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Looking for opinions on the shape and size of the...

looking for opinions on the shape and size of the temps. any option good or bad will help
thanks before I get the perms on. I want to make sure they look good before i commit the them. my doctor is relay good about trying to make me happy with them. so any suggestion will be great. will be happy once they are done.


Hello and welcome to the community!  Most people don't know when a new review comes on, unfortunately, so I don't think you'll get many opinions in time.  You might do better to ask another question of the doctors, this time including these pictures.  You got a lot of good answers last time, even without a picture, so I think that might be your best bet.  In the first picture, to me, they look a little bit thick, but in the last picture they seem fine.  Think about how they feel in your mouth, and whether it's comfortable to bite into things with them, or whether they'll be too thick to be sharp.  It's something to consider.  In the first picture it also looks like you have a bit of an overjet, but it doesn't look that way in the last picture; so it may be difficult to gauge from pictures.  I would suggest asking our doctors :).  Good luck!
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thanks is there away to get this post over there?


Add some more pics


I am getting mine in a week. I like the length, but the two front teeth seem a little too square. That's just my opinion. I like a little more natural and scalloped edge vs. Straight across.
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Good luck on yours. I agree we are still making changes
They don't look natural ! There aren't natural gaps between teeth making them look unnatural !
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not done yet

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