Need FTT and Breast Lift No Implants 1 Child

I expect not to have a second belly... my goal is...

I expect not to have a second belly... my goal is that this will assist me in health and wellness for life. I am on a journey to better health and am looking forward to this helping my second belly is a nuisance and becoming health concern for me. Excercise and weightloss will not rid me of this belly no matter what i do.

Recliner Rental in Chicago ????

If any one in the Chicago area has rented a recliner please help.. i am having a difficult time finding companies .. rent center as well as medical suppliers that will rent lift chairs... in the Chicago area.. Closest I came was rent-a-center but they want $300 refundable deposit plus the amount to rent chair every week... that seems to be too much... Thanks
We're both on a journey for better health, optimum health is my goal. I'm glad for you! You're another day closer! Yaaaaaaaaay!
Reply day moat certainly is getting closer !..I'm claiming/and will begin preparing to run 5K 's starting next spring .....I am so ready for lifestyle change. ...thanks
Wow...the Rent a Center in my area wants $101 for the month. I hope that you find what you are looking for... search online. My surgery is scheduled 3 days after yours. Good luck & congrats!!!

Weighty Issues

Just for the record I am 5'3.5.. 234 pounds..down from 255.8
Had hoped to get down to 200 pounds...however Im still working to get off what I can...I had thought about changing sx date until...but have decided to go ahead and keep date as is..
As soon as I figure out how...I wil post pics.
I have seen quite a few success reviews for plus sized rs. This gives me hope along with faith I have in the ps reassurance that a good result is to be expected.
Thanks..yes I am still searching.. if push comes to shove though I will make use of recliner I have within sofa...with use of more pullows and a few blankets/comforters maybe I can get some tyoe of comfort..

FTT/LIPO AND LIFT ........... Here I Come !!!!

I put down a down payment, and have now paid in full... As a lot of others have had second and third thoughts ... can i wait to lose more weight.?.. Do I need to take the risk of Major surgery... knowing that I not only have me to think of.. but my children /family ? Is this really necessary...? Well I made the list and have checked it twice ..I really do want this.. NO matter how much weight I lose... this belly in my lap will still be here, I am sick of this flap !!! If I never lose another pound.. and get rid of this flap..I believe I would be happy with that..

Eventually I will lose weight and I plan on doing it no doubt. .... I have just been imagining fitting into my clothes, swimsuit, suits without the BigB... ... I have clothes in my closet from size 14-22... mind you I wear mostly 18. I will most certainly give some of those away. after surgery.. I am looking forward to not having a reason to HOLD ON to those 18-20"s any longer... and I will be gladly giving them away. I have been so absorbed reading all the post on RS .. been up for hours at night into wee hours of the morning,.. looking at all the great pictures of end results.. Its so exciting to see that the plus sized divas and the other divas are all looking good.. So I am hoping to fall right in line myself... This site has really been both informative and encouraging...I see whether you are a size 18 or 8.... this pre- op belly, BigB is really a nuisance its something else !

Well today i took my labs and I am getting closer to my date.. Its hard to describe how i am feeling .. I am excite to get rid of BigB, I am afraid of the pain.. I have an extremely low tolerance for pain.. All I can say about that is I am beliveing God and once I awaken to pain then that only means I have made it... and its all good !!! ... A RS sister i forget her name really had some good ideas about eating clean before surgery and drinking lots of distilled keep swelling down.. Love love love this tip..... so today I have begun to get some distilled water I will also later get lemons, limes etc.. to add and make detox water i have purchased jello ... soup etc.. i have gotten so many ideas from this site.. I also purchased an Meleleuca First Aid Kit... This weekend i will purchase all supplies .. By Friday I should know my lab results and and this will confirm my date next month. is a go or no go...
Well that's all for now. I am still trying to figure out how to post pictures to the site, so i will look and see if someone has posted the instructions for this as well.

Getting my supplies together

I am getting supplies now....oil and gels for bruises...bandages..bandaids..gauze etc...I bought a First Aid kit
Congrats on the beginning ur new journey. Prayers up

More arsenal supplies

Found shower chair on Craigs list for $20 and toilet riser bought for $19.99 as a item that was returned and had defect.....still trying to find a recliner rental..and rolling walker.
Did u try craiglist for the lift chair? If you can get the chair,I recommend it. I'm almost 2 days po & I'm loving the chair. I had a tt & a bl with silicone. So the chair has made things a lil easier getting in/out of. If you can't get one, the recliner with pillows will be good. Just don't push it in yourself to get up cuz you'll Use your tummy muscles, have someone help you. I'm a plus size girl. I weighed about 180 before surg& pant size 18 (most of my weight was carried in belly)...when I was pregnant with my 3rd I was at 225. I couldn't seem to get past 180 this time (lowest I got after having kiddos was 135-145 before) Although my big belly has always been an issue after having my 1st. Ideally, I would of liked to be 160s before I did this surgery but We happen to have the money now & this was my chance to afford it. I'm hoping I'm happy with my results so I can get back to the gym when I'm healed. Best wishes on your journey& looking forward to hearing about it :)

Start if a photo journal

If anyone can help me with how to post the pictures with the art to cover I would appreciate it...
Thanks for your post ..I really am still searching my area for a lift chair to seems like this us a well kept secret or doesn't exist in my city....Once I lock one down ..I will definitely post...
Thanks ...I need it.
Hi Lisa... Thanks for smiley and good luck to you on your journey....As well !

weight loss results

okay... so I am still pushing i have now made it to 227.......I am still trying to lose every inch and pound I can before D-Day.... i am pushing on till Sunday i hope to lose more even with just 5 more days... left......6/10/14 is getting closer than close now...

photo journal..

Pre- op side shots
My surgery is tomorrow too. I'm fifteen pounds from my goal weight and also considered putting my surgery off until I reached it, but I think ineed this to motivate me to get the rest of my body in shape and lose those last few pounds. Good luck to you
Thanks.. same to you...I don't believe we will regret our matter what weight we lost this belly would still be in the way...I'm real motivated to whip into I truly believe this is will only help me tremendously. ..I will go even further and state even I don't lose. ...I just want to fit my clothes without the know. ..just sick of it. ..
Your after party is almost here! Good job on the weight loss! Your results will be great, I was 224 on my surgery and my to yielded excellent results, you have seen them do yourself. Keep the eating clean and light pre/post op to lessen your level of discomfort. Cheers to you!
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

So far so good...I used RS site to find reviews and get information on different doctors in my area.. I was very taken with the reviews, stats experience and education of this doctor.. I visited this doctors site for consultation and was very please with the staff, the doctor made my choice on the first go around.. I was concerned if i would be eligible for the sx i wanted due to weight and health issues.... However unbeknownst to me it was found that I was a an eligible candidate (yay) !

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