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Definite Improvement for Acne and Complexion! - Chicago, IL

This is my 3rd Vi Peel and I've had great results...

This is my 3rd Vi Peel and I've had great results each time. I originally went in for a chemical peel 2 years ago for acne scarring on my cheeks. My main concern was to minimize my scars and little bit of active acne I had. And the peel did just that. I was really pleased with the results and noticed an improvement in scars and also my skin was much smoother after the peel.

The 2nd peel was almost 1 1/2 years after the first and was a Vi Peel Precision Plus. I still wanted to diminish my acne scars because my skin developed more acne and scars since my first peel. However, this time I was also concerned about large pores, uneven complexion and texture, and overall dull skin. I had even better results with the Precision Plus Peel than the original Vi peel. However, I had much more irritation this time and my skin took a few weeks longer to get back to normal so it took a little longer for me to be happy with my results, but the results were definitely better!

I just had my 3rd Peel and it was back to the original Vi Peel this time because I could not justify the cost or extra irritation/discomfort of the Precision Plus. My concern for this peel was still acne scarring. Though I haven't had active acne in some time, my scars are definitely still there and very noticeable. In addition, I was unhappy with my large pores, uneven skin tone and I also have a few wrinkles that popped up overnight since my last Peel.

The application has been painless for me every time. I experience no discomfort or stinging, but I also use a handheld fan. I kept the solution on for 10 1/2 hours because I got the peel in the morning and didn't wash it off until bedtime. I pretty much peeled according to the pamphlet and only on days 2,3,4 was there itching, but it was minimal and easy to handle. I try to avoid putting any cream on my face for itching/irritation during that time and I also do not care for the moisturizer that is included in the Vi kit so I did not use it after this last peel, I honestly think it caused a breakout around my nose and chin the first 2 peels. So, this time I just used a natural moisturizer full of antioxidants and vitamins, but make sure any products you do use do not contain any acids or alcohol. I also have never had any urges to peel the skin or "help" it along, so I can say that my skin peeled exactly how it should have so I did not suffer from any hyperpigmentation.

I also would say that the tagline of a peel with no downtime is totally inaccurate. I would say that I'm probably more insecure than others when it comes to going about my business while having skin hanging off my face so maybe other people have found that there is no downtime, but not me. Each time I have gotten the peel I made sure that I had plenty of time off otherwise I honestly would not have gotten the peel because I just would never go out in public when it's at its worst. But, I am totally in awe of those who just don't care, seriously!! I do wish that the company and/or professionals performing this peel would be more honest and upfront about what you're really feeling and looking like a few days in. It's just not pretty!

I have my peel performed by a licensed esthetician at a local medical spa. It's the only medical spa in the area so that's why I went there, but I really lucked out because it's a great spa with a very small, friendly, helpful staff. I know they honestly want their clients to have the best results which is how it should be, but it sounds like that is not everyone's experience. You should be comfortable when doing any procedure like this and if you're not or the person doesn't seem confident or qualified I would suggest going somewhere else. Putting you skin (and subsequent happiness) in the hands of another person you don't feel confident with may not be worth it in the long run.

Also, I must say money is very tight for me and I was only able to afford these peels because I saved every penny that other people might spend on extra groceries, shopping, social activities etc for months before I could afford each peel. The chemical peel was more valuable to me right now than those other things so I did have to really save. I don't want to represent that having 3 peels wasn't a major cost and that everyone should just go out and do it because it's worth it. It is worth it, but it's very costly! That being said, an at home Vi peel sounds enticing, right?!? Wrong! Having gone through 3 peels I feel confident enough that I know what the esthetician does and how she does it, but I would never do it myself. Burns can happen so easily and then you will need to spend much more money to try and correct the problem and end up more unhappy with your appearance than when you started.

Purchasing the Vi Peel at my medical spa comes with a micro treatment a few weeks after you get the Peel. The esthetician said the micro really allows for the greatest results because weeks after the peel you still have a lot of dead and dry skin that we can't see looking in the mirror. So by removing that final layer of dead skin gives even greater results. And I have to say that I do tend to get a few whiteheads around my nose and chin after the peeling and so the micro clears that right up and gives that little extra exfoliation that my skin needs. I am so happy that my spa includes that because I could never afford to pay for the peel and the micro separately, but I think it really is necessary for the best results.

