Done with TT, now it's BOOBIES time!

Hey everyone! About me, 3 kids ages 11, 6, and 2...

Hey everyone!
About me, 3 kids ages 11, 6, and 2 yrs... all between 7-8 lbs..closed the baby factory as I finally got my boy (2 yr old) and 3 kids is more than enough! I am 5'11", pretty tall for a girl...and prior to children I was pretty slender, except for my tummy has always had a little fat, especially in sides and flanks. Well, after babies that multiplied along with saggy excess skin. So I am I guess skinny everywhere else, except for this monstrous belly and back fat. My body is totally just, discombobulated I am so into fashion and beauty.. but get disappointed when clothes don't fit/look right due to the tire I carry around...sigh. Well, I just hit 30 yrs a month ago, and figured I'm not getting any younger, so I think its about that time I do something about it. Seems as I get older, the gym and diet are not doing much for that area- so my only other alternative, plastic surgery! However, I am a chicken! I am soooo scared! But I want to be able to go through with this, to finally get rid of those insecurities and boost my confidence and live happier.

I have always had anxiety issues, since as a child I witnessed my mom get physically abused by my father. Anxiety just stuck with me unfortunately. BUT I don't want that to get in the way of my dream to have a better figure! Not to include my hubby is so against it, and called me superficial because of it... and even stopped talking to me for a few days. This is something "I" want... I am not doing it for anyone other than me. He says things to scare me, like talk of infection, dying during surgery, blood clots, etc...which I know are all possibilities (some rare) but he purposely is trying to freak me out so I don't go through with it. SO basically, I have no support. Help! lol. I went to 2 consultations, and was iffy about one doc... second doc I liked, seemed genuine and truly worried about my wants as well as health. SO, I am waiting to see what dates they have available, as I am looking to do this ASAP (within this month) due to my schedule not allowing in the future (work, etc.). I would appreciate some support/advice/words of wisdom, whatever! I have no one to talk to about is not supportive either :(

Oh yea, and does $10,800 including all fees sound reasonable for tummy tuck with lipo of upper abdomen, sides, flanks, and back?


I had my tummy tuck two weeks ago and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I already feel so much better in terms of improved confidence. While I had my husband's support, this surgery was for me!
I was uncomfortable for a few days after surgery but it is a breeze compared to labor. I returned back to work after ten days of rest.
Lastly, I live in Los Angeles and the going rate for this procedure is 13,500$
You will be soooo happy you did the surgery.
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I am sorry that you have no support system. I am so spoiled with my husband that when I hear stories like yours it breaks my heart. You have to do this for YOU, no one else. You have come to the right place! You have a HUGE support system here! There is a wealth of knowledge about the entire process. I don't have much input because my surgery is not until August 22nd, but I can relate to the fear and anxiety! I have been scared to death every since I scheduled my surgery. I went through the fears that I would not wake up, something going wrong during surgery, waking up looking worse than I did before I went in etc. It is SO normal and it is a huge part of the whole process. If you weren't scared that would be a problem. This is a major surgery! I promise you that the fear turns to excitement! I am 12 days from my surgery and although I am still nervous, I am now more excited than scared which is a huge thing because I was having constant anxiety to the point that I was making myself sick! Just keep reading peoples stories and taking in knowledge about the procedure...knowledge is power!!! You are NOT are taking control of your life and doing what makes YOU happy which is the most important thing! Don't listen to all of the negativity! Reach out to me anytime! Good luck to you! God Bless!!
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First of all, the only one who really knows what it is like to live with your body is you; therefore, it's your choice! Over time, it really takes a toll on your self-confidence and how you see yourself. "Being healthy" isn't just a physical thing, it's a mental thing too. If you have ended up here and are ready to go through with it, I'd say do it!
The procedure cost (incuding everything that you mentioned) seems pretty fair given that you're in the city. If I were just to factor in the tummy tuck, mine would cost around $8000---but mine is just the tuck with no lipo (I'm in Chicago, too).
Other than that, I can't really give you any further advice as I've not had mine yet. Come Monday, though, I may have a pearl or two of wisdom (if I'm not too doped up)

Good luck!
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So the kind words from you amazing ladies on here...

