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IPL & V-Beam for Keratosis Pilaris Rubra Facei - IPL Caused Rosacea

My regular redness subsided, but i now have...

My regular redness subsided, but i now have rosacea inflammation that i have never experienced before, i originally had it done to remove redness from kprf.

My first treatment i did both an ipl and v beam back to back. The second treatment I did only a v beam. I was doing the treatments to remove permanent redness from keratosis pilaris rubra facei which is different from rosacea. After the second treatment i started to develop rosacea. My derm tells me that its not possible that the laser caused my imflammation. But my entire life my redness has always looked the same, same blotchy rash but it wouldn't extend for anything. Now my face is extremely sensitive. My doctor wants to put me on antibiotics and metrogel. I've been to many derms over the years and none of them have said to do this as I didn't have rosacea. But now all of a sudden i do, but it's not from the lasers says my derm he says kprf and rosacea are similar and as i got older i would've started to see the rosacea take over. what do you guys think?
My face was ruined by a PA-C using a laser. Now, I am told I have Rosacea but it doesn't seem to fit the pattern. Rather, my skin is so thin, it's very sensitive now and red blood vessels (spider veins) are spreading all over my face. I believe it's latent damage from the laser. It's like going out in the sun for years...you don't see the surface damage until you're older...it's the laser.
Chad90 Dry skin, rosacea, burns, scars, fat loss are all happening more frequently now than doctors are admitting to, because they are treating to aggressively and using higher settings, which are resulting in the burns and other damage. I would not recommend getting anymore!!! There are hundreds of victims on various sites telling their stories of burns, fat loss, vision problems, hypo scaring, dry sensitive skin, etc. I am one of them and I had this done 6 months ago my story is here under IPL-Destroyed-my-face-and-chest. There are serious side effects happening, most irreversible, that doctors, esthetians and the manufactures are NOT telling us about. Please make sure you file a complaint against this person with the State you live in and take pictures weekly to have proof if things get worse. Several us are researching to find an way to get this out to the public. If you are already experiencing any adverse reaction, please cancel future appointments, I don't want you to end up like hundreds of us with permanent damage. Hopefully, you will heal just fine with no further damage, but for the hundreds of us out there, please heed our warning.
Carla, How are you? I got a new computer and lost your email....mine's the same as before. Let me know how you're doing.
Dr. Kovak

he messed up

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