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Liposuction Flanks, Inner, and Outer Thigh

I'm 29 years old, 5'5" and 135 pounds. I am hoping...

I'm 29 years old, 5'5" and 135 pounds. I am hoping to get liposuction of the flanks and inner/outer thighs to improve my contour after getting my weight to around 130 pounds. My problem areas only shrink if I exercise as if I am training for the olympics, which is not sustainable.

I am actively looking for surgeons and I'm just posting some realistic fantasy pictures for the community to see and comment on. I will update when I find a surgeon and once I embark on the surgery experience. Thanks!

Things To Look For in A Plastic Surgeon

Board Certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery!!
If you are in Illinois you can check this site to for board certification AND see if they had any malpractice issues recently: http://www.idfpr.com/applications/professionprofile/
Otherwise you can check: http://www1.plasticsurgery.org/find_a_surgeon/

Are they a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons?
This means that they are board certified and their practice is mostly cosmetic.
Check out www.surgery.org -- browse around for other interesting resources as well.

Some other things:
How are their before/after photos?
Do they offer opportunities to talk to other patients? If so, take them up on it!
Do they have a reasonable revision policy in the event that you need one?
What is their revision rate? 1% of all patients? 5%?
Do they have hospital privileges? Hospitals vet their surgeons before letting them operate.
Did they give you realistic expectations?
How often does your surgeon perform this procedure?
Were they selling you on everything you wanted or did they temper your expectations and maybe advise against doing a specific procedure?
Are you comfortable with this person? Comfortable enough to ask any question? Communication is key when it comes to surgery and if you feel intimidated by your surgeon or his staff you might not get your intentions/expectations across and this could lead to a bad outcome.
Is the surgeon or staff easily reachable?
Will the procedure be performed in a Joint Commission certified facility under sterile conditions?

I hope this helps!


This is pretty helpful - I would add getting a female urinary director to stand and pee (like Freshette), an absorbent pad/sheet protector for your bed, and soft Kotex maxi-pads for heavily draining sites. All available on Amazon.


Less than 16 hours to go

I'm so nervous! I went shopping for finger food (fruit, peanut butter, baby carrots, hummus, pita chips), soup, and Ensure shakes. I prepped my "surgery bag" which contains my post-op antibiotics, pain meds, the sheet protector (to line the car seat), chapstick, Ensure, and a bottle of water. I have my dark drawstring sweatpants and zip-front hoodie top. The office has an extra garment for me too. I've prepared everything I can think of yet I still don't feel ready!

I DO want that flank fat removed. Especially that bulge on my hip on the right side in the picture (which is really my left hip)! But I worry about the thighs. I told my PS that I'm not looking for dramatic changes in that area because I know the thighs are NOT forgiving and I don't need a giant gap. I just want to soften that rounded shape.

I felt great at the consultation and I've been feeling pretty positive about it, but now that it's only a few hours away I can't help but imagine the worst-case scenario - lumps, scars, burn marks from the Vaser machine, sagging skin!

I wish I could openly talk about this with my friends and family but it seems that the first rule of plastic surgery is that you can't talk about it. People have very strong opinions on the matter and they are more than happy to share. I just don't want to be judged for something so personal that I've wanted for >10 years by the very people who matter the most to me.

Just wanted to rant a little. Wish me luck and a speedy recovery!

There will be blood

It's done! Waking up from general anesthesia was no picnic -- my mouth tasted like a 2 stroke engine and I was a bit nauseated. It passed after I breathed off all that anesthetic. I was LEAKING like a water balloon. I soaked through 6 Chux and half of my sheet protector. I'm ~24 hours post-op and the leaking is finally over. The Freshette funnel came in handy for the non-stop urination. I was up until about 2am just peeing.

My post-op appointment went well. Incisions are tiny and look good. The pain keeps evolving, but it's tolerable. The incisions sting and the liposuction areas are sore as expected. I'm up and moving every couple of hours. Appetite is low, but I'm taking docusate and senna to help move the bowels. I'm taking a multivitamin and vitamin C to help with wound healing. I don't need the Norco anymore, just plain Tylenol now. And of course -- post-op antibiotics.

It's so strange to reach down and feel a totally different body. It's hard to appreciate the changes visually, but there's a total difference. I will post pics after the stitches come out!

Post-op day 10 pics

I did need the norco for the first 3 days. Lipo makes you VERY sore.
I went back to work on post-op day 8 and it has been uncomfortable in my Marena 1st stage suit with suspenders due to the hook/eyes digging in. The ABD pads help cushion but they make the suit too bulky to fit under work clothes. With the blessing of my surgeon I wear a beige Marena 2nd stage suit to work with NO zippers and that makes working a lot easier and my clothes fit better. I wear the stage 1 suit when I am not at work because I am still swollen and want maximal compression. I do want to note that Marena bills their second stage suits as "tighter" so take from that what you will. Both suits have a full back with suspenders that can attach at the sides or in the middle so it gives you more options. The suits goe down to the calf. I am definitely glad I got the Marena brand in this style. Very comfy.

My shape is evolving every day. I'm still swollen and doughy so I will not make any judgements about the outcome until that goes away. I don't want to focus on any details until my shape is set. Here are some pictures to show you how I'm doing.
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You look great!! I think even better than your photoshopped pics :)
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you look amazing!! do you have any lumps or hard spots?
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I found a couple only because I have been feeling around. I gently massage any firm spot that I find. My surgeon recommended getting lymphatic drainage massages so I am looking for a place to go and get that done.
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Congrats and good luck have you set a date yet???
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I am 7 days post-op
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How r u feeling?
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Better! I was able to run errands and clean up around the house a bit. Work is still very uncomfortable, but I'm thinking it will get easier.
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I completely understand you apprehension and fears, I am extremely sensitive to all forms of drugs. I was afraid that I would not wake up from the local. I did not tell anyone but my sister that I was having it done. She was the one that went with me. I had the surgery done in a city neither of lived in. Everything was fine. I am just saying that most us understand and have been there ourselves. I am sure you will come through with terrific results. Good luck.
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Thank you :)
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Good luck with your procedure! I have the same issue, nothing I've ever done has fixed my "problem area". I'm scheduled for my flanks as well. Keep us updated! :)
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Good luck!
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Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

Have you had any consultations yet? I've put a link below to all of the doctors, on RealSelf, who provide Liposuction in the Chicago area. If you're looking outside of Chicago you can use the Find a Doctor feature to find someone anywhere in the US.

Chicago Liposuction doctors

Good luck with you search and please do keep us updated with your progress!

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