So the kind words from you amazing ladies on here gave me the little push I needed to finally schedule my surgery date! August 23rd it is..woo hoo! Put my down payment and all! I can't believe I did it! Pre op is tuesday Aug 14th. Hubby is getting better, still doesn't wanna talk much about it but will be there to help me post op! I just won't bug him about it too much now.. But as you ladies prob know.. its all we can think about! So it sux not being able to talk much about it but glad I have this blog and you guys! Xo be back soon!


OMG!! YAY! I TOTALLY understand not being able to talk much about it. My husband has started doing this growl thing when I mention the TT. It's kinda cute. He growls then clears his throat and says. "huh?... What?" lol. Denial. We will be HOT mommas and they will
LOVE IT! Congrats girl! I'm calling Monday to reserve my date in December. EEK!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOUR AFTER PICS!!!
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WOW. I can't believe the kind words from you ladies! It means the world to me. I appreciate it so much, and I am so grateful for coming upon this site!
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Oops must have not been signed in... This comment above is from me NewMePls

Hubby is getting better and more open as the days...

Hubby is getting better and more open as the days go by! I am even more ecstatic and the fear is not as extreme. I still try not to pester him as much with it tho, don't wanna push it. But I love being able to come here and vent and see all of your awesome responses! I posted some more pics so you guys can see the whole package and how that monstrous belly does not go with the rest of my body. I went out last night to celebrate my good friend from H.S.'s 30th b-day, and seeing the pic on FB just confirmed again on why I REALLY need to go through with this. I was so embarrassed that my H.S. friends still look hott and there I was looking 5 months prego. The confirmation that yes I need to go through with this is obvious. I CAN'T WAIT!

So I went post op shopping! got the following:

Paper Tape
Antibacterial Liquid Soap
Arnica Gel
Vitamin E Oil
Vitamin C Capsules
Plastic Mattress Cover
Bedrest Pillow
Small Travel Pillow for neck
Extra Pillows (I can't afford to rent a hospital bed nor have a recliner, so pillows have to do the job)
Clips to clip drains to clothing
Throat drops (for discomfort from tube down throat from anesthesia)
Facial wipes
Dry Hair Shampoo
Antibacterial Wet Wipes
Hand Sanitizer
Sponge for my sponge baths

It's setting in! Still can't believe I will soon have a flat tummy!


Glad all is going well and hubby is more accepting! You'll be so happy with the results! Sounds like you're prepared!!! It's getting close!
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I'm so excited for you! You're going to love your new body. I can relate with you about not having a support system. Although my friends and siblings are willing to support me, my parents would probably shun me if they found out. Do it for yourself. If you're not happy, then you need to find a way to make yourself happy. If this is what you truly want, then whose to say that you're wrong? You know your own body the best. :)

Also, if you don't mind me asking, which doctor are you doing the procedure with? I'm looking into a few more consultations with surgeons in the North Shore/Chicago area.
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NewMePls you're scheduled a day after me!! Wishing you all the best. The KEY THING to remember is that you doing this for YOU!!! I'm totally in agreement with you. I'm 41 yrs old have three kids (19,4, & 2) and after having my last 2 from my second marriage my clothes wouldn't fit right either...that's such a depressing feeling. I went into this headstrong and no matter what I was having it done!! I've set expectation not on the results but on what I'll be dealing with and what I'll be able to handle. This is a long journey that progresses on a daily bases. I think as long as you have a clear mind of what you're about to face it makes it easier. I wish the best for you on your journey please keep us posted..Good Luck :)
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OMG! the day is coming... SUPER FAST! This...

OMG! the day is coming... SUPER FAST! This Thursday! YIKES! Shakin' in my boots! I am so happy that I have been working my tail off lately to pay for this thing.. and haven't had much time to think about it. But... you bet as the date approaches...I am getting nervous again! I just can't believe this is real now... its always been a dream for me. I dont even know if I am going tobe able to take it in when I see my new tummy. Cleaned this weekend, bought some robes and ordered a Binder, I find it weird that my PS is only giving me a CG and not a binder. And to top it off, the ones I tried did nothing as far as support for my stomach. I was able to slip them right off. Yet they kept telling me, "this is all we got". I felt like telling them, "well can't you order some more"? lol. Anywho, so I ordered a 12 inch 4 panel binder from Vista Heal, for $37.95 and it came to me within a day. The maker of the binder is "Contour MD". Seems good. I guess I'll use the one PS gives me as a stage 2 CG. Got all my prescriptions already... have never taken pain killers (other than Motrin and Tylenol) so I am a bitworried about my reaction to them. I was alsoprescribed "Ativan" (antianxiety), but I think being on Vicodin and this Ativan will have me pretty much in lala land and I am not so down with that, that feeling freaks me out a bit. Well, we shall see! YIKES.. Pray for me you all!


