I'm sure some of you can empathize with the doubt...

I'm sure some of you can empathize with the doubt that comes along with considering rhinoplasty. I will never forget the shock And negative feelings I began to feel around the time of 6th grade when I first noticed my nose was a little different than everyone else's! And when I made the transition from glasses to contacts, around 7-8th grade, I remember asking my friend what she thought of my nose and she told me it was kind of big but my glasses made it worse. What a horrible feeling! Since then I've been somewhat preoccupied with it! I have always deep down planned on having a rhinoplasty procedure but have never had the guts to come out and say it or put the plan into action. I have pretty much been in steady relationships and was too insecure to ever even mention it to a significant other, not even close friends. Has anyone else had this experience ? I guess by saying it out loud I am admitting there is something wrong with me, idk... But now I am single, have nothing or no one's petty opinions holding me back, so I have decided to go for it!

I have scheduled my virtual consultation with dr.shah (Chicago) I would have the surgery sooner but I have to wait until this semester of college is over because I can't miss. I've spent a great deal of time (like most of you!) online looking up doctors and browsing hundreds of before and afters buy dr shah just appeals to me! It's almost like I am compelled to choose him for my rhino! I absolutely loveee each and every one of his before/After pics, plus after seeing some of his work on here I think he is perfect!

My main problem with my nose is that I have a TERRIBLE bump. A true "Roman" nose. My nose is not too wide, and I'm not sure if my tip sticks out longer than it should or not, I can't decide. My nose is perfectly centered and straight, my bump is just terrible. I have the ugliest profile ever! I'm hoping my case will be somewhat simple since I primarily only need my bump filed down. My only concern is the tip.. It seems like a lot of doctors leave tips alone and therefore they stick out too far once bumps are filed down. So far I have been pleased with how dr shah seems to do for tips though.

I guess this is all for now, ill keep you all updated on my journey through rhinoplasty! All feedback and support is very welcome!

I totally relate to never talking about it with anyone! I've been with my husband for 6 years and just this last December I finally told him I wanted surgery. He had no idea I felt that way! The only person I talked to about it with growing up was my little brother. Nobody else! I believe you are in a great position to get it done. It would be WAY easier for me to do if I was single and had no children! You are very beautiful and having this done will just be like the icing on the cake! Good luck girl and I hope the best for you!
Awwww, I'm so glad I'm not the only person with this problem.. It's ridiculous if you think about it. I'm just so uncomfortable discussing it or bringing it up to anyone! I think when I have my surgery I won't tell anyone but immediate family (mother,sister,father). I may tell only one of my close friends. Hopefully it will go like a lot of people say and no one will even notice! Your pictures are very beautiful also.. I feel the same way, that your surgery would be the icing on the cake! I'm hoping after my surgery that I am 100% satisfied with how I look and finally able to be completely carefree about it, I am tired of spending time worrying about one feature, and feeling like it gets in the way of everything else about me, if that makes sense! Good luck with your consultations. :)
Welcome to the "goreous ladies who hate their less-than-gorgeous noses noses" club! This is a great support system and a great way to see what you can expect to experience if you decide to have rhinoplasty! I am am still in the strongly considering stage. I live across Lake Michigan from you - 20 miles south of Grand Rapids. I have three consults with 3 different docs coming up over the next month and a half. So, I'm still in the "before" stage like you. I look forward to following your story!

Impatience is getting the best of me, so I have...

Impatience is getting the best of me, so I have decided to fly to Chicago next week during my spring break. My consultation is Thursday! Hopefully I will love dr.shah in person as much as I love his work and reviews. Wish me luck! Also, since I am worried about my tip post surgery.. I posted two after photos I made using an app, the one on the left is with a shortened tip.. The right is bridge work only. Which is better??

Thanks immensely for starting your story on RealSelf. It's going to be fun watching your transformation.

Here's a list of questions to ask Dr. Shah.

Let us know how it goes!

Before my surgery I was very uncomfortable about telling anyone I was having it done. I thought they would think I was vain and shallow, just wasting money. I wish I had done it when I was younger. You are taking a brave step towards making yourself more confident. Good for you. I am 3 weeks post op and it's looking better everyday. My attitude now is IF anyone notices, and that's a big if, I'll just tell them. It's my body and my life and it's really not a big deal. I am excited for you!
That's definitely a good attitude to have! I think postop I will be the same way, just matter of fact about it! & it is a hard step to plan for surgery, @ a really big one too. Hopefully everything turns out great for me. I'm glad you're happy with your results! :)

So my surgery date is almost here. The nerves are...

