First my husband went in for a test. They shot the dye through his groin area. The test was suppose to take a hour, however they brought him back in half an hour. They can not place stent in his heart because his arteries are harden. The right aorta is completely blocked. The left aorta in the three branch area, 85% 60% 65% are blocked. the main aorta above your heart in enlarged. They wanted to open heart surgery tomorrow but of course he wants to put everything off til Later in May. Even though the Surgeon and the Heart Specialist states that he is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off!!!!!! My father is cancer free, however he has to go in for 5 scheduled blood transfusion. It is so hard not to smoke!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay I can not believe the time is flying by on...

Okay I can not believe the time is flying by on some days others it is like the days are moving so slow. Wednesday April 12 I will have my pre op appointment!!!!!!!!!!!! I can believe my surgery is right around the corner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All you Ladies have been wonderful on this site. I am still debating if I should just go to a D cup, or just be C cup. I was told that if I do the reduction to a C he does not want to add a implant because all of my Breast tissue, However if I go with a D cup then he will use a small implant. Currently I am a DD on my left chest and E on right. Can any of you ladies give me your thoughts in this???

Thank you all very much Ohh Yeah Happy Early Easter.

Okay tomorrow is my Pre Op appointment,, Getting a...

Okay tomorrow is my Pre Op appointment,, Getting a little nervous. My surgery is scheduled April 27th, I can believe I have been reading everyone's reviews since Feb. I don't know why, but all of sudden I am starting to get nervous. I am wondering if I should still go through with this?? What will I need, Should I get a hospital bed? all of these thoughts are now racing through my mind. Wondering if I should just be a D cup or go smaller?? HELPPP

I had my pre op appointment today. I received my...

I had my pre op appointment today. I received my prescription for my muscle relaxers, pain pills, anti botic,.. I will be getting a small breast reduction in my right breast,Then a lift along with a small implant behind the muscle, The amount will only be 200cc because I still have alot pf breast tissue. I will be getting Lipo on my sides right were the bra is. I will be a full TT with muscle repair, Lipo of the flanks all the way around. My surgery is scheduled at 7;30 in the morning. My surgery is on a Friday, Then on Monday I will have my first post op appointment at 12:30. The time seems like its taking for ever to get here. I am nervous and scared at the same time. My Breasts will be a small D,, I hope that wont be to big, even though currently I am a E on my Right and a DDD on my left . Ladies do you have any information you want to give me before I have my surgery? Any suggestions would be great. :0)

Well I am still counting down the days. My mother...

Well I am still counting down the days. My mother will be here in 10 days to help take care of me. 11 days until my surgery. My Husband will be going out of town on the 28th or the 29th. I hope that I have chosen the correct size for my Chest,, I think this is one thing that keeps bothering me. I am going to a D cup. tomorrow will be 10 days left.Ohh I wish I could just sleep all the through til the 27th. I have been told that my surgery will be at 6:30 in the morning. When some of you slept in a recliner did you sleep straight up or did you lean back??

Ten Days till my surgery,, I was wondering if its...

Ten Days till my surgery,, I was wondering if its easier to sleep in a hospital bed or a recliner. If I sleep in a recliner do you get to recline back??? Will I need help.. I will have to keep my dog off my lap.... I will grocery shop next week.. This is my last week to enjoy Friends, go Dancing etc.

Okay we here we go Next Friday I will be headed to...

Okay we here we go Next Friday I will be headed to the new me!!!!!!!!!!!! I had my prescriptions filled. I wish the days would fly by quicker. I keep going back and forth if I should do this,, However my surgery is already paid for... Starting Monday I will be getting everything in order.. I have been told to be at the hospital at 6:30 am.

This is the last weekend I can hang out with all my friends before I have my surgery. Oh my I am so nervous!!!!!! Still thinking about a hospital bed thou,,,, How comfortable were all of you after surgery??? Please let me know...

Well 5 more days til my surgery. I think thedays...

Well 5 more days til my surgery. I think thedays are now moving a little faster. Spent this weekend friends and family. I went dancing this weekend and also had surprise party to go to. The funny thing is that I went to one of those girly party's . There was a lady there who had implants. I asked her "I hope you dont mind me asking you this, but what size are you? She stated to me she was a DD and we started talking. Turns out she knows my Doctor. She also stated to me that I will be inGood Hands. Any one out there that is a small D I need to see your boobies please ,,,, LOL I'am just trying to make sure I am not going look to big. Know Ihave to be a good girl for the rest of the week!,,,,

Okay so my surgery is this Friday and I think I am...

Okay so my surgery is this Friday and I think I am having a little melt down today. I want to yell at some one.. I'am crying and I don't know why. Surgery is Friday period is Monday should I be really doing this? Has any one else felt like this before? Maybe it's just because I am home alone!

