Really Loving Dr. Yily Work Right Now! - Chicago, IL

Im really loving Dr.Yily work right now she is so...

Im really loving Dr.Yily work right now she is so skilled and everyone is looking real fly!
I have 2 children both via c-scetion, the last pregnancy kinda did me
Im 5'2' 133lbs...i have natural curves that i like but i need a tummy tuck and lipo. I see how much she takes the waist in and im in Love...i mean I really i have not seen too many Dr in the states have outcomes like hers even charging 20 racks or more...
I used to model and im definitely over that but i do want my body back 100%, im at that place where in jeans n a tight t im still good but i know the extra is there once the jeans are unbuckled and thats just not a good received my quote and included was a TT, LIPO ON BACK N SIDES AND BBL, THE bbl part threw me off but im going to go for want to look Extremely NATURAL....i would like to be more rounded n higher in booty dept...
the only thing is i actually like the look of the longer tiny torso on the waist and i noticed only really on the women who didnt naturally have much of a waist it looks a llittle weird to me....seems like some people after surgery the hips are too high on the body kinda like Lil Kim, some Kim K pics and some ppls post op pics but not with DR YILY SO IM DEF TEAM YILY!!....I also like the look of smaller breast bigger ass...seems like some ppl want it equalled n it just doesnt look natural to me but to each her own :) N E Way iv decided to become a YILLY DOll Babyyyyy...YEssssssss!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!
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When are you planning your trip?
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Girl! U are ready built nice now, wait til Yily get ahold of you!!! Can u say...danger, watch ya self (in my DMX voice LOLOL)
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Thanks... Trying to get pre baby back...
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Welcome to the Yily tribe boo! She is the best!
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Welcome babes! I have 46 big ones til I leave.Yily ir is...can't wait!! Muah xoxo
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You already have a great platform. You will look even more awesome once Yily gets a hold of you!
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Thanks...Yesss Fingers crossed ;)
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