2 & 1/2 months PO

I am a 21 year old mother of a 3 year old. All my...

I am a 21 year old mother of a 3 year old. All my life I have dieted and exercised regularly and could not get rid of my flanks even though I would run miles every day. Once I had my son I went back to my workout routine and even stepped it up a bit and I noticed my flanks were bigger and now I had even gained a tummy "pouch" which I never had before. Does anyone remember when the term "muffin top" came out? I definitely do. My family decided that was going to be my new "term of endearment" I suppose. They continued to call me that constantly dwindling my self confidence down to nothing. So for as long as I can remember I've wanted this surgery. Now I am happily married to a wonderful man who supports me and makes me feel good. Together we have been saving and I finally have enough money to do my surgery! :) Wish me luck!

Today I finally set a date for my surgery, May...

Today I finally set a date for my surgery, May 17th! I'm so excited! My husband is going to take off 4 days, I'm hoping that'll be enough but after reading other posts I'm not so sure.... What do you girls think? Anyways, because my surgery is so soon my pre-op appointment is THIS Friday! Scary and exciting! I can't wait to meet the new me! :D

So by now I've already had my pre-op appointment,...

So by now I've already had my pre-op appointment, I've filled my prescriptions, and I've laid my clothing out... I'm all ready. But I keep thinking that 4 days may not be enough time off. I haven't told my office that I'm having surgery and I honestly don't intend to, they're very gossipy and I just really don't want them to know.... although after reading more posts they might suspect. I'm not sure... I might have to take off another week. Any suggestions?

*9 more days!*

Okay I'm officially in the final stretch and I'm...

Okay I'm officially in the final stretch and I'm so excited! :D Oh and I'm officially posting my "before" pictures (although I'm mortified that any of you are seeing these :-/ ) Oh well.... Nothing really more to add, I'm just super excited! :)

So tomorrow is the big day! I talked with my boss...

So tomorrow is the big day! I talked with my boss and got myself 2 weeks off which was a very lucky. I'm very nervous, but excited! :D They called today and moved my appointment up. Now I have to be there at 6 am (surgery at 7:30) instead of 10 (surgery at 11:30).... It's going to be a very early morning! Oh well, at least now I will be done earlier in the day which is much better for my son. :) Wish me luck!!!!!!!!

Day of Surgery: It seems like a big blur. I...

Day of Surgery:

It seems like a big blur. I remember going in before my surgery and being so nervous. My doctor ended up being 15 mins late, prolonging my nerves, but it happened quickly after he arrived. When they wheeled me into the surgery room I started crying hysterically (for no particular reason) and my anesteologist gave me "something to relax" but I suspect it was what made me fall asleep because I don't remember anything after that, thankfully. :D Once I woke up again my nurse, Molly, had me sit in a recliner and then an hour after that Molly and my husband helped me walk to the bathroom. I don't think I'll ever get used to peeing in front of someone else. That was a bit painful but I suspect I was still quite numb because it doesn't compare to the pain I'm feeling today.

Day 1 - PO

So today is surprisingly harder than yesterday. I know I'm probably starving but I don't feel hungry at all. On top of that getting out of bed is hell but I know I have to. I had my first post-op appointment today and let me tell you driving is not fun when you hit any kind of bump or when you have to turn (I didn't drive of course), but I got a quick peak at my sides and the top of my belly and they look amazing (swelling and all). I'm unfortunately having gas problems today which are very painful so laying down is now more uncomfortable too. I hope they subside soon... To be honest I did have a few of those moments where I asked myself why I choose this much pain to be thin and it's still a hard question, but I'm hoping in the end it'll all be worth it. Oh and I'm sorry I haven't gotten to post a picture yet, but my doctor says I can take my pain pump out and my body wrap off on Sunday and finally take a shower so I will try and post a picture then. Hope everyone is doing well! :)

Day 2 - PO It wasn't too bad, still pretty...

Day 2 - PO

It wasn't too bad, still pretty painful but I'm taking my pain meds religiously. I was doing okay until later in the day when I was trying to go to the bathroom and the thing I was holding onto gave out and I fell. Ouch! Thank goodness my husband was helping me because I didn't fall that far, but it still really hurt!