Okay so after my crying episode I got into the...

Okay so after my crying episode I got into the shower and took a long hot shower. I picked up my walker today found old sheets,, I also found a old hospital gown... I have safety pins for my drains. I have a timer.. Then I watched Birds the movie. I will be on the recliner. I am still a little nervous not as bad. I just pray and hope that everything goes very well.

Okay today was a great day, went to the doctor...

Okay today was a great day, went to the doctor with my husband then I went to lunch with my son. I went and bought some cheap pj's I have my walker, shower chair, a shower curtain for,y recliner old sheets ,, bought some pillows today. Stool softness, gauze pads. Getting ready. Hospital called me today for surgical instructions. Less than 48 hours and counting!

Okay I am getting nervous I think I will try to...

Okay I am getting nervous I think I will try to get some sleep I have to at the hospital tomorrow at 615 in the moring flat and perkery side Hear I come!!!!!,!,,,!,!,!,!, ,

Well Ican you that I had pain. I felt it when they...

Well Ican you that I had pain. I felt it when they transferred me from the operating table to the gurnee. My doctor told that removed a lot of skin I also had major muscle damage. My crotch is swollen right now. My boobs look great. He ended up only putting in 150cc in each side. I hahd a b/l and b/a had Lipo under the bra lines.

Went to the doctor yesterday and he says I am doing great. Healing is going well. This Friday I go to the doctor again I hope to get these drains out. I was producing 35 to 49 from Friday til yesterday as of last night to this moring at 10 :00 am was only producing 10 cc on both sides. I have some bursing. Does anyone get a burning sensation, and a tighten feeling? I will try to post more pics. Later. Thank you ladies for your posts and prayers

Okay so today I went to the doctor because my...

Okay so today I went to the doctor because my thighs were swelling real bad.he told me that or is normal. I also saw my couhie today and boy is that tender and sore also
numb. It feels real weird has happened to any one or is any one going through this know? Ultjsnl you ladies in advanced for your cooperation.

Okay one. Week since my surgery and today I am...

Okay one. Week since my surgery and today I am very swollen. There is major numbness in my belly and my pubic area. Has any one else had this promblem? Did any body have liquid leak from there belly button? Go to the doctor today hopefully I ca get these drains out today!

Okay 8 days since my surgery, swollen beyond...

Okay 8 days since my surgery, swollen beyond belief especially. My thighs. I have no idea why my thighs are so swollen. Still have had a bowel movement yet. But I guess it's hard when you are on a liquid diet. Somewhat, had my drains removed yesterday the right one hurt like no tomorrow had made me cry!!! The left one I Didn't feel I hade my suctures removed and I till have a lot of bruing down there. Inow must place neosporin on the area and cover it with gauze for about a week. My told me that it was not sernoma . Had a good night sleep last night I am able to take showers. I jut wish the swelling and the bruising will go away. Sorry if there our any misspelled words I am doing this from my I- pad" happy healing ladies.

Does any one have horriable swelling in there...

Does any one have horriable swelling in there legs? I have bee walking but it seems as thou they swell more!

Everything seems to be going well I will try to...

Everything seems to be going well I will try to pictures soon it's hard when your parents are iN TOwn. I have cut back on the pain meds. But the swelling in my knees nd thighs then to legs is so annoying!!!!!!!!! I am eating a low sodium diet. I finally had a balmovement on Saturday, I felt like I gave birth to a 9 pounds of joyous crap! I am walking around the house if I compress my belly thighs legs and feet then were does the fluid go? Any suggestions?

I am 16 days PO and the biggest promblem I am...

I am 16 days PO and the biggest promblem I am having is my thighs and legs are swollen real bad when I try to start walking How do I get rid of the this swelling?? Please help. My belly sometimes swell as well but not as bad as my legs. I have elevated. Yes I had Lipo on my flanks. Please help!!!

I have found that the items I needed the most...

I have found that the items I needed the most were,
The Walker, The Shower Chair, tons of pillows, extension cord to charge your phone, I-pad, etc. loose clothing, badge hanger over our neck to pin your drains to. Sheet for your recliner. Go to a sporting good store and get the shorts or Capri,s for compression wear these over your binder, it helps you stand straight. Nike or Underaroumor are the best. A timer for sure. The Largest glass of water. What ever you do do not take a shower when no one is home. I took a shower and I almost passed out. Instant flavored oatmeal, fruit, do not eat a lot of sodium. When your colon wakes up watch out!!! You will wonder where some of this shit was kepted.

Well it has been a long ride these past 20 days,...

Well it has been a long ride these past 20 days, Tomorrow I will be 3 weeks. Well it has been a journey so far. My new ta tas have turned out excellent and I am very happy with them so far. My left boob has started to drop so far my right one has not. Going into this surgery I knew I had to quit smoking. Not just quite smoking that also means no second hand smoke, no nicotine products what so ever!!!!!!!!!!!