23rd here we come!!!
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Hey Hey! So I haven't slept the last 2 nights...

Hey Hey! So I haven't slept the last 2 nights freaking out about my surgery! Mixture of emotions, can't I just press fast forward? lol

Excited about having lost 8 pounds in last few weeks! PS had told me there was so much fat to be removed, so much that lipo of the back and abodmen may need to be done seperate from tummy tuck, as it would take an excessive amount of time for fat alone to be removed and doc says max time under gen anesthesia should be 5 hours. I was embarrassed...and felt like a whale.. I lost some weight! I new I has a bit midsection heavy, but didn't expect to hear all that lol.

Started Vitamin C yesterday, and will start Colace today (Colace a few days before surgery per PS's order).
Scared to take Ativan...I am a sissy when it comes to taking meds. Anyone take Ativan for anxiety before? I guess I'm a control freak, I dont like the feeling of not having control of my mind or body, and anti-anxiety meds make me feel that way!

Goodness I am stomach turning anxious! Pray for me! xoxo


Good luck and don't worry... I didn't take anything for anxiety. The day of surgery I was so calm. The tube is no big deal. Your throat is just dry after. I only have one drain... it doesnt hurt or feel like anything on Day 2 post op. Pain at first seems a lot, especially if you get nauseous like me. Once home a few hours post op .. much better! You can do it!
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Great job on the weight loss! You are going be look great! Good luck tomorrow!
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Lord help us! One more day!
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Done. In pain.. About a 6 or 7. My heart rate was...

Done. In pain.. About a 6 or 7. My heart rate was high and I had a slight fever. Kept for observation for a few hours. Pee like every 30 min..ugghh!! Sux Getting in and out of bed. Looks super flat through garment. I can believe it.
Thank you God for warching over me! Soo sleepy cause Vicoden ttyl


Ty Cherry u r right tube is nothing!
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Hiii. Had my surgery yesterday and its been rough....

Hiii. Had my surgery yesterday and its been rough. Urinating like every 30 min.. Pain insicion.. And lipo sites.. WOW the lipo sites... Ouch. Im black and blues all on my back and its a tingly numb feeling. Anyone feel this with lipo ?


I love the binder, you can adjust it to very loose but as firm as you need it and it won't leave you feeling unable to breathe, the 1st 9 days is the hardest, please sleep on your back in the lawnchair position and the healing will go very quick. I was 185/187... Now I'm 171lbs and it's 16 days later and have been out and about. You will find that you get sleepy easy as the weeks go on, hang in there
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Also had a slight fever up to 100.6 everyday for the 1st 10 days. Get Cipro 500mg asap, it helps alot with skin healing
I know Newme, It's hard to get comfy. Hang in there as it does get better. Just remember to walk a few minutes every couple hours if you can. I only managed maybe 5 not the ten minutes as prescribed. I had to work my way up! Rest alot Happy healing!
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This is one of the hardest things i have ever...

This is one of the hardest things i have ever experienced. I blame me. I wish i could turn back time.

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I passed out today when i took off my binder to...

I passed out today when i took off my binder to shower. Scariest feeling ever. I thought it was the end of me. What causes this? My PS said it may have been panic.. Um no it was not. I suffer from panic and I can tell yea this def was not panic. I was happy to shower.
Anywho.. Washed my compression garment and oh my the pain walking without it. I have more pain on one side.. Anyone? So now this thing feels tighter than before since washed. This is all just one nightmare I want to wake from....and I cant.
Drains out
Off vicodin


NewMePls.. hang in there and don't get too down. I know it sux to feel uncomfortable and you are second guessing, but I am on Day 6 post Op and each day will get better and closer to feeling like yourself. I had my drain out today, it will lift your mood when that happens. Set that as something to look forward to. Take a walk even to the end of your driveway or sit outside even for a few minutes. I took my binder off every morning to shower and left it off for an hour every morning. It helped get me through... Little things lift your spirits. You can get through this.. you're not alone.
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It really is a terrible experience... One need be very patient. I feel this will take forever to heal.. And forever to be me again. I disnt expect this much for some reason. Ty for ur kind words.
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I'm sorry you having a bit of trouble. It is very difficult. But I wouldnt give up the Vicodin just yet. I found the pain tabs help with the days that i just need that extra something to take the edge off. No need to suffer just chill lax as much as you can!

