6 weeks tomorrow!! Happy Mothers Day!!! Pics added!

So I wanted to have kids early in life so I had...

So I wanted to have kids early in life so I had three kids by the time I was 30? After I had my last child I weight 240. Carried around the "baby" weight (lol) for about 8 years and then decided to go to the doc and found out I was a walking heart attack. I lost 75 pounds by changing my diet and exercised my butt off and kept it off for the past year and a half. I have wanted a TT for about a year but was concerned with cost and time off of work. Now I am just sick of looking at my loose skin on my stomach and said forget it!!! I am doin this NOW with the help of my dad and family and friends!! I am scared and excited allllll at the same time! I will post some pics way back from 2009 until recent, I hope this story helps one person out, it will make this all the more worth it :)

My surgery is in like a week!!!!! Sooo excited!!!!...

My surgery is in like a week!!!!! Sooo excited!!!! My hubby took me out to eat today because he says I won't be able to eat a lot next weekend and for two weeks after that lol. Paid bills for April, have to rearrange furniture so I can make myself a comfy spot but will probly do that next weekend. Bought a whole bunch of food to cook next weekend so all the familia has to do is go in the fridge and grab it!! I guess it's comin together!!!!!

I have a question.....some of the chicks on this...

I have a question.....some of the chicks on this site say recovery is not that bad but most say it is brutal. I took 2 weeks off of work and thinking it may not be enough. I really cannot afford to take 3 weeks off. What to do?? I am usually a quick healer but this surgery sounds like it can even be worse than a csection recovery. Advice please!! :)

Ok so I am amazed at how many people that I know...

Ok so I am amazed at how many people that I know put their opinions out there regarding this surgery. Some people are supportive and some are not, I get that but OMG lol. I am not asking for anyone's approval, I am putting this out there in hopes it may help someone and hell ya it's an accomplishment BUT I would be so happy to know that this story assisted someone on the path to getting healthy and sexy of course lol. So I guess what I mean to say that no matter what you do if you are happy then that's all that matters. So 5 more days!!!!!!! Don't let the negative nellies get ya down.....

3 more days!!!!!!

3 more days!!!!!!

Last day of work! Pre-op blood work done, started...

Last day of work! Pre-op blood work done, started to pack bag, cleaning the house really good, gotta do my roots tonight LOL, and have a glass of Moscato!!!!! Surgery is scheduled for Monday at 730am!!!!! I feel like I am having a new baby or something!!!!!!!!!! Sooo excited!!

I have to be at the hospital in less than 24...

I have to be at the hospital in less than 24 hours! Such a busy week I cannot wait to be knocked out lol. My recliner came yesterday and I sat down in it last night about 11:30 and fell asleep and slept in it all night so I guess it'll do LOL!! My friend wanted to take me pre op dancing last night but after bowling we decided to take her son for pie which was more fun anyways!! Fire alarm went off and we all had to leave the restaurant so our stuff was free LOL!!! So anyways went to church today, went to see family, dropped kids off at their dads, came home and just finishing up the ham, chicken, and baked mostacholi now. My lovely nephew is coming to sleep over for the next couple of days to help out with the kids:) Thank you Kevin!!! The husband and I will be getting up early, I wish I had a xanax for like right now lol. Sooo excited and scared all at the same time!

Ok so I did it!! Freddy is gone!!!!! It hurts...

Ok so I did it!! Freddy is gone!!!!! It hurts every which way I move i guess because the muscles are tied up? I've been up to go to the bathroom a few times. Soooo happy I did it.

Post op day 2. Finally home in my recliner. Had a...

Post op day 2. Finally home in my recliner. Had a delay in taking my 230 pain Meds because Walgreens didn't have the Vicodin so when the husband finally got them it was like an hour later so I took 2 Vicodin and was feelin no pain LOL. So I switched to ibuprofen for 4 hours and I will take a Vicodin before I go to sleep. I am going to say what every woman on here says.... This is harder than I thought it was gonna be. Some people compare it to a car toon, boy are the wrong. The actual in insiscion doesn't bother me, it's the abs that are sowed together. And I am so swollen but my kangaroo pooch isn't there anymore so I am very happy!!!!!

Hi there! Post op day 4! Everyday is getting...

