I'M BACK!!!!!!!-Chicago, IL

So, I started to seriously consider a tummy tuck...

So, I started to seriously consider a tummy tuck late last year. I have 2 boys ages 7 & 4. I was always slim prior to having children, then after giving birth to my boys, my midsection turned into a huge blob. So, I've been extremely unhappy with my body for the past 3 years. I work out and have tried many diets, which do help me lose weight, but this stomach never goes anywhere.

I thought my husband would be against the surgery, but his response was, "I love you the way you are and I think you're perfect, but if a tummy tuck will help you feel better about yourself and make you happy, then let's do it!"

After getting the green light from my husband, I started going to consultations. I consulted with 5 surgeons and I chose Dr . Michael Horn. I scheduled my surgery for May 8 with a preop appointment on April 24.

TT with flank & back lipo.........21 days away!!!!...

TT with flank & back lipo.........21 days away!!!! Super excited!!!!
Hey hunni bunni my tt sister, we are counting down now. I can’t wait to see your results. I can’t wait to see mine but as I am sitting her tonight and reading some great reads I am still very nervous

So, I was asked, once again, if I'm pregnant. I...

So, I was asked, once again, if I'm pregnant. I was at work and another RN that floats to our unit every 2 months or so asked me " When are you due?" I just ignored her because it caught me so off guard, especially since I've seen her at least a few times over the past year or so. It just feels like a gut punch whenever this happens and I can't wait until May 8!
Congrats! Hope you are able to rest up and heal quickly. Can't wait to see your po pictures and hear about your recovery journey. How long were in in the hospital for? I was told that with the lipo it would feel like I had deep bruises. How do you feel?
Glad you made it to the flat side
Good luck god bless see you there in a little while.

So, I arrived in Flatland yesterday and the...

So, I arrived in Flatland yesterday and the difference that I see is AMAZING!!!!! So freaking exciting!!! I arrived at the surgical center on Michigan Ave. in downtown Chicago at 6:55 am......I live in the burbs and traffic was horrendous. Anyway, they did a urine pregnancy test first, then got me setup in a room and changed into a gown. They started my IV fluids and then I waited for a little bit. Next, the anesthesiologist came by to talk about my history and he assured me that I wold see my children again...... : ). Then, the man of the hour, my PS, Dr. Horn came in and quelled my fears once again. Then, he marked me up. The first thing he said upon lifting my gown to mark me was "You're gonna LOVE this!".........he's such a smooth talker....lol. Anyway, about 3 minutes later my nurse came and walked me to my OR. When I walked in and saw the big round ceiling lights, sterile carts, and etc....I started panicking again.......eeeek! Then, while So, my anesthesiologist had me lie on the table and started talking to me about children's ages. The next thing I remember is my nurse saying, "Hiiiii, you're all done!" Whew......that was the best thing I heard all day! I was pretty nauseous afterwards and it was just super hard for me to stay awake for more than 30 seconds at a time. I have 2 JP drains and a binder. I haven't removed my binder to see my incision, but I am super flat.......amazing. My surgery was over by 1:00 pm, but my husband and didn't leave until 4:00 because it was hard for me to stay awake and they had to give me a couple different meds to get my nausea controlled. Pain hasn't been much of an issue for me. I would rate it 3 out of 10 on a pain scale and that's only with movement. I feel mostly muscle soreness with movement and incision burning while sitting still. I started taking Bromelain 2 weeks prior to surgery, Celebrex the morning of surgery (yesterday) & today, and I'm taking Vicodin 5/500 every 4 hours. I guess all this stuff is working.

I've never heard anyone talk about excessive peeing post-op, but last night I was peeing like a RACE HORSE. We have a recliner, but I ultimately decided to set-up shop in our bed with a bunch of pillows, close to our master bath, and a nice bedside table. So, this definitely worked out last night because I peed about 4 times in the 12 o'clock hour and once EVERY SINGLE hour after that until 6 am! I used my female urinal for half of those and my poor hubby helped me to the toilet for the rest. So, I Googled frequent urination after lipo/tummy tuck and found that it's normal. My body is just getting rid of the excess fluid from the lipo and IV fluids. Anyway, my last Vicodin dose is starting to kick in, so I'll talk more later and maybe get some pics up.