--6 days post op-- wow what a journey so far....

--6 days post op--
wow what a journey so far.
Concerns now:
low grade the 99's F along with a headache
severe pain internally near right side of incision when I move the right side of my abs/pelvic/leg area. Left side is fine.
Anyone experience?
Now finally getting appetite back
bowel movement after po day 4
feeling a lil more awake and sleeping longer at night.
Post op appt 2 tmrw.


How's it going?
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ha ha I like your summarized statement - YES my left side where the stitches were in the corner hurt more than the right side and then the right side is always more swollen than the left, but in the morning now its not so bad since the surgery was a month ago. I think its pretty normal to have uneven swelling and pains, but definitely if you keep running a fever call your doctor. Did he not have you on antibiotics up to 5 days after surgery???
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--Post op Day 12-- Hey guys, so things have...

--Post op Day 12--
Hey guys, so things have finally gotten better...I would say as of day 9. And yes, its only gets better every single day. I took a 4 block walk to the park...and yes I was exhausted, but I was happy that I was able to do it. I also Drove yesterday! Post op day 11 and drivin! Woot woot! Also took a shower alone yesterday, and put my garment back on alone yesterday. Post op day 11 = breakthrough lol.
I tell ya, the first 9 days were the worst. I regretted it and wanted to cry daily about the decision I made to go through with this. Now I am excited. I want to see my end results! Little issue with belly button...lots of crusting, but no foul smell. Also, I can like see a hole in it...a pretty big one :-/. And ITCHY incision! OMG it is driving me nuts! Going to PS today to check it all out.

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Went to PS, belly button is fine...scabbing is ok,...

Went to PS, belly button is fine...scabbing is ok, PS says there was some moisture from shower and to make sure I clean belly button with soap and warm water (which I have yet to do) and when finished use a blow dryer to dry it out. He also took more stitches out of it, which hurt this time cause I am gaining more feeling back in my tummy! So other than that all looks well, no seroma...I was concerned as I was puffy in a spot above from incision...but PS says its just swelling and nothing to worry about. He also ttold me to start putting silicone strips on incision in a few more days as tape falls off. As for itching, he said its all just a part of healing. THANK GOD I am healing well!


Ms. G...what I can say is...I went into this thinking this was not going to be too bad. Truth is, it is pretty's a MAJOR surgery. It depends on how bad you want it I guess... and set your expectations for a tough road ahead..BUT... believe that it is only temporary, and time is the answer. The first week is the absolute worse. But I survived it :D It is easy for me to say I would go through it again now that I am feeling better @ 13 days post op... but if you would of asked me the first 9 days...I would of probably said never again! lol...but now I am happy and can not WAIT to see my results and get in the clothes I've always dreamed of wearing! I even went to the mall yesterday and saw a few heads turn, that felt great ;)
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I am considering surgery I am 56 retired and I feel terrible about my body I looked up one day and I gained so much weight. Reading your comments is really inspiring me to move forward with a consultation, I need to find a great surgeon in Illinois. Thanks
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Akimball yes it sux having to be sitting up at a desk all day. I wanted to cry. It is better...I am 12 days post op... I feel more comfy sitting up now. I have even driven :)
And yes...healing time feels like a lifetime!!!
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So today makes 2 weeks from date of surgery!...

So today makes 2 weeks from date of surgery! Yesterday I went to do the rest of the school clothes shopping that my kids needed...and boy did I pay for it. I felt like I was back at day 5 by the time I got home. Pain in incision, muscles, and back hurt like crazy. I am walking granny-ish again. This continued on today....and I did absolutely nothing all day today, besides rest. I don't want to back track :( I was doing so well! I pray this goes away after a few days of rest. Any of you experience this?
Also, I still feel kinda fat. I swear I cant tell if its swelling, still left kinda big after tummy tuck,or if I gained weight throughout post op period. I hope its just swelling!!!!