Day 3 - PO

Today is a little better. I stayed in bed too long this morning so I was super stiff. But I did get to take a shower today, which felt amazing! My husband got me a shower chain, thank goodness, because I got really dizzy all of a sudden when we took my garmet off. Although it did give me a good look at my tummy and it looks great! I'm posting pics so you guys can see too. I also got to take out my pain pump today, which actually didn't hurt. My husband had to pull them out and it really wasn't bad. I'm glad all that is over though my garmet hurt a lot to get back on again! Ouch! Sorry if this day seems everywhere, I still have drug brain these days... Well I think that's all for now, I'll update tomorrow!
P.S. I can actually stand up completely straight and walk by myself when this restricting garmet was off. Yay! :)

Day 4 - PO I've finally had a BM!!! Sorry to...

Day 4 - PO

I've finally had a BM!!! Sorry to be so gross, but omg I feel better! :) This morning the pain was pretty bad, I think it was due to my "food baby" I've had for a few days now that I haven't been able to "get out". My mom told me about this place called Nutrition Now and it sells these tea drinks that are all natural with aloe and it was amazing! I have another ps appointment tomorrow morning so hopefully it won't hurt too much! Good luck everyone!

Day 5 - PO I have found the secret to making...

Day 5 - PO

I have found the secret to making this whole experience a lot easier....(ready? *drum roll*) BMs and a recliner! My husband and brother went out and found/bought a brand new recliner for me for only $200. It's perfect because it doesn't rock and it only leans back if I push it to. Yay! I now can get up and down all by myself! Exciting! Unfortunately this new found self reliance means that my husband has to go back to work tonight, oh well we need him to save up his paid off days for Flordia in August (I'm going to wear my first bikini!) Anyways, well today was tons better! I decided I needed to stop being so pathetic and I finally got dress (with a lot of help from my husband) and I went out to see my surgeon about the pains I've been having lately (the ones I posted about before). He checked me out and said I'm doing great! Yay! We talked and he said that if I can manage to stay under 40cc/day in my drain tubes, then he will take them out on Friday! Yes! They've been pinching and pulling (especially on my left side) so I'm hoping that discomfort will leave with them. Has anyone had theirs taken out yet? Did it hurt? Mine are held in with stiches (I've never had stiches before). Do those hurt? What was your experience like? Let me know! I'm a bit nervous!!! Happy healing everyone!

Day 5/6 - PO (depends if you're counting surgery...

Day 5/6 - PO (depends if you're counting surgery day as day 1)

So today was a lot better. It's still early but so far I haven't had the usual pitching and burning where my scar is. Hopefully it stays this way. There isn't too much to update. But things seem to be getting a ton better and I'm hoping it continues. :)

Day 6 - PO So today was a little better. I got...

Day 6 - PO

So today was a little better. I got my second shower since the surgery and putting the garmet back on wasn't as bad and my husband and I thought it would be. I did realize today that my surgeon did my tt scar in glue and not stitches. Has anyone had any experience with glue? Easier or harder then stitches? Also how did the scar compare in the end? I think I'll have to look around the site and compare. Anyways, still no second BM and I've been really trying for one. Yesterday I had drank the tea (from the first time), taken a stool softener, drank a glass of prune juice, and ate white castle and still nothing.... Oh well I guess it's just not time yet. Hmmm... well I did get a better look at my tummy today, but I am way more swollen. I took pictures so you girls can see too. Idk. The pressure still seems to be a bit there, but I think my glue is sticking to my garmet and it pulls as I move. I see my surgeon tomorrow to hopefully get my tubes out and I think I'm going to ask him if he could maybe put surgical tape or something on top of the glue so it doesn't stick to my garmet. Oh! And while in the shower I saw how many lovely scrapes and actually one gash (on my right shoulder blade) I have on my back and over my ribs from my garmet... Not fun. We put bandades on those so hopefully they heal, they really hurt! Oh well. Hope all is well you for you. Happy Healing Everyone!!! :)

1 Week - PO So today was an okay day. I had...

1 Week - PO

So today was an okay day. I had another PO appointment today. I got one of my drains taken out, it actually didn't hurt! :) I still have my right one in :/ , but that's okay I'm still a bit swollen and I'm hoping it's gonna help. I can't believe it's week 1 already! Wow that went fast! I'm glad. I am loving my results and as my surgeon says, I look "freaking amazing!" lol Well things are going along as usual. I have another PO appointment on Tuesday to hopefully get out the other drain. I have decided to stop taking my pain medicine and so far I feel okay. It will be interesting to see how tonight is going to go, but my husband is off today so I should be able to get through it. Happy Healing Everyone!!! :D

8 days - PO Today was better. I got to finally...