So my surgery date is almost here. The nerves are definitely settling in. I will be flying in to Chicago to meet with Dr. Shah Wednesday, and then my surgery will be Thursday morning. So so soooo nervous!! I'm scared of going under the anesthesia, and waking up in a lot of pain. Even more than that though, I'm afraid of having a bad result. I really like all of Dr. Shah's after photos, and I finally feel that we're definitely on the same page regarding what I want out of this. So hopefully everything goes according to plan.

Any advice for Pre/Post op supplies/instructions?? I am open to all. :) I also put some photos back up, and will probably leave them until after the surgery.. I am a pretty private person so this makes me nervous. haha.. Let me know what you think of my nose though.. can't wait to say goodbye to it later this week!!! =)

Oh, and sorry for the extreme changes in hair...

Oh, and sorry for the extreme changes in hair color. I've just feeling some change lately I guess. :) Haha
oh my gosh, reading your story was like reading my own. its always bothered me but ive never wanted to talk about it or say it out loud. because then its like making it real. best of luck!
So excited for you!!! Our noses are very, very similar, but mine is wider! I had the same issues and experiences as you did growing up and I wish I had done the surgery when I was way younger!!! My surgery is scheduled for July 17 and I can't wait. Wish you speedy recovery and can't wait to see the new you :)

Okay, so today reality set in and I realized I'm...

Okay, so today reality set in and I realized I'm having surgery in two days. I had a major rush of anxiety and ended up in a crying fit. Anyone else have a close surgery date and experience something similar? I keep telling myself that everything will go smoothly & my results will be fine but you never know! So tonight I'm trying to relax a little and let go of these nerves!! Still anxious for thursday to get here, even though I'm terrified...
Oh gosh i feel the exact same way, only thing is my procedure is more than a month away ha I can only imagine how the feeling of it two days away must feel. So excited for you though! Just remember the results will come out better no matter what because you weren't happy with the nose you have before so it's all gonna be worth it! :)
I know you are really nervous and that's ok but there are so many of us on this site who have been through it and I can speak for myself in saying that I would definitely do it all over again. The worst part is the worrying about it. It's like when you get on a rollercoaster getting in is the hardest part. Then it's just a lot of sleeping and taking good care of yourself for 2 weeks. My biggest tip is to channel your energy elsewhere, like at the gym or in setting up and organizing your supplies so it's all ready to go. You are going to be even more beautiful with your new nose. Congratulations!
Thank you for writing! I hope I feel the exact same way afterwards. I have wanted this my whole life so theres really no point in waiting anymore! There are so many beautiful ladies & results on this site..Just hope it is worthwhile for me too! :)

Surgery tomorrow! I have to be there at 7:30.....

Surgery tomorrow! I have to be there at 7:30.. Then surgery at 8:30, and they'll keep me for about an hour or two after to recover. Wish me luck! Ill post pics as soon as soon as I am semi-decent looking!
Just thinkin of you today on your big day:)
Best wishes from Canada and speedy recovery with lots of rest :)
Thank you very much!! I hope recovery goes smoothly :)

Day one post-op!! New pics!

So today was the big day! My surgery was scheduled for 8:30 but I didn't get to go back until about 10.. Dr. Shah spoke with me this morning and he was so confident and reassuring.. he really made me feel so much better. We also reviewed all my morphs again and he told me what he planned on doing, which I was completely happy with! My surgery was finished at 12:10, But I wasn't fully awake until around 2! My worst discomfort was definitely my throat as soon as I woke. I had read about it on here but didn't expect it to be so bad! Luckily a little water soothed it pretty quickly. My pain has only been bad from as soon as I woke up until I arrived at the hotel I'm staying at and took my first Vicodin. I did have a few crying spells during that time.. I also cried as soon as I woke up from the anesthesia.. Im such a baby! haha. I wouldnt say the pain was horrible though.. just extremely uncomfortable and I was feeling a little overwhelmed with the situation in general. Ever since I got situated in the motel I've been pretty comfortable all day! Not bad at all. My only regret of the day so far was not bringing gauze pads and tape with me to the hospital. I probably bled through my "mustache" dressing three or four times before I left the hospital and it was really getting saturated after I left. So please be sure to bring those with you for surgery!