Oh Newmepls you look so great!!!! I'm laughing so hard when you wrote you were embarrassed when the doctor said he may need to do lipo separate from your TT and you felt like a whale. That is exactly what I'm scared of too. Good for you for losing 8 lbs before your surgery. I'm trying to do that too. Glad you are healing well. Sorry your husband isn't being more supportive. That must be quite stressful. Hope things improve with that.
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Glad to hear you're doing well! Pics looks awesome and interesting story. Happy healing!!!
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looking good u must be sooo happy i remember when i was as far as u i was crazy about my body!!!i still am being 5 mos p.o but the first weeks r the best u just cnt believe how good u look and cnt stop lookin in the mirror!!lol congrats!!
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-17 days post op- OMG.. I am SOOOOO happy to be...

-17 days post op-
OMG.. I am SOOOOO happy to be at this point! I can say I am pretty much feeling GREAT! Minimal pain if any (other than the awful sneezes and coughs that make you feel like a bomb exploded in your midsection). I can do everything by myself!!! No longer dependant! BEST feeling ever. Driving, going out for lunch, even went to church this Sunday. I no longer feel like I can't breathe or am going to pass out when taking off binder! Life is coming back...and I am so thankful. It really really really does get better! There is a point where are you in so much agony you ask yourself, will it ever get better? I again can say I am thrilled I did this. I can say this now that I am doing so much better, and know that I am healthy again. My belly button is pretty now, after the doc leansed out the scabs and gunk that I had due to a little moisture being in it from showers (as per my last post). washing it with antibacterial soap, applying bentadine, and blowdrying it was the trick to keeping it pretty. Everything looks great, and my incision is super low, super thin, and overall great. I am now starting to see my new tummy as looking pretty good, now that healing is coming along.
I went for a lymphatic massage Saturday for my back which has major swelling and still some numbness due to aggressive lipo. The massage dude said I had a TON of fluid, the massages should help with that, and that I am going to be alot smaller than what its currently lookin like. I was THRILLED!!!!!!!!!!! I thought maybe I was still fat. But it is indeed, swelling. So ladies we really do have to be patient for final results! His words were reassuring. Can't wait to see the final me... I am not gonna know how to act! lol.
I was advise on my last post op appt to start removing tape and out on silicone strips.. so I did as of yesterday. They feel weird to me. I dont know id my skin hurts from removing tape, or if its the silicone strips themselves.. but it kinda stings? If thats an accurate description. Don't know how to explain.. but it feels different at the incision...weird. Also got my lovely monthly friend.. YUCK. So I had to break away from the crotchless compression garment and am in a binder. I don't like the binder, dont feel it supports me like my compression garment AKA my new BFF.
Still get headaches daily, blah. Anyone else?
Other than that..HAPPY HEALING!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Looking good gal! Well done!
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You look fantastic!
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Thanks doll :)

-3 Weeks Post op- I really don't know anymore. I...

-3 Weeks Post op-
I really don't know anymore. I look/feel like a whale. Was not enough fat removed? Did I gain weight? Am I more swollen now than ever before post op (added new pic)? I wish I knew the answer. I am feeling depressed. Also,one send of my insicion looks grosse. It looks like a bunch of nasty stretched out skin was bundled up and sewed together.
Still slightly hunched. Feeling better and able to do more, faster. Belly button starting to look good now. Able to use ab muscles more. Still not a bit of a ways to go. Hoping by 6th week.


Hi NewMePls...I'm also 3 wks haven't had much swelling until I noticed that when I do more I seem to swell. Nurse told me I was doing too much..we're so ready to jump back into routine that we forget just what our bodies have been'll take time so we need lots of patience. I just went in for my weekly visit this past Thurs. and asked about massaging as PS told me it was too soon steri-strips have been removed and next week I'll have the stitches removed as well. As I mentioned somewhere else here..our first goal is to make it past the 3day point, and then 3wks..but now I'm hearing 6wks is more realistic and giving the fact that our bodies are still adjusting..I'd say that sound pretty NORMAL to me..maybe even longer!! Anyway..I think you look great..just swollen which in time will subside..I wish you the best..take care and keep us posted!
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I am also feeling like you 15 days post op. Fat, swollen, itchy and I still have my drain! Been trying to take naps in the afternoon when possible which helps keep the swelling down. My two weeks seems like 2 months and I really am bored and want to go to work, but not sure if I can meet the demands of the job(RN).
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Hang in there Tensgurl..the itching drove me crazy...I'm 3 wks PO and I've started taking Benedryl along with applying Cortizone 10 or Benedryl Creme to my's helped me alot..I hope you get relief from that soon it's one thing to be swollen but to be swollen and itchy. That can really be uncomfortable..Good Luck and just take it easy.