8 days - PO

Today was better. I got to finally get out of the house and go to Target with my husband and son. It was wonderful to be out, though I was super slow and the other people kept trying to run me over with their carts. Lol... funny. Well there isn't too much to update. Since having my left drain removed yesterday I have noticed a little more swelling, but I've been trying to stay on a low sodium diet to try and reduce that. I have also noticed that now when I sit my garmet seems to press in more on my side, almost like it buckles in. Anyone have this? It kinda hurts to sit up straight now and I'm not sure how I could fix it. Let me know! Happy Healing!!! :D

Day 9 - PO So I feel like I've hit a wall! It's...

Day 9 - PO

So I feel like I've hit a wall! It's been 3 days with no pain medications and I'm glad for it, but I can't sleep at all anymore and everything seems achy all the time. The pain is manageable so I don't plan on getting back on my pain meds (I'd rather quit "cold turkey"). Has anyone found a good way to sleep that wasn't too painful? My back is killing me and usually I would sleep on my side but I can't. Oh and, for those with experience, when were you able to sleep on your side again? Nothing else really new to report. I have another PO appointment on Tuesday and I'm hoping to get out my last drain. Happy healing everyone!!!! :D

Day 10 - PO Happy Memorial Day everyone! :D I...

Day 10 - PO

Happy Memorial Day everyone! :D I hope everyone had a great holiday! I drove my family and I to the park for my son. It wasn't too bad but I didn't realize they took out their bench, so I wasn't able to stay very long. I might have over done myself a bit though... I helped clean my entire house and did some yard work. Wow I'm tired! Happy holidays everyone! :)

Oh btw I ((finally)) stepped on the scale today...

Oh btw I ((finally)) stepped on the scale today and I lost 12 pounds! Swelling and all!!! Oh and 2 inches! I'm so excited! :D ...just wanted to share.

Day 11 -PO So today I had another PO...

Day 11 -PO

So today I had another PO appointment. This time my surgeon took out my other drain and man did that hurt! It was my right side this time and that one has been bothering me since it was put in so I wasn't too surprised when it hurt.... plus I've been off of all pain medications since 7 days PO. My doctor also mentioned that I look a bit swollen and I needed to take it easier. I have been over doing myself a lot lately, but it's hard to just sit around when there's a house to clean, a three year old to entertain and take care of, and all the other responsibilities we all have. ... not too much fun. Oh well I'm going to try my hardest to listen to him. :) Anyways nothing really new to update. Happy healing everyone! :D

Oh btw when did you girls start putting scar cream...

Oh btw when did you girls start putting scar cream on your scars? I forgot to ask my doctor today. Oh and what did you use? Let me know!

Day 12 - PO Today I spent the day with my...

Day 12 - PO

Today I spent the day with my husband, son, and brother at the zoo! I could only stand an hour and a half but It was so much fun! ....although now I am super swollen. Also, while I promised myself that I wouldn't shop for clothing until 1 month but I couldn't stand my shirts anymore today (they drown me now! YAY!!!) so I went out and bough 1. It's amazing! I could never fit into a medium at Target before and finally I can!!! :) Exciting! I also talked to my surgeon and he suggested I order a new SMALLER garmet, so I got to order that in a size down as well. It was a good day! Happy healing everyone! :)

Day 13 & Week 2 - PO I can't believe it's...

Day 13 & Week 2 - PO

I can't believe it's finally 2 weeks! :D Yay! I'm getting there. Well I am still very swollen. Last night I finally got my smaller garmet and there is definitely a huge difference. It looks more like a bathing suit (without the top of course) and it's most definitely tighter but I'm hoping my silhouette will reflect this smaller garmet. :) Well I start my first day back to work on Tuesday and I am not looking forward to that... but we'll see. I'll try to post some new pictures tomorrow. Otherwise how is everyone else doing? Happy healing!!!!!

Oh! Quick question: I have tape over my incision....