My bruising and swelling doesn't seem too bad so far, but it is only the first day. I'm starting to get a bruise under my left eye.. That's the only one so far. I've heard several times that Dr.Shah is a gentle surgeon so hopefully it stays this way! I've eaten pretty well. So expected a little more discomfort with food but its been fine. I ate some bread with peanut butter and banana as soon as I got back to the motel and a while ago I had a little Mac & cheese, mashed potatoes and baked beans. Not the healthiest but it was tasty and went down well. =)

As far as my nose goes I'm feeling pretty positive right now.. Judging by my splint I like the size of it. My mom actually got to see a picture Dr. shah took in the OR. I called to see if they would send it earlier but I haven't gotten it yet. Maybe I can get it tomorrow if he hasn't deleted it! My mom was really excited about the pic though, she said she felt much better after seeing it & that Dr. shah seemed really excited about it! Yay!! As for now my only concern is the contour of my bridge.. Straight vs curved vs too curved in.. I would like a nice compromise! Lol. As of now I have a lot of faith in Dr. Shah though so we shall see! I guess that's all for now, hoping tomorrow is a pretty smooth day as today has went pretty well. I'll post some pictures now!
Wow ! Looks great even all covered up ! I can totally relate to the emotions, I am 5 days away from surgery and I get so overwhelmed and just start crying !! What is that about??? Anyway ! You look great, good luck with your recovery, I hope all goes well !
I don't know but my emotions were even worse the day of! Lol. I cried as soon as I laid down on the operating table and as soon as I woke up from anesthesia. It's scary! Haha. Thank you though, recovery is okay so far.
i hope youre feeling okay! so did you ask for a 'straight' or more 'scooped' end result nose? we have similar noses before and was wondering what to ask for. thanks girl!

Day 2

Today has been a little rougher than yesterday.. I guess I've just been recovering from the anesthesia, I've felt very "blah." Still having lots of bleeding on my mustache dressing but I think it may be starting to slow. BTW, icing is soooo annoying! I know it's for the best but its really starting to drive me crazy haha. Not really many changes today but I'll put up a new pic or two, I think my bruising is a little worse.. I'm already so anxious about seeing my new nose, I can't wait for Wednesday to get here. Or at least I'd like to feel well enough to get out of the motel! :D
Hope you start to feel better soon! Yes the icing is SO annoying..(every 20 minutes?!). Hang in there, (couldn't pay me to put photos of myself online right now :)
Yeah I look a little rougher today!! Not to mention my disgusting hair! I'm dying to wash it but feel pretty crappy right now! My other eye has ended up swelling a little under as well. =( Boo. Hope you are feeling well today!!
So close, my surgery is on Monday!! I think I'm going to clarify that I want a TINY scoop, but nothing ski slopey or piggish. Just so there's enough slope for it not to be 100% straight, because I know straighter is more natural. I'll definitely be checking in on you though!! We'll be cast buddies for 2 days :)!

Day 3-4 new pics!

Not sure if today is technically day 3 or day 4! So confusing lol. I had my surgery Thursday and today is Sunday. Cast off Wednesday! Feeling much better today, I finally got up and washed my hair & I'm going to attempt to go out for lunch today. :) My nasal dripping/bleeding has slowed a lot and I'm not wearing my dressing there anymore. My nose is totally blocked and I can't taste food at all which is no good but my appetite has been pretty great somehow.. Lol. My nose seems less numb today, almost like I can feel a little more pressure!

I'm happy with my nose so far, what I can tell from it anyways.. My tip doesn't seem to stick out too far and it looks proportional as far as I can tell. So anxious to see the contour of my bridge though! I'm dying to know how straight vs sloped it is and if it will look right! Bruising and swelling seems all right today.. Ill update later when I have more changes. Thanks so much to all of you! I couldn't do it without realself!!
Congratulations, its only going to get better and better from here!
Thanks! I felt pretty great today actually!
LOVE your wheelchair after pic! Haha! Don't worry about the crying after anesthesia! I've cried after every general anesthesia surgery I've ever had, and I've had 4!!!! Having my primary rhinoplasty tomorrow! Scared, but you look fab!

Cast off-Pictures!

