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The consultation went great and I am excited. My...

The consultation went great and I am excited. My pre op is scheduled for 10/16. I am having an extended TT with lipo of upper and lower flanks although I don't know if the lower flanks are necessary since I'm having an extended. I don't have much more to say yet. Does anyone know if there is more downtime for an extended TT?

More info. . . .

I forgot to add: I am a mother of one daughter, 8 year old. My husband and I decided not to have any more children. I will post before and after pics. I have 12 days to go.

Dolphin Head!

Dr. Horn said the only part of my tattoo that will be left is my dolphin head. LOL

more before pics

more before pics

once again



Pre op

Pre op went well. Ended up getting a script for Tylenol 3 because I can't take Vicodin! I hope it works. My balance is all paid. I got my "wound be gone." Anyone ever use it? Does it work?

Less than 7 hours to go!

Hello Realselfers! At 7:30 a.m. Central time I will officially undergo my extended TT with lipo of upper and lower flanks and muscle tightening! I am sooo excited. I hope I don't get nervous because I'm not nervous yet. I'm actually at work and have to leave straight from work and go!

day of TT

So far so good. I'm making sure I stays on my pain meds!

2 drains

My drains are just now slowing down.

Post op day 2

My incision is so low! I'm very happy about that. I will se what is done tomorrow when I go for my post op visit

Post op went well

The nurse took the plastic off today and doc sai things are healing good. Luckily I have a nurse at home too! She cleaned up my wound a bit, applied wound be gone and put some sterile gauze on my drains. My drains will not be taken out til one week.

More pics

I am so comfortable with my binder adjusted!

Nice wound

Post op day

Po day 5

Today was a rough day. I slept most of the day and didn't take my pain pills early on. I had a rough day. I decided to start taking the Tylenol 3 instead of Percocet and it doesn't work as well but I'm tired if itching from the Percocet. And I have a rash on my side! Don't know where that's from. Also, I noticed that although my incision is healing fine, on the left side the cut is nice and thin but on the right side the incision seems a bit fleshy and not thin. It's not too bad but I wonder how it will look when it heals. I can't stay awake.


I hate the drains. They weren't bothering me, but the right one keeps getting snagged and my niece almost pulled it out. OMG. It hurt so bad and it's leaking.

Uncomfortable and itchy

Not taking anymore pain meds aside from the occasional extra strength Tylenol. I'm pretty much just uncomfortable. Im not sure if I should be trying to stand up straight but it is very difficult and leaves me out of breath. My first shower was horrific. I have a small area that's oozing. It gets better and then worse. Nurse Gretchen says keep using antibiotic ointment. I must say most of you are super women to have multiple procedures and bounce back so quickly.

Belly button

So here's the belly button. My stomach is still so tight. Sometimes it loosens up and I can stand up straight and then it gets swollen and tight and I cbent over again!

Belly button

Budge above my belly button.

I'm a bit freaked out by the budge above my belly button! I paid for flat! And it hurts feeling disappointed. My scar looks dark in the picture, but it is not. Most of it looks like a line. It is healing great. I have a little not of a love handle on the left side which I'm not pleased with but future weight loss should take care of it.

More pics

This spell check is something else.

Swelling go away!

I can't wait for the swelling to go away! I just wanted to let those of you who don't know that a mixture of cocoa butter and Vaseline is the bizneez for the scar. I researched and Vaseline is supposed to make your scar 33% Bette. I believe it cause mine looks great! I will try to add some close up pics later. I just got off work! Holla!

6 weeks appointment

I finally went for my late 6 week po appointment yesterday. Dr. Horn and his nurse said the swelling above my navel will go down and my tummy will be flat. I can't wait because that pretty much the only thing I'm not happy about. It is still tender right there. Dr. Horn is so quiet, but he is very professional so I guess that's how he keeps it that way. Regardless, he does very good work so I have no complaints and his office is nice, clean, and warm. I hope all of my Realselfers are well!


