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Slimlight May Cause Deep Burn - Chicago, IL

I have been using the lightstim home held product....

I have been using the lightstim home held product. After a few months, I began to get swelling under the top of my lip. The pain was bad and the welling was painful. I have gone to every doctor to see if it was an allergy to food or ???. I stopped using the light stim and the swelling and burn is slowly getting better. I am very afraid of using this product again. Has anyone expierenced this problem?

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As a former director for the Burn Unit at a Honolulu Hospital, we know that burns are caused by a combination of exposure to temperature and duration. The fact that you were feeling heat suggests this device was putting too much energy into your tissues. Other comorbid conditions may include photosensitizing conditions such as Retin-A applications or other photoactive chemical treatments. I suggest contacting the manufacturer about this reaction and seek consultation with a qualified burn physician for advice and scar management.
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Hey there, thanks for sharing your story with using the LightStim, sorry to hear you may have had a reaction to the device, how often to you use it, and how long do you leave the device on the treatment area?

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In order to see good results, you have to use it for 6 to 8 weeks three min. on each area. I did that and later I started using it once t three times a week for mainteance. I notice that after using it around the mouth area, I started to feel like a burn and swelling. I do not know if it's because the teeth are close to the lips and it gets hotter but I am afraid to use it again.
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Hmmm, interesting, I tried to search the forums and see if anyone else was having the same issue, can you contact the company?

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