Sooo, today was the big day! I've been feeling a lot of emotions today, not sure where to start. I have to say that overall, as of right now, I am satisfied with my nose. My large hump is gone, the tip is not too lifted (it may end up drooping a slight bit later on) and my nose is not overprotected from my face, those were some of my biggest fears so I'm happy about that! I really couldn't believe how incredibly SWOLLEN my nose was when the cast was removed.. Of course we all hear about it on here but seeing it on your own face is a completely different story! It was swollen all the way up to between my eyebrows. My bridge looks very wide and swollen right now, I'm much happier with my profile view than the front but hopefully that will work itself out as swelling goes down. My whole bridge just seems kind of bulbous and shapeless but I'm assuming that's swelling too. I also seem to have the slightest bit of hump retention.. Not sure really though because it looks different in almost every picture. I have heard about the skin retaining the hump for a while though..

Now that I'm through with all that process, I have to worry about going home today & dealing with my friends that don't know. Boo :( I may stay hidden for another week or two, lol...

So for now, just trying to stay calm & positive and wait this swelling out! I'm just happy I didn't leave the office in tears or totally freaking out.. Could have been much worse! So far everything is okay. =) when did any of you began to notice significant decreases in swelling?


it looks great! and for it to look THAT good RIGHT after cast removal, sheesh, i think it's going to be everything you wanted when the swelling goes down :) im so excited for you !!!!!!!!!! the profile looks awesome
ahhh!!!! it looks amazing!!!! congrats girl :) you look great!
Hi, Came across your post. I had surgery on Friday, May 17th and have cast removal tomorrow. Cannot wait! Did you have any stiches? You look great. I have a lot more bruising then you had. Take care!

One week from surgery date

So today is the day after my cast removal and so far I am very happy! I put some makeup on for the first time today to truly see how my results look and I can't complain! I had my nose taped all night and most of today. They instructed me to tape only at night but I like how it looks with the tape so much I can't help it!! Lol. It really cuts the swelling down. My only concern is how bulbous my tip is and that my nose may eventually droop a little again, but at one week postop it's too early to really complain! My whole nose is swollen as well, my tip just sticks out worse! I posted some new pics.. It's so nice to discover you can take angled photos without a horrible nose profile!! Made me so excited =)
totally gorgeous! It really doesn't look that swollen to me :) x
I love your new nose!!! Don't you worry... That swelling will go down slowly but surely. Happy healing!!!
How's life with the new nose!!

Two weeks!

Sorry for the lack of updates! Not all that much excitement after cast removal! This past week since my cast was removed I've had lots of mixed feelings. Overall, I love my new nose and I think Dr. Shah did an excellent job. The only problems I have are very minor and hopefully improve as swelling continues to go down. I can definitely see from the side view that Dr Shah lifted my tip/bottom of my nose, I almost wish it would have been done a little more though. From certain side angles and the front sometimes it almost appears to droop a little still, however I'm hoping this has a lot to do with my swollen, bulbous looking tip! We'll see. I also wish the height of my bridge was lowered a little bit more, but the look of this might improve with swelling too. I can really tell that I am still swollen between my eyes. So hopefully this goes down and I'm 100% satisfied with my nose!! =) I really stressed natural appearance to Dr. Shah and I think he did a great job with that. He took care of all my major problems and concerns (tip being too overprojected, me NOT wanting a piggy nose) so I really can't complain at all.

On a side note, I did drink some alcohol last night (quite a bit actually haha) for the first time since before my op and I didn't notice any significant swelling this morning. I thought my nose continued to look better... Just throwing my personal experience out there! :)
How is everything so far?
Your new nose looks so natural! Suits you, glad to see Xo
Ahh! How is the swelling?!! I go in for my surgery June 10th! So nervous, I had a bad dorsal hump! Any tips you can give me :)

2 Months-3 weeks post op

Okay, so I am horrible! I know it's been forever since I've updated & Im so sorry to all those that were interested in seeing my progress! It's a little more difficult to update once you get used to your new self! Overall, I would say I am 85% satisfied with my new nose. Its much, much better than what I had before and I love feeling like my nose is not the first thing people notice when they meet me! It's a wonderful feeling =) However there still are some minor things I am not completely satisfied with. My left-angled views still seem to have a slight bump and almost a curved appearance, which stems from the line of my slight hump down to a slight hanging-bulby tip. This will probably be way easier to understand from the pictures! It doesn't bother me a whole lot, because I am satisfied with both of my profile views. Its just a funny thing that happens from an angle I guess. I still probably am experiencing some swelling so maybe it will get better with time.

