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I have had 3 children by way of c-section. I also...

I have had 3 children by way of c-section. I also had a partial hysterectomy done the same way. I also have lost over 100lbs and decided that the flabby kangaroo pouch that I have sticking out needed to go. And since I am unsure what I would have looked like in my 20's, since that is when I started having children, I want to know what is like to live in a 20 year old's body. Can't wait

I ran into one problem prior to my August 15th...

I ran into one problem prior to my August 15th scheduled surgery. I ended up in the emergency room and had to have an appendectomy. The next morning after my emergency surgery, I called Dr. Iteld's office and let Josie know what happened and why I was going to be unable to make my pre-op appointment. She said that she was going to let Dr. Iteld know and would call me back. When I got a call back from Josie, she told me that they still wanted to see me. I let them know that I was going to be released from the hospital sometime after 1:30 pm that day. They actually waited around for me because they wanted to see me and make sure that I was doing well and to give my husband and I advice. Dr. Iteld told my husband that he wanted him to stop every hour to let me get out and stretch my legs so that I would not get blood clots in my legs since we had a 3 1/2 hour drive to get home. I was told that I would not be able to have my lower body lift for at least 6 weeks. I was not happy about this because I was starting my new job in 6 weeks. I was seen by my general doctor here in Springfield and he released me to have my surgery after the 29th of September. I let Dr. Iteld and Josie know and they quickly scheduled me so that I would be able to have a little time for recovery before I went back to work. So the day before my birthday, I had my surgery. I had it on September 1st and I feel great and look great. Dr. Iteld did a wonderful job and I actually cried when I saw myself. I knew that he would do a great job, but I didn't think that he would be able to get as much accomplished with my body type as he did. Let's just say that before my surgery I was in a size 15, I now where a size 11 and it has only been 3 weeks. The swelling has not gone all the way down.
I feel amazing thanks to Dr. Iteld. I highly recommend that anyone considering to do any type of plastic surgery, please consider Dr. Iteld. He isn't just a surgeon, he is one of the most caring people that I know and can really consider him and his staff dear to my heart.
One last thing, the surgery center staff was amazing. I have never had better care than I did when I was there.
It was well worth it. I would do it again and again. I plan to go back in the next year or two to have the top half of my body done.
Thank you for listening.
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Iteld and his staff (especially Josie) are wonderful. They are caring and responsive. I have not had my procedure done yet, but will be in a week. Great bedside manner. He answered all of my questions and called me to see if I had any more after seeing me. I was scheduled for my surgery on the 15th of August and unfortunately the day before my pre-op appointment I had to go in for emergency surgery to have my appendix removed. He and Josie waited for me on the day of my appointment until I was discharged just to see how I was doing and feeling. We then rescheduled my surgery date and have received phone calls from Josie to see how I am recovering. Wonderful doctor and staff. Thank you

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It is great you had a good experience and that your husband has been so helpful! Mine was too, as well as my Mom, who stayed at my house for 2 weeks to take care of me and my children. Take care!:)
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Thank you for he update!   It sounds like you have an amazing transformtion and are doing well.  

Do keep us up to date:)

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Hi everyone!

Just wanted to update you on all that my body went through. Everything went great. Dr. Iteld did an amazing job. He was able to accomplish more than he thought he would have been able to do with the condition of my body. I suffer from scoliosis and it makes it hard to have symmetry when drawing the lines. I feel amazing and look amazing. I am extremely happy with the end results so far. Of course I will not know what the end results are until it has been about 2 years. This is what he did. He liposuctioned about 5 lbs of fat from my back and stomach, and removed about 5lbs of skin from my from stomach. He was able to lift my buttocks. I don't plan to do any other surgeries at this time, but depending on what the end results look like, in about 2 years I may have breast augmentation along with an upper body lift. With this procedure he will do the same as the lower body lift except he will take the fat and skin from under my arms all the way around to my back and give me a breast lift with implants. I want to wait for 2 years to see what the pockets under my arms look like. I was told after liposuction that fat from the rest of your body kind of redistributes itself to other areas. So I want to see if this will happen to the problem area under my arms.

That's all Folks for right now. I hope this helps and if you are interested in this procedure and I will be happy to answer any questions. I feel that Dr. Iteld is a miracle worker. Also when I have done a bit more healing I will post some before and after pictures for you to see.

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How are you? How did everything go? Let us know how are you doing...
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Did you mean to check the Not Worth It box? If you haven't had surgery yet, you can check unsure. It sounds like you're happy with everything so far...

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NO. I think I scrolled down and when I did it changed my answers. Sorry about that. I am very happy with everything. Look for my before and after pictures coming soon.

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Welcome to RealSelf!

Sorry you had to go through this unexpected surgery.  So it sounds like you are having your tummy tuck this week?

I will be anxious to hear how you are doing so please keep us up to date.


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I actually ended up having a lower body lift. It looks great. I was suppose to have my surgery on the 15th of August, but due to the unexpected appendectomy, I had to postpone until the 1st of September. I am recovering from my surgery and am feeling great. My husband said that I look sexy. We were able to take off my bandages last night and I finally got to take a shower. He helped me and has been getting up with me every 4 hours to make sure I take my pain meds and other meds, and helping me out of bed to use the restroom. He is such a wonder. He empties my drains and has kept a log of when I take my meds, what meds I have taken, and how many cc's of fluid he drains from me. He reminds me when it is time to take my meds. He went out yesterday to buy a bunch of gauze to wrap my incision site so that the compression garment does not rub against my incision, and washed my garment to get the dried blood off of it and have it sanatized. He is amazing.

Thank you
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