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5 weeks Post Surgery - New Pics - Swollen or Not Enough Fat Removed??

In less than a week I am having a full tummy tuck,...

In less than a week I am having a full tummy tuck, lipo contouring, breast lift and lipo on my legs. It's a lot to do in one surgery which makes me very nervous. I think I'm more nervous about the pain but after reading other posts I am feeling much better. My friend had the same procedures by Dr. Platis and so far he has been amazing.

It's been 3 years since my last baby and 3 years...

It's been 3 years since my last baby and 3 years of trying to get my body back without success. Oddly all my mommy friends and I mean ALL, lost their baby weight, have flat tummies and look amazing with very little effort. While I really don't compare myself to them, I am only 41 and don't think I should go the rest of my life having to wear a tankini to hide my flabby stomach.

I've always told my husband that there would be the possibility that I would want/need a TT after we were done having kids. It was kind of a joke but after 3 months of killing myself in the gym and being diligent about my diet and no changes, I was fed up. It took him awhile to come on board but he's slowly being more supportive.

It's very expensive and I do feel guilty spending this much money on myself but my body is limiting my life. There are many times when I will avoid being with friends and going out in public because I can't fit into my clothes and I refuse to buy bigger sizes. I'm only 5'2 and while I don't weigh too much, it's the blob of fat around my middle that drives me crazy. When you can't button your pants and they fit everywhere else, it's depressing!!

My 'skinny" friends think I'm crazy, but until you walk in someone's shoes, try not to judge. Yes I look normal in clothing but naked not so much.

Finding this website and reading everyone's stories and seeing photos has really made me so excited. I think deep down my nervousness is coming from having complications. I've had knee surgery twice and breast augmentation in my 20's before I had kids and was never this scared. Having a husband and kids really puts things into perspective. I would never forgive myself if there were complications from PS that affected my family in a negative way.

I pray everything goes as well for me as it has for everyone else. Today I am putting together a pos-op shopping list. If anyone has any tips for me please let me know.

5 days and counting!!

You are going to do just wonderful.  Two more days and you are off.  You are going to look wonderful.

Hi i am getting my tummy tuck done a day before you do so we can go through it together. I can relate to a lot of what you've said. I am 42 and feel the same way.i look at others that have had babies and have flat tummys i don't know how they have done it. I exercise and have strong stomach muscles. Even when i lose weight elsewhere i still have a pregnant looking tummy. I was thinking of breast reduction also but I'm too scared...i am size E!
good luck you are on Wednesday right? I don't blame you about the lift but I had an augmentation 10 years ago and needed a lift then but didnt want to spend the money because I had no kids yet. Now I'm hoping I'll get the results I was supposed to have then. Are you nervous? What have you done to prep for the big day? Good luck! Can't wait to hear how it goes. Be sure to post so I can check in hopefully on Friday.

Wow! I can't believe in less than 2 days I will be...

Wow! I can't believe in less than 2 days I will be headed in for my mommy makeover. Today I went in for my pre op appointment with Dr. Platis and took the before photos. I am truly excited, still nervous but all I keep thinking is get this blob off around my belly.

He says I don't have much skin to pull down but the full TT is needed because the area under my breasts is loose. Fine by me, but my old belly button hole will not be below my panty line. The good news is my c-section scar will be gone.

The past few days I have been consistent taking pharmaceutical grade iron, Emergen - C, Vitamin D, Natural Calm (magnesium) and tonight I took an Epson salt bath then showered washing with Antibacterial soap. All tips from other women and my doctor. Tomorrow I will take another bath followed by shower with Hibiclens (another antiseptic antimicrobial skin cleanser possessing bactericidal properties).

Finished up all my Christmas shopping today so feeling less stressed about the holidays. My recliner is a ready and tomorrow I'll be buying all my post-op supplies (food, prescriptions, etc).

Thanks to this website and so many other women sharing their stories, I am much more excited and less nervous than I was 5 days ago. Just ready to get this over with!
Thank you for the kind words!

Tomorrow is the big day! I'm so tired I don't have...

Tomorrow is the big day! I'm so tired I don't have the energy to be nervous. I've been running around all day prepping to be off work for several weeks and out of commission at home. So any last words of encouragement or advice? Off to bed soon and hopefully I can sleep.

