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Mama's Going to Have a New Belly!!! - Chicago, IL

I am 13 days away from my procedure and counting...

I am 13 days away from my procedure and counting :) So much to do before it happens, I feel like I'm in nesting mode all over again :)
Not going to lie, I'm nervous...in all ways...but it's the right thing for me, don't know why I didn't think to do this sooner. Any positive advice/precautions that I should take would be so appreciated :)
Oh! And if anyone out there could compare, how is the recovery as compared to a c-section. I had 3 and only took motrin at the end of the night here and there to help with the dull aching. I prefer natural healing but I'm not so sure the TT will allow for that. How is this procedure/recovery in comparison? Do tell, do tell!!! :)


I'm having mine in January. I had a c-section also, and only needed Motrin after (that was 27 years ago though, lol). But, according to my PS, it's quite a bit more involved because they separate your skin from the tissue beneath and it has to reconnect and heal back together. When you have a c-section they only have to cut thru the layers of skin and tissue and thru muscle, NOT separate these layers. Hence, there is great deal of reconnecting of tissues and nerves, and this typically causes more pain and irritation. So I think it's safe to assume, you/we will need MORE than Motrin after.
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Yikes! Thanks for that! I've been too nervous to read/view the down and dirty details in fear that it would change my mind but that was a nice, non medical way to put it ;) Good luck to you!!!
I felt more tightness and uncomfortable than anything. There was pain the 1st few days. I'm on day 8 post op now. Do u have a high pain tolerance?
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How do I break the news?

So, need a little help on this one...I have a 10, 8 and 6 year old all of which do not know what is about to happen. I'm planning on telling them soon, but not too soon...I don't want to frighten them. Question is...what do I say? I don't want to tell them the specifics, but I need to let them know I'm going to be down and out and not so much the mom they know for a little while. Any suggestions??


Welcome to the community.  You definitely do not need to give the kiddos details.  They are a little young to grasp the concept of this.  Simply tell them that you are having your tummy fixed so that you feel better.  Explain that you are going to need their help for a while after the procedure.  Don't mention the word surgery or they may freak.

Giving them little jobs to do during recovery will make them feel included and needed.  Could be something as simple as getting you fresh water.  They will do fine and be glad to be included in the process.  

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You bet. I actually made myself watch most of a video on YouTube showing a TT w/ muscle repair...I DONT recommend watching it if your squeamish. I didn't think I was...ummm, wrong! Anyhoo, best wishes to you too. I think we'll be fine.

Dear Whynotme?

Here are the photos for you to see...23 days post op...swelling on the lower abdomen and upper midline.

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Day 30 post op

Doing well, feeling fantastic!


Very nice
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Danka ;)
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

So far so good!!! A friend of mine who had work done highly recommended Dr. Geldner. I got that warm and fuzzy the first time I met him:) Dr. Geldner took 2.5 hours of his time (free consult) to really inform me on the procedure and all of the concerns that go along with a TT, as well as answer my list of a thousand questions. His office staff and Nurse assistant were all very cheery and warm. I know this is who I was meant to find :)

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