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4dpo Mommy Makeover Miserable trying to stay...

4dpo Mommy Makeover Miserable trying to stay optimistic

At this moment I'm feeling like the emotional and physical trauma was not worth it. Yes, my tummy tuck looks great but having complications with my lift.
I developed a hematoma as a result of taking Xarel prescribe by my doctor. I didn't think it was necessary but I'm not a doctor. Yesterday morning I watched the hematoma triple in size as I waited 12 hours in the ER. I did see my surgeon early that morning & he told me I had to wait 6 hours or so - he decided not to share he was scheduled to be in surgery all day & night. And he failed to explain to me what to expect - imagine the emotions I was felt towards him & watching my breast swell as the seconds ticked! He never called. He never came down to check on me! He never had his nurse or the charge nurse call - nothing!
Eventually I did see him and he looked exhausted & was apologetic. We went back into surgery around 11p and he removed a very large hematoma & now I'm in the hospital receiving 2 units of blood and I'm sure a pricey hospital bill along with it. I selected this surgeon because he was qualified, excellent reviews, I liked his work, he appeared genuine and trustworthy. I still believe all those things to be true but yesterday I felt abandoned and scared. The 'look' has taken a back seat to my health. Moving forward I just want to feel healthy again & hope as I heal my breast tissue remain healthy as well. I welcome words of encouragement and other comments. Thanks!
I wish I had some magic thesaurus that could provide all the comforting words that would help take away your fears and disappointments. I am thankful for your sharing experience because I believe it is helpful; but on the other side I feel badly that anyone has to walk through adversity to inform others. I hope for nothing but the best outcome for you. Virtually sending you as much strength and wells wishes that you can possible handle. All my best while you recover.
I am sending you positive thoughts of a speedy healing after your complication post op. I hope that you heal well and have wonderful results. You must feel so angry and hurt by the lack of communication from your ps.
I am so sorry that you are going through this! I hope that you heal quickly and recover from this set back without any further complications. I would have been scared and disappointed with my surgeon if I had your experience- hopefully from here on out he will be more present and accountable. hang in there, mama!!

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Thanks you - your comments helped. Back to recovering. Taking it easy.
Enjoy Mother's Day!
Hello.....sorry you had to experience such complications. Stay positive take your post surgery vitamins.....try to keep arms below shoulders for the next month. Remember even tho incions looked healed outside your still healing internally. If you over exert yourself bleeding can still occur.
I'm so sorry to hear you're experiencing a tough recovery! I hope it all looks up from here on out. We are here for you!
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