I Cannot Take This Belly Any Longer! - Chicago, IL

I've always had a cute figure..natural large...

I've always had a cute figure..natural large breasts, thick body and a booty. All that changed after my child. I use to have a TINY waist, very tight and like a six pack. I have yet to see that again. Everytime I lose weight, I lose it in places that I don't want to and notice things start to sag(breasts). When I was pregnant, I was probably an H, so I do not want to deflat my boobs anymore. I also noticed a lot of cellulite on my stomach and my belly button isn't the same. I don't like my stomach and long for a nice waist like I once had. I also do not like my arms...big!!! My hopes are to get lipo on my arms, entire back, flanks and tummy. I am also considering a BBL. I would like a little lift, not a lot. I'm not sure if I need it as bad as some woman, but I really miss my waist and want that hour glass ...


I see as long as u are in good health everything should be good.
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The pain I'm not worried about, it's complications. I can take pain, not nausea too much though. I'm just scared of all the complications....
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You 'll be fine if u can survive a child delivery you can well handle a BBL I had a couple delivery's and I know what this pain will be since I had a tummy tuck before it is painful but I think I can handle pain pretty well since am alergyc to most pain meds like morphine vicodine and some others am kind or screwed but hey I know it will worth d pain I take regular Tylenol .
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