Oh! Quick question: I have tape over my incision. Has anyone had this? And how do they get it off or do they just wait for it to fall off? I've been kinda worried about it, please let me know!!!

Day 15 - PO Well I started to get a bit...

Day 15 - PO

Well I started to get a bit depressed today. I feel like my swelling has finally started coming down (in my new outfit) but my sides still look HUGE. I know it takes a while with the lipo for it to come down and how hard my muscles are to loosen up, but it sucks. I just thought it would look a little bit better by now. Idk. Is anyone else going through this. I knew when this all started that I wasn't going to look great immediately and I understand that, but I just thought it would be just a bit better by now.... Oh well I guess everyone has these days...

P.S. I was going to post pictures, but I am too uncomfortable in this outfit still to take it off yet. Sorry. Happy Healing!

Today I went back to Weight Watchers. I need to...

Today I went back to Weight Watchers. I need to get my eating back under control and the meetings really help me :) Also here are the pictures as promised! I am still super swollen (I definitely can't wait until it comes down!!!!!) Anyone have any other suggestions? I wear my compression garmet constantly and I eat a low sodium diet. I'm not sure what else I could be doing.... Well I'm still not super happy with my sides, but I'm hoping that's just swelling... we'll see. Happy healing everyone!

Oh sorry that was PO day 16

Oh sorry that was PO day 16

PO day 19 Today was my second half day or work...

PO day 19

Today was my second half day or work. It really isn't too bad because I sit all day, but when I get up I'm very stiff so I'm pretty hunched over. My colleagues asked and I said I just hurt my back during vacation. :) They did comment on how great I look! :) That was nice to hear. Well I'm still pretty swollen these day, but I felt really great this morning so I decided to try on my old bathing suit and it fit! I'm posting pictures so you girls can see too. I think I look better in person then in these pictures but that's alright. I wanted to get a new suit, but I'm having a hard time finding one that will cover the top of my scar without looking funny. Has anyone found good bottoms that work? Or Idk I'm hoping my scar will end up being thin and light enough that it won't matter. (I can only hope). When I did end up taking off my garmet I noticed that my tape or glue or whatever it is on my scar is peeling. That's a good thing! (I think) it doesn't hurt or anything but that does take care of my fear of my surgeon ripping off my tape lol yay! So how is everyone else doing? Happy healing!

3 Weeks - PO I can't believe it's finally 3...

3 Weeks - PO

I can't believe it's finally 3 weeks! Wow that went fast. :) Anyways I was doing really good until today when I wasn't paying enough attention and I ran the side of my scar into my office chair!! OWWWWWWW! It was awful! I actual let out a scream thank goodness my other coworker was in the bathroom so she didn't hear me. After I finally felt better my family and I went to the mall. I tried on a lot of clothes, but nothing fit. It's kinda depressing. I'm so swollen these days no matter what I do. When did you girls finally start shopping? None of my old clothes fit, but I still can't seem to fit into a smaller size.... IDK what's going on. Has anyone else had this problem? Anyways well besides that all is well. Happy healing everyone! :D

25 days - PO So today I had another appointment...

25 days - PO

So today I had another appointment with my surgeon. While there he mentioned that I am still very swollen, which makes sense because I am constantly doing something these days. Anyways while he was checking out my progress today he suddenly ripped off my tape (WITHOUT WARNING... which may have been a good thing because I tend to overthink and panck. But it actually didn't hurt until he ripped out a hair otherwise it was relatively painless. I was all worried for nothing! lol ;) Anyways well my scar is actually very thin, hopefully it stays this way. I am going to take pictures tomorrow so yuo ladies can see as well. Anyways. How is everyone else doing? Happy healing!

P.S. My doctor said I can slowly start to up my...

P.S. My doctor said I can slowly start to up my exercise and I was wondering what you ladies did when you first started to work out again? I'm kind of afriad to workout because I don't want to hurt myself.

Also, for everyone who gave me advice, thank you! I finally got to talk to my doctor and he said I'm not supposed to use any kind of scar cream, gel, strips until 6-8 weeks. So far I'm not sure that I need it because my scar is so thin, but we'll see! :)

Here are the pictures as promised. I finally got...

