I Hate my Nose....would You Recommend Surgery for Me? -Chicago, IL

I absolutely hate my nose from the front! It's...

I absolutely hate my nose from the front! It's crooked from getting elbowed in basketball and it really brings me down...I like it from the side but not the front. I have an idea of what I want but don't know how to explain it...
I feel that through his reviews he knows what he's doing and he is close to me and that makes it alot easier on the travel expenses.

I do think your nose is off center, though it's hard to tell from your photos because of the tilt of your head. Only you can decide if warrants a rhinoplasty, since you are already very pretty. Good luck to you in your decision-making.
Thank you for your comment! I appreciate it and hopefully I'll figure everything out soon :)
I also just realized I have the same tilt in both pics -_-
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