So, apparently the anesthesia is wearing off...

So, apparently the anesthesia is wearing off slowly, but surely. I'm feeling much more muscle soreness now. I would say I'm at 5 out of 10 now......with Vicodin......uggghhh. My nurse called to check on me....very sweet.

I forgot to add that my 7 year old son had a...

I forgot to add that my 7 year old son had a breakdown when my parents dropped the boys off last night. He gets really emotional and he's a worrier, so even if I have a headache, he feels bad. So, I explained to him that I was having surgery and answered all of his questions beforehand. However, when he got home yesterday he ran to his room and was trying to avoid seeing me. So, he finally came to my room to see me and I put on the happiest face and sat up in bed to look as natural as possible. He was trying not to make eye contact though. So, he went back to his after a couple of minutes, my husband went to check on him and he just broke down saying he just wants mommy to be ok and he's very worried bout mommy. He's my momma's boy and I felt awful, so I had to let him have cuddle time in bed with me......he was very gentle and he felt so much better afterwards.

My 4 year old is the BOSS! He's making sure...

My 4 year old is the BOSS! He's making sure everything is going per protocol. He keeps asking if I'm using my IS to "see how many I breathe", when I take pills, he needs to know what they are, and where they came from, and he's keeping my mini fridge stocked with Jello and waters.....my boys have such different personalities....I love them to death!!!

I haven't been able to look down and see my...

I haven't been able to look down and see my vajayjay since I was pregnant with my 4 year old............YESSSSS!

Hubby just gave me an AWESOME sponge bath.......

Hubby just gave me an AWESOME sponge bath.....feeling like a new woman!
Wow amazing results u look great, bet u feeling amazing, happy healing xx
Thanks! I'm actually surprised at how amazing I feel!
That is a huge improvement, even with the swelling. You must be so happy. Thanks for sharing

PO Day 2: did more walking around the Ouse today....

PO Day 2: did more walking around the Ouse today. I walked up and down the stairs 3 times total. I'm standing up straight with no problem and I think I'll be able to switch from Vicodin to Tylenol tomorrow. I took off my binder for the first time today and I am LOVING my result. I'm almost in disbelief. My results surpassed my expectations by far!!!! I'm so obsessed with looking at clothes, I haven't looked at any the books I'm supposed to be reading. I've always been a pretty chic dresser, but I've suppressed my style for the past few years because of how my body looked. I just can't believe it.......I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, I posted a new PO Day 2 pic with my binder off!

Oh, I posted a new PO Day 2 pic with my binder off!
I was wondering if your ps put you on iron tablets before your surgery. My ps said he does it to be on the safe side. He said this type of surgery can cause the hemoglobin to drop after surgery.
My PS didn't prescribe them, but I started taking them on my own about 2 weeks prior to surgery.
Amazing just awesome. I hope I am as lucky. We are simular in body type. Keep up the great progress. I am up north here in the Madison area and going to the flat side May 23rd. Right now I am debating the hospital bed arggg should I or not?

PO Day 4: I slept well last night and I have a...

PO Day 4: I slept well last night and I have a little more energy today. Hubby and I went to Target AND Wholefoods and I made it through both......whew! I made a huge mistake by eating some Cheesecake Factory and I'm feeling the SWELL......I did enjoy it though : ( Drains are looking good, drainage is lighter and slower, so hopefully, I'll get them out Tuesday. I have another small confession.....hubby & I DID have a little "grown up fun" early this morning.......I feel so immature, but we've never been able to keep our hands off of each other....even after 10 years of marriage! He was very gentle, it was painless, and everything is still intact.