Hi there! Post op day 4! Everyday is getting better, standing a little strighter but my goodness the back pain is a killer! I found that if I stand against a wall and keep my knees bent it feels like heaven lol. Also helps to have hubby rub and massage my back too. Yesterday took an hour long sponge bath and it felt so good. Maybe going to try a shower but am so loopy from vicodin maybe tomorrow lol. Drains are still draining which is good, I dont want any fluid to accumilate in there but I would lso like them out soon lol. :) Hopefully will come out Wed when I go for follow up. My kids have been totally AWSOME!!! My son will not leave my side, he is 10. He helps me get out of the recliner, gets me water, makes sure I am covered up with a blanky, sits on the side of the recliner next to me, wont leave my side. My girls, 14 and 13, have been hanging out with me and watching teen mom and those haunting shows. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise to make all of us be home and spend time together. Literally we would not all be home together until like 9 or 10pm every night between work, gym, and after school activities. I am going to enjoy this:) My oldest daughter doesnt like my drains so she is always telling me to put my blood balls away LMAO!!! Maybe my 13 year old daughter will paint my nails today??? Hint Hint LOL Hope you all have a great day!!! Happy Healing:)

Day 5 :) finally took a shower this morning and...

Day 5 :) finally took a shower this morning and ohhhhh it was heavenly!! In laying off the Vicodin, too spacy and sleepy on it. Ibuprophen is workin good! I can bout a pic up from this morning but doesn't look that much different than day 3 pic. Takin it easy this evening and enjoying the family:) my husband told me this morning he hates seeing me in this much pain and he hates seeing the drains lol but he said seeing me looking at myself In the mirror sooooo happy is worth it. It's like my new baby I brought home from the hospital!

Hellloooo! I am having some questions for you...

Hellloooo! I am having some questions for you chicks! What can I do to make my back stop hurting?? Is there anyway to hide the drains? I really cannot stand the drains!! The one on my left is horrible whenever I "milk" it it burns and stings on the inside. I understand they Re for my own good but I don't have to like them! LOL the one on the right is fine, draining well and no problems. So I guess I'm just frustrated, I am not one for sitting around:( thanks for listening to me vent;) how lond did you chicks stay home for? I have been in the house for 4 days straight......cabin fever LOL any suggestions???? Thanks!!!! ;)

Today is the best I have felt allllll week! Last...

Today is the best I have felt allllll week! Last night was brutal trying to have a BM OMG horrible! Wild Saturday nights! LOL!!!! Took a nice hot long shower this morning and even shaved!!!!! Then I straightened up a little but, made myself lunch, drained my own drains, got my own pain pills, (usually the hubby daunts over me an wont let me do anything myself) and hung out with my girls. I made my son and hubby go to the movies to get out of the house!! I am trying to figure out the best pain management, I feel best if j take Vicodin about every 7 hours. I wAs alternating Motrin but it was not cutting it. I can tell when Vicodin wears off, it feels like anything I have on my abdomen weighs like 50 pounds, so much pressure. I can't wait to go to the doc on wed and see about these drains!! Is it under 30 cc a day to have the taken out? Have a great Sunday and Happy Healing:)

I feel soooo good today! Took Vicodin 10 hours...

I feel soooo good today! Took Vicodin 10 hours apart, walking straighter, slept on the couch with like 5 pillows under my back and a blanket rolled under my legs......was soooo comfy!! My drain on the left side is bothering me still so I'm gonna call the doc and see what I can do. Have a good Monday!!!! :)

I get to go to the doc tomorrow!!!! I think he is...

I get to go to the doc tomorrow!!!! I think he is gonna take one of the drains out but of course I'm hoping for both :) I felt to good yesterday, hubby took me to a couple stores to walk around and now today am EXHAUSTED!!!!! Slept all day, had a visitor, and now ready to go back to sleep lol. Happy healing:)

Dr. Took out both drains!!!!!! Sooo happy!!!! Also...

Dr. Took out both drains!!!!!! Sooo happy!!!! Also allowed to wear spanks or bike shirts to help with swelling!! :) ;) :)

I wore a girdle type thing all day yesterday after...

I wore a girdle type thing all day yesterday after the doc and LOVE how much swelling has gone down! I am exhausted today and will rest. I added a before and after pic:) have a good day y'all!

Feelin good! Follow up with MD tomorrow. I have to...