I think the stitches in my stomach muscles burst. I am 2 months po and my stomach feels full and tight constantly and is protruding. Has anyone ever experienced this so late in the game?

The pooch!

The pooch above my stomach is just still so swollen. If I get too full it really swells. I can't stand to have my binder off. I will add some pics tomorrow. Where is my flat stomach?

Scar pics

My incision is awesome!

belly button

Hey RS. Since I'm on here I want to give yall an update. My belly button has gotten hard around where the suitures were. Has that happened to anyone? Also, I still have the pudge above my belly button. I've seen stomachs that were much bigger than mine before the tt come out completely flat. Why is that? I'm sure that as I lose weight the pudge will ago away, but for $9,250 I want it flat now!!! I still wear a binder almost everyday to feel comfortable when I'm at home. I will post pics tomorrow if I have a chance.

Almost 4 mos

You all are going to say I'm over exaggerating about my pudge but it looks better in the pics and a little different in person. It is getting better though.

More pics



See the pudge good.
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

He was nice and had finesse. I felt really comfortable with him. Dr. Horn is about the business! I appreciate that.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Very nicely Done excellent Dr that did the work I'm from Chicago and was thinking of going to Atlanta but this was a very good Dr that did a dam good job!!
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Congrats. ..how does ur scar look now that several months has passed? If not asking to much can u post some updated pictures would love to see ur progress. Have my surgery July 22nd
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You look great congrats!
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Darn Spell check --swelling above BB
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I am 10 weeks and in have sweeping above my BB- in the earlier weeks it was swelling below my BB- my Doctor said it was Normal to have this above .. I guess this is progress? I know what you mean on the amount of money we spent - I do know we are still transforming -- you look so flat and good and the scar very thin - continue to heal well
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Thanks skinny inside. I understand there is still some swelling but in person it looks deformed sometimes. I look cute in fitted stuff but it would look strange in a bikini.
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Yup- same here - Seems in the morning i am most flat but by noon oh boy !
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I think you look pretty damn good. Now it's hard work and maybe lipo if you have stubborn fat that doesnt go away after lots of working out in the future.
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Thanks Melissa83. Like I was telling skinny inside, it looks deformed in person. And I would not dare get lipo for something an extensive TT should've taken care of. I know all of our bodies are different but I have seen numerous women with stomach larger than be completely flat after the tummy tuck. Why should I have to get an additional procedure? Doc said I will be flat before I went in for surgery.
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Yeah I was contemplating that too. Everyone is different that's why some people fly through surgery and others do not. I know where you're coming from cause after my 8500 grand I want my tummy flat and looking natural and I would not be happy otherwise. Continue through you're recovery it's still early days. But I do still think you look good.
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Ok so now what r u going to do about the head of the daphne ... Btw u look great honey
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Thanks Libralove10. I haven't made up my mind yet.
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Thanks LibraLove10. When I'm healed enough I'm going to add a waste tattoo and incorporate it somehow.
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you look amazing! happy healing..
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Thanks changeofheart! Happy holidays.
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I just came across your review! You look great! I, too have a bulge above my belly button. I am completely flat below that. It is so weird. I thought the same thing as you, that maybe my muscle repair didn't hold. But, i can still suck my stomach in. And i actually feel the firmness through the swelling. I am 3 months out. My diet has not been the greatest. I think we need to give it more time to see the results we are looking for.
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Thanks Honeydoo72! I'm relieved to know that sometimes it's like that until the swelling goes down. Cause I was like OMG. I've only seen 1 other person like on Realselfers! I do need to eat better. Thanks so much.
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Wow, you look great !
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Call your PS!
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I did. They said it was fluid from sodium. I should change my diet and wear my binder for another week and come in if it's not better after that.
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Dr. Horn also said it may take 6 months for the swelling to go down.
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U look great...happy healing
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Thanks 5'2.
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