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I would like to think that I am sexy as hell! I...

I would like to think that I am sexy as hell! I have a beautiful face, personality, and a winning smile. To take it down a notch...Double D'S! But as you go down another notch there it is....old "Brainiac" as I like to call it, because of its many twists and turns. If you haven't figured it out by now ... my stomach, abdomen, or some would call it a torso. I am 33 and had my first child at 18 (8#14oz). Then a second child at 23 a whopping 9#1oz. See I am 5 feet tall with a medium build so having kids that big took a toll on my physique. Its been a long 14time years since "The Brainiac" has taken over and its time for it to GO! I'm going to kick his ass out! I went for a consultation back in 2004. But at the time money was definitely an option. Now that I am a little more stable I am working overtime to get this $$$. Its going to cost $6700. And worth every cent. I have been reading the posts and checking much needed items off of the list. to be continued..

August 1010th
When are you having the "Brainiac" evicted? :)
Good for you! time to take care of ourselves for once :)

August can't get here fast enough. Although I do...

August can't get here fast enough. Although I do need this time to make some $$$, since I will be off for 4you weeks!
Love it!
Gurl...Sexy never left! Happy Healing!!!!!
Yes, Dr. Horn is the best!!! I'm pretty sure your best friend has already told you that he is good and I know you will be happy with your results. Keep me updated on your journey!
Dr. Michael Horne

He did my best friends tummy tuck.

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