Needed Revision on Previous Permenant Make-up - Chicago, IL

I went somewhere else a few years ago, and I...

I went somewhere else a few years ago, and I wasn't happy with my results.

I went to Chocolate for Your Body salon and I was really happy with the way they fixed it. Also they charged LESS than where I went first (Universal Aesthetics) and touch-up was free.

I'm not crazy about the eyeliner procedure, it's scary and can be painful. The original place I went created a very sloppy line. The line I have now is much better, but I still like to layer over it with regular eyeliner for a more dramatic cat eye. It's close to the lashes so since I have lighter-colored lashes it helps make my eyes pop. Still, the line isn't perfect and altogether I've had to have it done something like 5 times (3 times at the first place which kept screwing it up, 2x at the 2nd place).

Now for eyebrows, I give it a total "worth it" rating. At Chocolate for Your Body salon in particular, she cleaned up the mess created at the other place. The color is subtle so it's like wearing brow powder, just fills in where your eyebrows might be slight (or losing hair with the aging process). Also my eyebrows are very asymmetrical, with one lower and shorter than the other one, so Bernadette really did a nice job on my 2nd visit (follow up) bringing them back into greater symmetrical proportion. The first place I went didn't do as good a job with this, which was too bad because with the filled in look it actually accentuated the asymmetry. Now I am very happy!
My eyebrows were done over three years ago and still as dark as ever. HATE THEM. I returned shortly after to the person who did them. She told me she did not do permanent makeup any more. Didn't offer me any options. I have been fighting with them since with a lighter brown wax which helps or makes he feel somewhat better. Help!!!! Still hate them!!!! Can anyone advise? PLEASE!!!!
How did they fix your brows? Did they have to lighten them or remove it with saline?
Hi Kimmers. There should be a photo attached. You can see the effect is very subtle. I cropped the photo to keep some anonymity on the site.

Fixing brows

Hi Fit4Eva. My brows did lighten over time, basically they fixed them just by giving a better, more symmetrical line. There was no attempt at removal, and I went for the fix several years after the initial brows. I have seen some poor folks on here post about really dark line, like tattoo ink. That's NOT how perm makeup should be done. The material used is more like a mineral make-up that is deposited under the skin- it is very subtle (or should be) and diffuses over time into a softer line. I feel very sorry for people that have had a bad experience! I would just encourage them to grow their natural brows all the way out to camouflage, and then wax them selectively and maybe rock a more "dramatic" look. Be careful who you work with! The second go-around, she did them once then I played with my brows for HOURS with a pencil, so by the time I went for the touch-up, I knew EXACTLY where I wanted the line adjusted for facial symmetry.
You should consider having them camouflaged. I had my eyebrows tattooed March 8th 2014 and they were very dark brown and ill shaped. I found a permanent makeup technician that does corrections. She basically created a color similar to my own complexion and covered that hideous tattoo. Now I have the confidence to go out in public, where as before, I didn't.
OMG don't camouflage. If you get flesh color tattoo correction and you don't like the way it looks then you can't have them removed with laser because the flesh color tattoo ink will oxidize and turn black!
It beats the alternative! Why walk around with eyebrows that you completely abhor? You can't use laser on permanent makeup because it's not ink, its micro pigmentation. Laser will, without a doubt, cause scarring, hair loss and discoloration. I have gone to see a cosmetic surgeon and was told that permanent makeup turns black when lasered. Don't take a chance with your face again especially not with a laser to it. We are in this together! I'm a firm believer that one day there will be something invented to remove micro pigmentation safely from the skin. Until then, I will wait. The young lady who camouflaged my eyebrows did a magnificent job. I couldn't imagine walking around with those horrid eyebrows for years!

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