PO Day 4....still: So, I got a little adventurous...

PO Day 4....still: So, I got a little adventurous and allowed my boys to talk me into going for a walk on the lake front in downtown Chicago. It actually went really well. I got a little winded, but hubby took me back to the car immediately. It just felt soooo good to get out and feel the fresh air from the lake on my face! I had to use the restroom at a restaurant and that reminded me of how much I LOVE my toilet seat riser at home......it's a GODSEND! I've only taken Tylenol twice today, but I think I need to take it more frequently from now on. All in all it was a great day, but tomorrow is going to be a rest day.
Your lookin good! Happy Mothers Day!
You are such an inspiration. I just hope I can recover like you!!
Are you finding you really need to watch what you eat now? I have seen a few posts regarding the foods and swelling. I'm just wondering if this is going to be our life going forward, or just while we are recovering?

PO Day 5: I slept pretty well again. Drains are...

PO Day 5: I slept pretty well again. Drains are draining even less, so hopefully they'll be removed tomorrow. I'm going to make sure I take a Vicodin prior to my visit. I didn't like taking Vicodin because it made me go into this hazy sleep and have REALLY weird dreams. I kept dreaming that some kind of small catastrophe was happening, like: the refrigerator was falling down the stairs, I was falling out of he bed, my 4 year old was pouring water on the floor......really weird. My goal is to rest today.....we'll see. Hubby is home, but the kids are out of school.

I have to mention.....I'm starting to go into...

I have to mention.....I'm starting to go into withdrawals for not being able to ride my bike, do Zumba, or SOMETHING........this is really tough......

PO Day 5: Swell Hell is alive and well here in...

PO Day 5: Swell Hell is alive and well here in Chicago and IT SUCKS! I'm still not having much pain, but the swelling makes me feel like a stuffed pig....it's awful. It makes it harder to move around, stand, or sit. It's just super uncomfortable. Also, I have this numbness around my incision that is just......annoying. I'm not having any pain, which is a plus. I'm tired of only eating salads, veggies, grilled chicken, and hummus; but I don't want the swelling to get any worse. I feel bad whining and complaining to hubby because he's trying to take care of me, himself, and the boys.....anyway, I know it's going to get better, I just had to vent.................................thanks?
Wooooooweeeeeee! Slim and trim!!!! Gorgeous result!!!
Thank you Silver! I can't wait to see your result, you're going to look amazing!
Girl !!! Famous !!!! I know your in love I with the new tummy

PO Day 6: Post-op appt today!!!!!! Hopefully...

PO Day 6: Post-op appt today!!!!!! Hopefully drains will be removed. I feel better this morning. There's a noticeable decrease in swelling, which makes me not so grumpy....; ) I've noticed that I HAVE to eat a protein rich breakfast soon after I wake or my energy will fizz out as if I've ran a marathon. I rode with hubby to drop the boys off at school and I walked my 4 y/o into his preschool class.......he was soooo excited (I was too!!!). Typically, I take him to school everyday, but haven't been able to since I've been down : ( so, we were both excited to have some normalcy to our routines! I'm posting a new pic from this morning too. Happy healing sisters!!!!

PO Day 6: STILL HAVE MY DRAINS.....uggggh. So,...

PO Day 6: STILL HAVE MY DRAINS.....uggggh. So, drainage hasn't decreased enough for PS to remove my drains....he wants to leave them in another week.....oh well! They actually help relieve the fluid build up, so that's a plus. He said everything else looks really good. He removed my dressing and I can leave it open to air now. I uploaded some new pics too.
Your ps has done an amazing job on you. I cannot believe how small you are. You are completely flat with the binder. So happy for you.
WOW!!! Is all I can say. So wonderful!! Congrats!!
Thank you!

PO Day 7: I didn't realize I would be able to feel...

