45yrs Old TT, Lipo to Flanks and Upperback - Chicago, IL

Like many of you guys I have also been lurking...

Like many of you guys I have also been lurking this website for quite some time now. I am pretty much obsessed with Realself. I am not associated with any other social Medias, but I decide give my review to share my experience as well. I believe Realself has helped so many people aside from myself. I was apprehensive about doing a review, but I thought it would be unfair to not share experiences seeing as though I have gotten a lot of good information from you guys.
I had my son 7 years ago and my daughter 25 years ago. I had a C-section with my son, other than the scar my stomach didn’t bother me, it pretty much went back to being flat. I notice after I turned 43 the skin appeared to sag each year more sagging, oh I forgot mention I gained 15lbs. I think a tummy tuck will bring back my youthful silhouette; moreover I would love to get back into a fitted t-shirt. July 14 is my surgery the date, Yes, I am nervous and praying that everything goes in my favor.

Today is 7/22/14 im 8 days post... I went to my 1st op visit my drains and stitches were removed , Im so grateful for that. I saw my navel for the first time unsure if i like it or not, might as well love im stuck with it. :-) I was worried about the style of navel I would recieve so I ask the Dr. not to give me the dime slot navel which he referred to as the vertical cut so i opted for a horizontal cut. I it hope it looks great when it heals. my stomach is still verry swollen but i see wondeful results. I know it only gets better over tiime and after the swelling


Looking forward to watching your progress. :) Congratulations!
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I went for consultation to the same dr last week. Did not schedule the date yet.How did you like the dr and his staff? How was your day of treatment? Post some post op pics. Looking good already girl :-)
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9 days post pics

Everyday day is better far as the pain, the swelling seem to be worst as the days go by.


Welcome to the Flat Side! Looking good...
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Congrats on your TT! I had mines done about a week before you and the swelling is annoying.
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Congrats!! You look great!
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it's not a myth ...flat comes in the morning

The Dr. Told me that the fat creases would not be completely gone because it was a lot of loose skin ,that was discouraging but understandable and now i see where i wish he could have taking more from the sides, nevertheless I see major improvement I'm excited for what's to come. I'm getting around pretty good I'm still in my recliner my husband has been waiting patiently he's truly a sweetheart I'm blessed to have him


I think you results look good. I will be having a tummy tuck as well with the same doctor in September . This reassure myself that I have chosen a good doctor. I am so ready to get rid of this ruffle that sags over. thank you for posting picture please continue.
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Thank you I hope my back flattens out a little more, but other than that I'm happy with what i see so far. Dr. Horn is a good doctor, but I felt some kinda way when i didnt receive a call post surgery, not even to check my drains. I was told to keep of log of my drainage because someone would be calling to check. Most doctors call to check on their patients after a major surgery this office didnt. I thought that was inconsiderate. Maybe I was looked over luckilyeverything went well and i didnt have to call the office as well. Good luck to you and I 'm sure you will love your results. I will post my 2 week pic today.
as for your belly button I think it looks good.

I'm not loving the back fat

Recovery is going fine. More visible bruising still sore from lipo,drains holes are still sore I'm Using (wound be gone) on the drain holes and my navel


you look WONDERFUL..... *singing* She's a brick house ;0)
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Thank you! lol!

Healing is well

23 days post op in healing just still a little sore where the drain were

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23 days post op


Hey girlie! how are you.. yes you are right I'm only flat in the mornings and by 3 pm I'm pregnant again. My tummy feels tight & gets hard sometimes throughout the day do you have that feeling as well? I keep telling myself be patient but I can't wait until my tummy gets normal again.. bcuz its annoying lol.. you are looking good :)
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Bcynthia333, glad to hear your healing. Did you get my message? I had a few questions, since you are going through what I'll be going through. I was hoping you could clear some them up for me
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Hi Zie, No I didn't get massages. I was never told to do so. I'm not sure what the massage suppose to do if you didn't get fat transfer. In waiting to see my Dr. To get further instructions

I'm left feeling like I need more lipo, the love handle are still here very disappointing


I can tell the before and after, you are probably still healing and may just need to be patient (easier said than done right). I think you look wonderful, your results are making me very anxious. Have you returned to work?How do you feel about your back? Are you glad you had it done with the tummy tuck?
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Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Horn is a great plastic surgeon. I am 2 weeks post op everything went smoothly. Dr. Horn isn't very talkative, but he assured me i would love my results and so far im living whati see. He's very confident in his work which made me comfortable in choosing him for my Tummy tuck. The staff was great especially the nurses in the offices and the surgery area

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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