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I have not yet had anything done. I am looking for...

I have not yet had anything done. I am looking for the right doctor while I try to come up with the money. I so desperately want this procedure, I cannot even explain it. I had a perfect body before my daughter, and as much as I love her, my body is just not the same. I became pregnant at 17, and I am now 26, so obviously without surgery I am stuck with this body. I do not have any money to spend, but have come to the conclusion that making this happen is the only way I will be happy with my life. As someone that does modeling just for fun, this is truly ruining my life, including my personal relationships, as I have no confidence due to my body. I am interested in the full mommy makeover, breast implants, tummy tuck and extreme lipo of the flanks. I understand this is a lot of money, and I do think that getting it all done at once is the cheapest and most plausible route for me. I'm just seeking out opinions on doctors in my general area and/or experiences, or advice, or anyone else who may have overcome the monetary route to get the body they deserve. I currently weigh about 140 lbs, looking to lose at least 20, but the more weight I lose at this point, the worse I look, so I'm going to post some before pictures to hopefully get doctors and/or patient insight into what would be best for me. Thank you for taking the time to read. I intend to have these surgeries as soon as possible.


Welcome to the community.  Take the time to meet with at least three surgeons for consults.  This is the only way you will find the proper doctor.  

While you are going through this process continue to work on your weight loss. Being fit and strong will help in recovery and obtaining great results.  You have a great goal so keep working through it and keep your chin up.  You will get there and soon have your old body back.  

Now is the time to do all of the research and planning.  Ask each surgeons office about financing when you go.  Some offer this through financial companies.  

Keep us up to date on everything.


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I'd go ahead and make some consult appointments. In my area most all of them are free. No reason to not hear what the doc can do for you! I know there is financing out there. And maybe even a personal loan from your bank. Or combination of the two. With your shape I think you'll find that you don't need to lose much if any weight. To me it looks like mostly skin. Good luck, here's hoping finances present opportunity soon!
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I am still in a financial issue, so I still have not gone on any consultations because I am afraid of the prices (though I know I'm easily looking at 15k), but I recently thought about becoming a surrogate mother (as I had a wonderfully easy pregnancy/delivery with my previous child) and that would be a great way to fund my surgery. Anyone else done anything like this?

Looking through reviews here and the photos, I know that this is something I absolustely cannot live without doing. I want my pretty body back and I want to feel confident, I want to smile when I look in the mirror, and I wonder if this is a good way to not only give someone else something wonderful that they cannot achieve on their own, but also to achieve something that I desperately want as well!

Since I've been stalking this site lately, figured a tiny update was in order. I know what surgeon I want, and that's Dr. Vitenas in Houston, TX. I live a good ways from there, but I feel it would be worth it, however I would of course meet with more surgeons in my general area first. I just want this so bad!

And also, thank you to everyone that has posted their reviews and information on this site -- so helpful, so hopeful!


Thanks for sharing your story. As for the financial issues maybe you can check in your area for plastic surgery clinics in A teaching Hospital. There procedures are at 40 to 50 % from the average cost. That is how I will be doing mine. Good luck and keep us posted :)
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Where are u going for yours?
Lenox Hill Plastic Surgery Clinic in NYC.

Looking into a Consultation... FINALLY!

I have been looking into a lot of different options and recently, my boyfriend came into a job where he will be making enough money to support us so everything I make can be saved for my surgery. I have a couple different doctors in mind at this time, and in about a month, I plan to go in for my consultations with them. I am VERY excited and scared, but it's been a long time coming and I deserve these surgeries, so I'm going to make them my priorities! :) Now on to losing some more weight before all of my consultations!

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