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First consultation with Dr. Shah was great, I...

First consultation with Dr. Shah was great, I really had nothing else to research...I knew he was the doctor for me. He answered all the questions and made me feel very comfortable, with going threw with my procedure. I know how hard it is to find the right doctor and to finally make that step, thats why I would definetly recommend him to anyone! Definetly met my expectations!! Thank u Dr. Shah!

Before and afters

Before and Afters

3rd month

Had my second update appointment with Dr. Shah yesterday. My nose is still swollen but will get better in time...I still tape at night and it seems to be helping. I still have a slight bump on top on my nose but dr. Shah said it should go away, which it should in time... If not, he said he will take care of any imperfections I do not like. Again, very attentive and right on point with making sure I get taken care of and genuinely cares about how his patients feel even after surgery. Had to bring my son into the office an he was even good with my son! :)

Before surgery

After 6 months post op

8 months post op

3 months post op

9 months post op

Today I went to a follow up with Dr. Shah, and as always he was great. I have a slight bump on top of my nose. He pointed out everything that I seen that I was worried about before even telling him. He is such an amazing surgeon and I feel super comfortable with him as always. So now end of August we will be doing a touch up insition on my nose to hopefully get rid of this bump. I'm super happy with my nose and feel great about it. He's met every expectation and I am completely satisfied with my experience and I highly recommend him to anyone!!! I know it's super scary, but u won't get anywhere in life without taking risks! Look at how many surgerys he's done and how many life's he's changed... I would no doubt Go back to him for any surgery from here on out, I don't plan on getting any other surgerys but if I did.... He's the man to go to! Hope this helps all of you!!!!! Goodluck!
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5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Nice results...thanks for sharing with us.
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You're nose looks amazing and so natural! Very happy for you!!
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Glad you're so happy!
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You look beautiful!
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Thanks so much for coming back and adding your photos. You look beautiful!
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Aww thank you! Your so sweet! :)
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Where are the pictures?
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I posted some for you . At first I didn't feel comfortable posting pictures, so I left it blank. I haven't been back on the site for awhile now but I remember when I was searching and considering surgery how helpful it was to me in my decision. So here are some pictures for u to look at . Hopefully it will help :)
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Thank you so much! Did you ever have any troubles with Shah or his staff? I've had TWO skype consults with him before he decided he wanted me to come to Chicago in person so he could decide whether he can work on my nose or not. I live quite a few states away. His staff seems wishy-washy with me, too. I don't feel like a person when they talk to me. They make me feel like I'm just another number; like I'm not important. But this wasn't the case back in May when I first started talking to them. It just seems over time, they got annoyed that I didn't schedule the surgery right away, but I wanted to be absolutely sure about everything first. I absolutely love his work... if I didn't, I'd have already found a new surgeon. And you can't beat his prices! I'm hoping this is all just a bunch of miscommunication - though it seriously sucks when I'm trying to plan a wedding around all this. I've broken down crying a multitude of times, just wishing something would go right for once. I hate waiting, especially when it comes to this, and my wedding. I've already postponed the wedding twice. Your nose looks wonderful, by the way :)
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Well... Honestly ... I feel like your over thinking things. I know it's a big deal, but if u seen his work and love it, why not take that risk? U know? He's is absolutely amazing. As far as the receptionists... They are always very friendly to me , just imagine how many people they have to deal with . Especially when it's such a big deal and hearing the same concerns... Might get old but they mean well.... I always have a great experience when I'm there so don't worry. I think u need to go for it! I was so terrified, but I realized, I hate my nose and if I don't do this... I will regret it.
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Mumu1433 is right that the staff are great, and you should review the information on Dr. Shah's website re the virtual consultations. Anyone needs to be seen in person before they can schedule surgery. You are not his patient until you do so, the Skype consult (regardless of how many) and no matter where you live is just a screening. No ethical surgeon will agree to operate on someone without actually examining them. Best of luck to you.
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