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Mommy makeover - Chicago, IL

I have finally decided to go through with this...

I have finally decided to go through with this procedure after YEARS of contemplating and saving! I began my journey back in 2009 looking for surgeons that were reasonably priced. Now here I am five years later in the same boat with more issues now than back then. I plan on having my surgery scheduled for late February. I have one more consultation before I finalize my plans.


This is so embarassing!

Thunder Thighs

The husband doesn't feel that I need this area done, however....

Consult number 3

I went for a 2nd consult last week and was VERY DISAPPOINTED! I had a consultation with this PS five years ago and at the time I thought that he was a good option. He had done surgery on a nurse friend of mine and she said that he was great. In 2009 when I saw him, I thought the same thing- soooo not the case now. Beside manner was rather cold and he didn't give much information. Needless to say he is in the no pile and I am now looking forward to my consult #3. Here are a few more pics of my soon to be gone nightmare.

Looking forward to seeing my VaJayJay again! ;-)

So I haven't seen my vag since sometime early 2007.... I am a 38 year old mother of 4, the last two being a set of twin boys born summer of 2007. I have a 18yr old daughter with the perfect body... similar to the one I used to own- and a 15yr old son. After the birth of my daughter 18yrs ago, my body rebounded easily, not so easily after the 2nd pregnancy, but I still managed to look normal. I was always a small person- 5'0'' weight ranged between 145-155 prior to the twins. I was 210 at delivery and afterward I yo-yo'd between 160-170. My BMI is on the higher side so I am going to work out prior to surgery in hopes of getting my weight down to the 150's. Does anyone have any workout tips?

Another Consultation

I met with Dr David Shifrin on Monday. I had never considered getting my breasts done because I've never really had a problem with by boobies- my husband loves them and would die if I changed my 38 dd's. Dr Shifrin said that I would be the perfect candidate for a lift.... Not sure if I'm willing to go that far. But a new development has come into play. I had become obsessed with looking at big ol booties on realself from the girls who had bbl's done. Now I want one too! My husband said that I don't need any work done, but he wasn't very welcoming to the idea of me getting a bbl. Well I sort of pressed the issue and now he says that it's my body and ultimately my decision and that he would support whatever I decided to do. So now I'm awaitiing a call back from Dr Shifrin's ofc to see how much all of this work is gonna cost. In the meantime I've begun working on changing my eating habits and adding fitness to my daily routine. Hopefully I'll get at least 10 lbs off before I have surgery. Funny thing tho, only one surgeon out of the 3 I consulted with said that he wouldn't be able to flatten my stomach. Shifrin said he could knock me down like 4 dress sizes...WOW! BY THE WAY

New Mommy on the Horizon!! TT, BREAST LIFT, & BBL

The biggest draw back for me is my husband. One minute he says that I should'nt get it because he is concerned about my health and the next minute he says it's your body do whatever you want. I am a 38 year old mother of 4.5 children, an 18 year old daughter, 15 year old son, a 13 year old step daughter, and 6 year old twin boys. The twins were the ones who did me in.

I am so looking forward to getting this surgery done. I feel very apprehensive at times, however there is nothing that is gonna stop me, God willing.

Today is the day!!!!!

Getting ready to hit the road headed to the surgery center!

Made it to the flat side!!

I'm really exhausted ... Pain level at 6. Too tired to post a real update... Maybe 2mar?

Still can't believe I got this done!

I've been walking every 2 hours or so. Still feeling exhausted but I have an awesome support team, which helps tremendously. My daughter pointed out that I had some swelling on my right side. Hopefully it's nothing since my drains have a steady output. I'll call Dr Shifrin to be on the safe side.

Day 4

Day 5

Friday 2/7 was my surgical follow up & only one of those pesky drains were removed along with the pain pump. Hopefully the remaining drain comes out soon!


I woke up Saturday morning after having the pain pump discontinued and DAMN! In my Kevin Hart voice "I wasn't ready!"
It was hard to do anything without having severe abdominal muscle spasms! My PS called in a RX for flexeril and it did help considerably

Sunday day 6 post op

Taking ibuprofen and muscle relaxers to manage the discomfort, otherwise an uneventful day

6 weeks- that corset tho....

I have started "waist training " to define my waist. I'm only two days in so far. My measurement started out at 35 for my waist. Hopefully I can get it down. I'll measure again at about eight week post op mark.