-24 days post op- Hey all!! OK so.... I have...

-24 days post op-
Hey all!! OK so.... I have finally been walking straight last couple days! No more Granny! I do slouch when I over do it tho. I also sleep on my sides from time to time, and boy does it feel nice!
So I noticed swell hell does really happen (see pics). I have gone down a bit these last 2 days, it seems swelling is just right over and under incision. It's like I have a pouch now. I added pics for you all to see (pics with the little arrows). Also, my sides/back does not seem to be asymmetrical. One side looks kinda straight, and the other a curve with fat still left in flank. Should I complain? Take a peek at pics and I'd appreciate your feedback.
Other than that and my hemorrhoids being pretty bad right now (hasn't been this bad since pregnancy) nothing else new, feeling overall pretty good.
Happy Healing!


Slow down! 24 days is way soon out. Your body needs much more healing. Your pics look good and swelling like u are having can make each side look distorted Don't worry you are going to look besutiful!l
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You're looking great for only 24 days! I think a lot of what youre seeing is swelling. I had the same trouble with my right side being shaped different than my left but as the swelling has gone down its evened out(it got better at about the 6wk mark). My right side still swells a bit more than my left. I found sleeping on my left side helps with the swelling of the right side. You should talk to your PS to just be safe.
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hey hon after looking at ur pixs its either a seroma in the front or just swelling hon!!u need to have ur doc take a look has it gotten bigger??everyones different...i swelled above b.b and it was painful i had to compress myself to feel better please stay compressed at least till ur 8-10 wks p.o and i said some swell over incision and some over b.b so dnt stress and have doc check it out sure evrything will turn out welll!!good luck hon!!
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-5 weeks post op- Hello you all! I am 5 weeks...

-5 weeks post op-
Hello you all! I am 5 weeks post flipping way! I feel time has flown (easy to say now that I am better)! I feel GREAT physically. Pretty normal! Gosh, initially it felt look I would NEVER get to this point! BUT I MADE IT! And you all will too :) I have to say this overall journey was nerve wrecking. No matter how much you read you just don't ever really know what to expect. I hope I have helped that are thinking of, or going through this procedure/process. YES you will have pain, YES you will have discomfort, and YES it will be an emotional and nerve wrecking roller coaster. Is it worth it? Again, before I would say NOOO! But now that it's over with and I know I am ok, I'd def say YES!
So what is going on now at 5 weeks? Well, the lipo areas are still tender/painful to the touch, some numbness still. Weird overall sensation. But it is getting better with time. Lipo takes longer to heal than TT from what I hear. If I don't compress lipo areas... it will get very swollen and feel even more tender. The TT incision is healing nicely...belly button scar is dark red/purple. I tried putting a silicone strip there and it got irritated. So just putting Medera on it. Hopefully the scar will lighten. I can walk straight..stand straight... sleep on my sides..etc. Started carrying my 2yr old toddler recently, no complications thank God. OAN, Intimacy with the hubby a few times also :D So all is well...EXCEPT the flipping puffiness above and below incision!!!! I swear I don't know if that is swelling. I have NEVER seen it go down. Like some people say the swelling is at night blah blah blah well that puffiness is there 24/7. Doc says just swelling... but I don't know :( I will be really disappointed with results if that does not go away. I would not be able to wear my 2 piece, and if I wear a tight dress that pouch obvious. I see PS 10/14/12 and if that pouch is still there I am going to question it and ask if revision is needed. That would suck if so...who wants to go through that pain and recovery again and spend money for operating room and anestheseoligists again due to doc not doing it right the first time? No one. :(
Happy healing, will update after next appt!