PO Day 7: I didn't realize I would be able to feel the drain tubes inside my abdomen.......it's gross. Since surgery I have been feeling these random shifts in my abdomen, which I attributed to fluid. However, now I'm feeling something moving in my abdomen when I move or change positions. I asked my PS's nurse about it and she said it's the drains that I'm feeling because "they're just laying around in there!"........eeeeeeeuuuuuu!!!! They're pretty long tubes....at least 12 inches. It feels similar to a baby....when it's small. Otherwise, I had a good day. Still dealing with swelling, but what else is new. May have overexerted myself just a tad.....went to Hobby Lobby, Gap, and Pottery Barn.....couldn't resist. I'll have a rest day tomorrow! Happy Healing Sisters!

PO Day/Night 7: Last night my sleep was AWFUL. I...

PO Day/Night 7: Last night my sleep was AWFUL. I was swollen with a tight binder, so I fell like a stuffed pig. Also, I think since the binder was so tight, swelling increased around the edges, so my hips/flanks were really sore and swollen. My drain tubes were imprinted into my hips due to the swelling and binder pressing them down, my skin beneath the binder was super itchy.....basically I was miserable, Tylenol didn't help, and I spent the night tossing and turning. So, I'm not torturing myself tonight......LOL. Here's what I've done:
1. Put on a soft/silky cami under my binder.
2. LOOSENED my binder.
3. Taped 4x4 gauze to my skin beneath my drain tubes......for cushioning.
4. Took a Vicodin
I feel much much better already. I'll let you know how it went in the morning! Good night ladies.
Your journey has just begun, yet you already look amazing!! Congrats.
Thanks for the very informative update. I'm going to buy a couple of the cami's today so I'll be prepared for that. I love the description of the drains feeling like a small baby moving around. Lets us know kinda how it will feel and what to expect. I heard others talk about the drains being weird. I have really enjoyed following your story and it keeps getting more interesting. Thanks for sharing. I hope you slept better last night. Rest well!
You look AWESOME!!!


I had the best sleep I've had since surgery last night!!!! I slept ALL NIGHT LONG, I didn't even have to get up to pee........and I feel WONDERFUL this morning. YES!!!!!!! I feel rested, energized, and I'm not in pain. I've noticed that I stopped using my toilet seat riser. I guess that means I don't need it anymore, because I don't even think about grabbing it when I go to sit on the toilet. Nothing else new this morning!!! Happy Healing & Good Luck fellow TTers!!!!!!

PO Day 8: down 18 pounds since day before surgery

I'm 18 pounds lighter than what I was the day before surgery.......sooooooo exciting! I know TT aren't done for weight loss purposes, but this is just soooooo freaking motivating!!!!!!! I'm on cloud 9!
I just can't believe how wonderful you look. Keep posting pics. Congrats. You look so fabulous. Top 10 tt reviews on realself.com for sure!
Awkward, thank you!
Sorry......I meant to say: Awwwww, thank you! Auto-correct drives me nuts!!!

PO Day 11: Getting Back to Normal

So, everything has been going pretty smooth. Each morning when I wake up I feel a little more normal and put together than the previous day. Up until the past few days, the feeling that my abdomen had been cut open was always there.......I know it sounds gross. Not only was there alot of soreness, but it just felt very fragile. Now, I'm feeling less soreness and not so fragile. I've gotten used to feeling the drains in my abdomen as well. Yesterday, I tolerated an EXTRAORDINARY mani/pedi and 2 mimosas at my fave spa downtown. It was a two hour process and although the pedi chairs are super comfy, my back and flank areas started to ache a little for the last 20 minutes. After that, I was able to tolerate walking 2-3 blocks on Michigan Ave and doing a little shopping. Today, I discovered that I'm able to wear this tunic that I purchased before I got pregnant with my 4 year old, but never got a chance to wear......I literally took the tags off this morning. I posted some pics!

PO Day 11

PO Day 11

Hey Chicago! How's it going? Haven't heard from you in a couple of days. Hope all is going well.
You look amazing! I can only imagine how great you must feel :)
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