I'm Happy with my Appearance, but I Want to Improve Upon What I Have...- Chicago, IL

I have been considering a rhinoplasty since I was...

I have been considering a rhinoplasty since I was about 15. It's the one thing that has always made me feel unattractive. I'm currently 23, so I'm sort of in my "prime." I'm happy with my appearance now. But when I see pictures of myself from a profile perspective, I cringe. I often take pictures of myself when I feel like I look good, and I don't even recognize the girl in the pictures. I feel like my nose won't age well (noses keep growing, and I can use my mom as an example of what my nose will eventually look like).

I currently have a consultation booked in Chicago, IL (I will post the doctor's name if I go ahead and schedule a surgery with him / her). And I am SUPER excited. The date can't come soon enough! I am committed to this, and I'm ready. That said, I'm obviously very nervous. I almost feel like I'm being too greedy...but I really do feel extremely privileged to be in a position where I can afford such a cosmetic surgery.

A preliminary thank you to everyone on this site who has shared their experiences. It makes a big difference!

Note: I have posted a random "amount I expect to spend" based on the reviews on RS. I will update this once I find out what I'll actually be paying. I will also be posting photos as I get closer to the date.


I can really relate to your comments about photos! When I look in the mirror I don't dislike my nose all that much but when I see a photo I'm always like "wow, is my nose really that big?"
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I know, right? I notice it in photos and also when I look at my profile (whether in a photo or just in a mirror).
I also can relate! I hate taking pictures, if the light is wrong my nose looks huge.

I will be keeping a Word doc 'diary' of my...

I will be keeping a Word doc 'diary' of my experience. I just got done with my consultation and am going to call to schedule my surgery on Monday (7/28). I'm going to try to schedule it as soon as possible! The price I have posted is what I was quoted, but this could change if my surgery ends up being longer than expected (the patient takes on the cost of additional anesthesia and whatnot).

So stay tuned for updates. I'm determined to give back to this community. :-)

I posted a 'before' picture...be kind!!


Hey Jenny~ How did your surgery go? Where in WI are you? I too have been interested in seeing this Dr. Wondering how your experience was..
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From what I have seen on this site your chosen doc does very nice work. I must say I am envious of how easy it is to find info online about American surgeons. Here in SA there are strict rules as to how much a doc can advertise, so there is not much info online, and generally they don't post any pics on their sites (I think they are not allowed to). And of course there is no local version of Realself to provide unbiased feedback!
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Yeah, I really can't even imagine trying to evaluate a doctor's legitimacy based on very little data. I guess if I were you, I'd just use the questions from RS that everyone should ask their doctor before getting a rhinoplasty. I'd also ask for referrals - negative as well as positive (PSs should be able to admit that some patients don't end up with the results they want - and they should be able to talk about why that happened).
Dr. Anil R. Shah

RealSelf.com. I love the surgeon's before-after photos.

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