Feelin good! Follow up with MD tomorrow. I have to ask Bout belly button, it is just gross lol. I also have to ask when I could start cardio, I miss my elliptical:( it won't be for awhile considering I could barely walk all the way through Ikea this afternoon lol. And I'm drivin myself to the doc against my hubby's wishes, he wants to drive me. I will be ok:) this muscle repair thing on top under my ribs kills me when I move. Just been takin ibuprofen like doc said but I don't think any pain Meds will work for that part, that part just needs to heal. I go back to work Thursday, I am hoping for a miracle to help me get through THAT day lol. Enjoy what's left of the weekend and take care y'all!!

Went to the doc today and he says things are...

Went to the doc today and he says things are lookin good:) being a wound care nurse and seeing things change with the incision and belly button all I can do is freak out ALITTLE bit LOL!! I do have to put a little dressing in the belly button, it's kind wet and sloughy (white or yellow tissue) . That kinda bummed me out but I guess it'll be ok and I am going to RELAX these next couple days before I have to go back to work. I will put some pics up in the am probly:) take care chicks!

I have this tugging pulling feeling that is...

I have this tugging pulling feeling that is happening on my left side of upper abdomen. Everywhere j have read say its normal but it is sooooo ANNOYING!!!! Like I'm a puppet and I can feel the dude pulling strings lol soo GROSS!!!! I joined a page in Facebook called all about tummy tucks FYI looks pretty cool!!! Check it out!

Back to work tomorrow....it'll be cool to see...

Back to work tomorrow....it'll be cool to see everyone again:) I bought one of those trimmer belts to wear at work, has anyone used those? I need something soft otherwise it will bothere me lol. Target had a really cool post csections binder but it was too stiff for me. I was putting them on and walking around the store to see if I could tolerate them LOL!!! Have a good day!!!

OH LAWDY!!!!! Went back to work today, work with a...

OH LAWDY!!!!! Went back to work today, work with a bunch of GREAT people that wouldn't let me take care of the harder patients so I didn't have to lift anybody or anything. After lunch was rough. Shouldn't of sat down, made it harder to get back to work and as the day went on hot slower and slower and more and more hunched over. I am happily home in my recliner wearing my ginormous pj pants and popped a Vicodin:) the hallways in the hospital where I work seemed soooooooo long today lol. One more day then I'm off till Tuesday!!!! There was a big round spot on my shirt right by my BB when I came home like it was draining. It was clear and the BB is a little opened but today was the most I did in a LONG time. Anyone else have a stubborn BB?

So I went back to work last week and am working...

So I went back to work last week and am working all this week. As long as I dont sit or eat so much I am fine at work. I bought a new binder at walgreens yesterday that is really keeping swelling down and feels good. Yesterday (Sunday) I think I turned a corner, felt great all day, did my roots of my hair lol, bbq'd, had a glass of wine, and felt almost normal!! BB is still healing and incision looks great!! Take care and Happy Healing:)

5 weeks today:) feel great today but this has been...

5 weeks today:) feel great today but this has been no easy road. This muscle pain and burning and twinges and walking hunched made me think maybe I am hypersensitive to this lol. Who knows? Still swelling and will be for a few months according to PS. Also now is the time to have "spitting stitches" if I am going to have them which I hope I don't!!!!! Between 3 and 7 months or something like that?OMG I freak out about all that stuff being a nurse lol. I would suggest people take off 3 to 6 weeks if you can afford it. Just started sleeping on my side this past weekend and getting around more besides work. Also it does not matter how fit you are pre op, I am the picture of health and this is a long recovery. Not being negative just honest. I will post a couple pics, I am super happy just need a little more patience lol. I also get to go back to the gym next week!!!!!!!! Now THAT I AM HAPPY ABOUT!!!!!woot woot!!! LOL

7 weeks:) new pics!!

Hi! Just thought I would report:) still have pain in the upper abs. Some days worse than others. Gonna call the doc about that soon. I'm pretty sure it's normal from what I've read but just want to put my mind at ease. Incision is healed and so is the belly button just those annoying top abs bother me:( ill live tho!!! Take care!!

