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I had a TT a little over a year ago. I am nervous...

I had a TT a little over a year ago. I am nervous but after many more consults I have decided to go for a full TT revision. I am not happy with the results. I originally went into this because I had to have my gall bladder out and thought why not do both at the same time. Well I was really naïve about what a BB float meant. My PS basically said I would get the same result with a smaller scar but in the end I have about the same scar as a full but not the tight flat tummy I wanted. So here I am a year later. The risk in doing a full TT after a float is necrosis to the BB as the blood supply has been compromised. I actually had a delay done in 2 stages on the BB to insure blood supply was ok. Luckily my BB is doing fine which indicates it will most likely survive the full tuck. I am scheduled in 9 days to do the full revision with a new PS> My old PS offered to do a whole new TT for no charge but I would have to pay hospital fees. But to be honest I just lost the faith. I researched 9 different surgeons saw 7 and feel like I have a good one. Time will tell. I just pray I am not being too vain in doing this again. Ironically, I had never even thought about it til my gall bladder had to come out and my neighbor had a TT so it seemed like it was a good idea with only one recovery. I have attached some photos I have taken tonight and my biggest issue is I have a lower pooch. It's as if the PS pulled down the pooch from the middle of my tummy and planted it on the bottom. UUGH.
I have read so many good stories on this site of TT revisions. I pray I too will be one of these good stories. I am having a full TT with lipo. Lipo not done the first time. I will be adding the vertical scar as I don't have that much skin to pull down but I guess it is still better than the 3 scars I would have had from doing my gall bladder on its own. Wish me luck. I am needing some good positive vibes.
Almost there! In 24 hours you'll be all done! Happy surgery day!!!
Nervous but excited. I know I am in good hands. Thanks for the well wishes.
Welcome to the community.   I am sending happy thoughts and good vibes your way:)

mother of 4 did TT and going for revision after BB float

Well I am one day post op and feeling so good. waking up was rough as I wretched for 2 hours but once I got that under control I am much better. My PS said he was very pleased with the surgery. I had a float before so we did two small procedures called a "bb float" to watch the BB and let it re establish blood flow for fear it would die. and with the floats it showed no sign of distress so we went for the full tuck. He said my lower ab totally went down which was my biggest complaint and he plicated all the way up to the breast bone. I am sore but taking Norco stagger with motrin and pain is under control. Walking a bit hunched over but not nearly as much as I did with the first one and this time no drain which I think is sooo much better. I have yet to take a peak but will post some pics when I do. I know doing a revision after a BB float was not common so I will share my story b/c for me I found very few people who did a revision after the float. HOpefully my story will help someone in the same situation. I saw 7 surgeons when considering my revision and I must say most surgeons said the float never seems to get women tight enough. so if you are considering a float to save yourself the extra scar please make sure you do your homework. :)

correction "BB Delay"

Tthe procedure done in office to test the blood supply to the BB was called a "BB Delay" not a BB Float. my error. I am 5 days past surgery and feeling really good. Going to PS tomorrow to see scars and BB. So far so good. All looks flatter even though alot of bruising and swelling. Feel good. Been off the hard meds since Saturday pm which was 3 days post op. So I find the second time around easier in terms of how I am recovering even though the bruising is alot more. I did not have lipo the first time so I am sure this is playing a role. I will post pics once swelling seems to subside a bit and once I can figure out how to.