Overall, the Vi Peel is costly, but worth it! Honesty, the weeks right after each peel I feel like there isn't that much of an improvement, but after about 4-6 weeks I can really tell the difference with my complexion and skin tone. I have had 3 peels and I needed 3 peels to get the final results that I have today. Just having 1 peel did not give me the results that I wanted when I first started out. So, for me, having multiple peels was necessary. I did have to wait around a total of 2 years to complete all 3 peels due to the high cost otherwise if I had done them in a series I would have had the best results possible. Unfortunately, I just could not afford that, but I'm still very pleased with the outcome.

I wish I had pictures before my first Vi Peel because the difference between then and now is huge. Even though I still have problem areas, my skin looks amazing compared to 2 years ago and that is all because of the Vi Peel. I also have a new skin care regimen in place for after this peel that will definitely help me upkeep the results and no, it's not a medical grade skin care line.

If anyone has any questions, I'll definitely try to help out! And I'll definitely update in a few more weeks.

The one thing I do want to say that I've learned, and am still learning, is that nobody sees what we see! As women, especially, we are so hard on ourselves and scrutinize every flaw and line on our face, but nobody else is. People look at our beautiful smiles or eyes and not all of the flaws we see. It's definitely okay to pursue radiant, beautiful skin, but it's also important to appreciate what we already have! Honestly!

4th Vi Peel

I finally decided to go in for my 4th Vi Peel. Again, my concerns are acne, large pores and uneven skin tone. I went off of birth control several months ago and have been dealing with acne ever since. It's the classic hormonal acne along the jawline, cheeks, down to my neck. I have found nothing to clear it up even balancing out my hormones with natural supplements, usually you just have to wait it out until your body bounces back. But, I didn't feel like waiting it out this time so I headed to the spa for a peel!

When I went in for the regular Vi Peel, I found out they now offer a Vi Peel Acne so that was recommended since I have active acne. The procedure was exactly the same as it has been. I experience no discomfort at all. It's quick and painless taking a total of 20 minutes before I'm out of there.

In the past I have felt irritation on days 2 and 3, but I have not had any irritation so far. The only thing I experience is slight burning in the creases of my nose the first time I wash my face after it peeled, usually on day 3. It's very mild and stops right away. After having 4 peels what I have learned is that even though there may be a long period of time between peels, the more peels you have done the less 'sensitive' your skin is to the peel. Not in effectiveness, but in irritation, stinging, etc. My esthetician even commented that your skin doesn't take as long to revert back to normal ph after subsequent peels. The other difference I noted is that my skin for the 3rd and 4th peels is just sloughing off where the first 2 peels it was more like layers peeling off.

I am on day 4 and the skin around my nose and mouth has already peeled. The skin from my hairline started peeling off late on day 2. I am expecting to be peeling until day 6 or 7. The information always says that peeling usually takes 3 days, but mine has always taken longer. I don't mean until every bit of skin has peeled, but my cheeks and forehead do not usually peel until day 4 of peeling so about day 5-6 of the peel.

I will continue to update. I did not get to take before photos this time, but will definitely post after.

5th Vi Peel Precision Plus

I went in for a 5th Vi Peel. This time I went with the Vi Peel Precision Plus because it was discounted cheaper than the original Vi Peel. Plus, my skin has progressively been getting worse over the last year so I figured the booster, which is 25% stronger, would be beneficial at this point.

One thing to note is that even though my biggest concern and reason for getting the Vi Peel, or any peel, is acne and its scarring. However, I will not get the Vi Peel Acne again because the only added 'benefit' is that it kills the bacteria from any current breakouts, but as my esthetician has pointed out, the peel is so strong and removes so much dead skin, along with the follow-up facial, that all the bacteria that is 'active' will be killed off and removed anyway. So, it's not worth the extra cost and if you are willing to pay extra, it's better to just go for the Precision Plus and get those added benefits of removing more skin and going deeper.

My esthetician warned me that I may not peel anymore because I have gotten several peels and the more you get them, the less likely you'll have the same reaction in regards to peeling and/or pain/stinging. I did peel though and actually started the second night which is earlier than ever before. I started peeling around my mouth and nose first with a little on my cheeks. I'm currently on day 4 and only have my forehead and a little patch on my cheeks left to go. The skin on the forehead is always the last to peel off.

The initial application and day of is never painful or uncomfortable to me. The days that hurt a little are days 3-5 when a majority of the peeling occurs and that's just because the skin exposed is so tight and so raw that it burns regardless of what product you put on it. You must use a very mild product with no acids though because that will definitely burn and can leave scarring since it's on raw skin. I use a tiny bit of the protectant that comes with the peel kit to reduce any stinging, but I try to apply as little product or moisturizer of any kind as possible in the first week after I peel because I'm prone to breaking out after I peel.

I will update shortly on the rest of my progress.
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