Here are the pictures as promised. I finally got the tape off my incision and I think it actually looks pretty good. :) Still swollen though :/

4 Weeks - PO Hey girls! So today is officially...

4 Weeks - PO

Hey girls! So today is officially 4 weeks PO! I can't believe it!!! Anyways.... I've been feeling a lot better lately, because I've been able to do a lot less. Every time I go see my surgeon he always tells me that I am a bit too swollen and I need to take it easy, but it is so hard when you have a 3 year old, a job, school, and life. I'm sure all of you girls understand because we're all going through the same thing. Anyways but my hubby finally kicked it into high gear and I finally got to relax all day. And guess what?! My doctor was right! This morning I looked amazing. All my swelling was down and my sides looked ten times better. :) I'm so excited. Of course now I'm at work and sitting in an office chair for 7 & 1/2 hrs isn't going to help my swelling, but that just means I'll have to relax when I get home. Hmmmm... oh my doctor said I can start slowly upping my daily activity so I've decided I might go back to yoga. I don't plan on doing anything too extreme, but the relaxing may help. What did you girls do when you first started working out again? Well there really isn't too much new. I ran into an old friend the other day (one who I had a crush on forever ago and he didn't like me back) and all he could say was how amazing I looked! I almost died. Best feeling ever!!! lol I hope all you are doing just as well! Happy Healing! :D

-Update- So I forgot to add this picture. It is...


So I forgot to add this picture. It is from PO day 25, but I thought I'd put it up anyways. So,I finally got a close up on my scar and belly button, lol I was trying on bathing suits. (I love that my tummy is so flat) I don't think the scar looks too bad, it's thinning over my hips already which is good, but I still have a while to go. I don't like my belly button so far! Has anyone else had a belly button that looked like mine and it came out okay? If you can't see it too well let me know and I will try to take a close up of it. Happy Healing!

Hello everyone! So I've been feeling down lately....

Hello everyone! So I've been feeling down lately. I'm so swollen and super uncomfortable naked (clothing isn't too bad, sometimes). I've been trying so hard and actually I've lost 18.2 pounds so far but I still only see my huge sides. Is anyone else having these problems? and when does it get better? I know it's different for everyone, but I'm really tired of feeling fat....

P.S. I hate my bb! It looks like it cauliflowered and it hasn't really sunk in. I've been searching the site and I haven't seen anyone else's bb that looks like mine. Maybe I missed it, but I was wondering when/if it'll sink in.

....It's just not a good day :/

Today I am 5 weeks PO and I'm doing a lot better.....

Today I am 5 weeks PO and I'm doing a lot better....though today not so much. Today I over did myself. I've been moving since 6 am this morning and I just sat down now and it's almost 8 pm. It's been a very long day! Anyways overall I've been doing a lot better. My swelling is still pretty back in my sides but it's slowly getting better. How is everyone else doing?

Updated 5 week pictures :)

Updated 5 week pictures :)

OMG So I just found this amazing tip! So as anyone...

OMG So I just found this amazing tip! So as anyone who has been reading my "blog" I do hate my bb, but today I came across this advice today where a women, who also hated her bb, used an ear plug. I only tried it for 20 mins and wow! It made my bb actually sink in and look semi normal. Exciting! They did mention that you shouldn't do this for long periods of time because you will make the muscles sore...i'm not too sure but they made a point to say it. Well I plan on continuing to do this and I hope it helps you girls out! :)

Hey girls! So yesterday was my official 6 weeks...

Hey girls! So yesterday was my official 6 weeks PO! YAY! Not to much has changed. I feel a lot better these days, but still not super happy with my sides or my bb... oh well. I know I didn't get a chance to post a pic yet, but it's now almost 10 am and I haven't been home since 5:30 this morning and I won't be until about 5 tonight so I don't think those are going to happen today... tomorrow I will post some though :) Anyways, I went back to the gym officially today! It was amazing! I did all the exercise equipment (the ones in a row that focus mainly on your legs or arms) but I made sure to avoid "core" workouts (my PS said I can't start those until at least 8 weeks). I always did 3 miles on the exercise bike and 1/2 mile running... I'm really not a runner but I'm going to give it a shot! :D Anyways well all has been well I've been getting a lot of complements on my new figure at work (always nice to hear) and I feel like my confidence is finally back! (took long enough)

Oh! Hey so I came across this amazing story the other day and while I know she didn't chose our route and that's just fine, I thought her story was amazing and she gave some great tips for those of us who would like to still lose more weight PO. Let me know what you think!


p.s. sometimes bc of high traffic on her site it goes down, but keep trying it's worth it! :D

P.S.S. Did I mention?! I'm doing a 25 mile bike...