I am basically 100% satisfied with my right side from all angles. It has a curved out look which I love. I never thought I would like any bit of a "scooped out" appearance after my surgery but it turns out I love it!! So feminine & cute. I always leaned towards a "straight nose" before. But once you lose the huge hump you'll be surprised to find the more feminine and small the better. My personal opinion anyways. :)

On a side note: all the stuff with worrying about my friends and what people say could not have gone better!!! Barely anyone has mentioned my nose, not sure if they notice or not. But it has been great. Everyone I've told has been super supportive and everything has went smoothly.

Even though I am not 100% satisfied with my new nose, I don't blame Dr. Shah for the problems. I requested a natural look rather than tiny/scooped out the whole time! & it does seem that he is a pretty conservative Doctor. But like someone said, I would much rather be underdone than overdone! At my one month post op Skype appt Dr. Shah himself said he considered my nose to be just "okay." I have not followed up yet for my next two month appt. but I do feel that he would be willing to follow-up with in-office procedures or whatever else until we were both completely satisfied with my nose. However, Im not sure if I will risk any changes to my new nose which I am (basically) happy with. Also, I realize that everyone's nose is different, especially from different angles, and its pretty unlikely that any cosmetic surgeon is going to give you a nose you find zero flaws with! From this point I will just keep seeing how my nose changes as my swelling continues to go down. :) Thanks for all the support! I really couldn't have gone through with it without real self!

2 months 3 week photos

I'm in chicago as well, scheduled for surgery in Sept, and am even more excited seeing your results. Your nose is so nice!!!!!!!!!!!

Photos-3 months

Omggg wow it looks solo great I have a consultation with him soon. I went to a few doctors already and I am not all that wowed with the work they do and pricing. I'm honestly solo scared to go under it makes me keep waiting to do this surgery and how bad did your throat hurt from the tube? That seems scary??... You look amazing girl. Enjoy it.
Omg love your nose... I just had a consultation with him and I still feel at ease with my morph... he only did one side morph, I'm not loving it I feel that my nose it too long, I should probably ask him for a second morph with a shorten tip... and if you don't mind me asking did you go for the shorten tip or not? Im so afraid to end up with a big nose... I love your results and it will really help me out if you could answer my question. .. thanks
I think he did say that he shortened my tip just a tiny bit to fit well with the rest of my nose. My nose now is 100x better than my old one but in hindsight I wish I would have trusted Dr. Shah more with the morphs. In my final morph he showed me the day of surgery I felt that the nose was too small and too "scooped out" or sloped. So he altered it to leave the bridge/top of my nose a little straighter.. Looking back I wish I would have left it alone and let him do what he thought best because my bridge is a little high at the top for my liking.. It's not a hump but still a little small. Before my surgery I thought as long as my hump was gone I would be fine but now I think a smaller more petite nose would have gave me a much better appearance. I am still WAYYY more pleased with my nose now but just want to give you some of my thoughts a little later down the road! One year postop next month :) and I think tip shortening is pretty much up to the doctors discretion.. I would ask for it to be shortened and lifted a little if it is drooping like mine was.. But overall it has to flow and fit with the rest of your nose. I've found that over time my tip is more down and less lifted.. It's not dropping whatsoever from my profile views but it's not an upturned tip by any means. If you want to know more or to see any pictures private message me and I would be happy to help! I know what a stressful experience it can be!
Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Shah- He is very nice and friendly, though not overly talkative. Communication and bedside manner don't seem to be his strong points but he'll meet with you as many times as possible before surgery to understand what you want. Dont count on him being overly reassuring or "talking" you into the surgery. We met in person once, did a virtual consult, and met the day before my surgery. I felt from these meetings he was able to understand exactly what I wanted. Dr. Shah was very respectful of my desires and did exactly what I asked of him. My nose is very natural and hopefully will continue to improve with the swelling. I believe he is very skilled and artistic as well, and these are the most important aspects in a surgeon, to me anyways. He also worked with some very well-known doctors in NYC and had a practice there. Overall I give doctor shah a 5 out of 5, based mainly on the fact that I am very satisfied with my nose. :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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