Another post op visit today

Going to Dr Shifrin for my "1 month" check up... Even tho I'm almost 7 weeks. Nothing to really report tho. Just a formality. This is a pic of me without the corset for a few hours.

More pics

B4 & after


New Wardrobe???

There is no question that I need a new wardrobe. The thing that I did not consider was that I should have included that in the total price for everything. I need new bras, underwear, pants, shirts, and scrubs! I know Dr Shifrin said that I was gonna go down like four dress sizes, but I really didn't anticipate it to be like this. I am now 154 lbs- down a whopping 21lbs from my pre-op weight of 175. I can honestly say that I haven't felt this great and looked this confident in years. I constantly get the side eye from some co-workers. A few say "wow you look great" or "How'd you do it?" I usually say that I was recently diagnosed with diabetes and needed a lifestyle change- which is very true- just not the whole truth. Those who matter know, and those who don't can just keep guessing. I have also noticed that my husband is starting to get super irritated with all the extra attention that I am getting from random men while we are out and about. That reason alone might be why he doesn't want me to get a BBL.....
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You look great. DR SHIFRIN is the MAN!! So happy for you and God bless you
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I love you girl You look great Always an inspiration :) Thanks for the $!
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So welcome, hunny! Love you too!
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what kind of compression garment did you use?
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Girl you look so great!
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Your results are great! and wow a nice weight loss! Congrats! I am just 24 days post op and I cant wait to get as far as you are. Patience is so hard to find during this process! Anyway, you look awesome!!
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OMG!!! You look awesome !!!! Girl I know you must be one happy lady with those results.... I hope I look good like you after surgery.....how does your breast feel?
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Guuuuuurl u look hella good. That b4 & now is like wow! Congrats on everything.hoping my journey is a good one as well. Keep it up.. love ur curves
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your fabulosa chica,god speed to u. your looking so awesome so flat,well done! Dr.Shifrin,es amazing. i read this 2x,and glad your FINALLY doing it. and i love that YOUR happy,i feel it. 1 of best i've seen since being here.so enjoy yourself. look so flat,(even if i read hubbie,went back and forth i.e. not to do it,or"u don't need it."i am loving to see women,strong,who REALIZE,we are doing this for ourselves, first and foremost,that is when i know the woman is really happy/enjoying her outcome,so god speed to you girlie. your waist is back to its sexy self,yep.i know your thrilled! a"Happy Stomach" is a healthy looking Stomach, so enjoy! life too short not to. adios ~certified sexi flat stomach~
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Wow -- your waist is TINY and sexy! Thanks for your support on my post.
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You look sooo sexy.....beautiful to read your story....very happy for you.....hope you go for the BBL if that's truly your heart's desire.......
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Congrats on your weight loss! Like you I'm also down since my mm procedure (30lbs). Ain't it crazy (The side eye stares from the haters)? Oh well.... It is absolutely AMAZING what this sx does for your self esteem! My confidence is definitely in another stratosphere. ;-) You look fantastic! Enjoy your new body chica!
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Now you know I've been following you since I started my journey on here! When I saw you in that corset hunt it was on and popping! I ordered my corset that next day! This waist training here is the real deal! You have been an inspiration as I have told you before and thank you for checking in on me!
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Your results are great! Congratulations:)
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Thank You!
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Yaaaaas honey, work! Love your results.
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Thanks so much for the tips. ..!!!
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Love your journey!
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Thanx! I left some potentially helpful info in the comments on your profile. hope it helps you out.
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Hey.. you looking good, youre my " motivation.."Dr. Shifrin will be my surgeon too..he wants me down 30 pounds by June...im really trying...10 down , 20 to go......
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Thanks Butterfly7! It feels awesome to know that I have motivated someone. Dr Shifrin is a wonderful surgeon so you are in very capable hands. What are you doing to get rid of the weight?
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I have increased water, stopped eating after 8, workout 4 days a week .I have done a lot of cutting back on sweets..and I am a work in progress open to any suggestions at this point, if I don't lose enough, surgery may be post poned. I had also tried replacing 1 meal with a healthy nutriblast or smoothie..
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I know technically phentermine is not all that safe but it does work........
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You look wonderful ! I look forward to following the rest of your journey . . .
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