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I am a mother of two (21 & 14) and wife. Both of...

I am a mother of two (21 & 14) and wife. Both of my children where born very heavy, almost 12 lbs. For years, I have read the reviews and blogs about the amazing results whether high or low and never had the never to to persue a PS because I didn't see anyone exactly like me. I've waited long enough. I've visited 4 PS's and found one that seems to know exactly what I want.

The women in my family are very shapely and I want that. I have never worn a bikini or shown my stomach to anyone. To be sure this is the right PS, I have schedule an appointment 08/26 with the PS and my husband for questions and care. The fees were very very reasonable. The hospital cost is included in fee. If all goes well, my tummy tuck will be performed pm the 11th of September.


We have the same surgery date and i am having tummy tuck and lower body lipo. Good luck and stay in touch!
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Diva check you inbox
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Nervous & Excited

All paid and ready to get it done. Two weeks to go. I have so many emotions stirring up inside. I find myself constantly reading the "Tummy Tuck Recovery Guide" to make sure I have everything I need when I return home. I am both nervous and excited, I can't sleep counting down the days. One thing I must watch after the surgery is my diet to ensure I do not gain more wait. I ordered some organic protein shakes to help along the way. From my understanding, it will be about 6 wks before I can workout.


DivaT, so excited and nervous too. We have same surgery date and same plastic surgery being done on us. I feel the same way. I cant sleep at night. Think about surgery. Constantly researching and reading tt and lipo reviews on Realself.com..... I've Gone mad, husband says i got to relax and get some sleep. I stay up to midnight reading Realself.com....
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Where is the tummy tuck recovery guide? I'm so excited for you!
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Pre Op Photos

As you can see, I have stretch marks all the way up to my breast bone and around. I am hoping to never see this again. Going to Lipo my thigh (Not Butt) to match the new stomach.


Wow, what is the likeliness of that! I am so happy for you. I just ordered the items that I may need to get my hands on during recovery.
Hi, I am actually reading two guides that I found online. There very helpful. You can tweek them as you see fit. http://www.realself.com/forum/tummy-tuck-survival-real-life-guide http://www.trueformtummytuck.com/tummy-tuck-recovery-guide/
Thank you! That second link had a lot of great ideas. I had found the first one after I saw your post. Can't wait to hear/see how yours is going.

One More Week

The 7 day count down has begun. Looking for healthy cock pot recipes to ensure I don't gain too much weight during my recovery period. Purchased all my granny panties, so none of the special ones are damaged. Pillows on standby and bruising pills are on the way. Because of the slow process for the Lipo, was thinking about holding back on my thighs and just working out. Don't have the full support from the family on that one. But going full throttle on the tummy w/ lipo.

These stretch marks and skin has got to GO! :)


Good luck on getting a cock pot recipe!ROFLOL! Not really but I did chuckle out loud. Good luck. Short timer. Yay!
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ROFLOL! Won't need that for a while.
Lol on the granny panties comment.....PAUSE!!!!!! you won't be needing those anymore nor should you want them!!!! Best wishes the runs about to begin
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Tommorrow is Tummy day.

Tomorrow is the big day. 11:15 my life and lifestyle will be changed forever. I have prepared meals for the family to last for at least 7 days. In addition, I have purchased everything that I think I would need for a smooth recovery. I am soo excited. Tummy Tuck here I come.


Just stoping in to check on you both @Diva_T and @MamaRomo, praying all is well with you guys. #hugs
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Just out of surgery. All is great. I feel good. Gonna keep up on my meds to keep the good feeling going. How r u doing? Send prayers to u as you r probably in recovery now! Xo
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goodluck with your surgery
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Doing great!

Had my tummy tuck yesterday morning and I must say the staff at Northwestern Hospital treated me like royalty. I truly felt like a superstar. I had my own room with private bath and garment bags for my item. In addition, the entire nursing staff showed me love. My PS and the assisting resident followed the same kindness to both my husband and I.
I chose the conscious sedation versus the general anesthesia during my surgery, which is suppose to be much lighter on the body and prevent regergitation. Plus, there is no extra cost when your PS puts you to sleep. I am glad I did. I felt absolutely nothing when I woke up and the hospital stay was minimal.

No binder for at least a week. But that's okay because the pain is minimal right now. I will post pictures after I have showered and taken the dressings off. 24 hrs. Thank you to everyone who have been praying and showing support.


Glad you made it to the other side. Can't wait to see how it went. Bet you can't either.
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Great! Glad your experience was great and your feeling ok. Happy healing!
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Post op 2

2nd day post op. still very sore and trying to get the gas out. I have vowed no more pain meds because that is what's stopping me up. I also always sleepy ,which I assume is normal.


So happy you made it to the flat side! I cant wait to see your after pics, Im sure you will have AWESOME results!
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Are you able to take GasX or is that not recommended?
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my crazy butt took Milk of magnesium now I can stop going to the bathroom. Gatorade her I come

Day 3

Gas gone, but my back hurts like heck. I have some valiums but afraid to take them. Recovery is a slow process but I still glad I did it. I that God for my husband and family. The simplest thing like whipping and cleaning your own butt is hard. You diffinetly need help going through this process. I had my husband take pictures but he includes my vagaga. A definite crop. I hope tommorrow is better.

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Still Numb

I am still very numb and can't wait to put on my compression garment and take out these pesky drains.


You look great, happy healing :)
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Thank you.
U look amazing :) take it easy and happy healing. Did u have lipo done on ur upper tummy?
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Drains Off

Got my drains out today and a feel relieved. Those buggers were not the most comfortable. I didn't realize how much I missed the comfort of panties. :) I shall return for my 1 wk visit on Thursday to verify my incision is healing properly and obtain my compression garment. I am sure it will help with the coughing and laughing.

Question - I recently feel a small lump that is sore between at my upper rib between the breast bone. Is it normal to feel sore there? I pray that I didn't pop anything holding my chest from coughing.


Yeah. Drains out for you too. Glad you are feeling good.
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Looking good! Congratulations!
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Hey @Diva_T I hope you doing well, just dropping by to wish you well.
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PO 14

Swelling is starting to go down slightly and I am feeling better. Starting my walk therapy so I can start to stand up straight. Having trouble with that. Always feel like something's popping.


You look great. I have a question for you. Did Dr. Galiano instruct you not to wear your CG for at least a week after the surgery?! I'll be having mine done in a month and that's what he told.
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hey was hoping you'd update your profile so we can see the new and improved you. you have great results!!! where did you get your tummy tuck recovery guide from online what medicine did they give you because I cannot take vicodin or codeine they both make me nauseous. I will ask him for ibuprofen 600 or 800 it works just as good without all the feeling like you're dying. I see you in savannas results and it makes me more eager to see what my results will be like
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Hey Diva_T I hope all is well. I just stopped in to check on you. No update for almost a month, I pray all is well.
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Chicago Plastic Surgeon

The initial meeting was very warm, comforting and reassuring. Dr. Galiano seem to understand what I want and the staff provided a very loving and open atmosphere.

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