I can say honestly say that I did do all this almost for a full month. I currently Weigh 139 pounds, this is with no swelling of course. I thought I was healing real well. Then all of sudden the purple spot you see on the right side is already exposing it self as soon as I was in recovery. It was huge!!!!!!!!!!!! and Long!!!!!! each day it was getting smaller and moving its way down. hen the day before my Mother was to leave she wanted me e-mail my doctor a picture. Well he wanted me to come into his office asap. Which I did. As you can see in the picture he poked me through my incision and it went deep!!!!!!!! next thing I know I was bleeding all over the place and he then packed me. He gave me a prescription for antibiotic called CEFADROXIL. I started taken them on may 9th two times a day.

Monday May 14 went to see my PS and the next thing I my incision has open more and there is more blood and puss behind it.
My PS then cleaned it all out along with all the infected skin as well. Now I am going to his office every day. My PS is still packing me every day to make sure the infection is gone so that I can heal properly.

We have determined the cause of this was from lack of blood supply, Not from me smoking, Like I stated to before I quit smoking 37 days before my surgery, I also did not have any nicotine either. II will keep you updated om my progress.

Well I went to my PS today to have my dressing...

Well I went to my PS today to have my dressing today. I cant believe this. As you know as of Monday I have been going through wound healing. Well today is Friday and guess what,, My wound is now starting close. My PS stated that I am healing really well. I then asked him, How long do I have to wear this binder? I explained to him, that last night I could night sleep because of the swelling. When I took off the binder the swelling went down and I was able to sleep. I then asked him if I could wear the Nike compression shorts? He stated yes I can were them.

He explained to me that if we wear our binders to tight over our incessions for a long period of time that it can cause complications with healing. I came home I research it and it can happen. I guess that is why he is the doctor. So far most of the day I have been binder free. I am enjoying so far. I still am swollen but not as bed as I was in the beginning of the week and last week.

I was able to walk more today. I even got to trim my rose bushes today, straighten up my house. I have so much energy today. I am still staying on my low sodium diet. I go back again to the doctor tomorrow to get to have my dressings changed again.

Happy Healing Ladies and stay positive.

Well today I will be 46 Days PO and one month...

Well today I will be 46 Days PO and one month since my surgery site was cut open due to the infection. I can tell you it has been a rough ride. I am still healing the whole has gotten smaller. The reason I am sharing my recovery with all of you is in case this does happen to someone else.

You will have days that you cry and wonder why me, how did this happen. Then you will days that you are okay. I did everything I was suppose to, I quit smoking, matter of fact I am still smoke free. Day of surgery I did not use any lotion. I ate healthy.

Sometimes no matter what you do you can not help the issue at hand. I can tell this journey has made me a stronger person. It has brought my Husband and I closer together. i am able to drive now. I am packing my self 2x's a day. I see my PS every week. He gives me the saline solution an d the gauze, I then buy the tape and ab pads. I still use a shower chair. My PS has been there during this time with me. He has not charged me for additional time he has spent with me. I will have to have some adjustments. Again I will keep you informed. Yes I do get muscle spams in my abs when I am sleeping or when I first wake up. i am sleeping in my bed now,, Its been a whole a week. Yeahh

My journey still continues, I will still keep everyone updated, Stay positive and stress free. Happy healing Ladies

Well yesterday I was 60 days I am still healing...

Well yesterday I was 60 days I am still healing and I am now only packing about half foot gauze instead of 7 feet of gauze. My whole is closing. The hole on my right breast ois closing as well. I still swell and get spasms in my abs when I wake in the moring. For some reason my lower legs and feet have been swelling. I don't why??? I will be posting more pics this weekend. Happy healing every one. Have a great weekend. Staying Postive.

Well its July 3rd and I am still healing. My hole...

Well its July 3rd and I am still healing. My hole is closing,, I am only down to a sheet of gauze for packing instead of 7 feet. I get tired more, I feel pulling and stretching sometimes numbness. I think the reason why I am feeling this way is because the wound is closing. I will have to check out my options with the issue of my breasts. Now my right side is a size C and my left is a D also my areolas are uneven. Its sad when you child asks you Mom why is one nipple higher than the other. From what my Ps has stated he can repair this in his office.

Due to the wound still be being open I still swell, I still muscle spasms. Numbness and burning in my belly area. I am now closing fast. I am happy with the progress of my wound. I am also posting pictures today so you can see the progress. I have my sex drive back even though I cant have sex yet,, well maybe oral. LOL Hey okay I had to add that.

My right breast has closed and healed quickly also in the pass month. all in all progress is moving slowly. Cant wait to wear jean shorts, jeans etc. getting tired of dresses, and compression shorts.