6 days post surgery saw PS today

Well great news. My PS took of the steri strip from the BB and the vertical scar. He won't remove the horizontal strip til next week but the first unveiling was the big one. My BB looks great. Slightly bulging out due to swelling but color is great and clearly getting blood supply. Color is great. The vertical scar is pencil thin and I can tell when it fades will be a non factor for me. So now it is just healing time. I can definitely see a tighter tummy and my PS was able to remove additional skin... quite a bit. Lipo as well makes my waist smaller and the overall contour very smooth. So not even a week out and although I am bruised and swollen I see that long term this will produce the flat smooth tummy I was looking for. Go back in one week to see PS but I am so happy I chose who I chose. He was honest in managing my expectations and I truly feel long term I will have no regrets. And yeah my BB is alive!!!!
Thanks for sharing. I had a float as well 9 weeks ago and I have a lot of excess skin and my stomach is bulging as well. I know I will have to get a revision as well. My surgeon is not willing to do a revision and I feel hopeless as I went to another surgeon and he said nothing can be done. I'm scared to do the surgery again and I have the same thoughts u did but I really wanna get it done. Any advice?
I completely understand your fear b/c so many surgeons will tell you the BB will die so don't mess with it. Not sure where you live but Platis was great and worth a visit, I saw 7 surgeons. 3 said BB will be fine, 2 said it will for sure die and 2 said it was 50-50. You will have to wait at least 1 year to give that BB a chance to establish good blood supply and then you can explore doing the "delay" to the BB. They do a small incision around half the BB and wait a couple weeks to see if the BB is in trouble or if it looks like it is hanging in. I do know how scarry this is. I seriously would have days where I was doing surgery and other days I'd say what's wrong with me don't be so vain why would I risk my health when I have 4 small children. It is such a personal decision. I will tell you I am sooo happy I did it. I still have a full lower ab but I can tell already it is all so much tighter and flatter than what I had with the first surgery where the float was done. The best of luck. I know how hard this is.
Thanks for your reply. U had a new surgeon do the revision? Did it cost a lot more than the original surgery? cause I'm only 9 weeks out and I went to one surgeon and he didn't even wanna touch that area he said there is nothing he can do. I have all those feelings of being vain for wanting this but I am soooo unhappy with my results

2 weeks post op

Well I am 14 days post op my surgery. Saw my PS yesterday and he took the steri strip off my horizontal scar. All looks good. I still have quite a bit of lower ab swelling but all the worst that could have happened didn't i.e.: BB dying and I am lucky as I like what i see so far. I am still wearing my tight garment and by the end of the day I am way more swollen for sure. I know it will take time but boy am I tight. The skin is flat and smooth. Truly looks so smooth. Still unable to work out but I am feeling great and managing a full day of work and kids. This revision was a long journey having to research so many options. No regrets here. I feel better about how I look two weeks post op on my revision than I did after 1 year after my first TT with a float. Pictures to follow soon,
I can't wait to see your updated photos. You're sounding so happy with your results! After paying for this TWICE you should be happy!!!
Thanks. I am very pleased and all the anxiety was worth it. I will post soon.

16 days post revision after float

Here are some photos of my revision only 16 days after surgery. Scars look better in person than they come off in photos and the horizontal scar is so low. Even lower than before. Although my lower abs are still full my overall abs and flanks are so much tighter and no loose skin just hanging over on the sides. I am very pleased and the BB is still swollen but clearly it has survived and found a new blood supply. So far so good. Couldn't be more pleased.
Ur stoamach looks wondrfl! Im 5mos po n im i have a budge in my lowr b also. My ps said tht it is an improve but i told him tht im not satisfied o i thnk tht i also need a second ftt. I cnt wait to get it bc i tell myself i paid all tht money for this. I just cant wait to this bulge is gone. Take care n enjoy the flatness!
I never thought that I would say this to someone who had a Full TT but here goes - your scar is the best scar I have seen ever :-) I am contemplating getting a TT but the scar just turns me off. If I know that my scar would be like yours I'd be getting my TT tomorrow. Congratulations!!!!!
Thanks so much. I have to tell you my scar from my revision is better then the scar from the first TT for sure. My long scar is pencil thin. the 1inch vertical scar was so pencil thing to start but has thickened a bit so my PS is injecting cortisone. It has healed with a little scar tissue. the pS is saying if the corisone does not do the trick then he wants to modify. But to be honest my tummy is so tight and flat this little thickness does not even bother me. The long horizontal scar is picture perfect. Good luck.
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Dr Platis performed a TT revision on me in May 2014. Mine was a difficult revision. Reason being, this is not a common revision as when you float a BB the blood supply is compromised so not something done every day. I researched many surgeons. I consulted with 7 and researched at least 9. To say I am pleased with Dr. Platis and my results so far is an understatement. I saw Dr P 6 months after my first TT and he said let's give it a year. I went back after a year and we agreed the revision was the way to go. He answered all my questions in person and via email. And there were a lot. He did not miss a beat. I had total confidence in his skill as a surgeon. He was direct and honest which I appreciated. He was able to show me lots of pictures and we discussed all the different scenarios. I would highly recommend Dr. Platis. His office staff are all so kind and he is a real pro. Only 16 days out and I am already more thrilled with my results of TT number 2 than I ever was after my TT number one. He won't be the cheapest but he is top notch.

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