Prior Lipo Realselfers: Are Your Still Happy with Your Results Years After Lipo? - Chicago, IL

I JUST had lipo of the flank/full tummy tuck...

I JUST had lipo of the flank/full tummy tuck performed less than a week ago. I have been reading more and more that lipo in some patients is not what they though it would be. That after months or every a couple of years, people are gaining the weight back and not just in the areas but in VERY strange places through-out the body such as arms, breast, even BACK! And this is despite working out and watchin your diet.

I'm thinking there are many factors contributing to this but I wanted to see if there was a pattern.

So I'm curious for those that have had lipo at least OVER a year ago, can you share if you are still happy with your results? Did you gain/maintain/loose weight? Would you do it again? What changes have you experienced? What advice would you offer to help maintain good lipo results?

I only had about 1.5 pounds of fat lipoed and I don't want to end up gaining double! I'm not planning on doing this type of surgery again!


I was happy early on; but when I complained to my doctor about the fact that my skin sagged and looked bad he said: Did you gain weight? Yep, I gained weight. Was my lifestyle different? No. Same diet, same activity level. The procedure is targeted at women who only have ten pounds or a belly to lose. Why should we be in the realm of "portion control" if we were at almost good weight why should this matter?
Some of us are wondering if this procedure causes weigh gain. The redistribution of fat is very disturbing and had I known I would NEVER have done this. It has really really caused me a lot of depression and pain. I didn't treat this as a weight loss procedure. I didn't need to have "portion control" and now I don't know what to do. Sagging empty skin and huge breasts, fat arms etc. Terrible!
I would say don't do it.
I had my flanks n upper/lower abs done a year ago n i gained weight n my breast n back. My doctor wasnt a plastic surgeon;and didnt fully explain nutrition after lipo. After much research i learned that portion control is a huge factor n not regaining the weight in other areas. I worked out 4 days a week. Ate no beef or pork. Drank No sodas n gained 13 lbs. So just watch your diet. GOOD LUCK!
Thx for the advice.. im looking forward to having mine done tomm. Do you think the bodyshapers help or would you say the compression garment is better becausE the shaper shapes you at the same time
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