UNHAPPY With Veneers - Chicago, IL

Very unhappy with the results, I had upper 6 done...

Very unhappy with the results, I had upper 6 done 2 weeks a go It's the 2nd time and still didn't get the look I want, I asked him if I have to pay more i do not mind you only get this done once in your lifetime I wanted done right.

I am so confused, Not sure if these are even Veneers so inexpensive for 6. My own smile looked a lot better and natural. These are bulky not white like he said they would be and spaces in between the tooth.

Called office left a massage to go back and haven't heard back.

Yes, they're so bulky ...they don't look natural ....hope you could still do something about them !
That's very inexpensive for veneers. I've paid about $12,000. I wish I could tell you veneers last a lifetime, but they really don't. They tarnish, change and recede at the gum lines after 5-years. Most veneers have to be replaced after 10 years. I'm on my second set and the biggest most regrettable decision of my life! If you're concerned about the black triangles, the gum will eventually grow back into these areas.
i feel u i had 3 times veneers and still don't look good im going crazy i need a celebrity dentist any recommendation ?
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He had done bonding previously, had him for 10 years my own Dentist

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