P.S.S. Did I mention?! I'm doing a 25 mile bike race on Saturday night/Sunday morning!!!! I'm super excited. For those of you wondering, it's called the L.A.T.E. Ride or the Midnight Ride in Chicago. It's going to be so much fun! :D

7 weeks 3 days PO So things have gotten a lot...

7 weeks 3 days PO

So things have gotten a lot better! I joined a gym almost 2 weeks ago and it's been amazing!!! I've been doing a lot of different classes and it's been a lot of fun. :) It hurts a little when I jump too much during my workouts or if I try to do sit ups, but otherwise I'm pain free. To date I have lost 27 pounds PO!!! :) My swelling has gone down a lot and I'm feeling 100 times better. I attached some updated pictures, but I think I look better in person then on these pictures, but oh well. You can kinda see the start of my six pack in the pictures but once again they look better in person. Happy Healing Everyone!!!

2 & 1/2 Months PO- OMG This is the best...

2 & 1/2 Months PO-

OMG This is the best decision I've ever made. I've noticed how much happier I am on a daily basis just because I feel more confident in myself. For anyone who is just starting out the beginning is really honestly not that much fun, but being *technically* not that far in yet, it's definitely worth the money, time, and tears! :D So I know I haven't updated pictures in a while, so here they are! :) How is everyone, btw? Hmmmm let's see... so I'm still wearing my garmet (I've kind of gotten attached to it) and I feel that it really helps with my swelling. I have been going to the gym religiously every morning 7 days a week and I am absolutely obessed! My weight loss was doing really well for a very long time there (I lost 30 pounds so far), but now it's slowly has stopped though the inches are coming off... so I'm thinking it's all muscle gain which is fine with me. Otherwise everything has been great! Happy Healing! :D
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Iteld is very kind and very personable. He really made me feel comfortable with everything. I had researched him before hand and really liked what I found and I must say they didn't lie, he is very good at what he does! But I also really like him as a person. He seems generally interested in what I have to say and in taking care of my concerns. I would definitely refer him to anyone.

