About to Embark on the Male TT Journey... -Chicago, IL

So here's my story: The Skinny (pun intended):...

So here's my story:

The Skinny (pun intended):
25 year-old male, 5'8", 160 lb - seeks advice / support from real self community in his journey to getting a TT.

For the past four years, I have lost over 70 pounds and have maintained a fairly active lifestyle. Even though I have my days in which I feel like I've accomplished so much, the sagging, unsightly skin on my stomach makes me extremely self-conscious. I feel like a false advertisement and do not know how else to describe the situation.

Enough is enough. After perusing the stories on here, I have finally made the decision that a tummy tuck is necessary for my confidence and I'm about to embark on the journey. Any help/advice and community support would be greatly appreciated.

That being said, I have my first consultation scheduled for September 3, and I am so anxious but so excited! This doctor has amazing reviews and his work looks phenomenal, but I feel like I need to schedule a few others to make sure that he's the right fit. Right? The thing is, I have a full-time job and can't take so many days off for consultations. I'll need time to recover too, right?

About a year and a half ago, I visited a previous doctor who made me feel extremely uncomfortable, as if I were wasting his precious time with the free consultation because he didn't think I could afford the surgery. This really inhibited me from exploring this undertaking further, but I'm really appreciative I discovered this site, because all of your stories are so motivational.

I plan to post pics from before (235 lbs) to now (160 lbs), so please stay tuned!!!

Thanks for reading :)
Hi there, My story went very much the same way, 235 down to 155 pounds and I'm 5'7''the main difference is that it took me 25 more years to finally do it. Last week was 1 year since my procedure and I believe is one of the best decisions I ever took. Go for it.
Now I know how you feel - thanks for your comment and advice, definitely helped me make the decision, and I don't regret it :)
Hey there! Im glad it is going well for you. Remember to go slow and give it time. Things do really go back to normal (or the new "Normal"). At some point is like it never happen untill you see yourself in the mirror.

Three Doctor Consultations Later...

So I'm updating this post and I am so close to choosing a doctor - it's definitely an exciting time, but I overwhelming too, because I want to make the right decision.

The procedure estimates I received for an abdominoplasty typically ranged between $9K and $12K - the higher end was for an extended tummy tuck and liposuctions on my flanks.

I was glad that this time around I felt no negative vibes from any of the doctors I saw. I was a bit disappointed when the first doctor told me I could get a client referral to learn more about the doctor from a customer perspective, but then never followed up with me. He has amazing reviews on RealSelf and I was really looking forward to meeting him; he took a very hands on approach, literally drawing on my abdomen showing me what he could remove. Not sure if I will proceed with him though because I did not receive a follow up based on my request for a client referral.

The second doctor I saw was extremely nice, spent a lot of time answering my questions and was also the cheapest - it was extremely cheaper than the other surgeon's costs - which could be a good thing, but I'm not looking to pinch pennies ... I want the best doctor and the right price. This doctor explained the procedure, didn't guarantee anything, but I felt a bit of comfort because he had done this before. The one other thing that turned me off though was that they do not allow client referrals. I understand that you want to respect a patient's privacy, but if I have a procedure done and I am extremely satisfied with my results and how the doctor handled me, then I would be more than happy to talk to anyone considering having the surgery... so I am still on the fence about this. Thoughts?

The last doctor I saw was extremely diligent and thorough. I really appreciated her approach to the situation. She made me feel like I needed to work to have the surgery done, making lifestyle changes, changing my diet and working on my posture and core. I really felt like she knew what she was talking about and cared about fixing my problems. I was told I would be able to talk to someone, and really look forward to this because it would be really great to just hear someone else's journey. I feel like I have very little support and the support I do have don't entirely understand where I am coming from, so it would just be nice to get on the phone with someone who's done this before and would be able to talk me through some of this, especially with the same doctor I'd be choosing.

I have purposely been vague, trying to anonymize the doctor's; however, once I have chosen the right one for me, I definitely will post those reviews because I think it's important to have those reviews. I have been fairly reliant on those myself as well.

I have also posted some pics of what my body currently looks like. I welcome any and all feedback, suggestions, comments. Thanks so much for reading. I'm off for now.
I enjoyed reading your review, it brought back memories if the things I went through in choosing the surgeon, planning the time and finances, preparing for the surgery, and all of the anticipations that go along with the procedure. I'll spare you the details so you can read my story if you are interested.  
You are one of the first reviews I had read when I got onto RealSelf! Thanks for reading about my journey, really excited to continue on with it - just need to pick a doctor, which is the hardest part for me - I'm so fickle! Maybe I'm being too picky? :)

I finally set the date!

Sorry it's been awhile since the last update.

In the midst of keeping afloat with my highly demanding job, applying to business schools and balancing my personal relationships, I, ironically, feel stretched too thin. I just wanted to say that I've finally scheduled a date!

I will be getting an abdominoplasty with liposuction to the flanks done on January 10! (I'm still deciding whether or not I want to do liposuction or cool sculpting - an choice I can make after my pre-op appointment - does anyone have any thoughts on this?)

I will update this with more details and commentary on all the doctors I went to when I have a bit more time, but just wanted to share the news with this community. You have all been my crutch throughout this, and I really appreciate your stories.


Three weeks away...

The surgery is literally less than three weeks away... what? I have been so busy with applying to MBA programs while juggling my full-time job, that I haven't really sat down to think about it or even mentally prepare myself.

I'm currently sitting in a Starbucks looking at old pictures of me on Facebook, feeling pretty accomplished while at the same time wondering what happens next.

Does anyone have tips on what I should be doing to prepare myself? I suppose I will learn a bit more during my pre-op consultation on December 26! Feel free to drop me a line, I am getting a bit nervous... would really appreciate any encouragement and guidance!


8 hour countdown...

I cannot sleep. I keep wondering how I got here... how is my surgery in less than 8 hours?

I'm really nervous - more nervous than excited... I want it all to be over, but I guess that's natural and expected. I'm planning on spending the next few hours perusing this site and then trying to sleep if I can, but I definitely plan on updating this later... I have to be at the surgical center at 0600, and its already 0017!

I took a few pics earlier today, and it's weird to think that they will be considered "pre-op" or "before" pretty soon. Will update this later, just wanted to throw some thoughts out there.

Warm regards
Hey, Greetings from Brazil I had my TT on Jan 8th and I related to your story a whole lot. The first couple of days may seem tough, but as you've probably read in many reviews here, hang in there. It gets better day by day and having the end result on mind is very helpful; Please update soon so we can share experiences. Cheers
OMG, love your story, let us know how you are doing!!!! Yes, it hurts, you will be ok!
Thinking about you today:)

Day 6 - Post Op

I can't believe it's already been six days - today's the first day I got to see everything! There was a miscommunication with my doctor and I thought he said not to take the compression garment off, so yea, I smelled, but I took a long shower that felt so, so good and now here I am, sharing with you all.

I am in such disbelief. I think I am used to my old body, so seeing my new body I am pretty happy with the results - scars and bruises and all.

I will post clearer pics when I can, but thought I'd show the one I have for now.

Let me know what you all think!
Looking good my friend and it will look better once the swelling goes down. Just be patient.
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