See you on the flat side!

Thinking about you today:)

Hope it went well! everyday gets better. Im only 2 days post and amazing the difference a day makes.....good luck thinking of you
you can do this. i figure all the prep and hard work that goes into getting ready for surgery entitles us to 3 guilt free weeks with our feet up taking many naps :-) Godspeed!

Wow! I'm not going to lie but this is painful. I...

Wow! I'm not going to lie but this is painful. I am answering the question - Was it worth it? Not sure. I haven't seen anything yet so I can't say how I feel about the outcome.

Today is day 2 post surgery and yesterday was the worst. Thursday immediately after the surgery wasn't so bad but once the anesthesia wore off, holy moly! Because my surgery was so long (5 hours), I had to stay overnight. This was the best decision because that night was rough. I was prescribed The doctor had prescribed percocet and unfortunately it took an hour to kick in, wore off in 3hrs and made my mind race. I basically didn't sleep the entire first night.

The nurses at the surgical center was amazing! Staying overnight it totally worth it because they are up all night to help you get up and move around, plus I had a catheter so didn't need to worry about going to the bathroom. If I had been home my husband would have been up with me and would have been a mess on day 2. It worked out great because he was rested and was able to handle the worst day.

By the time Dr. Platis showed up the following morning at 8 am I had determined we needed to switch my pain meds to Norco which I took after my c-sections and I needed ambien.

I was all set to use a recliner when I got home but that didn't work out so much. Could not get comfortable to save my life.Finally switched to my Tempur-Pedic bed using my kid's step stool to get in and out of. My back is killing me but the heating pad has really helped.

I just took a pain pill and feel a little loopy. Will update again later. Thanks so much for all the kind words and the encouragement. Means a lot! More to come soon...

Is anyone else having issues with going to the...

Is anyone else having issues with going to the bathroom in the compression garment? mine is a full body suit with a hole cut out in the vagina area. Every time I pee it goes under my left leg and it is disgusting! I've tried towels and put my feet on a stool but nothing works. I have to stay in this thing another full day before I see my doctor again. I just love sitting in urine. Good times.

I decided to take a 1/2 vicodin at 1 pm and start to regret this now. I just took another 1/2 and my stomach is killing me. May have underestimated my pain level. I thought I was at a 4 and now I am at a 8! OMG this hurts so bad.

I also discovered my right labia was swollen and purple so I called PS and he said it was normal and I need to move around more and change positions. All the blood is flowing down to that area. Moved to the recliner and a few hours later the swelling is down significantly. I read on this website that it is very common but you should call your surgeon to be sure all is ok.

I try walking around and standing up but it is so freaking tight and my back is so cramped up I can barely move. I really hope this subsides by tomorrow. I have a very low pain threshold as it is. Not to mention my stomach is cramping from all the gas. This better be worth it.

I keep having images that I'll be stuck in this hunched position forever. Ok - off to take another 1/2 my pain is continuing to increase.
Yes im with you not sure if its worth it yet..i have a different bladder problem in that i need to go constantly like every 15 minutes my bladder feels so sore. Im thinking its the swelling in the area pushing on my bladder...fun times indeed....every day has to get better...one day at a time..thinking of you
I had a really rough first 3 days to but It DOES get better everyday....i am day 4 and the difference is huge! Im thinking of stopping all pain meds because like you they send me a little crazy. I will just take bromelain a pineapple extract natural anti inflam and of course antibiotics.Hang in there it improves greatly each day...thinking of you
good to know. is day 4 counting your surgery day? i noticed some are counting that as a post op day for some reason. did your surgeon ok the bromelain? i've been putting pineapple in my smoothies. i wasn't given antibiotics. holy crap this hurts. I may need to go back to a full pill. thanks for the support.

3 days post surgery and my back feels like it is...

3 days post surgery and my back feels like it is going to be permanently stuck in this hunched position. I can walk from my bedroom to the kitchen but I get winded and my back feels like it could snap in two pieces.

I need to take a BM like nobody's business. Took Colace today but nothing happened. My post op appointment is tomorrow morning so I'll ask my doctor if I should head to the drugstore for a suppository. Good times...

