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I'm very unhappy with my result becasue i had...

I'm very unhappy with my result becasue i had this done 9months ago and my tummy is still big and my scars are ugly and I caught two blood cloots and now is on blood thinner. Don't know if the blood thinner is making me big but I fell like I wasted 14.900 on something I thought would make me look better, but it didn't. I depessed about the whole thing. So what do I do now.

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I looke my doctor up and he fell in the top ten so i was thinking i was good with him. But to place my health in his hands and to pay this much money is a no no to look the same stomach is uneven and breast are too. as well as stomach is bigger thats really messed up. now on blood thinner as well, wow.

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Pjn... don't give up. Let us know what happens ater you see your ps.
Chicago6517: I live in Chicago as well. During my consultation phase I went as far Indiana (even though it's not's far at all). I choose a ps in Orland Park. Everything is listed in my review, including my ups and downs. I hope it helps you in your search.
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I live in the Skokie area and have found a few in the area. I would like to know if anyone has used someone in this area.
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I know you posted this a while ago, but I used Geoffrey Fenner up in Kenilworth. I had a BR a couple of years ago and a TT this past February. He's the best!
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Hi Ladies in Chi Town,
I also live There and would appreciated you post the name your your PS. I am considering getting a TT and reduction and would like to know there names and if they can help you further,
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mz. pooh, you definately need to talk to your PS about how you are feeling now. I'm sure he will address your needs if he knew the situation. How did your initial consult with him go? When you say your stomach is still "big" do you think that it could be from swelling? I know my PS said it could take me close to a year before the swelling will actually subside. But, I'm just 2 weeks post op and I still have major swelling! I can tell that this is going to be a long process.
I am so sorry that this has happened to you! Did your PS have you wear the compression stockings/hose after your surgery. They are pretty good about preventing blood clots but each and every individual is different so I feel that its just an unfortunate situation and your PS should definately know how you feel. Please don't keep your feelings bottled up-call him and let him at least give you some sort of explanation for why he performed the procedures the way he did and let him address this matter as promptly as possible. I'm so sorry that you are so unhappy right now. But please talk to him about how you feel at least and good luck!! and keep us updated.
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mz. pooh sorry that it turned out that way! I also live in chicago and had reduction and tuumy tuck 9 mo. ago. I'm not 100% happy either. I have lumps in one breast and is still somewhat sore. I think it is scar tissue. he said he could remove it but then one side would be larger then the other. Also I thought I would get some sort of lipo around bra line which I did not. My upper abd is also protruding spomewhat which he told me to do sit ups for a few months and see him again. Lastly, My pubic area is somewhat protruding also.......any suggestions?
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I have posted a picture of my nine-month post-op picture. When did you have your surgery? Mine was April 6. This picture was taken 3 months AFTER my surgery. I had a terrible recovery. I had very little help and it was very painful.
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I am now post-op nine months and am feeling the same. I have an appt. next week to voice concerns. My implants are much too large as I am only 5'1". I am also weighing 7 lbs more than I did last year at this time. My boobs account for 2 lbs of that but he did not take enough fat cells off the stomach and sides and I look worse now than I did before. I regained all new stretch marks. My belly button is way too small and looks ridiculous. (My daughter says it looks like Kyle X, who is an alien.) I am a single mother and saved for ten years. I spent almost $9,000. I also have a vertical scar that is over 2". I developed keloids and am still very red except for a 3" section on my left side that healed perfectly. Also, my boobs are lopsided as he was to put different amounts in each side but when I woke up he had decided to put even amounts. Now one hangs almost an inch lower than the other.
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Hi. Sorry to hear about the outcome of your surgery. I agree with Kimmers25, let the ps know about your unhappiness and discuss how he/ she can fix it. Good luck to you. Please keep us posted.
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I am so sorry that you are having such a horrible time with this.  It would be frustrating to not get what you were expecting:(  

Have you talked with your doctor and expressed your concerns?  I would start there and see if they offer any type of revision/correction.  They need to know how unhappy you are.

The blood clots are a possible side effect with any surgery...unfortunately.   I hate hearing that this happened to you.  

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