Hi Newmepls, I was wondering have things gotten any better with your sides? I am just 4 days post op...and that is one of the things that I've noticed is that my left side looks curvier than my right. (i've never had this problem before). I was wondering if you've seen any improvement in this area...if so, that would give me hope that maybe this is just swelling...and that things will even out. by the way...YOU LOOK GREAT!!!
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I also am 5 weeks PO and have that swelling pretty much 24/7 in my pubis was not there before sx so I know it has to be can last for up to 6 months...UGH !!!! But this is temporary and our flat tummies are forever : ) ...hang in there...this too shall pass
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you should ask them to out you on admin duties until you can keep up.... thats what i am doing.

Hello all! It's been a while since I have been on...

Hello all! It's been a while since I have been on here...but all is well. Been doing cardio at the gym since about 8 weeks, and just recently I am able to do sit-ups/crunches without discomfort on my bb! Finally! Before I would feel like there was a stick in my way I can explain it o_0. Still have no feeling below my belly button, above my pubis area. Still not fully satisfied... going in for dog ear revision on Jan 19th. It will be done in office under local anesthesia. So not excited for this. I still have a pouch which I believe is fat under my navel. A bit upset that when I mention it doc says it looks fine. I paid for an extended TT which included lipo of extra fat on abdomen and I paid an extra $2000 for back fat lipo..which I am also still not satisfied with. Doc says I have extra skin.. not back fat.. BULL! I have fat. BUT,guess I can't do anything about that unless I pay for it again. Any-who.. so I have posted a pic of how I looked before TT, 5 weeks after TT, and now (4 months later). There is quite a difference in all 3 pics. I am amazed at the difference from 5 weeks post op to 4 months post op. I looked better at 5 weeks, when I was wearing binder which was holding my skin and leftover fat all together nicely. Now I fell a little.. "FAT" and "loose" again (see pic). My belly button looks more natural.. that happened on its own... didn't have to stick a marble in there or nothing as some suggest. However, I do have a dark scar around bb. Hopefully my dog ear revision will help make things look a lil better and get rid of the lil' muffin top/side fat I get when I wear something tight. We shall see!


U look good, I see sculpted abs so is that from working out u think? Thanks for the post, I am scared for my procedure but also excited for my self confidence.
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Now as far as the price I am paying more because I wanted full lipo on my back. If I was getting just my doggy ears removed it wouldve been a small charge. I want what I want so I don't mind paying! I just want it done freaking right this time
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Thanks ms lady. You look great! My dr did a little lipo the1st go round which I wasnt pleased with! Just like the doggy ears that was left behind so this time hopefully he'll take out at least 4-5liters of fat from my back. How ever my scar will be extended a lot more!
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Now that I have a nice flat tummy, I want some nice voluptuous boobie's to compliment it! So i decided to go with it. I moved sorta fast and went with first doc I had a consultation with, but I felt confident at that moment with him. Now I am a little worried, as he recommended "over the muscle". Says I have enough breast tissue for it, and this will help give a lift appearance, as I almost am in need of a lift, but not quite yet. I don't know if I feel good about over the muscles. Scared of "ball in a sack" situations, skin stretching/breast sagging (more than what they are now), and higher risk of capsular contracture. PS says if we go under, I may have a distorted look. Wish I would of went for a second consultation... but too late.. put a down payment (non refundable). I wanna trust him, as he has been doing boobies for 38 years and has great reviews... but... well you all know how it is... we want our boobies to be perfect! This is our bod! Anywho, so I am thinking 450 - 500 cc's. OAN, saline.
5'11" (tall lady)
169 lbs
currently 38 B
Rib cage 34" (ughhhh)

Should I go bigger than 450-500 cc's? lol


Can I get your dr name please. You look amazing
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Hi. OMG my stomach is identical to yours and your results look amazing. I'm just curious how you feel about your tt now? Are you satisfied? Would you go back to this doctor to do it again if you were starting from the beginning? I am looking for a doctor and seeing as your stomach looks just like mine and I love your results I'm thinking maybe I should go here. Please let me know. THank you
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Hi when is your sugery scheduled for? I'm tall too I'm 5'9 jet had my boobs done 2 wis ago feel free to checkout my pics
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Name not provided

Had a great consultation, Dr. Makhlouf seemed concerned with my wants, needs, and overall health. He spent a fair amount of time with me in consultation making sure to thoroughly explain things. Surgery went great! Post op doc followed up with me as needed and responded to my pages. He even came in on a Sunday when the office was closed when I had a concern. Happy with my new Flat tummy! Thank you Dr. Makhlouf!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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