Thankfully I am able to sleep through the night with the Ambien. I started icing my back last night rather than using heat. That definitely reduced the swelling in my lower back. However now I have a cramp in my left shoulder blade so the heating pad is around my neck.

I'm actually very comfortable in bed it's the getting up and moving around that is the challenge. I was hoping today would be better but I know it takes time. I think reality set in today that I just had major surgery. There are moments when I can't believe I went through with it.

On a positive note, I removed the sterile gauze from my breast and they look amazing!! My skin is tight around my implants and I have cleavage without wearing a bra for the first time in my life.

Hoping tomorrow is less painful. How long do you wear this compression garment? How long does it take for you to be able to stand up straight. My stomach is so tight I'm not sure that will ever be possible.

Thanks for all your support. Will update after the doctor tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday.
I had a bm everyday and even twice a day using equate senna tabs from Walmart! I was walking pretty much straight by day 4 but if I stop getting up and doing my regular walks I'm noticing a bit of regression! My dr said I have to wear my bra and binder for 6 weeks which seems pretty standard but you might ask your ps! I'm pretty comfortable when laying down but I'm noticing how important it is to get up and walk around! Also DO NOT try to do much with your arms/chest muscles I simply leaned down over my chair to grab pills and felt a searing pain in my chest and have now had that same pain for three days! Hope your recovery ones smoothly you'll see how quickly your body starts to recover!
It gets better !!! Hang in there!
Oh my... Well feel better and good luck at the doctors

OMG just returned from my post-op appointment and...

OMG just returned from my post-op appointment and saw my stomach for the first time. I was shocked at how freaking good it looked. Very little bruising and my belly button looks ah-mazing! My husband was shocked at the difference and how flat the top area of my stomach was. Guess he was so used to seeing my fat role he didn't realize it wasn't supposed to look like that.

Goal is to start reducing my pain meds and start taking Aleve. Advil doesn't do much for me so I got the green light to take another anti inflammatory. My back is doing better today, I can stand up a little straighter. Stomach is still really tight and I get tired easily but overall not so bad. According to Dr. Platis the worst is over.

I will post pics in a few hours. Hope everyone is doing great and if you just had surgery it does get better.
Yeah go girl so happy for you i get to see mine tomorrow..happy xmas
Like you my surgery was Dec 20. It's excruciating pain. I have terrible heartburn. I've only taken pain meds for 3 days. It hurts so much swallowing the pills. I had an intense muscle repair. Did you have any problems with heartburn?
That's great to hear... Can't wait to see the pics.

Today (Sunday) is 10 days post surgery and happy...

Today (Sunday) is 10 days post surgery and happy to report that I was officially off pain meds this past Thursday. Have been taking Aleve the past few days but the pain is really gone, just a little stiffness.

I took new pics today and not much has changed since the surgery. I have very little bruising which is good but a little worried about my hips and inner/outer thighs. I can't tell if these areas are mostly swollen or there wasn't enough taken out. I don't see much difference in the before and after pics either. Stomach is great, just the other areas. I know it takes awhile to see true results but can't help but be nervous. Anyone else experience this?

A few days ago I freaked out after noticing my belly button was closing in so thankfully I read on this forum that you can use an ear plug. Genius! My hubs was totally grossed out but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I'm not sure how long to keep it in so I usually sleep with it and then remove during the day.

Yesterday I finally left the house a few times. Returned a few gifts with my hubs, had lunch then we went to dinner and a movie. A little aggressive for a first outing but I did take my tempurpedic travel pillow. Sure I look like an old lady but I was comfortable. LOL!

Happy New Year!

A tip on getting things moving in terms of BM's......

A tip on getting things moving in terms of BM's....I tried Colace and Senokot-S- neither worked for me so I went back to the supplement I take regularly which is Natural Calm (Magnesium and calcium). It's magnesium in powder form that you can pick up at Whole Foods. Highly recommend starting with 1 tablespoon, dissolve in warm water first and let the fizz dissipate 100%. Add a little cold water and drink with a straw. You can build up to 2 tablespoons.