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Hi, I can't see any pictures on here. Is there somewhere else I can look? I am looking for a doc in Chicago. Thank you in advance
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Wow! U look awesome! I'm so jealous. I don't know how you are working out, I don't feel good enough to do so. I still feel like my stomach is super tight and even though I walk upright, I still can't lay flat when I sleep. I still put a pillow under my knees to sleep. It's just a tight feeling and can't imagine excercing while still feeling this way. Tonight I actually have some pain above my belly button and have no idea what it is. Anyway. I'm so glad you are feeling and looking fabulous! How have you lost 27 pounds? I lost 10 pounds but it was all the first 2 weeks of surgery. Maybe when I finally hit the gym I can lose some too. Keep up the good work!
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Hello! Thank you! I'm sorry your're not feeling good :/ Yeah I was very tight for a very long time, but I just started very slowly one day and it got better everday and now I'm generally pain free as long as I don't jump a lot. But I started with yoga and that really streched me out and then did low impact and now I can do whatever. :) I lost that weight because I do weight watchers and I really watch my carbs plus I exercise at least 6 days a week. I hope you feel better and thank you for the compliments! :D
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you look great!
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thank you! :D
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Just checking in to say hi and you look great! When did you start back with yoga? Josie suggested I give pilates a try after I am more healed, but I think that is almost all core work so I will have to ease into that. I am going back to the gym for the first time in the morning. So far I have only been walking about 2-3 miles a day. Tomorrow I will do the treadmill and probably some weights. I need to start toning big time! I really want to go back to my hip hop and latin classes and get back to training for my half marathon coming up in October but even with a great compression garment, the thought of all that bouncing does not appeal at this point. When did you go back to full workouts?
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Thank you! I started yoga at about 5 weeks PO. I really haven't gotten into any "core" type poses yet, I've been avoiding those. And you're right! I've done a lot of Pilates classes (before surgery) and it is MOSTLY core workouts so do be careful, but as long as you take it slow and it's something you enjoy I say go for it! Wow that's wonderful! Walking is such great exercise, especially if you can get in those miles. :) Actually yesterday was my 6 week PO and I finally went back to the gym today. I did the equipment (you know that kind that is always in order and focuses on one part of your body i.e. legs or arms), I did 3 miles on the exercise bike, and I ran half a mile. Now I'm not a runner (hence the only 1/2 mile) and I definitely made sure to warm up first, but it really didn't hurt! I was very surprised. So if you like running and want to do a half marathon you definitely should! I would take it slow (always) and keep in mind that if it hurts (and not in the workout burn hurting way) then stop and change it up a bit. My PS told me not to do any kind of core workouts until at least 8 weeks. I hope that helps! :D
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Looking great, congrats on your amazing results! Have you started back at yoga yet? Im worried about not being able to exercise after...what have you been able to manage so far?
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Thanks! Yes I have it's actually been really nice and is slowly allowing me to be able to strech more and more (which has definitely helped my back). Well I have been doing very basic moves and staying away from planks and anything that forces me to use my core. My doctor said to slowly start and the "core" poses really kinda hurt still so I haven't done too much, but it has seemed to help. I hope this helps!
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Hi there, your body looks similar to mine (pre-op) and you look FABULOUS! I had lipo, breast lift and implants, and fat transfer to butt on April 25. Was supposed to get TT done at the same time but there was a complication so I am going now on July 17. Can't WAIT. I will keep watching your progress! :)
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lol Thank you! Wow that definitely sounds like quite a trip! Yeah I am so glad I had mine done, it's definitely worth it! :D
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Yes I have heard about the ear plug trick too. I asked my PS about it and he told me to be careful with that one because he was concerned about any infection as the earplug can have some areas hard to keep clean and it's material. He was more comfortable with the marble as its round and easy to disinfect.
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Yeah I heard to definitely be careful, but I've been using a new "fresh" ear plug each time... it is a bit expensive but it works. Hopefully soon my bb won't be so rock hard that I'll be able to use a marble. Thanks! :D
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Look how tiny your waist is! And those hips!! You had great curves hiding under there the whole time. :) Congratulations!!
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lol thanks :D
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I think you look great! And almost 20 lbs of weight loss after surgery.. Even more awesome. I don't like my belly button either. It looks like an innie but with a little outie. It looks like mine starts to pop out when I am more swollen. I have been trying to put the marble in my belly button to see if it will help. Have you asked your PS about your bb? My swelling is at its worst and I am 6 weeks. But I suppose walking for 5 hours at Legoland doesn't help! You look great so don't be so down on yourself and you don't look fat at all. Although I know how you feel. I went down 10 lbs and still feel gross ;(
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Thank you. I definitely have those bad days and like you do way more then I'm supposed to. I've heard about that marble idea, I'll have to try it! :) Well I hear the swelling really starts to go down at 2 months, so I was hoping my bb would slowly sink in by then. Idk. I see my PS in a few weeks so I figured I would talk to him then. I really hope it goes in or there is no hope for a two piece. :/ But Yeah I'm with you. It seems like no matter how much I lose all this swelling still makes me look awful. I even sleep with ice packs on my side to help the swelling (which it does) but that goes away after I'm at work...
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Oh and I was looking and I just found this so there's still hope! :D

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Looking great! My date was a few days after yours and I also get the swelling on my sides. It went down after I started to juice whole cucumbers and add that to my water. HAPPY healing!
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Thanks! I'll have to try that.
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Hi, thanks for sharing your story and pics. We have the same PS. I am day 5 po and the swelling is unbelievable. Please tell me it gets better. How is your healing going?
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Isn't he amazing?! I absolutely love Dr. Iteld's personality. :) Anyways, yes I promise it gets better! Just make sure not to over do yourself, that's what I did and it made my healing so much worse. Try to relax and if you can don't go back to work too soon. I went back to work after 2 weeks PO and I wish I would have waited. Overall it'll be great! He's very skilled and the results will show :) Happy Healing!!!
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Looking great!!!
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Thank you! :)
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I didn't have muscle repair but it definitely still feels tight ever after 5 weeks ok and at the end of the day my tummy is hard right under my belly button. Today was my first time wearing just regular underway with no spanx and no garment and I was comfortable til about now end of day and my tummy is swollen and tight :/ so it's definitely normal
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