Is anybody else having the swelling and numbness of there belly area after this long after surgery??Happy healing Ladies.

I was just wondering if any one is having a...

I was just wondering if any one is having a tighting feeling along with your upper abs feeling a little hard???
Dr. Raine MD

After visiting 10 different doctors and investigation them on the State Lic. web site. I choose Dr. Raine. The office staff is very friendly and not only did he see me once but he saw me twice because I had additional questions.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Yes I have the tight hard feeling in my upper abs..especially after sitting or laying still for any period of time. PS told me its the muscles healing and spasms from where the muscle repair was done. My wound ended up opening up like yours ..not as big, at least not yet, and I am doing wound care every day. So I can totally relate.
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How are you feeling? Hope you're doing better.
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My upper abs is still swollen and hard and my stomach tightens when I am immobile for a while or when I do too much.
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I also get lfull ab spasms when laying on my back for a period of time.
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I'm sorry it's been so hard, you really look beautiful. I hope things continue to look up:)
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I am hoping they do, staying positive. Thank you by the way. I figured that this had to happen to me, this way I could educate all of us. LOL
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I am afraid of what happened to you will happen to me. My PS said the sooner I quit smoking the better. He said 6 weeks before and 6 weeks after but I will still have a more of a chance of that happening since I have been a smoker then a non smoker. How are feeling?
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I am feeling fine. I think it depends on the person. I quit smoking almost 30 days before my surgery I have been smoke free ever since,, I also stay away from second hand smoke while I am healing. Each day is a day that I have accomplished. It does take 45 days for you body to be nicotine free. Then you blood vessels open up again. But that is what I read. My father had surgery and he had his kidney removed. However he smoked the day of his surgery and 7 days after. He never got an infection. Just remember its about the Nicotine. Chantix did not work for me. For me its was red hot cinnamon weather it be in gum or jolly ranchers. I think quitting smoking was harder than this surgery and recovery,,, Just be careful, I did not place my photos out there to scare people, I dont mean to scare you. I just want people to know yes this can happen. I was like every one else,, wanting perfection. Mine is just taking longer. I would do it all over again. however I would have wanted til summer was over if I knew what I know now. If you need to talk I am here. I have no regrets. I am just glad that my PS has been great though this whole thing. He also has helped me through this as well. I am glad he is very educated in his field. Could you imagine if he was not,, Never mind I dont want to think about that. You must remember to that if you have to go the emergency room that your insurance may not cover that cost, due to the surgery being an elective surgery. Check with your Insurance company as well. Have a Great Day :0)
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Im very worried my incision is heading in your direction. .even in the same spot. After 2 weeks PS numbed area, cut off edges of incision and restitched it. He put new bandages on it n sent me home with instructions to take it way easy till next appt..more pain meds n muscle relaxers. I have done everything he said..its been 3 days and the bandages look wet n bloody..im so depressed cuz at 15 days po I thought I would be well on my way to healing n getting around but no..im scared to see mine turn out the way yours did..im so sorry you had to go thru that. Hope it heals up ok in the end. Prayers for you.
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Looking good mama
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Thank you,,, it's Hard because I really cant work out yet.
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I know how you feel. You look at yourself and you feel good like a second wind and all you want to do is workout.
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Yep but it's hard with a hole, I can honesty say I have Beene up beat about it and when I have bad Dyas My Husband gives me a big hug and says Honey don't let this beat you. NIke compression shorts work great with the swelling along with my packing staying in place.
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I could not imagine. You got a good husband and once you are healed you can exercise until you can't anymore, and besides without the exercise and the hole you are a hot mama :)
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If you're having a bad day and need to vent to a stranger you are always welcome to personal message me. I can understand the roller coaster ride you are on. My right boob swelled to a watermelon on memorial day weekend. It turned out I had a sudural hematoma and went into emergency surgery. Had a boob job all over again drain and all. It scared me and my hubbie. Now my right boob has twice the length scar as well as it is healing 3 wks behind my left. It's weird, my right boob swells and my left one doesn't and it looks odd. It's finally leveling out though. Once the journey is over you know just how much stronger you are then you thought you were. Happy healing and I will pray for you and send good thoughts your way.
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Wel Thank you very much, I will remember that. My boobs still swell it seems a night around 7 I then have to start massaging them then they feel better.
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Thank u :0)
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How are you feeling? Hope better
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still healing but updated and added new pics
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How are you doing? How is the healing going?
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Hanging in there still healing but doing okay,, I added new photos
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Glad that your wounds are healing. Healthy and happy healing.
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Seems like your having a hard time with your recovery. I hope it gets better soon.
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It's not all that bad. Just glad I have a wonderful PS and he knew what he was doing.. I think that is why he was able to catch it so quickly, because of his experience. ;0)
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