Not only will it help flush you out it also helps with sleep. Drink before bed. Be sure to ask your doctor before taking just to be sure.

wow, you look great!
Looking awesome!
U look great

Is it normal to feel depressed after surgery? The...

Is it normal to feel depressed after surgery? The past few days I have had serious blues but I'm hoping its from being locked in the house for so long.

This holiday will go down as one to forget. Haven't been able to do much for the kids but glad they are too young to remember.

All I want to do is sleep the next few weeks away and wake up when I can have my life back. Guess this is a small price to pay, uh?

Sorry to be such a Debbie downer on NYE. Feel very grateful that I was able to do this and everything went well and recovery is on track. Hope this pity party will be over soon.

On a lighter note I ordered a Vita Mix yesterday. Anybody have one?
You look great! And I wanted to tell you I've had a few depressed days myself lately. I'm 20 days PO, so happy with how my belly is looking, but just kinda crabby too :) I'm tired, uncomfortable, slow... you know exactly what I'm saying! lol My hubby says, just keep remembering how far you've come since surgery day, and that helps! Have a happy new year!
Thanks for all the kind comments. So nice and appreciate the support. It's always nerve racking to post pics of yourself. Hope everyone is doing well in their recovery too.
Why are you in excruciating pain? Did your plastic surgeon not give you a pain pump?! A pain pump drips numbing medicine over the repaired abdominal muscles. It last a few days and then runs out of numbing medicine.

So today is exactly 2 weeks from my surgery date....

So today is exactly 2 weeks from my surgery date. I'm feeling so much better, getting around really well and haven't taken Aleve in several days. However, I'm so concerned about my legs. It barely looks any different, especially from the back. My stomach swelling is slowly going down but I still think more fat could have been taken out. Hoping this is all swelling.

I look at a few other pics everyone is posting and a few look so much better. Probably shouldn't be comparing myself. The good news is I do feel somewhat back to normal. Get tired during the day but I work from home so it's a nice advantage.

Will take pics tonight and post later. Interested in feedback.

Got the Vita Mix last night and it is awesome!
Wow you had a lot done, so jealous(; I am sure it is swelling. I just asked the doctors on this site what is the difference between swelling and fat and their response is of course, see your PS and it is most likely swollen since it is early in the post. I am 2 weeks after a full TT. I saw my PS and he said it was swelling. I still feel like it is fat bc I am swollen in the love handle area?!? I feel like I am huge there bc of the skin he removed from the TT. But I am no PS, so I am praying that he is right!
i just looked at the pics where you posted your question. did your doctor not include lipo contouring with the TT? if not, you may have to go back for lipo. that was the main reason i chose my PS - contouring (lipo in the waist, flanks and i think hips) was included. not everyone does. you look great but i would definitely ask your PS how much lipo he did with your TT.
He told me I didn't need any liposuction. Yeah it isn't included....

I hit the 5 week mark on Thursday. Haven't posted...

I hit the 5 week mark on Thursday. Haven't posted in a few weeks because not much has changed. On Monday I finally went back to the gym, walked on the treadmill for 30 min at 2.5 mph. I felt great but didn't want to push it. Good thing because I came home and had to take a 2 hour nap!

I skipped the gym the rest of the week and just really watched my eating. Decided to go back on Monday and try to go every day to at least walk. Not moving too much is making me feel even more tired and I feel like fat is coming back around in my flanks. My legs still haven't slimmed down very much either.

Just need to stop thinking about it and give everything more time. I still wear my compression garment as much as possible - all day and night too.
I think you look fabulous!!! Keep in mind it can take months for you to see the final results. I was once 229 pounds and after my son I decided to lose the weight. When I got down to the last 20 lbs I struggled to get it off for 2 years. The key for me was diet ie more protien less carbs and weight training. Before the Tuck I did little to no cardio, ate 1800 cal a day but a clean diet no processed foods. I have maintained my weight for approx 3 years. You can do it. Just set small goals for yourself weather it be food or exercise. It will all come together. Focus on the positive you deserve it!!
You look swollen. I had mine on the 12/19 and I'm the same way both below and above the incision--and I had lipo. Also, have not seen much change in my saddlebags either--but PS said its all normal.
You look swollen to me not fat.
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