10 weeks post op with pics:)

I have been feeling GREAT!!! No pain really still just uncomfy. I told the doc I went to the gym 3 days in a row and workin and running around with the kids again lol. He said to listen to my body and by Thursday my body said to sit the hell down and I did and back to feeling awesome!!! Going to the dells and have to wear a bathing suite and go swimming and stuff. It's gonna feel WIERD!!! LOL!!! Have a GREAT week ladies and happy healing:)

11 Weeks!!

I feel fabulous!!! Went to the dells and wore a bathing suite with no SHORTS!!! First time I felt comfortable walking around half naked and LOVED IT!! LOL!!! I also went to the gym today and RAN on the treadmill, not for long but I did RUN!!!! Love my new body! Still wearing my binder, only went one full night without it and FELT it the next day but it was worth it! Hope you all are doin good!!!!
Dr. Jafar Hasan

I know and trust my MD I picked. I did go for a number of consultations and went with my gut....literally lol omg corny LOL

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You were looking great! How are you today? It's been a while.
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Glad you are feeling so good. Confidence is a great thing, huh? You look great.
  • Reply
Thanks and yes I am loving the confidence!! Hope you are doing well!!!
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So glad you're healing and happy with your new body. You hid your tummy so well I thought your before pics were your after pics until you took the flabby pouch out. I agree with you-it's harder than you think no matter how fit or ready you think you are. I agree that you need SEVERAL weeks off work if possible. I was lucky I'm retired. I'm almost 3mos. PO and after serveral "problems" (5 surgeries in 2 mos) I'm finally ready to say I'm glad I did this. That statement has been a long tine coming. Best wishes on your new tummy.
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Thanks and I have read your story which is amazing and you are one strong chick and I am glad you are feeling better!! You have such a positive attitude!! I love that!!
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Hey looking amazing!!! When you exercise do you get a weird sensation all around your belly? Like tingling?
  • Reply
Thanks:) not really tingly, more of like a pulling sensation, I feel kinda like a puppet LOL!!! The tingling may be your nerves coming back?
  • Reply
Nerves, blood flow and fluids. It has a flush feeling. Weird. Just trying to be careful but I will be damned if I have to be sedentary! I can't do that.
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I know what you mean. I went running and walking again tonight and it felt great. My hip was bothering, my belly was not bothering me at all. Granted it doesn't feel "normal" but no pain so it's cool!
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You will rock that suit enjoy the Dells
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It was fun Sara!! First time I felt comfy walkin around half naked!! :)
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Was that not the most wonderful feeling!!! I have yet to wear mine...We have a vacationed planned for September but it's not a beach one...I miss the beach we usually go at least once a year...guess I will just have to get hubs to take me camping...or I could go with grand kids...on second thought not...they are still little and I would worry myself to death...
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Wow! You look amazing! Let us know what the Dr says.
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Doc says he knows I am very active and I should listen to my body. I said ok lol.
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I enjoyed your review. Your son is just like mine, I know my 13 yr old will be right by my side when I have my TT done. Your results are amazing and you look good in your daughter bikini LOL!! Really enjoyed your pics week by week. Gave me a sense of what to expect. 8 more months to go for me!! Happy healing.
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I completely agree with Buying me a body, you look amazing in your daughters bikini. What a great feeling that must be for you : ) And to be running races with a great friend by your side.
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you look amazing!
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You look great !! The upper ab pain I believe is pretty normal mine stopped about week 13... Its weird how things just stop ..
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It will be beautiful when the swelling stops too LOL!! Especially after I eat, I'm like a bloated puffer fish LOL!!
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Hi Marski! Holy Moly!! You look so fabulous! Unbelievably gorgeously flat and sleek and slim and hour-glass Beautiflat!! Congratulations! And Happy Mothers Day! Yipppeeee for you!! Awesome results!
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Thanks for saying that because you are right no matter ow fit or strong you are it is major surgery and while worth it a very long road ;).
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You look fantastic!! Happy Mother's Day!!!
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You look awesome!! Glad you're doing well. Yes, the swelling stinks. I've been lucky, no spitting stitches yet. Hope you don't have any either. Take care girl.
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You look great! I am 6 months this week, never had any suture reaction (spitting stitches). I am back to all activity. I think going into surgery at the top of your game is sooo helpful, that way there is some room for the decreased activity after. Soon you will be back to the gym, just remember you are not starting at the same place you left (slow down). Best wishes!
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How long did it take you to feel normal? Like no swelling or tight abs and when did you have more energy? I feel good this week but could be better lol
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